Michael ThompsonLet Charley Sing!
just a girlcharley need not be exploited in such a way. as if you didn't know, he is stealing this un-needed work from honest citizens trying to make ends meet, and taking it for himself. charley is stealing the spotlight, so please just let karma intercede. thank you. and good day.
I think Charley should shut his yap and sell hotdogs.
Excedrin TakerThank goodness they finally muted this guy. I've never much cared for Jim Stapleton until now.
Bill EmblomIt appears a stuffed shirt on the order of the late Yankee GM George Weiss appears to be taking the fun out of the ball park atmosphere. While we're at it let's jettison the ferris wheel and merry-go-round.
Carl 'The Ump'This guy, Charley Marcuse, comes up with a GREAT IDEA back at Tiger Stadium in 1999. He then "brings it" to Comerica Park, The COPA, and tries to instill some "great spirit" and FUN to a park that was DEAD with their product on the field. Ilitch continues to con people with his sales ideas (even the statues, especially Horton)and they are "blindly" accepted. What's really the reasonto ban "freedom of expressive sales" and I'm sure if MANAGEMENT gave it more thought, they could have SILENCED this whole think with another alternative. I hope THE FANS blare out "HOTTTTTTDOGS" at every game, starting TONIGHT, and Ilitch should remember who's paying for the FUN at the park and buying his products, etc. P.S. Herbie Redmond, 'THE BROW' & CHARLEY are all 'KEEPERS'. "Wake up, Mike," or is it really Jim Stapleton who should maybe come up with some of his own creativeness, which might bring HIS PEOPLE back in the park! Where have they been?
Michael TLet the man sing!
Gil ThorpCharley is an asset to the Tiger organization, even if he works for the vendor firm. He's a great ambassador for the Tigers and an excellent service-provider. He is genuinely nice to people, enjoys his work, and makes the crowd feel better. Can the same be said of Jim Stapleton?
William Emblom Sr.I feel much my like son. When I used to take him to games in his youth we enjoyed the vendors. In fact one them got Ty Cobb to come over and talk to young Billy. Another watered our horses while we bought some corn meal at Clancy's General Store.
really wish that this would let him sign sign like a flyer!! fa shozzle liat et himse eene. pleaze. i want charley the charley fans tos s when he wants to.. thanks and let him sign
Dan De SalvoForget Kelly Calrkson, Ruben whatever and that new girl Fantasia, Charlie is the real American Idol!!!! I thought we embrace the freedom of speech? He sells hot dogs not beer!! so what is the issue?
ElvisLet the guy sing. He gives instant recognition to what has been an otherwise BORING stadium. You instantly know it's Detroit when you hear a game on the radio or see one on TV because you can hear Charley!
Tyler TadianLET CHARLEY SING! He's a good guy and should not be treated like a dog. He is one of the best singers in the world!
ScoobyWe suport him through out his career and we are not going to stop here!LET HIM SING!
CALSGR8I read about this on the MLB message boards. How horrible. Does his contract specifically state no singing? I doubt it. Hmm. Do we have a freedom of speach issue here. Sounds outlandish maybe but could be! Baltimore had the "shaky lemonade guy". How are his sales? If he sells more hot dogs, why not keep him singing? I went to the Olympics in 96. I forget what specifically was said but there was a hot dog guy there at the baseball games that made up little rhymes. It was Great! Tigers fans, why don't you chant at break in the action or before the game sometime. LET CHARLIE SING! OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. EVEN AFTER THE LAST OUT. DROWN OUT TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME WITH LET HIM SING!
Singe de RedditionLaissez Charlie chanter!
SharaAny words on how Friday's game went (Charley wise)?
Attender of May 28 GameI saw Charley and bought a hot dog from him. Not knowing about the whole controversey asked him to sing, and he replied "I am not allowed to sing anymore." When I asked why he said "I am not allowed to comment on the issue." Frankly (no pun intended) I think that Charley is part of the Tiger Game, he is one of the things people come to see when they go there, so for gods sake, LET THE MAN SING!
John FeeneyI have season tickets in section 131, Charlie's section. I make my tickets available to business associates. When I describe the ticket location, I always mention that they are in The Singing Hot Dog Man's Section. This, honestly, increases the appeal of my seats. Each year I ask Charlie if he is coming back next season, before I decide to renew. I attended the game Friday, May 29. Folks, the game ain't the same without Charlie singing!
Bob ArrinoI'm new to this issue. All I know is, I missed Charley's singing tonight at Comerica Park. What happened regarding Charley with Frank Beckman on WJR? Why did Jim Stapleton silence our beloved Charley? Anyone for canning Jim Stapleton? Let's get Charley some legal representation!
John ThompsonI think we need more posts like Mr. freeney's above. Apparently a angry season ticket holder started all this drama. If enough season ticket holders take a stand like John has, plus sign the petition Charley's singing might have a chance! IF YOU ARE A SEASON TICKET HOLDER STATE IT IN THE PETITION, thosepeople are the onesthat can tilt this issue in our direction.
Geoffrey FiegerCharley, call my office (248)355-5555. I can help you. Your rights have been violated.
Joyce BrowneTiger's VP, Jim Stapleton, who has put the clamps on Charley, should be sent to AAA Toledo. He is a little confused about "fun at the old ball park". Mr. Stapleton needs some rehab work in the minors. I'd like to drill him with a high, hard one!
Former batboyNext they are going to force him to carry around ketsup so that a slim number of fans who may just happen to agree with what someone in the front offices thinks is best. It's bad enough we have the nasty wall in left field. Baseball has changed. It's all about home runs and dollars today. I will personally make it my job to attend as few games as possible this year until Charlie is allowed to sing again.
Ashy HarryHe should mos def be allowed to sing. It's sweet
Cameron LailI'm 11 years old and I just attended the game on SundayMay30,2004.My dad spent $10 on parking fees,$13 on 3 hotdogs,pop, and 3 ice cream bars,and $2.05 per gallon to drive all of the way from Frankenmuth just to see the "Singing Hot Dog Man" sing.I am VERY upset that "The Singing Hot Dog Man" is not allowed to sing anymore!
Steve0As an employee of the Tigers, I can tell you freedom of speach doesn't mean anything. Would it be alright for someone to walk up to their customers and start yelling and screaming at them? Granted, it's a little different situation, but Sports Service is trying to run a business and you have to take in account all customers thoughts on everything. Some people don't like Charley, and so it's understantable why they would tell him to stop siging. As for me, I don't mind Charley's singing. The ball park has a different feeling now. Even when you watched the games on TV you could hear him in the background. I havn't had the privalidge of knowing Charley, but from what I hear from the fans he is a pretty good fella.
Former fanQuite rediculous. Where do you draw the line? All ushers are allowed to hollar out to sell their product. I hear "ICE CREAM!" or "GET'CHORE COTTON CANDY!" at every game - just because Charlie wants to make his advertisements in musical harmony means he's not doing the right thing? I'm going to the game tomorrow with some buddies to protest.
Don't bother with Geoffrey Fieger as he's an ambulance chaser that knows nothing about first amendment law. The Tigers have a right to stop Charlie from singing on his job. It may be a bad idea, but its a legal one.
Scott & JulieWe miss the singing
Purtan's friendCharley should register with Dick Purtan to be in Purtans's Purtan's Protege contest
Help By SingingYou can get a complimentary hotdog by going to http://www.graynwhite.com/charley_coupon.htm
One That Appreciates your giftsWe should make Charley Purtan's protege by acclamation. Then we can listen to him every morning.
M. KarpoOk, theres an idea, stop the guy from singing... tell the other vendors to stop rhyming and joking to the fans, or heck dont let them shout Peanuts! Cold Blue! ect...
DeniseI was so pleased to be served a hotdog by Charlie ( a very pleasent young man) and very dissapointed to find out he was not allowed to sing. Let him sing everyone loves him, he is not trying to promote his own product its hotdogs for crying out loud.
Red MadonnaI'm ready for a little civil disobedience...anyone care to join me?Let's set up a date when a large amount of people who support Charley gather at a ball game and the whole bunch of us will SING - LOUDLY!
The HaterI personally couldn't stand listening to the singing. Hearing it at games and even on TV it was annoying. I was in his section at today's game and I was very pleased to find out he couldn't sing. It was the only thing that brought joy to my heart until the Tigers won. Go Tigers!!!
WildChildI'm so appalled by all this. I worked in retail service for 4 years, and the reason I did so well was because I gave customers attention, joked, danced, and sang with them, without trying to push for a sale. People repeatedly came to me because of that. That is exactly what Charley is doing. He's giving people a good time. He sings because people ASK him to. Kids love him! I attend many games on season tickets, and that is one attraction that stands out. SING CHARLEY, SING!!!
SunShineI say sing on CHARLEY! It's an attraction that many people will go to a Tiger's game to see, he's not hurting anyone just trying to have some fun! Let Charley SING :o)
Jeff Adams #2Charley is the biggest Pimp ever.W.W.C.DLET HIM SING!!!
Mike Zimmermani was at the game on monday (the 31st) and there was a group of guys with sings and there bodys painted and at first i wasent sure what it was all about so i decide that i would come and checkk out this web site, LET HIM SING so i dont have to listen to these guys when i got to the next game
Jeff AdamsCharley is the biggest Pimp ever.Charley is my American Idol.W.W.C.D.
Brian H.I was at the game on Memorial Day, and sat right behind the "Free Charlie" group. I was appaled at the fact that Charlie is not allowed to sing. I joined the group in front of me in their rendition of Charlie's hot dog song. Charlie is a part of Tigers baseball and Comerica Park. If you play MVP Baseball by EA Sports on XBox, and play in Comerica Park, you can hear Charlie sing in the background. The man is loved around the league, and has a permanent place in Tiger baseball history. LET HIM SING!!
Nick AvilaMy american idol is Charly i love him hes a pimpi will walk all the way around the ballpark to buy a hot dog from himDONT GIVE UP ITS NOT OVER UNTIL THE HOT DOG MAN SINGS!!!GO Charley
Loretta ReedIs he hurting anyone by singing, people are enjoying a little of his enthusiasm please let him sing!!!
CathyI think Charley is not just promoting hot dogs in your stands but fans also.Within the last 5 years you were lucky to get fans to come to Comerica Park.Maybe if they don't want to watch baseball they can come to here him sing.
Jeff AdamsI go to Tigers Games to see 2 people (Pudge & Charley)
Ben SchmittCAll me at the Detroit Free Press if you care to comment on this. 313-223-4296
The 'C' in CharleyWere not giving up. Memorial Day was the beginning, but now after almost being thrown out of the game for having a sign saying something about stapelton, the "Free Charley" group and I are coming to many games this summer. AND WE SHALL SING!
The 'A' in CharleyYes we are not giving up until Charley sings. Expect to see us at many future home games singing "HOOOOOOOOOOOT DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG" until we can hear charlie sing his beautiful tune into our ears
Old ManI went to a game last year, and I seemed to have more fun watching him than watching the game. He brings so much atmosphere to the game for the fans, and he should not be shunned for his brilliant singing. Hopefully by the time I go to a game in the summer, he will be singing his @$$ off. LET HIM SING!
friend of hot dog manyour a good man, you give a team somthing more that average and to be proud of and make people happy. your the reason many peopel come to the games and taking away your call to life is not only curel, but agrovating to everyone. if you ever need someone to beat up a executove that makes these stupid sugestions, im your man. i will die for a good cause.
Brian JohnidesI learned of Charley the singing hot dog man at my school's Senior Prom as he took one of the girls in my group to it. He is a remarkably intelligent and witty young man, and I am appalled that anyone would want to keep him from singing. SING ON CHARLEY!!!GPN SENIOR PROM 2004
Jim NagelBaseball has got enough problems. What's next no cheering?!?! Let Freedom Ring! LET CHARLEY SING!!!
Joey DTragic, besides, what good will it do to take that away, except piss people off.That was awesome how he was at the prom, I couldnt believe it when i saw him. I just pointed and repeated singing hot dog guy, singing hot dog guy, over and over. im deeply saddend by this
JHoward***Charlie is a man with a beautiful voice, those of you who want him to be quiet are just jealous of his vocal talents, I say if he has it in him to go out there day in and day out singing for a loser team let him, he brings fans to the stands, the tigers stink Charlie is the only star in the stadium, I say we give him a raise, we need more people like him LET HIM SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EliseAs a baseball fan I find his sense of tradition and passion for the game and making sure the fans have fun is doing the game a great service as well as the Tiger organization. What used to be the great "American Pastime" has faltered in the recent years for many reasons. Why punish a guy who, in his small way, is trying to help bring it back? As Charley's friend, I respect a guy who is passionate about everything he does, strives and succeeds in bringing a little variety and fun into others lives, and does what he loves every day. You don't find these characteristics in many people, and when you do... you shouldn't try to stifle it. LET CHARLEY SING!!!
Jimmy Phe kicks more ass then bruce lee and y not have him sing about hot dogs what else wouildnt u want at a baseball game whoever disses the hot dog and anything associated with it and hates bseball is not american get outta my country!!
TeresaIf you want quiet go to a chess match! What was the complaint exactly? WHy was it such a big deal...he wasn't hurting anyone and usually timed it as to not interupt the game. A lot of times he got the people up to cheer for the Tigers. Who really understands this complaint? LET CHARLEY SING!!!
ericacharley is hott
jessicaso we can't have vendors in the streets, we can't have spirited vendors....what next, no doing the wave because it's a distraction to the players? come on now, baseball is supposed to be entertainment, that's what we pay for! and if we aren't getting entertained, then why go? you're killing me stapleton!! much love charley (even though you don't carry ketchup)!
seanthemueAs Charley would say... Kindly watch your Phraseology, Thank You, the Management
Joe the FisherWhy are Charley's dogs cheaper than anyone else's? Because he is the man that's why. He asked me if I wanted to buy a dog tonight and declined, thinking that they were $4.50, but when I found out they were $3, I bought three! Yum! I have never actually heard Charley sing for I had not been to Comerica Park before this year, but he should be allowed to sing. It's one of those things that makes Comerica Park unique. As an acquaintance of his, I attest that he is a great guy and loves what he does, so let him do what he loves.
MarkGive me a break. The guy added some color to the game. What was he hurting? Let him sing! Who are these grumpy sticks-in-the-mud who complained? Who are those haters?
The FanThis is just proof that the fans don't matter, only their money.
Hot Dog FanWe make a special trip to Charlie's section every time we are in the park. We won't buy another hot dog at Comerica until Charlie can sing again.
blotto98Charley used to bug me with the singing. But over the years it has become tradition. It just doesn't seem right watching a game, at the park or on TV, and not hearing the 'Call to Dogs' of Charley. Let the man enjoy his work. And by my count of posts here the majority wants him to sing. Why does EVERYTHING have to be a controversy in our society?
SHAWCAGOLook people - if a guy is getting the Tigers talked about...what's the beef!? (No punn intended!) Seriously, if you are AT the game - you obviously support the Tigers. And if you support the Tigers, how can you NOT support "anyone" who gets the Team/the Game/the Ballpark talked about - be it on tv, radio, or other!? It's his gimmic! Trust me, I go to 20-30 games at Wrigley each season. We have Teddy Woo-Woo in the Bleachers - we LOVE HIM. Is "Wooo Wooooo" opera? No, but he's unique to Wrigley - sort of like how Charley is to the new Tigers... Trust me, this is HOW legends are built! In 20 years, when the Tig's are in the World Series - Bob Costas - (NOT aging a BIT!?!) will be interviewing this guy and captivating all of America... Baseball and hotdogs People. Baseball and Hotdogs!!?? Get over it!
PandaDC23Why can't the people who don't like the singing sit in a different section? (Okay, okay, if they're season ticket holders maybe they could move Charley.) He was one of the things that made Comerica Park special and distinguished it from other ballparks (better than the ferris wheel or the carousel.) Especially when the Tigers weren't doing so well, Charley was one of the few entertaining things about the park. A few people shouldn't be allowed to ruin everyone else's fun.
BrockMLB needs to learn a few lessons from their minor league teams. They have fans coming back time and time again because they understand how to make a game fun with between inning competitions and such. I remember a time a while back when the Tigers had a dancing broom guy that swept the baselines between innings. He was different; he had fun at his job. Anyone else remember?
Good GriefLet's see. For 5 years this guy has been singing and just now management is telling him to stop? A fair weathered fan? Someone actually had nothing better to do with their time but go as far as the management office to say something. Furthermore, I would much rather hear someone sing then to deal with someone who a)can’t speak English b)some crabby guy who needs more Midol then 7 women put together c)someone who could care less as to why they are there or c)someone who thinks they are God's gift to the opposite sex. Give it a rest. Whoever had the audacity to say something – too bad for you. Now you have created a situation which will probably get under your skin a little more and obviously get much bigger. Have you ever been to a Wings game? Mo Cheese is a lousy drunk yet no one is telling management to cut him off or telling the DJ to stop playing the Curly Shuffle. Get over it – it’s harmless, he is having a good time, and I would buy a dog from him over a lot of the other vendors down there no matter what. Go Charley – more power to you – and Tiger Management – shame on you. Just remember, opportunity doesn’t knock once it just goes elsewhere.
K-doggA guy comes up with a way to sell something and is told to shut-up? PLEASE tell me your kidding! The people who are mad are the ones who DIDNT come up with it first. Management at whatever organization should re-sit for the SAT exam. You didnt score high enough the first time buddy! LET CHARLEY SING you idiot.
JWWCan't get to all that many games because of distance, but even when listening on the radio I love to hear Charley in the background--it is special to the park and just part of all the fun. Let him sing.
RooIt is about time they shut that guy up. I hated sitting anywhere within sound of him, and hearing him on the TV broadcast too was nauseating. The game is much more enjoyable now. I am sure he is a nice guy but that sound was VERY annoying.
The OLet the man sing. And watch those tiger payroll dollars dry up as soon as the hockey lockout appears to end.
molly/janetBack at the Old Tiger Stadium, there were a couple of vendors that had a unique selling-style. The "Ice Cold Coke" guy who sold in the upper deck springs to mind. When did we decide that these vendors were supposed to be clones of each other with no personality? If you don't like it, sit somewhere else. There's always plenty of seats...
Bill in UPSo whats the problem? it is just so stupid to gag Charley from selling the golden dogs his way.is he spouting lies like politicians?no,is he using foul language,no,he is just doing his job and having fun doing it too so let the man sing as he is more entertaining than those millionaires out on the field a lot of the time.
baldeagleI glad to find out they shut you up. I worked as a usher back in 2001 and all I ever heard from the fans and other co-workers was that they wish he would STOP. Its not just his singing but he very RUED to the paying customers as well to other employees. I do not miss a game on radio or TV and I can not tell you how annoying it was to her him bellowing not singing hot dog over the air waves when I am trying to listen to the announcers broadcast the gameI for one hope he has been silenced forever.
MarilynLet Charlie sing! It's crazy characters like him that make ballgames memorable!!
KDIts sad that they shut up Charley. Do they think the game will be more enjoyable now? Charley might not of been the magical solution to get us back to the world series- BUT the fans loved him, and he became a Comerica Park legend- God forbid he had a unique selling technique and actually SOLD food- now what? they are going to have to raise their beer prices from $7.50 to an arm and a leg! Let the man sing!
Bill Hansonto protest the tigers not letting Charley sing skip the next home game. Everybody bocott one or two games and they will allow Charley to sing. If it means fill seats they would let him stand on his head nude while he sang. Its all about the money for them. To realy get the point across you need to hit them in the cash register. Either boycott the game or boycott all vendors until they allow Charley to sing.gO TO THE GAME WITH SIGNS NO SINGING NO SALE. or something along that line. urge every one to keep from buying anythiong at the park until they allow Charley to sing. .
BatesHe's Kitschy, but so what? So is having about fifteen people handle your food as it's passed to you, or having peanuts thrown to you, or having to set your feet in stale beer and shells. It's all of these quirks that you wouldn't normally put up with in the normal world but seem to be what makes a trip to a ball stadium cool. Let the man sing. At least he makes sense, most of the vendors just holler incoherent gibberish. For the record though, this is not a free speech issue since the government is not telling the man to be quiet. The first amendment pertains to acts of government not private corporations.
Richard from FresnoConsidering the level of baseball exhibited by the Tigers any thing that provides entertainment value should be preserved especially if it is unique and enhances revenue. Dick Purtan is still alive?
Charley is fabulous! My friends and I never watched any of the game because he was far more entertaining than the Tigers. Let him sing!
Bill Hansonto protest the tigers not letting Charley sing skip the next home game. Everybody boycott one or two games and they will allow Charley to sing. If it means fill seats they would let him stand on his head nude while he sang. Its all about the money for them. To realy get the point across you need to hit them in the cash register. Either boycott the game or boycott all vendors until they allow Charley to sing.go TO THE GAME WITH SIGNS NO SINGING NO SALE. or something along that line. urge every one to keep from buying anything at the park until they allow Charley to sing. .
T-RockLet the man sing!!! He brings character and a unique novelty to a game at the ol' ballpark. If you want to complain about something, complain about the pitching.
comohas an employee and a vendor friend of Charley, i can see this from both sides everyone is entitled to their own opinion. !. you people have to understand we are trying to run a business down there, people, pay to see a baseball game not hear a concert, if they want a concert go to the Fox. Charley is a good man i've worked with him since 99 and yeah those dogs are his trademark, but he dosesn't have to let his voice be heard everywhere just to sell. We all are supposed to shout out our items we are selling for the day not sing, we also joke and have fun with fans its what being a vendor is all about, we are there to help keep you fans from missing any of the game by waiting 30 minutes in a concession line, we also entertain which i can see from Charleys stand point, but the more time he takes singing he could be else where working. We've all been held up by fans at one point or another down there. Charley has great potential to be a great vendor if he stops staying in that one area, while everyone else is busy moving around he mainly stays behind home plate where there may be 50-100 people there thats not a lot of hot dogs to sell, he could double his total sells by being more fluent in what he does. The didnt tell him he couldnt stop talking to fans I talk and joke with fans everyday, i've i had the same person every game since 99 buy from me and we joke everyday it makes the place fun and livens the mood if the Tigers are losing.
Please let Charley keep singing! He makes the atmosphere at Comerica really unique and special. On nationally televised games, you can hear Charley singing in the background. Even the announcers comment on it! He is a treasure and a credit to his vending company and a PR gem to the Tigers! Lord knows THEY need it!
Bill VeikDo you know why people are just now starting to complain? Because his singing distracts from paying attention to the action on the field. Do you know why that is significant? BECAUSE FOUR YEARS AGO, PEOPLE WANTED TO BE DISTRACTED FROM WATCHING THE ACTION ON THE FIELD. NOW THE TALENT ON THE FIELD HAS THEIR ATTENTION AGAIN. The singing was fine when the team wasn't. It should be about the baseball. Team Ilitch gets that now. Sing during the seventh inning stretch. If I'm there to see the game I want to see the game, not crane my neck and ears around someone trying to sing in front of me. If it was a drunk fan in front of us, everybody would be against it.
Tom VeryzerI'm glad Charlie has been silenced. The noise was annoying and his personality was annoying. He once verbally assaulted me for not buying his hot dogs and slammed my choice of pizza . . . Little Ceaser's Pizza. Not a smooth move to be criticizing the Big Boss's bread and butter. Charlie, stick to sellin' suits.
Todd "Scoop" HansenLeave it to the Tigers Front Office and a few "offended" fans to ruin things ... just as Bo Schembechler in all his wisdom (hey Bo, ever win a National Championship?) fired the legendary Ernie Harwell and his golden voice, the Tigers go and ruin what was their main attraction last year and something very unique in Charley Marcuse -- the Signing Hot Dog Man -- perhaps the Tigers front office should worry more about offending all those fans who support Charley and like to hear his Hot Dog opera signing! Come on people! Lighten up!!! Let him sing!
Someone call a Dr.Anyone know the name of a good proctologist in the area who can help these people with their problem? This guy is becoming legendary, not much around the country makes Detroit come out in a good light, and this is certainly not helping. The guy sings while selling Hot-Dogs at a baseball game?!?!? OK, you are right no fun will be had at Baseball games, how many $7.75 Beers have you had? Take an aspirin if you have a headache. I know there are enough other seats out there to move, so do it. I have had friends in town who come from good baseball towns across the country and they told me about this and I was appalled being a Tiger’s fan and visitor to the ballpark. I didn’t believe it myself, but I have been out of town and returned to hear that one of the only good things that has been happening down there was shutdown, how many people had to complain about this to get something done? Perhaps we will not sing, scream, or shout the next time something good happens at a GAME!!! You want to complain about something those stupid thunder stick were a better place to start than a person who sings while selling hotdogs!
TipsyMy favorite thing in the world is going to a game with my best friend. I was at a game recently and the stadium was painfully quiet. I thought to myself, "Gee, I sure could use a singing hot dog man right about now." However, it didn't happen, so I left the game after the 3rd inning. Knibb High Football rules.
AthosLet the man sing! For Heaven's sake, Electronic Arts included him on their video game soundtrack! What does that tell you?!?! And really, is it more than just ONE season ticket holder who complained? I bet it was just ONE. Squeky wheel, and all that. Well, sourpuss complainer, don't rain on our singing vendor. Common sense will tell you that more people like it than not. It's part of going to the park. I'm 42 and remember singing vendors at Tiger Stadium that couldn't sing as well as Charley, and back in the 70's and 80's the fans embraced'em! LET HIM SING!!!!
chrisso once again the few over rule the many. gee, someone that goes to (probably) a single gamedoesn't like it so they complain like the spoiled brat they are until they get their way.how american!
BethlynnWhat next? Is there a PC term for hot dog? How about a PC term for crazy managment?
mikelet him sing!
PSLet the boy sing!!!
Michael JackCharlie....as I tell my young daughter....zip it! You're too loud.
MageskiLet him sing! There are plenty of seats in other sections if you don't like singing. Yes, the thunder sticks could be gotten rid of instead of the singing.
WarrenGimme a break!!! Overpriced tickets, overpriced concessions, overpriced parking. Charley is one of the few good things about Comerica Park. LET HIM SING. Freedom of speech, remember? He is not violating any laws/statutes. His singing is entertaining and those BOZOS who oppose his singing should simply NOT LISTEN!!!! Frankly, I'm amazed that his detractors can hear him anyway, what with their heads stuck up....oh, well, you get the picture. SING ON!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave A.I don't mind the singing. Let him sing. But I do mind the attitude. I've personally seen charlie give people a hard time about not just what they want on the dog, but also how many they buy. I remember thinking to myself, "get over yourself charlie give 'em the freakin hotdog and move on".
Wayne BWas at Tiger game May 8th for our company party. Enjoyed Charley's singing very much,we ended up buying 14 hotdogs from him. it's a shame some people are such a**h***s !!!!!!!!!
Jack NidaThis guy is great! I live in Arizona and watch the games on satellite. I love hearing Charlie in the background while watching my Tigers even though I never actually see him. It won't be the same without him.
JimmyNO more Charley, I can't stand to hear him bellowing in the back ground, let me enjoy the game.PLEASE!!!!
The Finklestein Shit KidAtta boy Chaley!!!!
ReggieAt times he is a pain, at other times a refreshing diversion. My guess is the blue bloods who are in the corporate seats can't hear their cellphone conversations so they taled to some people who knew some people and had him muzzled. My recommendation is to put him in the bleachers where the REAL Tiger fans can appreciate what he has to offer. No cellphones required.
Kurt BergerMy company's season tickets are in section 130, one of Charley's sections, and I attend a dozen games or so a year. Charley's singing never fails to bring smiles to people - especially kids - though it does draw a few mocking comments from (usually drunk) idiot fans. The vast majority of people either sing along with him or joke with him (not at him), and he always manages to lighten the mood. He's aware enough of the game to not sing when a key moment is happening on the field, realizing that he's not the main attraction - the Tigers are. But hey, anything that's unique or different should be celebrated, not silenced, and Charley the Singing Hot Dog Man is one of the better things about the Comerica experience. The sheer number of positive responses here should tell anyone that Charley's shtick is well-appreciated. Let the man sing!
Janet M.The person complaining is probably the same jerk that made one of the sweepers stop dancing during the seven inning stretch. Remember how we all loved to see him dance going around the bases. This guy comes up with a "clever" idea to sell more hot dogs and make people happy, and a few "old foogies" complain, so we make him stop! I guess you don't want to sell hot dogs and make your paying customers happy. Let's all boycott the stadium! Bet they'd let him sing again then!
RogerWell...another reason to not go to Comerica Park. Since those guys left Tiger Stadium for "greener" pastures, the true fan is again put in the backseat. Even though I've moved out state, the tradition that could be associated with CoPa is being sacrificed for a few stuffed shirted fans who just want to ride the ferris wheel, spend big bucks and return to their own private Idaho. Let tradition start, let a guy bring some personality to a corporate building and let the fans of Detroit have the "Hot dog singer". The Wings have Mo'Cheese, the Lions have just about anyone that has the nerve to stand and cheer let alone a vendor that has the nerve to hawk food at Ford Field...even Wm Clay Ford could see that the guy SELLS. Isn't that the point?
BatesHe's Kitschy, but so what? So is having about fifteen people handle your food as it's passed to you, or having peanuts thrown to you, or having to set your feet in stale beer and shells. It's all of these quirks that you wouldn't normally put up with in the normal world but seem to be what makes a trip to a ball stadium cool. Let the man sing. At least he makes sense, most of the vendors just holler incoherent gibberish. For the record though, this is not a free speech issue since the government is not telling the man to be quiet. The first amendment pertains to acts of government not private corporations.
shawnyWith all that is going on in the world this is something to argue about?!?! Let the guy sing already! If you can't handle a little noise while watching the game then stay at home!
JasonI wasn't even aware of this guy until I read today's Free Press. I say let the man sing. It's an outside venue, for God's sake. People are talking loudly all the time. If he sings it at the right time and doesn't interfer with the game, LET THE MAN SING!
Roger (again)Hey Tiger Fans and anyone else who reads this board...how about not buying Ilitch's pizza for a awhile until he (they) realize that schtick sells...don't forget about that obnoxious little guy in the toga hawking "pizza, pizza". What do you all say???????
The opera stuff is annoying over the radio and TV broadcasts and doubly annoying IN-PERSON. Just sell the dogs, 'k? The entertainment is on the field. Sheesh. Pass the mustard, will ya? Oops...what's that? You're outta mustard? Must've used it all on that opera dude...he's such a hot dog!
JoeHow disappointing to read Charley has been silenced. His singing is something i always looked forward too with my trips to the CoPa. How can people complain, they probably aren't even real tiger fans , only been comin' to the ballpark since charley already been there. Charley is so popular he is even in EA sport MVP baseball 04, if u play a game at the CoPa in this video game, you can hear him singing in the background a number of times. How can u not love that ?!
Jackson VikingYes, I mean please, this whole thing seems to be absolutely rediculous. Let's put a clamp on fun and enthusiasm. One thing I preach to the baseball team I coach....have fun, have enthusiasm for what you do. In a time of ultimate commercialism and phony balony advertisements, why in the world would we ever want to encourage someone who brings a little uniqueness and simple fun to a game which has been a little slow in Detroit over the last 10 years. Please note my sarcasm. GO TIGERS and Let Charley SING!!!
KC JeffI grew up in Detriot but now live in Kansas City. We also have a gem at our ball park who sells lemonade. He also sings as he sells it by singing Laay Mooo Nadde,Laay Mooo Nadde,Laay Mooo Nadde to the tune of figero, figero, figero. Everyone loves him and imitates him when he comes by. He brings character to the park and I suspect Charley does the same for your new park as well. I hope to catch a Tigers game the next time I get back home and to here Charley sing as well!
SabrinaI agree with a few of the previous comments. If you want to get your point across, you should boycott a few games. I'm sure then they'll let him sing.
Hawood JablomeSing you MoFo Sing!!!
Ed from AlbuquerqueCoPa is a sorry excuse for replacing Tiger Stadium. Why not tear down the Fisher Bldg., Ambassador Bridge, and the Penobscot Bldg., send Charley on his way and turn the keys of the city over to the hoodlums and turn out the lights.
The Kilburg FamilyWhen we talk about the times that we have attended Tiger games our family shouts out a loud and strong, "HOT DOGS" and we have a littel fun. When the game is on the radio or T.V. we listen extra cclose just to see if we can hear Charley. I enjoyed hearing him and so did my kids. My memories of Tiger Stadium are still with me today. As you approached Tiger Stadium you could smell it. You gave your ticket to the attendant an entered a dark, dingy and dirty hallway with the hustle and bustle of vendors shouting, "PROGRAMS, get your PROGRAMS HERE"! Then, it hit you like a ton of bricks when you walked up the tunnel to find your seats. It was if the whole world lit up. AHHHh, the smell and sites of good ole TIGER STADIUM. What do my kids have to remember? Not the players like I did. I new them all plus ERA's and batting averages, as well as who was traded for who. Fortunately, they had the honor of hearing Charlie at the ballpark. It's for the kids so let Charlie sing. The Kilburg Family of Allen Park
PumpkinI used to go to games a lot because it was FUN. Now, it is so boring, that I would rather stay home. Charly was one of the reasons I go to a game now, and I think it is horrible that the one FUN event at the Tigers game is no more. It's not like the Tigers are any good to watch. Besides, the average person can't even AFFORD to go to the game anymore because it is so expensive with parking, food, tickets, etc. Who do the Tigers mgt. think they are? Are they trying to get people to not go to games???
ConnieBaseball, HOOOOTTTT DOOOOOGGGGS, apple pie and lemonade. Add Charlie singing and you have a true all American past-time. Long live Charlie, shut up the grumps.
Ronnistercharley will sing again.
The Diabolical Biz MarkieI thought his schtick was getting a bit old, but that's no reason to silence the guy - he's just having some fun and helping some fans to have fun too.
ChrisSomeone please tell me how Charlie was stopped so we can do the same to the singing hotdog vendor here in Cincinnati.
LifelongTigerFanLet this guy sing, for chrissake!! Frankly, if you are annoyed by this, then I don't want you at the ballpark rooting for the Tigers anyway. In fact, all you haters should move to New York and join the Evil Empire.
Jerry WeichbrodtCharlie's melodies are a part of the Comerica Park atmosphere. Whether I'm at the game or listening to it on the radio, I know it's a real Tigers game when Charlie's performance rings through the park. I missed hearing him at the last game my family went to. I really hope they bring him back. His performances have added something distinctive and classy to Tigers games. I feel even better about his performances after reading the Free Press article. It's neat to see such a young guy doing something with such charm and doing it with taste.
Kangol KidGet rid of this buttmunch and get rid of that Paws character too! By the way, that's not even the real Paws, it's just someone in a Paws suit!!
grumpy old manPipe down Charlie. I'm trying to watch a ball game.
Schoolly DAs Charley would say... Kindly watch your Phraseology, Thank You, the Management
Young Season Ticket HolderI am in the minority of people who find Charley's antics somewhat annoying. When you listen to it every game, 60-70 games a year, for the last four years, it can be rather exasperating. However, I do see the appeal that he does bring with regards to visitors and people who only catch a few games a year. Maybe there could be some sort of compromise to where he can split his sections up so those of us that make every game do not have to hear it day in and day out.
HagsNice job Tigers. Way to kill a little momentum heading into summer.
tigerami thought the guy was rude & obnoxious---frankly--im happy the guy cannot sing anymore !! you can still see him walking the streets of birmingham every night at 3:00 a.m.
New Tiger FanSing, Charly, SING!!! What's the big deal if he brings so many smiles to people's faces? There aren't enough people like Charly in the world!
GibbyShut this guy up. We can't concentrate on the game.
Reidok what is the big deal? it is a fun and creative way to grab attention. please people, just sit back and relax when you are at a baseball game. There is no reason for all of this controversy over such a little thing. let the man sell his hotdogs how he wants to!!
Warren LigerOne thing is for sure, people don't buy the hotdogs because they taste good. Half the time, the buns are too stale to eat. People buy them from Charlie, because of the entertainment factor. They should let him sing. OPFL Champion out.
Don't be hatin'Charly's getting his time in the spotlight whether all you haters like it or not. What's the big friggin' deal?!? I didn't hear any complaints for the past couple of years when the Tigers were in the dumper. Charly was the only reason to go to the park in the past - let the man sing!
LetHimSingHey Mr Illich, Are you going to ban MO-Cheese from the JLA at Redwing games? You let him dance up and down the stairs, devote a TV timeout to him so that he can entertain the fans in JLA. If Charley entertains the fans, so be it. Let the guy sing!!
The 'C' in CharleyWHOOOOO! We made the free press. Front page of Local News. At least this is getting some needed attention. And to all you nay-sayers, I say get to know the guy, once you do, there is no way you can tell me this guy is rude. And also, how can a man yelling distract you from a whole baseball game, give me a break. There has always been venders yelling, hecklers yelling, someone next to you talking loudly, but for some reason the only thing that really bothers you is a guy singing? Lets be serious, singing, loud or not, can be ignored and toned out. And believe me, if Charley's powers are reinstated, you are going to have a lot more complaints about a certain group of Charley's fans singing louder and a heck of a lot more obnoxiously. Good day, sirs.
The 'C' in Charelycorrection: should read "if Charley's powers aren't reinstated, you are going to have a lot..."
SparkyCharley is simply making the ballpark a better place to be. Vendors always use to have a shtick to help sell their goods. Years back at Tiger Stadium, one of the ice cream vendors use to shout: "ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM, HAVE A HUNCH, BUY A BUNCH, OF ICE CREAM!" That's salesmanship!
MonteHey Mr. Illich..... This is one of the reasons why I no longer attend ball games in Detroit. You seem to take all the fun out of attending a ball game in Detroit. Good luck getting your attendance up!
Tom-the-BombFor crying out loud let the guy sing. It is his signature. The Tigers have historically done this type of thing. Herbie Redman is another example. Charley is no harm to anyone.
Proud DetroiterWhat's Up? Detroit is such a special place because of folks like Charley. Why not continue what seems to be an overwhelmingly popular form of local culture? I haven't been to this part of the stadium yet but would likely come if his singing gets reinstated.
Slice!!Maybe someone should suggest that Charley sings the National Anthem a couple of times
Tanner BoyleDidn't we learn anything from the Bad News Bears playing Little League at the AstroDome? LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY! -RIP Walter Mathau
Tigers Fan in COIt's a ball park, fer cryin' out loud.. If you want it quiet, go watch the game on TV in your sterile, quiet living room!
Milford PantherRemember the Bad News Bears when the crowd at the Astro Dome started to chant "Let them Play?" I think that in the bottom of the third inning of every game, all fans should start to chant, "Let him sing." Why the third inning you ask? Ask Warren Liger.
BonesDammit Jim... I'm a doctor not a singing hotdog flipper! Let the boy sing.
Chuck T.You don't like his singing......don't go to the park. Let a real fan enjoy the seat.
ScottLet him sing...I enjoy hearing him on TV and seeing him at games. It's not the same without him!
Jeff Hanson"I'M LISTENIN' TO THE STINKIN' SONG!!!"Let him sing.
The 'C' in CharleyRumor is that the "Free Charley" group will be at tonight's game. Watch on TV for them and if you are going to the game, feel free to join their chants and singing. And if you don't like us, feel free to give your tickets away to someone who enjoys having fun.
UnhappySimply put, a traveshamockery
pastfanbetween the petty decisions that started with Comerica park (such as not tipping your usher) this is the icing on the cake, I have already given up my season tickets and now will not attend at all. This seams rediculous but keeping charlie from singing isd the last straw when it comes to the tigers. Management is just upste that he gets more fan attention then the million dollar players.
Chuck T.You don't like his singing......don't go to the park. Let a real fan enjoy the seat.
The 'C' in CharleyRumor is that the "Free Charley" group will be at tonight's game. Watch on TV for them and if you are going to the game, feel free to join their chants and singing. And if you don't like us, feel free to give your tickets away to someone who enjoys having fun.
Willie HLet the man sing!!!! 23
Always Tiger's fanI don't like the singing, but it is a big park. I just sit in another section and let the people who want to hear him enjoy it. It is suposed to still be a free country.
Ian KBaseball is more than just a game. No other sport has the lore, mistique and magic that baseball does. What's next? Ban the Curse of the Bambino? It's the little things, like singing hot dog salesmen, that make baseball more than just a game. Banning Charlie is as stupid as Spiderman advertisments on the bases. Who are the idiots making these decisions? I'm willing to bet they've never played baseball.
Mary MImagine listening to the wonderful sound of singing in Detroit, MI at Comerica Park. Have we become so used to only hearing fire engines, sirens and gun shots in the city, we've completely lost our sense of reality & pride? Let's enjoy Charley's singing for the few hours of excitement we have at an outdoor baseball event.
Arizona Tiger FanFor as many games as I went to at "the corner" (Any loyal tiger fan knows where this is, but for those who don't, I refer to Tiger Stadium) there always was at least one vendor who had a "niche" to get more attention to sell his products. This has been going on for AT LEAST 30 YEARS! So why all of a sudden the clamp down??? C'ON ILLICH!!! give the guy a break! This ranks righ up there with firing Sparky Anderson, Bo Shembachler, AND Ernie Harwell.For those of you who think Charlie is annoying, I bet you also go to a hockey game and expect fans not to get excited when Big Mac or Shanny drop the gloves against someone too???
ChrisWhat next, no clapping....
It's a Free CountryHit em where it hurts! Stop buying hot dogs in protest. No corporate slug likes to get hit in the ole pocketbook. LET CHARLEY SING!!
Deeeez NutsYou guys are nuts, hearing him sing inning after inning after inning, is enough to give a fan a huge headache, just as the heckler sitting a row or 2 away would. I say let him sing a couple times a game, and make everyone happy. You let the heckler heckle a couple of times before he is kicked out, let the hot dog guy sing a couple times then quiet him.
Detroit JimmyI am glad that he was silenced. His signing annoyed me even when I watched games on TV.
Tony EThank god someone shut this idiot up! The other idiots who support this moron can shut up as well
It's a Free CountryIs old Mikey Ilitch gonna ban Mo Cheese next???
me not youHow about putting a quota on how many times an inning he can sing? Say 8 times (4 per half inning).
EdwardIf the people that don't like the singing had brain one in their HUGE melons, they would move to another section to avoid it. I'd rather hear him then Harry Carry sing. IT AIN'T OVER 'TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS!!
Betty HumpterI ordered a hot dog for my kid one time, with ketchup...he was so God-forbid angry that he beat me & my child unmercifully! I was left laying in the aisle in a puddle of my own urine! (at least I think it was mine...you can't really "dust" for urine).
northern TigerI love unique vendors - "ice cold coke - beep, beep, beep", "I got some ice cream and you ain't got none" and the guy who throws the hot dog buns in the air. but opera man really bugged me. it wasn't so much the singing as the ATTITUDE. I've seen him bulling people for buying a dog or sausage in the stands rather than from him. I just want to enjoy ambience of the park, follow the game and cheer on the Tigers. I won't miss the singing.
mike harrelllet the man sing. if you want peace and quiet, go to a lions game!!
Tiger 4 LifeTwo words:Annoying distraction. If I want to hear opera I'll go to the Detroit Opera House.
BerkLet him sing
Be HappyTo annoyed: The ballpark is about fun. Remember fun. That's why we played baseball when we were kids.
Tiger FanEnough is enough! It was amusing the first year but now it is just annoying. Enjoy the time in the sun and let these gimics die a timely death.
Restore the LoreEveryone remembers the old Tiger Stadium and how the older gentleman used to throw his hot dogs in the air and prepare it for you, put in a bag and toss is across 4 rows to get you your dog(s) - i don't think people booted him. Everyone shouts at a game, even fans shout prefanity. however, The tigers are shutting up something heard long before we all have been around and instead of tossing out the Drunk SOB behind, they keep serving him and - SILENCE one part of baseball that is respected at ANY ballpark around the US. LET THE MAN BE APART OF THE FUTURE OF TIGERS BASEBALL and VOICES HEARD AT THE 'NEW' TIGERS STADIUM
T-TimeWhat a bunch of crap. Since when can someone be forced to remain silent in a public venue. I hope everyone in the ballpark sings from now on.
MadirishI think that Charlie should start selling Hot Dogs Shaped like Hamburgers
Season Ticket holder 150First they put up that stupid wall in left field and when a homerun is hit over it they dont give the ball to the fans. Now they silence Charley who adds color to the ball park and entertains the fans, what next move the team to Las Vegas. What can you say, they really know how to keep the fans coming to comerica, and we all know its not the baseball we come to watch. Being a season ticket holder I have only witnessed the Tigers win about 5 games in the last 4 years. We need more people like Charley that add character to comerica, and put the flag pole back in play at least. LET HIM SING
Spoil SportsRudy Giuliani said you could stand in Times Square, hand out $100 bills simply for fun, and people would still complain. They'd say it was too much money, too little money, it wasn't evenly distributed, etc. People will ALWAYS complain about ANYTHING. So ignore the complainers because they'll always be there. Have fun with it. Let him sing!
Detroit FanIf you don't want to hear anything that is said inside of a stadium, THEN STAY HOME AND WATCH TV. I do believe that we have a constitution that protects the freedom of speech. If you don't like it then say so that is your "RIGHT" but don't try to take someone else’s away, you'll just be a hypocrite. Just like you are now complaining about someone talking during a Pro sporting event. BTY. If you don’t like what you hear at the Tiger’s games then don’t bother going to a Red Wings, Pistons, or Lions game. Tigers games are PG compared to others.
PatrickThe problem with Charlie is the park is so emtpy he can be heard loud and clear on the radio and TV broadcasts. If the park wasn't so emtpy, I don't think Charlie's signing would be a problem. Hmmm.. I guess that's not really Charlie's problem, but the Tiger's isn't it ?? Ahhh.. the root of the problem revealed !
wolverineThis guy Charley should be allowed to continue his singing throughout the Comerica. It has become tradition for a ball park that hasn't really had a decent product to show case. I mean whats next? Maybe we can get rid of PAWS because he may obstruct a fans view. Bring the Kid back and be thankful that when we view a tiger game from anywhere in this country that it still has some recognizable traditions!!
Tiger Fan 2Let him sing once in a while if he wants. It brings a uniqueness to the ball park.
Bless you boysLet the man sing. He is a gem to comerica. If you really want to do some good get rid of that new Pistons palace announcer. He is painful to listen to.
Ballpark FrankLet him sing. Maybe you request that he pick his spots more selectively (such as between plays, between innings, or when there's a pitching change so as to not compete with the action on the field), but let him do his thing.
JimmyZCharley is the worst. Not only is it annoying, but calling him a salesman is ridiculous. He is constantly badgering spectators, whether or not they like him. I'm always in his section and I have to avoid him because he's going to start telling me how I have to have a hot dog at a ball game. No thanks! Maybe I'll just order a game with no distractions from him. I'd pay anything!
JimmyZ againI forgot one thing...this is not singing. He cannot sing. It is not operatic in any way. The end.
Ian KRemember the Curse of the Goat? If this guy gets ousted, he might put a curse on the Tigers, and they'll never win another World S... hmmm. On second thought, Shoot the guy.
JD FanMaybe they should have a section just for Charley, that way, people who are annoyed can avoid him.
Ian KThat section could be outside the park. Everybody could pass by him on their way in, buy a hotdog, hear a song, not everybody is forced to sit near him.
AssmanIn response to IanK....They lost 119 games with him! It's time somebody gives some props to the guy who sells cotton candy and says nothing. The singer has passed his prime. He has been whammied!
BLUDAXStuff a Ballpark Frank in Charley's MOUTH!I Want to hear the CRACK OF THE BAT!!
citywildcatDo people remember "Herbie" the dancing groundskeeper?? How is this any different from that? Let the man sing and let's appreciate his uniqueness!
Vendor fanI used to attend spring training games in St. Pete when I was a kid. The Cardinals had a singing hot dog vendor, too, and he'd yell all kinds of things to get attention: "Tube steaks!" "Watermelon on toast?" and sing "Take me out to the ballgame." He was half the fun of going to the ballpark! Let Charley sing - let more kids have great memories of creative salesmanship!
John B.Someone needs to go to hell for this.
garyfall michigan sports suck
dixie boylet the guy sing go tigers,,,,redwings suck
Sparky M.I go to see the game not listen to some dork schleppin' wieners sing to me. If I wanted that I would head over to Windsor!PLAY BALL!!!
TylerThis is a turning point in American History. The country's future is in our hands (and Charley's vocal cords). Let the man sing. This battle is a microcosm of American Freedoms. This is not Russia, we won the war, remember.
regulatormichigan sucks. go buckeyes
Joey Dyea John B. some really does need to go to hell
H0tspurIf Charley can't sing, the terrorists have already won.
Mike Mwhy not have a sound clip so we all can hear him sing!
Mike StoneBan him from selling hot dogs. I hate this dork
pagan babyCharley...I saw a post above from the famous (infamous?) and absolutely fantastic lawyer geoff fieger giving you his telephone number and telling you your rights have been violated and to call him. I urge you to do that immediately. Meanwhile, to Tigers management...if you can't deliver a world series to the fans, then at least let us hear Charley belt it out! Sing your heart out, baby.
WYRobertsonLooks like both Jim Stephenson of the Tigers and Sports Service don't believe in anyone having fun at the park - though they're both happy to take money from the fans. Get rid of all of them and put Charlie in charge.
JedroA hot dog man has to be silent; who's next, the fans?
Baseball fanLet the guy sing!! Big deal!! Most fans enjoy it and the ones that dont can leave!!
StephenThis guy is the only reason I don't fall asleep at Tiger's games. He is probably being froced not to sing because everyone was buying from him and not the losers who just walk around saying "Hotdogd, get your hotdogs." Charly is an icon!!!
Baseball fanLet the guy sing!! Big deal!! Most fans enjoy it and the ones that dont can leave!!
MarcCan we have a sample of his singing on line?
sidI would like to see his frank in the bathroom, if you know what i mean.
Tigers00Let Hot Dog guy sing. If the Tigers want to shut someone up, how about the drunken idiots heckling players from the third deck. The players can't hear these idiots but I sure can!
FanIt's not about the singing - that I would support. Charlie 'goes Artest' on those who buy hot dogs from other vendors. He becomes resentful, angry and rude. He is not bigger than the game. He is a hot dog vendor. We are his customers. We deserve respect. I miss the singing but I'm happy I don't have to put up with his mocking hateful self indulgent behavior any longer. Go Tigers.
Kid RockHe's just a cowboy....let him sing....
Howie FeltersnatchSing on.....
swggod forbid detroit shopuld have something cheesy and good to be proud of. the tigers are seriously dropping the ball on this one. but, i guess they're good at that.
Mr. HotdogShe bangs, she bangs, she moves she moves, she looks like a butterfly but smells like a hotdog? Let this guy sing, at least there is a voice on MVP baseball 2004, that sounds like Operaman.
BrandyWithout Charley's joyous song "HoOoOoT DoOoG" there's just no reason to go to a game. What a tragedy.
Charlie HaterYou people are freaking losers. The fact that you bother to post your trite commentary regarding this geek is so g*y it's shocking.
live and let liveLet the man sing!!At least its more entertainment than whats exhibited on the field.
J "The Kod" NardoniWhy not have Charley sing only a few times a game or have him move around to different sections so that if someone is truly annoyed by his singing, it will only be temporary. I personally love the singing hot dog man! I look for him, or should I say listen for him, everytime I go to the game. We are all behind you my brotha!
Tiger Clap StarterOccasionally, when the Tigers are rallying, I'll start up the "Tiger Clap"... *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* -*clap*-*clap*-*clap*-*clap*-*clap*! Goooooooo Charlie!
OxTradition... It's not the GM Water fountain. It's not the Pepsi deck. And It's certainly not the corporate name of the park. Tradition is fun, unique, cool things about the ballpark. Charlie is a tradition at comerica park. Perhaps, if he's soooo annoying he should rotate sections a little more.
SportsMutant25 years I followed the Tigers, only to realize finally that I was following Ernie Harwell as much as the team. He was unique. He made it fun to identify with the Tigers and the game. He was a Human being, for pity's sake, not some overbearing music blaring, or the FoxSportsDetroit heads on the tron. Thems that don't like him, stay out of SS131. Go Charley, SING!
pagan babyCharley...I saw a post above from the famous (infamous?) and absolutely fantastic lawyer geoff fieger giving you his telephone number and telling you your rights have been violated and to call him. I urge you to do that immediately. Meanwhile, to Tigers management...if you can't deliver a world series to the fans, then at least let us hear Charley belt it out! Sing your heart out, baby.
The Yankee in MotownWith overpriced seats and a joke for a team for the last DECADE you have something to make the ballpark experience actually enjoyable. Let the man SING ! What's more obnoxious, Charley or a team that has the AUDACITY to have a dancing waters in centre field after a minor leage team with AA ball pitching rotation just lost 15-3 ?!!
Ray PruettWhat's next? Are they going to take away the Ferris Wheel and the Carousel? Charley is as much an icon at Comerica Park as they are. I took my girlfriend to her first game ever at Comerica last Saturday, 5/29/04, and I was very disappointed when Charley wasn't singing. I didn't know about the gag order then and figured maybe he just wasn't there. It's just like so many other issues in the world. A few malcontents make a little noise and get their way. It's time for Charley's supporters to make a lot of noise so Charley can sing. SING CHARLEY, SING!!!
JeffI don't mind the singing. It's the "in your face" behavior that bothers me. Frankly, when you spend thirty dollars a ticket, you shouldn't have some vendor bug you because you prefer nachos to hot dogs...which is what he did to my wife and son, who are both vegetarians!
mattI just want to say. He is doing nothing wrong. He is in no way robbing anyone of anything as "just a girl" claims he is. Just to respond to her(or maybe his) comment: With the job he has, he came up with a way to be fun and compeditive. If you're going to complain about someone trying to make "ends meat" yell at some random millionaire with inherited money not Charlie. Let him sing. If people really don't like the singing so much that they will stop attending games, so be it. Afterall gee, who could have guessed that a sport environment might be loud? If you don't like it, take up golf.
DarlaI cant believe this!!! let the guy sing for crap sake! who cares ...there are worse things happening this world then some guys vocal cords that are bad..... what has this world come to?
Spencer CansecoIf I was a season ticket holder, and this guy was screaming out hot dogs all game every game, I'd go nuts. If I was an eight year-old there for a single game with my family, I would love it. It seems to be the consistency of his antics that are the problem. Someone already suggested that he shift sections nightly or something...seems like the best idea to me. Then again, I would fire the guy for oppressing ketchup lovers. Then I would fire you, too.
S. CarterI think the most depressing part about this whole story is that we have resorted to relying on a hot dog vendor as the standard bearer for our tradition. I thought our tradition was embodied in things like the Old English D, the statues of the Tiger greats that sit in center field, and a long, proud history, the pinnacles being the championships in 1968 and 1984. Instead of focusing on these aspects of our tradition, we have resorted to placing an unwarranted amount of value in a guy that sings to sell hot dogs. In short, let's be clear, some guy that sings to sell hot dogs does not embody the tradition of Tiger Baseball. Singing "hot dogs" over and over again is not clever, unique, nor does it require any skill or talent worth mentioning. It's unbelievable a site like this even exists.
ItsBSFirst, ads on bases. Next, no Cracker Jack at Yankee Stadium. Now, no Sining Hot Dog guy. What is this world coming to?
czarofsoulPersonally, I’m glad they put an end to the singing……at least until Charley learns how to prevent his actions from interfering with the viewing of the game. I sit in the sections Charley works and can recount NUMEROUS times he’s belted out a song in a totally inappropriate time in the game. This is not half as irritating as how he stands in the rows and isles DIRECTLY in front of me and couldn’t seem to care less about blocking my view of the game. And he will just stand there……..and stand there…..and stand there. I’m there to see the Tigers Charley, not you. Remember that. If you can compliment the Tigers experience, please find a way to do it, but not at the expense of my $60 ticket.
Alan TrammelI can't stand that singing guy... but now I kind of miss him.
Bless u boyzWhat's next? No more throwing the peanuts!!!
JamesLet the man SING AWAY! I sat in his section and was dissapointed. Heck, play MVP Baseball 2004 and in the background of the game, you hear him seng HHHoOOOOOOTTTT DOOOOGGGGG!!! Its part of Comerica Park, the one unique quality about the place.
Taliban ManTHERE IS TO BE NO FUN AT BALLGAMES! SINGING IS UNHOLY AND SHOULD BE BANNED! on second thought...why don't we just let the guy sing?
The UshersCharlie has replaced the "Brow", Joe Dieroff, and we would love to hear him sing "Strawbery Shortcake, blue berry pie V..I..C..T..O..R..Y!"
MikeIf you really want to get to hear him sing again, go to guest services and tell them that you want Charley to start singing again. If they get enough people requesting it, they have to address it. Be smart about your comments too. Don't skip games or the like, just go buy the hot dogs directly from him, it will show your support.
The N manCome on, no one actually watches the game!!! People go to the games for the atmosphere that the singing hotdog guy adds to. It explains for the attendence of Saturday's game (Car givaway). LET HIM SING!!!
for S. CarterNeither is a drunk, bellowing Harry Carey a "suitable" barer of Cubs tradition--at least in your view. But it's the fans that bestow traditions (and clearly the Cubs know tradition as well as any): Hot dog guys can coexist with world series trophies, far as I can see. I loved Harry. Charley is ok. Let 'im sing.
give me morehe can sell me his hot dog any day
Baseball lovahThe ultra-commercialism of major league baseball is bad enough. Guys like Charley bring some unique flavor to an event that's rapidly becoming bland. Who wants the bland same-old, same-old all the time? Let the guy sing, for pete's sake. We could all use a little music in our lives.
Bless u boyzWhat's next? No more throwing the peanuts!!!
brianwhat an outrage! I've heard him sing, and I thought it was great. You go into a bar and you hear people saying "you hear that guy singa at comerica?". Lots of people like him and he makes the day better. Whoever complained needs to keep thier bitter opinions to themselves, and let the rest of us continue to have a good time. You got something against baseball fans having a good time?
Baseball lovahThe ultra-commercialism of major league baseball is bad enough. Guys like Charley bring some unique flavor to an event that's rapidly becoming bland. Who wants the bland same-old, same-old all the time? Let the guy sing, for pete's sake. We could all use a little music in our lives.
Mr. I's SlaveThe worst part about this is that the Tigers have not given us a reason for doing this. They are hoping its just going to blow over. Viva la resistance!
FrankieHe needs to simply do his job. Singing songs is not part of his job requirement. If the Detroit Tigers wanted a singer they would have hired one. Nothing wrong with having fun on the job but there's a limit. Charlie you need to listen to mgmt and stop seeking attention and being a crybaby about it. Shut up and do your job like every other person.
Kyle GrimmLet him sing! GO TIGERS
GeoIf Charley doesn't like the decision, tell him he can hit the door! It was OK when we didn't have a team, but now that we do...let's focus on the ballgame!
S. CarterThere's a problem with "For S. Carter's" reasoning above: no one was forced to listen to Harry Carey, you could either attend the game or watch it on television. Those sitting in Charley's section have no choice but to listen to his incessant whining. Also, I don't think there is any grounds for comparison between Harry Carey, who is in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and some guy hocking hot dogs for six seasons at a ballpark. It would be one thing if it was clever or creative. By the way, Charley isn't free to sing because his employer to told him to cease and desist. He is free to look for alternative employment just as much as those who don't enjoy it don't have to go the games.
Big EIf Charley is not allowed to sing at the tigers games there would be no reason for me to go. the tigers arent that good in the first place. charley is amazing.
woodysing you heart out chuck i listen and buy from you all the timethese people who are irritated shut up get a life or go home
Long Distance FanWe drove to Detroit from Boston so that our son could see the Tigers play because that is the team that his grandfather grew up with. We bought great seats and had a blast (when Charly was not singing and ruining it). I bought my son a hot dog and Charly gave it to him with a mustard. My son went up and asked him for ketchup. Well - heaven forbid. Humor is one thing, but Charly could not let it go. He went so far as to tell me what a bad mother I am in front of my son. Now, some people might have found it amusing but my son was really upset and it ruined the rest of the game for him. I think Charly should shut up and stay home. He ruined the game for us and if I ever go to another game, I will be sure to buy tickets in a Charly free zone.
Dirty SanchezCharly reeks worse than my nutz do
Re:Long Distance FanYou are a bad mother if you let your kid but mustard on a dog. Your son's grandfather would have never allowed such a disgrace.
Liz HillJust read the article in the Free Press (I write for the Entertainment sections). I have only been to a few Tigers games, but I have never been bothered in the least by Charley's singing. In fact, when my Tiger-fanatic friend told me about him, I deliberately walked to Charley's section to hear him sing and buy a dog. The game of baseball (no offense) is not hugely entertaining for all. But a day at the ballpark, with a hot dog, a cold one, and some crazy stuff like the Singing Hot Dog Man--now that is fun with a capital F.
PupperSing Sing Sing!
Hey Long Distance Fan: STAY IN BOSTON!
CZARWell Liz, I think you just summed it up. "I have only been to a few games". Try more then a few any you'll hate him too. "The game of baseball is not hugely entertaining"..... so says those who are not fans, but people who get free tickets and have nothing else to do. Its funny to me that an entertainment writer for the Free Press could not use the word BASEBALL in her description of fun at the ballpark. How would you feel is Charlie was singing his opera crap in the middle of a White Stripes concert? Get the picture now?
HerbI can hear the radio announcers again, Charley's singing was annoying when listening on the radio. Almost as bad on TV. Move Charley to the outfield seats and let him sing.
JustinEA SPORTS MVP Baseball 2004 - "it's in the game" so is charley! The park isn't the same without hearing HOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGG!
FanC'mon, this man only wants to give the people some good time. let him sing, this is his way of sale its hot dogs. It is a very unique style. Let him sing!!! be smart, set the singing before and during the break times. It is a good marketing strategy. other teams may grab this guy to their stadiums!!
JackieThe only reason I go to the Tigers games is for CHARLEY! I love charley. I actually have a HUGE crush on him, but that's just between us. I think Charley brings a lot of entertainment to Comerica. He's the best. He's adorable. I don't even like mustard, but I eat it on my hot dog just for Charley. SING CHARLEY SING! I'm behind you all the way. I will never forget the Tigers game that me and Charley shared like 5 bags of cotton candy! And he yelled at my boyfriend for me! =) I love Charley
JasonThis guys crazy singing made it all the way into EA Sports MVP Baseball 2004 for the XBOX....I say if EA went into that kind of detail for this guy...give him a break....he adds to the atomosphere of the ball park.
Jackie (again)And for the Long Distance Fan, charley is a part of comerica, and i wouldnt go to the tigers games without him being there, so if you don't like the staff and sweet ole charley....STAY IN BOSTON!
CarolWhat an issue, people are starving, dying, being beaten/neglected etc... and what are you complaining about? Who cares if he sings or not. Priority check everyone!
Houston Tiger FanFor those that don't like the singing....get different seats. If that doesn't do it for you...root for a different team. At a time when most retailers are more concerned about money, it's nice when the salspeople put the joy back into purchases. Even if it is just a hot dog. When is the last time you bought something and the salesperson made you feel sincerely happy? That they actually appreciated you as a person and not a commission? Not to mention, at the price you're paying for a hot dog these days, you should get a little song and dance.
MartySince when is it not permitted to have a good time at the ballgame? The chanting, clapping, cheering, booing...they're all part of the experience. Let Charley sing. He's part of the experience too!
MartySince when is it not permitted to have a good time at the ballgame? The chanting, clapping, cheering, booing...they're all part of the experience. Let Charley sing. He's part of the experience too!
BryanI was at the game saturday my 2 game of the year, we sat in that section just for him and people were singing "Hot dog" for him
Charley should have squatters rights by now...since he wasn't silenced years ago, it seems too late now to suddenly tell him to stop. Years ago, I initially thought his singing was very odd, but it has become a regular part of visiting Comerica...so let him continue...What's next, are the Tigers going to tear down the Ernie Harwell statue...or will they wait a few more years like they did for Charley?
Justin (again)Carol you're right! people are starving, dying, being beaten/neglected etc... and what are you doing about it? Priority check yourself!!! people are doing things for starving/dying..abused people, I take it you're not a Tigers Season Ticket holder!!! This site was made to un-silence Charley who is part of Tigers baseball histroy!!! go else where if this doesn't concern you. have a good day!
BryanI was at the game saturday my 2 game of the year, we sat in that section just for him and people were singing "Hot dog" for him
HR CatcherI'm out of the country away school and yet I am still a Tiger season ticket holder. I'm really surprised that the management is trying to make so much hoopla out of this. You'd think they'd try to keep the seats they have filled, filled. I was recently at a game and a vendor sold the couple next to us a penant/flag. The next minute, the usher told them they could not wave it..hmm, is there a waving fee? All I have to say is the Tigers aren't the ONLY reason people go to the games! Fireworks, giveaways, vendors and of course baseball...all make it worth going. Charley, if you're ever want to expand your horizons, stop by section 147!
Night WatchmanIt's a shame to remove some of the 'local color' from Comerica Park...I would look forward to hearing the 'hot dog man' hawking his 'dogs' and even tell my friends that they have to go to a game if not to see the Tigers play but to hear this guy 'sing'...Too bad the Tigers can't appreciate a good thing when they have it...and it doesn't cost a penny...
Ryan and PaulIn this past decade, Detroit has made improvements that were never thought possible. Detroit is the location for the Super Bowl in 2006, the Final Four in 2009, the MLB All-Star Game in 2005, and God knows what else this city will be blessed with. With such leaps and bounds being made by the city, what in God's name would make you want to take away another cornerstone of Detroit...the singing hot dog man. He is essential to the Tigers' ballgame experience. He IS Detroit, and I think it is simply ludicrous that you could try to silence him. It is a travesty to take this man's freedom of speech away from him. If you say no singing to this man, then what's next? Perhaps Mo Cheese won't be allowed to dance, and that one old lady can't knit at the Wings' games? Are you going to not allow people to stretch at the 7th, or not allow everyone to sing "Take me out to the Ballgame"? This entire situation not only makes a mockery of the hot-dog slinging occupation, but it also makes the Detroit Tigers' organization look like the bad guy. Are you willing to give up a newly earned fan base just to say “no more singing”? I would certainly hope not, and I'm sure Charley Marcuse would say the same thing, or sing it rather. Thank you for your time, and I hope that your organization does the right thing by letting this man do his thing for the Tigers'.
Justin FieldLet the kid sing his song
WhitakerIf I wanted to hear opera I'd go there. I want the crack of the bat, the umpire yelling Strike and the snap of Pudge's catchers mitt when he catches strike three. I get my music during the 7th inning stretch. Please don't push that horrible sound coming out of that guys mouth onto me anymore. It's obnoxious and annoying. You can even hear the guy on TV! I'm glad the management stopped it. Please let me know if there is a petition going to export him to Iraq. SHUT UP! Let me watch my game in peace and let me eat ketchup with my hotdog.
Jim Vander SchaafCAN I JUST SAY THIS??: Charlie's singing is no problem. It's fine. I have no issues with it. HOWEVER.....perhaps some, if not most of the complaints STEM FROM HIS ACERBIC TONE AND ATTITUDE TOWARD YOU (no doubt...on his behalf...an innocent attempt at comedy) for various things. Especially if you were to ask for ketchup. Yes, I said it. KETCHUP. I'm sorry. I may be in a minority...but it's a very large minority....who enjoys ketchup on their hot dogs...and I DO NOT appreciate being made fun of by this man IN FRONT OF MY KIDS for actually having the nerve of asking for ketchup on my dog by this man. Charlie. Sing on. But keep in mind the aspect of customer service and making fun of your customers is usually not a good thing. Jim Vander Schaaf, Grosse Pointe
Jack Be NimbleFirst they silence Ernie Harwell by firing him now they pick on Charlie? Should Tiger real fans boycott the COPA home games? -- Give'em Hell Charley !!! Jack Be Nimble - Royal Oak
BillSing man sing. Sheeshe, Illitch has no team worht a flying, Davidson's teams are BOTH IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND. If I were Mike, I would let this guy sing naked to get business.
Re: SSG BELLERCharley exibits the exact Freedom that you are fighting for. He's got a great marketing style that makes it impossible to not notice him. If he turns off 10% fine. No one who stands infront of a crowd and is execpted by all. When was the last time you heard a singing hot dog man in Iraq?
NickThat ballpark has very little personality and up until this season, not much of a team either. Sometimes it's the little things that'll make people smile and maybe even come back to the park. Silincing one of those little things is the worst thing that the Tigers can do.
MabelCharley is a positive role model for kids. A 22 year old showing that there is another style of singing besides the breast-baring rap that gets all the hype is okay in my book.Ed Debevic restaurant chain pays their waitstaff to be rude-we get that for the price of a hot dog.Granted he should polish his act - but that's all.Didn't the elderly black gentleman that used to drag the infield and stop to do a little dance or something get "in trouble" also? People hated Mark "the Bird" Fidrich slowing down the game to pat the mound and talk to the ball...but it's memorable.PEOPLE LOVE TO COMPLAIN AND FIND FAULT. I bet some military personel would love to be sitting at a ball game with Charley blocking their view for a few minutes....
Yet another fan of the almighty hot dogI miss the song almost as much as I miss ol' Ernie. Never been to Comerica but have heard the song many many times. Still not enough though. Keep singing, and &T*^ ketchup!
Enrique WilsonBill Veeck is rolling in his grave. The Tigers are already bad enough; does management really want to suck the fun out of their biggest asset, Comerica?
Eric KmetzI've been to numerous games the past 2 years at comerica park and have season tix in section 132, and I have to say that not once have I gotten sick of hearing Charley. He's a great guy and a great vendor. Even if he has to tone it down a little bit or move away from home plate once in awhile, he should still be able to sing. He never sings during a pitch, or while there is an announcement over the PA. He brings alot to the park and alot to the experience. I vow not to buy a hot dog or anything from comerica park until charley is allowed to sing again. NO SINGING, NO SALES!
EricSomething I forgot to add, if you didn't know, back after 9/11, Charley told Olympia Entertainment to sent half of his gross pay to the Sept 11 Fund. Something I thought everyone should know.
Chance RSorry Charlie, that's not singing. It's just annoying.
TigersMgtSucksIt was probably some jerks that spend the entire game yapping on their cell phones that complained. Not suprised at all Tiger mgt. would react this way. They are first-class morons! Go Charlie!
garry(england)just heard Charley on BBC radio ,sounds like a real nice bloke.England says let him sing
ElizabethLet Charlie sing! We love him!! He is a real gem!!!
A FanFunny how things get blown out of proportion. I'm a Tiger fan and have been to several games and seen and heard Charley sing. It made me and my nieces laugh and have a good time. Isn't that what going to the ballpark is all about? No matter what the outcome is, thanks Charley, for adding to our good time at Comerica.
MikeCharlie the Singing Hot Dog Man adds flavor to the game. Let Charlie sing!
TigersCentral.comSure Charley's singing can get a little old as a game winds down, but to see the look of excitement and joy on a little kids face when he sings for them makes it worth the slight annoyance. I say let him sing. And as for the guy who said his gimmick is stealing income from the other vendors, they all seem to like Charley from the interaction I've seen. Sing Charley, but c'mon, let me get some katsup.
KerryLoved hearing him on TV in the background- Always made me smile. Went to a game last week and wondered why we didn't hear the Singing Hotdog Guy... Now we know why. What a disapointment.
Janesing on Charlie. Don't let the man keep you down!!! We could always boycot those expensive hot dogs until Charlie gets his pipes back! yeah.....
LisaI think Charley is the very picture of the American entrepreneurial spirit. Here's a man bringing his own unique talents and humor to what would otherwise be a dull, unappealing job. Not only that, but he's making a name for himself and providing additional entertainment to the fans, (and I imagine he's pretty successful at selling hot dogs, too). As much as baseball tries to bill itself as "the great American pastime", and "as American as apple pie", you would think that an enterprising hot dog vendor would be exactly what they want to encourage! Whoever decided to put an end to it is a first-class idiot. They're simply shooting themselves in the foot.
DavidESPN named him #1 on their "Top 10 Worst Plays" a few years ago for a reason. I'm just glad he doesn't come over to our section anymore!
Rasheed W.Pistons vs. Lakers on Sunday June 6. ABC 8:30 PM
DebbieI was at the game May 30th. It just wasn't the same! Let Charley Sing!!!!
A FanWhat's this? Charley was allowed to sing when the Tigers were the worst team in baseball history. But now that the Tigers are starting to resemble a baseball team, Charley is silenced? Charley's singing is very amateurish, but so are the Tigers! Let Charley try to sing, and let the embarrassing Tigers try to play baseball!
MicheleYes let him sing, this country is too negative, let the man have fun. Maybe American Idol would have him! The co. is stupid to turn away business.
MartyCome on we need some reason to go to a game!
Jeff from MarysvilleNo more 'dogs until Charley sings again!
NickLet the man sing!!! Just saw what is happening on fox 2 news. And I think it is rediculous. He is not hurting anyone!
daltoneverybody DANCE!!!!
BobInstead of keeping Charlie from singing, perhaps a new hot dog vending company that appreciates his enthusiasm should replace the current company.
StEvEoJust let the guy sing. You people have nothing better to do than to stop other person from doing what they enjoy? He seems like a cool guy so leave him alone.
NickI have sex with cats!
DLHJesus H. Christ.......... !!!!! He's singing about Hot Dogs.... LET THE MAN SING!!!! C'Mon Tiger Mtg. Don't screw THIS ONE up!!!!!!!!!
SpankeyIf charley cant sind i will hunt you down and eat you with the novelty Hair Clip
Gym NasiumIt's a lillte odd but love seeing him and the kids enjoy his sing... Go Tigers...
Allah balllah salllah if he sang that it's ok?
Donald RandazzoSAVE CHARLY!!When I went to any Detriot Tiger Game i looked forward to seeing Charlie sing. Sooo Ney York hot dog companing LET CHARLIE SING!!!!!!!!!
SCS mayorCharley served my then 9 year old daughter her first ball park dog at her first game. She's heartbroken that he's not singing, she was going to take her school friends to a game to introduce them to Charley, not now
BoobBoobs Rock
Kobe B.Let Charlie Sing! Let him sing the blues for the Pistons after only 4!
GregIt's great to be listening to the game on radio or watching on TV and hear Charley in the background. Please bring singing Charley back and bring Tiger baseball back to to clear-channel WJR!
fobii heard the hotdog man is hung like a donkey
Jack Bieterman of the Rochester hills areaCould anyone tell me where I can get one of those Save Charley buttons? I would really like to support sharley when I am at school. If you can get me one then email me at JTRY1030@aol.com or airsoftjack@hotmail.com Thanks, and Go Charley, they can't put a stopper on your voice!
MicheleI like the NO dogs until Charley sings again, go for it, boycott dogs!
JCPennyCharley has every right to sing, like we have the right to talk and cheer during the game. Whats the Tigers Baseball game with Charley and his hot dog singing voice huh? So let Charley sing if it bugs you just forget about it and enjoy the game. Charleys having fun doing his job dont we all wish we could do that? SO let the hot dog singer sing!
JadeI myself have never been to any of the Tigers games but from what I hear it sounds like Charley brings a lot of cheer to the games and helps keep everyone going. I think that the people that don't want him to sing will be sorry when the games that they enjoy going to will be quiet.
DHDRW.comListen up, is the concession management that anal over this? This is what the fans want. A great time at the ball park, including the sweet serenade of a hot dog vendor on a hot July night. Now we know the real reason "PAWS" can't/doesn't talk. Enough already, let the man sing. If not, US fans who "do" go down to the park may indeed feel obligated not to purchase a beef link. I am knonw to punish at least 4 every outing myself. CJdhdrw.com
Richie OYou can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time! Let the Guy sing for crying out loud. I would rather have my child hear that instead of some drunk %$#^& yelling profanities!
ShamesonShame on you Detroit Tigers.
ztarwarzchicLet the man sing for fricken sakes! PPL love him! Just look at the poll! 800 and something to 70 something. That tell ya enough?
tjA little creativity is appreciated and enjoyed in this mediocre world. Another leader is born. More power to Charley.
DJ Gemini Communications DetroitCharley is out doing what EVERY business man is, trying to come up with new ideas to promote and sell his product. He found something that works, and I'm sure that people do visit the games to see Charley, as much as the Tigers. As a small businessman myself, I know how much time you spend trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, or just to enjoy your job more. I stand up and applaud Charley and say,"FIGHT THE SYSTEM" Big business is trying to stomp out the small business man. I say Let Charley sing, Let Charlie Enjoy his job!!! So few of us actually do enjoy our jobs. Charley, Everyone at DJ Gemini Communications is behind you!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Joe "Hello Newman" DIt's fine a couple of times a game -- but it DOES get annoying after awhile. Maybe he should rotate around the stadium every game so he can annoy other sections for a change.
You have enough signatures on your petition to be in the rock and roll hall of fame!
You have enough signatures on your petition to be in the rock and roll hall of fame!
Kevin LittleIt's time to say good bye to Charly.
ChrisPeople like Charley represent all things good. People who go to a baseball game go to forget life and have a good time. Taking the fun out of something so innocent is just another example of the backward views of this country. Control and order is now taken to innocent hotdog sellers? What next? No more thundersticks at basketball games? No more face-painting at football games? Can there be no higher level of pointless control? The Tigers suck. At least with Charley there was a level of entertainment. All vendors who sell hot dogs yell "HOTDOOOOOOOOOOOOOGS!!!"... It should not matter in which context the sound of the word should be. Sing on Charley.
Herr RogersI personally don't care for the singing Hot Dog Guy.
mwchaley is great let a businessman use his freedom of speech to sell a product
Rob "I can play Defense"na na NA NA na na NA NAhey hey hey Good Bye!!!
Johnny MarshIt's his way of getting peoples attention. Most people like his act. It's fun to hear a guy singing opera while selling hot dogs. Let the man sing!
Scott DIf you don't like Charleys singing go watch golf or tennis where you can't say a word or you get shushed! Are the Tigers going to be like the Yankees and ban Cracker Jack or BallPark Franks.
Shanna...you know meCharley is like Willy Wonka, he knows everyone in Birmingham and trys to get my boyfriend and I to play chess with him. He once got my friends car keys out the locked car with a coat hanger. He is a really weird guy. Vince and I ran away from him once, it was scary.
ScottLet Charley sing, oooh take yourself out to the ball game buy yourself a hot dog from charley, then chew it up and spit it back out,tell everyone it's not as good anymoore, becuse charley cant sing anymoore, sooo dont buy yourself a hot dog until Charley can sing agein,go Charley go!!! PS. your our number one singing hot dog man!! good luck!! Oh one more thing go tigers.
blet the guy sing people love it
A HUGE CHARLIE FANTHe thing i dont get is how MOST fans are protesting and few are against charlie's singing. SOOO... if The TIGERS want to make their MONEY i say people who cant put up with charlie stay home and mute the TV when he sings! Dont spoil it for the majority of the fans who singly pay money to listen to charlie! He is something that makes the game unique and just as usual, people want to take away something diffrent. THIS IS HOW WARS START! AND IM SURE AS HELL THAT THE WILL START IF CHARLIE CANT SING!
KrugLet David Hess sing!
DebbieI haven't seen Charley sing however here is a guy who has a great sense of humor and loves his job maybe more people should be like him.....................
Simon CowellTo be quite honest, William Hung is just as bad of a singer but he got a record deal. So why not, let Charley sing if he wants.
Ann of TroyWhat a wonderful addtion he is to the ball game....Detroit has something unique in Charlie. Lets' not spoil it. Let Him Sing.
sad in the standsI went to a game a month ago for the first time at COPA. I was taken their with my fiance and didn't really think I would enjoy it. We were lucky enough to be in Charley's section. I was so happy to hear him singing and thought that it brought a lot to the whole baseball experience. I had a great time. His singing is not any more bothersome than some of the silly music 'chants' that they play and expect the crowd to respond. At least with Charley, if you don't like it...MOVE TO A DIFFERENT SECTION! With the music on the loud speakers, there's no escaping. Keep the fun in the park. I don't plan on returning now, I'm disappointed in the management.
emikeintrusive. obnoxious. talentless. these three things i know are true. good riddance.
LoboBring back our beloved 'corner,' Tiger Stadium, and Charlie.
Benny BoyI'd bet big bucks that people (including kids) look forward to seeing and hearing Charley sing and that they would be very disappointed to not have this few seconds of fun entertainment. Weren't we all disappointed when we no longer got to see the dancing groundskeeper? A baseball game is supposed to be fun; let the naysayers where earmuffs in the shape of Paws' paws!
truetigerfanI have been to half the games in the past three years and love to hear Charlie sign. I can (at times) get tired of hearing him by games end, but to totally silence him is going to far. Have him tone it down or sing by request only. By now, after all this publicity, he could sing all night just by doing request.
Sing man singHe should be able to sing!
hot dogs are bad for you
kelvinyour doing a good job heard you on the bbc im in london /uk hpe things work out stay cool
MarieLET CHARLIE SING !!!!!!!!
Michael SklutFrom Monday's game, bandwidth compliments of www.vafrous.com
PlayOnThe singing is annoying, period. Especially to the players. Why don't they put him in the upper deck and sing there where nobody can hear him, he can sing all he wants there.
A REALISTWe can write all the praises in the world for Charley, but sadly I doubt it will have any effect.
RussCoxJust another great thing taken away from the unique, most beautiful game in the world.Charley, you're a friggin stud.
Frank Beckman's conscience<---- nonexistent
DebHit the Tiger and vending management in the pocketbook!!! Don't buy a hotdog from any vendor until Charley is allowed to sing again! The almight dollar speaks louder than anything! Then you'll see how fast they change Charley's tune. Pun intended.
Charley is a dog's nameI think Charley should sell his product like the rest of the scum, and that is without disturbing me watching the game. I already spent money on a ticket to watch the Tigers lose in an empty stadium, and I do not need Charley singing like a fool trying to sell an overpriced weiner. Charley if you want to sing badly go to church where no one cares, and they will be happy to see you.
SHellyCharley rocks my socks. Tigers games are not the same without his singing. So for the love of hot dogs and mustard.. let the man sing!!!!!!!!!
IanCharley brings joy and musical bellows to Tigers' games, which are really depressing and dumb. Especially when Inge blew it for everyone. !!@$%!. Let charley sing!
Charley is amazing. The people who think he's 'rude' obviously have no sense of humor. An overwhelming amount of people want Charley to sing again, and a select few are throwing hissy fits. I'd say the numbers speak for themselves.
MikeI was at the May 28th game. Many in our section behind home plate were singing for him. It was pretty cool to see. Let the man singing! The Tiger's are playing better, you have a really cool ballpark, and Charley could add another, different, twist to going to the ballpark that no other park has.P.S. Does any remember Gus out in left field from the Tiger Stadium days???? He was pretty load himself and everybody loved him.
Watch out! I heard a rumor that the food service company was thinking of replacing Charley with WILLIAM HUNG!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LET CHARLEY SING!!!
Watch out! I heard a rumor that the food service company was thinking of replacing Charley with WILLIAM HUNG!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LET CHARLEY SING!!!
MikeI was at the May 28th game. Many in our section behind home plate were singing for him. It was pretty cool to see. Let the man singing! The Tiger's are playing better, you have a really cool ballpark, and Charley could add another, different, twist to going to the ballpark that no other park has.P.S. Does any remember Gus out in left field from the Tiger Stadium days???? He was pretty load himself and everybody loved him.
DAVEI have been a season ticket holder for four years....and Charlie has been the only thing that keeps fans in the seats,Until the arrival of Pudge. He always brought joy to the game even through that pitful last season.....LET THE MAN DO WHAT MAKES ME AND A LOT OF OTHER FANS HAPPY TO BE AT THE BALLPARK !!!
ApplesSince Comerica opened, once you went there once and saw the statues and new park, the only reason to return was Charlie! Now they finally have a major league product again, but management belongs in the rookie leagues for this bonehead move. I was headed to the Thursday game, now I think I'll pass. Characters like Herbie, Gus, and Charlie are what makes the ballpark experience special.
catHaven't been to a Tiger's game since 1984....but I may start going again on a regular basis if Charley is allowed to sing again...eventhough it is Comerica Park....I'd buy season tix for next season.
LisaIt's stupid to not let him sing. For God sakes it's a ball park - an entertainment location. Let the hot dog man sing - it pays his bills. If someone doesn't like it - get ear plugs!
Eric the Orchestra LeaderGreetings from London, England! I read about Charley's plight over here, and despite being a professional musician, I'm no fan of opera, but the man has a right to sing!! No offence, but it sounds like the Tigers aren't exactly setting the field of play alight, so surely they need all the help they can get to put bums on seats. :-) My only concern is if Charley doesn't comply with the directive from 'those who must be obeyed', Dubyah will send in the troops. Sorry... a little political satire there. Hey, I'm allowed - us Brits came up with Monty Python, after all! Come to think of it, this whole thing would maker a great Python sketch... Michael Palin as Charley, Terry Jones as Dubyah, Terry Gilliam as Blair, pensioned-off members of the British SAS as the Navy Seals...
ozzy algo Charley , he is da best as singing he should be allowed to sing , i should emagin that he attracks more fans for the novlety of hearing and seeing Charley sing there for boosting the profits that go into the supiors pockets and they are the very same people who stapped he singinmg in da first place and im going to be following the tigers from now on all because of the hot dag man, from ozzy from Leeds England!!!!!
LeslieWhat's wrong with some of you!! Good old fashion baseball, isn't that why we go to the ballpark! Charley is good the park and good for the Tigers! You watch baseball you don't listen to it!! Let Charley sing, watch a great game and have a little fun!
JasonCharlies singing has been just as much enjoyment as the games. In some cases, he was providing the only action in the stadium. LET HIM SING!
AggieI had a couple of friends in from out of town. Their only request was to go to a ballgame at Comerica. We went and had a great evening and the Tigers even won. And the Charlie still stands out as a big part of that evening. Let him sing! Pity a few annoyed people can take away the enjoyment of so many.
MattMike Ilitch, of all people, should be able to understand the idea of making your product stand out. Charley's job is to sell. In taking away his gimmick you are taking money out of the coffers. Charley is performing two services for the Tiger organization, selling hot dogs and putting denim in the seats. Herbie the groundskeeper did the same thing; he added a little something to the experience of attending and spending. I believe the only way to reach Tiger management is through their wallets. I suggest that we all pick a single game to boycott. If that doesn't get their attention, nothing can.
Josh KPerhaps a letter writing campaign and organized boycott of Sports Service products may get the point across?
Renae(a.k.a.-Tripp)Why not let him sing? as long as he's not destracting or interfering with the ball players I dont see a problem!
JasonYa you have to let him sing. I heard you guys talking about him on the Mojo In The Morning Show and I think he should be able to do what he wants to sell hotdogs!
cmJTry Honor Chior Charles...leave the real singing to us professionals.
RichieI bring my boys to the park 4 times a year and the game doesn't start for us until we hear Charley sing. If he is muted for good it just won't be the same. We enjoy the singing and I think his personality is refreshing. And I like ketchup!!
lwThank God he's been silenced.
MattOk what’s wrong with a singing hot dog man? The world would be a better place with one. The players are getting upset with his singing, why should they fans yell at them all the time and should not let a hot dog man "throw them of their game" personally its just a cover up for their mistake so they blame the singing man I think they should just keep him and let the man sing.
JaimeeFOR GOD'S SAKE! I can think of many more annoying things at the ballpark than Charley. How about the drunk guys behind you who always manage to spill beer down your back? OR how about the kids who won't stop crying during the game! Ballgames mean summer fun for people of all ages, so lighten up! If Charley bothers you, you've lost the purpose of going to the ballpark.
TBozLet him sing!!He's not hurting anybody!
Tommy B.I get a kick out of the singing hot dog guy. Let him sing.
MurphCan the Illitch Family mess up anymore tradition? First Tiger stadium and now Charley? Free Charley, Let him sing!!!
Brendan DavisCharlie, good job on Drew and Mike this morning. I think you should be allowed to sing!
Paul BI think it's a riot, someone must be enjoying his singing if he is selling hot dogs.
Dennis MHis singing has noting to do with baseball. If he wants to sing tell him to sing at church on Sunday. Tell Stony and Wojo to get rid of the Charley promo too, so I can listen to them again. Thank you MR Illitch for coming to your senesces and stopping that annoying sound . Know I can come back to the stadium.
ManoChuck is the man... Let 'um sing, Let 'um sing, Let 'um sing!
DocDont know much about this guy just heard him on WRIF for christ on a bikes sake let him sing Detroit has little to offer and this man tries to bring some joy to people. I say we vote charlie for MAYOR of DETROIT and get that CRIME BOSS out of DETROIT. VOTE CHARLIE for MAYOR
J BaerLet the man sing. This guy has been the excitement at COMA Park for a long time, when we had bad teams, he at least made the game bearable. Who is he hurting? Did some of the Pizza King's buddies complain? Too Bad! Let the people who really spend the money make the choice.
It's not the singing that annoys me so much, although that can get pretty annoying, ut's his"stron sales pitch." To me, ridicule is not funny. When our 27-year-old daughter, home from Baltimore, came to a game with us, she couldn't believe how rude he was to me because I was eating a salad. I know comedy, I know humor, and I know rudeness. If I want to be insulted or hear other people being insulted, I'll go to a comedy club.
ortiz familyI can't believe in this day and age that people a b*t*hing about a man singing????? Or maybe I can. If you want to have it quite while you watch the game go back to your home and watch it on "mute" How about if we (the true baseball lovers) ban you (the freakin nit pickers)from listening to our SINGING HOT DOG MAN??? How the hell would you like it???? and another thing mentioned from above, to the players who are complaining think about this?? Do you really think we come JUST to see you??????
SashaHe isn't hurting anyone and for those of you that don't enjoy his singing, get different seats!! No hotdogs for me.
Everyday Union ManYou gotta love management. At the time of this posting, the vote stands at 1128 YES (let him sing) to 112 No. Even in the face of OVERWHELMING support, heavy handed management will still flaunt it's arrogance and insist that 'they know what's best'. I have an idea, let's eliminate ALL the fun and unique things about Comerica Park! Boo to management. Maybe I will just not buy any tickets and not support an orginization such as this. Yes, I think that's what I'll do. And I think I will (behind the scenes) get all of my union friends to stay away too.
KaraYou go Charley! I hope you continue singing :-)
FollowerThe TIGERS orginization are the real HOT DOGS here. I guess I'll just enjoy the game from my lounger at home and eat my hot dogs here, at a much CHEAPER price. Whomever made this choice,,,you lost my support.
Charlie GlazeLet Charley sing and ban all the deadbeats that think a ballgame should be like a visit to your local library.
JoeCharley sucks. Plain and simple. I go to the game to watch the game, not be harassed by some idiot opera-wannabe. It's about time someone shut him up.
BOYCOTTI won't buy ANY food at Co-Soviet Park until they let Charlie sing!!!!!!!!!! Pass it on. Hit these dummies with the only thing they think or care about - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Let him sing, but cut the harassing comments!
Money ManCharlie doesn't sing, I don't spend my money.
JanThis is the silliest thing I have ever heard of. People sing when they are happy. Let him be happy and let others be happy with him. LET HIM SING.
mtdmanShut yer piehole, Charlie. Ketchup RULES!!!! NO SINGING FOR YOU!!!!
JimBeing an ex employee of the Tiger's organization I find his singing out of tune. If he could hold a note and had some singing experience it would be different but I found him to be an interruption to the game.
DavidI, for one....no, for MANY, am grateful for the silence. Keep Charley's voice locked up...andthrow away the key! I have found nothing as grating as his voice. Getting different seats isno solution. That irritation can be heard coming through my radio and my television. If the FCC is serious about ridding our airwaves of everything offensive, they will insure thatCharley remains muted!
Charlie SuxThank GOD they shut you up. Ha ha. Boo boo boo boo! :D
Patrick DanielsI've only lived in Detroit for 6 months now. If these actions are indicitave of how the Tigers organization runs things, I'll NEVER go to a game. The fans seem to love Charlie. Not only that, BUT HE BRINGS MORE REVENUE TO YOUR ORGANIZATION!! Un-freakin-beleivable. No wonder the Tigers have been so poiss poor all these years, making stupid decisions liek this. And this is comming from an Indians fan.
GaryCan't believe they kept you this long. I even hear you on the radio and tv, it drives me nuts. Did someone actually tell you that you had a voice?
Fan of FunKeep the fun in the park, but pass it around to different areas at different games, this way the season ticket holders in one area don't hear the singing game after game after game after... Have Charlie sing in a different area every game, this will make everyone happy! You rock Charlie!
Larry O.Its to bad that your making him stop singing. Charley your boss is a real jerk.
DetroitSon2Detroits, been losing their flare the past 10-15 years. It used to be thrown in the mix of the great cities of New York, Chicago, Boston, Cleveland. Now it's just know as D-Town Gehtto. We have a great city right at our door step, we need to start building it back up and make this great city what it was!!! Charlie is trying to give some unique-ness back to our city! Let this guy give Detroit some new flare and help bring this city back to the Bussling, hip, downtown it used to be!!!
FredHeard this on WRIF this morning. Geez, next thing ya know, they'll be firing Ernie Harwell, or something stupid like that.Seriously, this guy is great! Charlie made our day at the park a couple years ago when we had tickets behind the plate. He talked our daughter into her first "training dog" that day...covered with ketchup but with a small dot of mustard at the end. Heck, at the time, the entertainment in the stands was better than the entertainment on the field.Anybody hear the "PEANUTS...PEANUTS...PEANUTS...beer" guy?
FredP.S. Without Charlie, it ain't the "COPA"...it's the COMA.
JakeShow your support for Charley -- www.cafepress.com/savecharley
H.C.O.T.I'd rather hear charlie sing during the tigers games then watch that dumbass mo cheeze dance!!!!let the kid sing!!!!
H.C.O.T.I'd rather hear charlie sing during the tigers games then watch that dumbass mo cheeze dance!!!!let the kid sing!!!!
ediotThis reminds me of the groundskeeper who used to "bop" around the base path between innings while raking the dirt in the old stadium. Sometimes new traditions need to be allowed to flourish for the greater number of fans. I say let him sing...but spread the love around so more sections can share the experience.
SandraI AM A True Charley fan! From the first time I heard him in action, every future game was an opportunity to watch him again ... I really looked forward to that. There's no other reason to go to the Tiger games ... other than Charley. I say until the Tigers can play a real game to keep me and everyone else entertained, LET CHARLEY SING!
BillI don't like it when it comes over the radio. Night after night. Move him around.
BobI am glad he has been silenced. Finally I can hear the announcer on the TV telecasts and enjoy watching the game without having to hear that noise that comes out of his mouth. Let him sing when he is in the shower, or somewhere where no one else has to hear. Do your job, sell the dogs and that is it!
Lil JonLet that man use his voice...Let him sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go singing hot dog man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BeckyI go to a lot of the Detriot Tiger games and i enjoy hearing Charley sing. I think its fun that he makes his job fun and letting the fans hear his talent. So, i think Charley should sing.
EdIt's not so much the singing, it's the attitude. If I want ketchup, then let me have it. If I prefer pizza, don't hastle me. If I only want one hotdog, don't try to sell me two. If I buy my hot dog from another vendor, that's my choice. Charlie has too big of an ego, and that's the big problem.
DaveLet the man sing, he brought a smile to my face, but more importantly he made my seven yea
DaveLet the man sing, he brought a smile to my face, but more importantly he made my seven year old son smile !!
Paula and kidsIf Charley doesn't start back singing i will never go to a game again. My kids love going to the game,but when Charley doesn't sing they cry. I have 4 kids and a husband. So thats six people who would never go back to a game if charely doesnt sing. So let him sing!!!
Stymie StyleMustard RULES! Ketchup is nasty.
Bobits me Bob again, im changed my mind bout what i said early. I think the man should sing. It gives me something to laugh at. So let him sing.
BabalooLet him sing! If the home plate snobs don't want him there, put an Inge jersey on him and move him out to the outfield too. (Where the real fans of the ballpark are!!)
JasonWe were at the game Sunday and it wasn't the same without the singing. Section 134 wanted some singing. I'd rather hear Charley than the guy next to me. I did like Charley's "No Comment" statements when people would ask him to sing. You can tell it is a crushing blow for him not to sing. LET HIM SING.
Oscar MayerMaybe Bill Davidson can pick him up for the Piston playoff games at the Palace!
Dan GehrlikGiven the price of a hot dog at the games, a song is the least we should be able to expect. And let's be honest, it is more entertaining than watching the game most days. Sing on, Charley.
SykeOpathThe guy was rude and discourteous to LOTS of people. He should have thought about that himself when people complained to HIM before management.. but he wouldn't listen.. now he has his wings clipped. Plus, half the "let Charley sing" fanclub are between 16-22, and are apparently more interested in some guys hot dog than the game they came to see..
DonnmanThank goodness I can now listen to a game on the radio without that horrid singing...what a distraction it was. Thank you Mr. I
MaryWhat a bunch of hypocrites in the Tiger organization. I've heard fans over the years say that Charley's voice does not carry that far outside of his assigned section, and that the only reason his voice is heard over broadcasts is because of the location of the mics. Obviously the Tigers didn't object to this (well, outside of that miserable and humorless SOB, Kirk Gibson), or they would have relocated the mics years ago. Now they act like this is a major problem that they weren't aware of before. Why must this corporate mentality of the Red Wings carry into the treasured family atmosphere of baseball? Why should we care what the stuffed shirt season ticket holders think? And who was REALLY responsible for this decision, Jim Stapleton or Denise Ilitch? Charley added color to a ballpark without character, and for a city begging for good press -- and, yes, Charley succeeded in bringing us this, in a small but much-appreciated way. LET CHARLEY SING!!!!!
GC JimI personally haven't heard Charley, but if this rudeness I'm reading about in these letters, my question is, why hasn't this been brought to managements attention???? I can't believe if someone is as rude as some of these comments say would still have a job. Charley must be doing something right.
OperaBaseballFanOh for crying out loud!! Once again, the majority has to cater to the minority. Let the man sing. Sometimes, the games are so slow, you're looking for a distraction. Let the hot dogs and the serenading continue!!
KDIt seems that the people who oppose the singing are the least able to judge others.They use obsenities to describe charley, resort to name calling, and cannot provide one bit of reason for their argument. The true fan of Tiger baseball, and the baseball tradition would realize that the "ballpark" experience has always included the quirky, funny,and interesting. as well as the on-field activity. Let's ban paws, signs with the logos of networks written as clever acrostics, and funny comments home to Mom. Baseball is an experience filled with variety. If you don't want the full experience STAY HOME. SING OUT< AND SING LOUD.
phillyjoeThe guy says the same verse over and over. Shut him up.
RedwgYou go Charley. People are told to be silent to much anymore. Freedom of speech...LET FREEDOM SING!!Keep singing Charley.
Roller2Charley is a Home Town Favorite, I listen for him on TV & at the game. Let him sing!
TammyIO have lived in the Detroit Metro area for 4 years. There are two reasons I go to the Tiger's gamse- 1 for Charlie and the other to support the home team, but since "management" has deemed that Charlie doesn't need to sing, I have deemed it necessary to MISS the games. if politics are going to ruin "America's favorite Pastime", why waste the time to go?
monkeyboyIf William freaking Hung can sing in public then I say let this dude sing!
RedwgYou go Charley. People are told to be silent to much anymore. Freedom of speech...LET FREEDOM SING!!Keep singing Charley.
EliseAbout this whole banning hot dogs thing, good intentions but remember that Charley does work on commission. So it wouldn't do anybody any good because not only is SportsService losing the money but so is he. Instead of the hot dogs, let's ban other concessions, especially Mike Illitch's beloved Little Ceasers Pizza. I say we buy nothing but hot dogs so those retards in the suits can realize how much we love Charley. LET CHARLEY SING!!!!!!!!
RIPCharly clearly loves the limelight. The people that "adore" him are usually the same ones who catch less than 2 games a year. For the fans that go to many games he drives them insane. He's obnoxious and does everything he can to draw attention to himself. I'm surprised he hasn't been fired already because he is clearly unliked by EVERY regular at the ballpark.
William HungI think Char-ree should be able to sing. I'm not a professional either and I have no training and I am allowed to sing in pubric. Prease allow Char-ree to sing.
TammyThis comment is for SykeOpath: There are supporters for Charlie in all age groups. I am 33, but I am not a stuffed shirt, uptight, can't relax type of person (such a yourself). Hot dogs & peanuts are as much of the experience as watching the Tigers lose. What gives you the right to be so judgemental? The company I work for has a suite there, so it's not as though you are any better than anyone else there. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yours sucks! You are paying to watch a losing game. I pay to enjoy myself and hear Charlie sing!!!
from "The Holy Grail"Prince: "But Father.... I want to sing..."Father: "What... stop that... there'll be none of that..."
PaulBI took my family to a game the second week of the season. Everyone Loved Charlie and his antics that brought some amusement and enjoyment to a great night at the ballpark. Personally, I believe it adds to the already exciting atmosphere the Tigers have created this year. It actually reminds me of the long gone days of the old hot dog hawkers on those dog days of summer. GO CHARLIE!
byoungWhen I was 12 yrs old, there was a guy that used to sell pop and yell out "ice cold coke" then the crowd would yell back "beep, beep, beep!" I'm now 34 yrs old and it is a great memory for me. I think the Hotdog man should be able to continue this tradition - so the children of today can have fond memories of the ballpark like I do!!!
Motown JohnnieLOUD and OBNOXIOUS are the first two words thought of when you think of this guy. The reason for going to a ball game is to watch the game, not have some impolite, no-talent, loud mouth screaming in your ear. Not even the fans at home watching on TV or listening to the radio broadcast could avoid this overbearing, ego inflated clod. Who does this guy think he is that he has the right to interfer with ANYONE'S enjoyment of the game. I'm glad he's gone. Let's keep him gone.
KetchupboyTo all those people who say that they will no longer attend games without Charlie; you are full of crap. This so called controversy will die out soon and you will be back at the game. In my opinion, while interesting at first, Charlie's singing becomes very annoying and his rude comments toward those who prefer ketchup, like myself, are not needed.
JasonLet Charlie sing. What is the big deal? Really? It is a nice tradition that has started and it makes people chuckle. I even get a kick out of it if I overhear it on the television when the game is on. He doesn't stay in just one section so you really don't hear him over and over. This is a guy that is actually doing more than just his job. He brings something additional to the table and a lot of people get a kick out of it.
KHI am so glad that the Tiger organization has silenced this idiot. His off key bellowing ruined the game for those at the park and those listening on the radio. He can't sing period. I can't believe anyone could think that it was enjoyable. Yeah Tigers
Andy Butleranyone hear of freedom of speech? If a fan wanted to sing something during the game, I'm sure they wouldn't be thrown out for it.
Michael ThompsonGo Charley... I'm listening to you on Channel 955! Sing ON!
TimHere we have another example of a few cranks, that have more money than they know what to do with, dictating to everyone else how the world should be. All the other vendors are just as loud, this guy is just different. What next, are they going to take away hotdogs and peanuts because they don't like them, they're not good for us or that they are polictially incorrect?!? What happened to live and let live! What happened to MAJORITY RULE!!!! Let the guy sing!
SamanthaI say let him sing. He makes the game more enjoyable and god knows most of the games need some more entertainment. I don't find it annoying, I find him funny and he's a good salesman.
JasonThank You God! It is about freakin time!! Now I can go back to the park.
DaveUnbelievable. The vendor and the Tigers (don't think for one second that they're not involved here) take away one of the few unique and entertaining aspects of going to a game in Detroit. Meanwhile, the huge scoreboard continues to show ads we don't want to see, and the loudspeakers continue to blast music we don't want to hear. Let Charley sing.
BillyI enjoy listening to the radio and then hearing Charlie sing. Let him sing. He is making a name for himself as well as a bechmark for the Tigers. And maybe they should move him around to other parts of the stadium so that other people can watch him as well.
DaveThis is great to hear. Opera has no place in Baseball.
BillyI enjoy listening to the radio and then hearing Charlie sing. Let him sing. He is making a name for himself as well as a benchmark for the Tigers. And maybe they should move him around to other parts of the stadium so that other people can watch him as well.
CassandraI love listening to Charlie sing, and i would love to know how he sings in the bedroom. I wouldn't mind tryin him out for a five day nightstand
Elvis PresleyLet Charley sing! Uh uh huh!
andymaybe if he could sing good they should let him sing but since he sucks DONT let him
JeremyHey Cassandra, how's it goin? im free too so maybe we can get it on sometime? go charlie.
U of M WolverinesCharlie singing, military movements of grounds keepers or Harry Carey (R.I.P.) singing during the seventh inning stretch are what makes the experience for a fan at the ballpark. Harry couldn't carry a tune, but the tradition continues on at Wrigley Field because it is fun to do. No one will comment on who is to blame for the silence. Ultimately the buck stops at the top, and the Tigers could over ride everyone and allow the man to sing if they felt good about his imapct at the stadium. I say let him sing during the breaks in the game, this is when music is played or the Dunkin Donuts video race happens. He can't be any more annoying than the bagel, coffee and donut racing on the scoreboard. As Tom Selleck's character said in Mr. Baseball "Baseball's a game, and games are suppose to be fun."
MaryCharley brings back plenty of childhood memories of colorful vendors, each with his own unique way of calling and presenting his product. And when we were kids, we'd always hope we could get a nice section, like the area Charley usually works in. It always irritated us that so many of those seats would go to sour, ungrateful corporate types. On those rare occasions when we could get such tickets, we wanted to take in all the atmosphere we could. And that's a HUGE part of what baseball's about -- atmosphere. Lots of quirky events, music and behavior. And let's face it: baseball is a naturally slow game, and people like Charley are even more appreciated on those days when your team is already down by 5 runs in the second. I think this decision is even more indicative of how the Ilitch's cold and greedy business minds are so out of touch with what baseball is really about.
Cassandrasure jeremy! have u heard of the crystal club in bloomfield?
Nelson FamilyThis guy is terrible. We go to Comerica to watch the Tigers play not listen to an off key opera wanna be. If me or my kids want a piece of pizza or we want ketchup on a dog we shouldn't have to put up with the comments that this guy makes. As far as some of the positive comments here go....some of us that sit in this section are NOT "stuffed shirt season ticket holders." And his horrible voice DOES carry throughout the ballpark. I agree that at times Comerica can be non-fan friendly, but I dont think a off key singing hot dog vendor is the answer. More promotions such as kids day, giveaways and more staff at concession stands will do the job. Trust me my kids much prefer the fireworks and running the bases then listening to this guy try to sell us hotdogs. If Charley wants to sing so be it, but let him do it elsewhere! Whomever did make this decision....We thank you.
JeremyThanks Cassandra. Yea, i have, i've actually been there once or twice. wanna meet there tomorrow at 8?, then we can come back to my house and....;-)
CassandraIm lookin forward to it. Better bring some condoms!
JeremyJust kidding I am actually gay.
Terrythere is no crying in baseball,so to all shut up.to the lady with kids that said she would never go back to a game if he stop singing,good stay away!!! i don't want to hear him sing.i have a had season tickets for the tigers now for 7 years.i go for the game and for my tigers.not some moron singing hot dog guy.
Let Em' SingLet Charlie sing! If they silence him, then they need to take action against others who might be annoying at games,.....for example MOCHEESE at Wings Games! He doesnt even work there, yet his dancing is a bit old and annoying...in fact because he is so annoying I think he gets free tickets... Go Charlie! SING!!!
Greg S.I was initially annoyed by Charley's singing. But after seeing how much my children and parents enjoy his "act", I now consider him a part of Comerica Park. Lighten up and let the guy sing.
Season Ticket holder no more!I was a season ticket holder. For over $10,000 for 2 seats near home plate. I gave up my tickets because every time we went to a game someone was sitting in our seats. Security was no help and most of the time they were extremely rude. One of the few things we did enjoy was Charlie. When we took our kids to the game last year, Charlie was in our section, they had a blast. Isn't that what baseball is all about?? The kids! Or is it really about some middle aged, beer belly, tank top wearing sports fan?? Comerica can do more to improve alot of things wrong at that park, then worry about some guy selling hot dogs his style! Go Charlie!
Charlie's the worst! He stands in front of paying customers for what seems like hours while we're trying to watch a game. If I wanted to watch an opera and be insulted I'd move to New York. Here's some good advice Charlie. Shut the HELL up and stay out of my view. You're rude, inconsiderate and an egomaniac. Going to a Tiger game isn't about you. It's about baseball. So stop whining . And if you don't like that you can't sing, go get a job at one of those obnoxious restaurant chains where they encourage the boorish behavior you have mastered.
WickedSo 10% of the people are against it and that is the determining factor? I think when we order a hot dog WE should sing for it until they give Charley his "voice" back. I'm sure the stuffed shirts (and the Nelson family)would love having 5 or 10 THOUSAND of us sing. And to the Nelson family...take the sticks out of your *&$
Ken GalbraithA few years back my 3 boys and I liked to hear him sing. On TV and radio the boys would hear him and smile. Then we attended a game with my bowling buddy. He refused to give my buddy ketchup for a dog and told us that nachos at a ball park was unamerican. Since this encounter, my boys get sad when they hear him sing. My bowling buddy now call him the Hot Dog Nazi. We went to a game early in the season and we refused to buy from him.
benglemaniaIm glad they shut him up. He is annoying. Him screaming in my ear is the last thing I want to here at a Tiger game, his hot dogs are cold too. Buy hot dogs at the all beef stands, they are 4 dollars but they are hot and worth it. Your not a real Tiger fan if you like him.
Shut Down CharlieHate to hear him on the radio. But I do agree with Mustard only for hot dogs.
BrianOnce or twice was fine, but over and over again becomes a real distraction. Shut him up!
Tracy SmithThe "singing hotdog man" has become an institution at Comerica Park. I don't think he is a bother to fans nor rude for not offering ketchup. I have been a season ticket holder in the past and go to at least 15-20 a season. I enjoy seeing Charley interact with the fans at the game, I enjoy his gimmick. I work at the Detroit Historical Society, and when we opened a sports exhibit, we asked Charley to come to the opening to belt out Hooooooot Doooooog for us. Charley volunteered his time and everyone at the opening loved it. He has become a part of Detroit baseball tradition...LET HIM SING!
jcsomeone teach Charlie how to wear his cap...is he a bus driver? those hotdogs suck,they are in a bag and mushy..if you ask hotdog boy for catsup he insults you..what ever happened to tin boxes and real catsup and mustard,he hands you hot condiments....get a real job hotdog boy..go to school.....learn a trade.....learn to wear your cap...its a disgrace....
MaryIt's very disappointing that some here have to equate being a season ticket holder or hating Charley to being a TRUE baseball fan. That's ridiculous. There are plenty of true Tigers fans who can enjoy both the game and the "characters" like Charlie that have been around for as long as the game itself. Just like there are plenty of true hockey fans who can't afford the Red Wings season ticket prices, and whose loud, enthusiastic voices would have been a big improvement over those dead season ticket holders who could barely be heard at the Joe through the much-anticipated playoffs. To each his own, but I'd rather raise kids to appreciate every fun, NATURAL aspect of baseball (including singing vendors) than through the mindset of a Mike/Denise Ilitch or Kirk Gibson, who view sports attendance as akin to watching the PGA.
RE: JCI've asked Charley about the tin boxes. he would LOVE to carry one but the tigers have decided to steam their dogs....
GeorgeBushIf Charley doesn't like it---------then QUIT. I wish these so-called supporters would have offered a petition when the Tigers signed Shane Halter to a contract extension. When that many people call him RUDE and ANNOYING---take a HINT! TRUTH HURTS CHARLEY!! Your parents should have told you years ago how much of a LOSER you are but instead you want the attention. Where is the FAN OUTRAGE when the team makes poor draft picks and trades ?? If you want to help people---go down to CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL and donate your time/money. DON'T WASTE IT BACKING SOME LOSER WHO SINGS ABOUT HOTDOGS!!
Gabe BoberI have been a huge tiger fan my whole life, and hardly miss a game from winter ball right to the end of the season! some i attend in person and some on T.V., and the rest on raido. I at first thought Charlie's singing was wierd. but as the the games past and the voice of Mr. Harwell combined with the sound of Charlie made me feel like i was in the stands! Our very own beloved Mr. Harwell used to comment on how he liked Charlie over the air, and after i got to see Charlie in person to se he was only a young man i realy had a good chuckle! Charlie makes me laugh and i think he gives Comerica park something special and unique. To all the people who oppose him maby you should lighten up a bit and realize the child in all of us a little more, after all isnt that why we come out the the park to see the Game?
CScottI was at a ball game two years ago with three friends enjoying the game when this singing vendor came to our section. We weren't thrilled that this bombastic voice interrupted the game for us, but when we wouldn't buy any hot dogs from him, he harassed us for another few minutes blocking our view of the field. He seemed to be picking a fight and I was getting ready to oblige. He finally wandered off after coming to the realization we would not take a hot dog from him if they were free. He was rude, loud and a pain in the ass. I go to the Tiger's games to have a good time with friends and enjoy baseball. His antics in no way made the game enjoyable. If I were his employer and he approached everyone like he approached us; he would not be representing Tiger baseball at Comerica. SILENCE HIM BY FIRING HIM.
MattI think RIP is crazy when he says it annoys the fans that come to games regularly. I am a full-season ticket holder and enjoy Charley. He is on of the features of going to the game. Speak for yourself - RIP - I go to about 35 - 40 of the home games and he is in my section. LET CHARLEY SING!!
MaryI think Charlie should be able to sing! Adds a little excitement to the ball park. If he is considered a disturbance or a problem, why not just limit him to sing only once every 1/2 hour or whatever. That way everyone is happy! But don't tell him he can't sing at all!
CathyLet him sing! He's the reason I go to the games!!!!!!!!
JDW CheapSeatsI could hear the guy from the right field bleachers every game. So annoying. I prefer the peanut vendor in our section.... "Dees Nuts"!!!!
Gabe BoberIts not like Charlie stands over you and sings for 3 hours he walks all over the park on average you may only hear him sing half a dozen times during a game and most likley only several times he will be close to you! without hotdogs, and peanuts at the park its not a park! just enjoy the game and smile at charlie!
MattAnyone else notice that this has come down when the Tigers are competitive again? They didn't put a muzzle on him when they were losing 119 games last year? Why?? Could it be that a HUGE MAJORITY of the fans like him? I am bothered by smoking (which is banned in the seating area but rarely enforced). I am bothered by idiot fans who ask where Cecil is. I am bothered by drunk obnoxious "fans" who heckle the Tigers. I am bothered by the beer vendors that stand in your way for 5 minutes at a stretch (Note: Charley doesn't block my view). They are all allowed to partake in the game. Why can't Charley sing???????
Gabe Boberwhats so important to hear that Charlie blocks out? the monotone guy the says whos up next to bat or the comercial playing overhead? charlie is no more different than the comercials playing up on the screen. only he gives us someone in person to laugh at!
DonThis season I became excited about the promise of a more dynamic team. I had been a loyal fan in the past but that support had wained. This season seemed to be different. So my brother-in-law and I decided to toss down the money for a 21 game package. We bought infield box seats which were not that cheap, but well worth it. It has been great to get back to the game. I have 2 young boys that I hope to take to many games in the future. One of the things that made me happy about my season ticket purchase was Charleys Hot Dog bit. I think it's rather innocent and adds some character to the ball park. I have never found his singing to be annoying, or found him to be rude. I think servistar has made a mistake, I think that they have effected my baseball experience. So i will now buy my peanuts outside. I am only one person and I am sure my boycott of their products wont effect their bottom line, but I thought this was supposed to be about the customer. And it would appear that the fans and the customers enjoy Charleys singing.
beer loverthis guy is rude,he can not shut up ,your right JC why does he disgrace his tiger cap by wearing it like he is so worried about messing up his hair..he looks silly,someone should teach him how to wear a tiger cap..Ralph CRAMDEN LIVES....get yourself a tin box and shut up...fans are always starving for any attraction...i will stand on my head with hotdogs coming out of my ass...enjoy that fans
Dan "Bloomy" BlomquistDon't we have bigger things to worry about? Let the guy SING! I think COPA Management should be more concerned with other things. In fact Charley could be used in other areas. Let him sing when there are no lines in the Men's Room! "NO WAITING IN URINAL 3!!" All of you uptight people need to bring an extra $100 to the ballpark so you can afford a few more beers! (that would be about 3...) RELAX! (sorry about the shouting)
ScoopsI will not buy another hot dog at Comerica until Charley is allowed to sing!
Saber ToothHe's in a Playstation 2 Video game for crying out loud!!! Everyone should sing for him for every hot dog sold, that will keep out the pompous, arrogant, people that read the newspaper during the game and order from a menu.
JDW CheapSeatsThe guy is horrible... and I WILL START THE WAVE... ARE YOU READY!
Charley's MomI used to be known as the judge Wise's daugheter and then when The Peggy Jo Studio was doing album covers for the likes of Neil Diamond my parents were known as Peggy Jo's parents, and now I am known as the the mother of "The singing Hot Dog Man" and I'm proud of it!!
MattSeriously, this is baseball, not church. If some cantankerous cranks don't like the noise, they shouldn't be going to baseball games. Not only is Charley fun at the games, it's hilarious to hear him during the TV and radio broadcasts. He even has imitators...I think it was last year when the Tigers were at Comiskey playing the White Sox, and a fan in Chicago kept bellowing "HOT DOG!" I couldn't stop laughing...
Yes to SingingLet him sing - Stop going to Tiger games if they don't let him sing -
CluelessWho is Charley? What is this site? Why does he sing about hot dogs? Heeeeeeellp!!!
The Guy in Right Field"I HATE YOU!"
superfanshut up the hotdog boy...he reminds ne of ADAM SANDLER as canteen boy...I am worried for my children when he is around, maybe too friendly....remember what happenento MICHAEL JACKSON, fans watch his hot sweaty hands...I agree with beer man..he needs to shut up
The Guy in Right FieldOn a more serious note, spend more time worrying about our pitching and less about hot dog vendors Illitch you bum.
JDW CheapSeatsWho is the guy in right field?
Queer HaterBy Queer I mean the Hot Dog Fag. I thought to myself, "Mike, don't you just love coming to the ballgame and sneaking into some really great seats?" So I says to myself, "Self, yes I do." All of a sudden, this really rude punk puts the hard sell on me to buy some hot dogs. First I thought he was some jerk selling Kosher dogs and just yelling, "Hot Dogs!" but no. Charley says, "oh, what do you mean you only want three hot dogs? Why don't you buy four so I don't have to make change." I'm like, "Dude, I just ate a pizza, a bag of peanuts and an ice cream cookie sandwich. I don't need four hot dogs." It's one thing to be unique and sing when selling hot dogs but being a prick just aint cool. Hey Charley, what did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP! GFY, Mike Goulet & Associates
MattLast I checked, employers are allowed to govern what their employees do.
MattLast I checked, employers are allowed to govern what their employees do.
JasonThe guy is a dork who is trying to draw attention to himself. And I'll take ketchup on my dog everytime.
Saber ToothWhere's Cassandra?
Queer Haterketchup on my hot dog everytime? Is that a euphemism?
Dave LailIf all you want to do is watch a baseball game, watch it on TV. It’s much better; you have replays, close-ups and a sterile experience. If you want a real experience go to the ballpark. LET CHARLEY SING.
shut him uphe sucks the big hotdog,no i do not want to buy a hotdog in a bag, go find your shine box and work outside old Commerica park,you can sing all you want ...suck your own hotdog..i have some sauce for you charlie boy.
CrissyLet Charley sing!! He is so much a part of the Tigers games at Comerica Park. My husband has the baseball game for X-Box and you can hear Charley singing loud and clear on the game. This shows he is as much a part of the park as the game.
AbbieI just learned of Charley on the news here in Oregon...and I must say he's a character!Honestly, what's wrong with someone who's just having some fun?!? We need more people like him in this world and I say let him sing! :)
ROSEI rather hear Charley sing then the people sitting near me talking on their CELL PHONES during the game!!
Roses DaddyI would rather hear the urinals flush than Charlie rudley peddle dogs.
jewelsKeep the singing!!!!!!!!!!!! The rude comments are unnecessary but the singing is alot of fun.
RIP"only %10 of people don't like him" LOL. The truth is 9 out of 10 people I asked here at work can't stand Charley. The people that don't like him obviously don't feel a need to come in here and support him. Once again Charley has taken the spotlight off of baseball and placed it squarely on himself. Charley never met a mic or a camera that he didn't like. The most insulting thing is having our Hall of Fame broadcaster being compared to Charley. Ernie earned his recognition while talking about the Tigers and directing his efforts to their efforts. Charley has a real knack for appearing to be the "victim" as he brings all this criticism onto himself. Singing is one thing, while a rude sales pitch is quite another. Everyone wants to be a celebrity at spanking new Comerica Park I guess.
The CatWhy in the city that gave birth to the Motown sound, would we want to allow singing? So no more rock shows either correct Illitch? Fire Tiger management. Please sell, Illitch.
Kelly LeakThis is the kind of nonsense you get caught up with when a team starts winning! It happened to the Bad News Bears in '76, and no to the '04 Tigers. Like Tanner Boyle said, LET THEM PLAY!
GDLDon't mind the singing. However, as he is a member of a sales team that sells hotdogs, he should not comment to customers on their choice of toppings. Thats free choice and the only un-American action involved is dictating what should go on a hotdog.
He is annoying and rude. He thinks he's some type of local superstar. I hope they fire him for being a cry-baby. I truly, truly hate him.
Jimforgot to put my name on the above posting. he's still a faggot
TegroIf vendors don't sing, no one will know who they are. I was at another stadium once, when I heard a guy repeatedly yelling for some woman named Gert. After awhile I realized he was selling Yogurt...
MerleCan't we get this guy a role on The Sorpranos?....
TedHey man! Someone shut this #@$!* $#+&! &%#?" up! Where's my Crossbow...?
ConfidentialI learned from a very reliable source inside Sport Service that Gibby was the one who silenced Charley. Let the truth be known. Great job Gibby!! Down with Charlene!!!
Rangers FanCome to Dallas, Sing for the Rangers in the Summer and the Cowboys in the Winter. Sing-On man.
JimI've worked with Gibby a few times. He is another true asshole. But I guess it takes one asshole to get rid of another. If he did get rid of Charley then kudos to him. The homer in the '84 series and this...after that Gibby is useless too.
SamI didn't mean to put confidential up there...it's me!
samnot confidential, i left my name out....
T-boneScrew all of you. What a bunch of babies. Who cares if this guy sings or not. I mean we have troops dying overseas. Get a grip. Go watch a Micheal Moore movie and enlighten yourself. if you disagree with me write tmcgolf18@hotmail.com
t-bone: this gives us something to take our minds off what has been going on. god knows we don't need to be thinking horrible and depressing thoughts about the war every minute
T-Bone,You obviously have somewhat of an opinion, why are you on this site if you don't?
i've been to games, Charley WILL give you ketchup if you ask. i asked him, and he heckled me for a minute, i laughed, come on it's funny, don't take it so seriously. or just get your fatass up and go get a hotdog from the concession area if it really bothers you that much.
SamanthaWOW! Jim, I think we are taking this a little too seriously? I mean really, its kind of unnecessary, try being civil.
Gabe Boberok jim bob I did'nt know I was in english class nice language i see you have quite a intellect your self. and sory for my cap's I was yelling
JasonLet him sing, but let people have their hot dogs the way they want them. Entertain, don't annoy.
Gabe Boberoh no someone else typed in caps quick jim bob get her!
Billy ElliotWhen I am at a Tigers game I'll walk to the other side of the statium just to buy some hot dogs from Charley. People still wonder why you shouldn't put ketchup on your hot dog? Has anyone ever gone to the old Tigers Stadium and had a hot dog there? You could put anything on your hot dogs sold by vendors, as long as it was mustard. Ketchup and relish is for a BBQ, mustard is for baseball games! Next game I go to, and sit in Charley's section, I'll be singing hot dog for him.
T-Bone 's Brother - T-BagHey Samantha, you are a stupid bitch. How's that for being civil?
Stupid Bitch? Thanks :) T-Bag, I like the name
Gabe Boberhonistly our problems in our day in state are far worse than charlie's singing. i give no big deal either way.
JimSorry Samantha...I realize this is no way to talk with a lady present. I'll clean it up for you. (i'll put naughty parts in parenthesis so you know when to look away)
Silly BillyArticle on DSR with some Hot Dog Guy Talk http://www.detroitsportsrag.com/articles/mossism051804.aspAnd A forum to chat about it too..links back to this site <3http://www.eyeonearth.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=6600&highlight=#6600
MaryWow, if that true about Gibby, that's even more proof that the Ilitches deserve a one-way trip to Mars. I mean, who in the world would consider Gibson's opinion as carrying any importance? Oh, right, this is from the man who put his utmost trust in McHale and Smith. Yeah, that explains it. Gibby's his kind of employee. Surly, refusing autographs, cussing to fans, interrupting and contradicting the very polite and professional Mario Impemba on the air for ego gratification, displaying on-air disdain for other, very well-liked partners who possessed a SENSE OF HUMOR (a VERY foreign concept to Gibby), like Josh Lewin and Tom Pacorek, and implying stupidity on the air towards fans for support of Charley, the Wave and any other form of enthusiasm which helped pass a day at the ballpark (hmm, wonder if Gibby even knows the definition of the word Positive). Ego or no ego, if there's any single way of rallying being Charlie, and making an even more sympathetic "celebrity" out of him, it the idea that he'd be brought down by this MISERABLE(!) excuse for a human being named Kirk Gibson.
oh no need for that, i'm just saying it's rather childish, to fight back and forth. online drama.
Amanda WurlitzerIf this gets to be too much Charley may want to consider operating a roadside "maps to the stars homes" stand, where he can sing and yell all he wants. He can even read magazines on the job. War Chico's Bail Bonds, War Buttermaker, I'm out.
JimMary rules!! Gibby sucks ass. So does Jim Rome.
BloomyI hate mustard, but I love songs about HOT DOGS! Shine on Charley!
CharleyGuys, guys, guys!! Please quit all of this fighting and use of foul language. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through the years. I truely feel blessed to be loved by the majority of the Motor City. It's been made obvious to me that the Detroit Tigers organization and Sport Service do not value my skills. This is my offical resignation to you, my beloved fans. On God's wings and with bated breath I move forth into the night. Until we meet again. Sincerely, Charley.
BeckyLlet Charley sing. It is even fun to hear him on television when the gamesare broadcast. He put some humor and fun into baseball. Great job, Charley!
Noel owns a cadillacDoesn't this Charley fella live in Huntington Woods?? Why is he stealing a job from someone who might possibly need it?
CharleyGuys keep fighting...that's not the real Charley!
Royal OaKLANDIt must really suck to watch a baseball game in the D, the game sucks and so do the vendors...go A's
The Real CharleyStop using my name!!! It is true, I quit. This is the only way for them to see my value. God bless.
Royal OaKLANDcan i get a ride in that caddy noel
JimHey Royal Oakland...how are things in cali?
NoelSure...roll one up for the ride??
Lisa M.I think he sucks!!!!!!! and he takes away from the game... if i wanted opera, i would go to a stupid opera.
Royal OaKLANDis noel female
Jacbo JonesI was at a game last year and Charley pulled that no ketchup routine with my little daughter. It may be funny to some people but when it makes my eight year old girl cry and ruins her day, it's not funny. I can see that Charley is a man of God, so be polite Charley, for heavens sake, be polite.
BIG head jimno, i'm not talking about that head ha ha
NoelWell, I'm fat and have breasts.
Royal OaKLANDthis singing guy is a fool, the game is the reason to go to the games, quit making the D look bad, resign like Tenet, Bush sucks
CharleyI'd like to thank all the sexy guys for sticking up for me. It makes me fell tingly inside that soo many men like wht I do. Maybe I can interest some of you in a vienna sausage (wink wink).
George TenetCharley, I just resigned as the head of the CIA so I could move to Detroit. I plan on selling hotdogs at Comerica Park. I will sing AND provide both mustard AND ketchup. (That Bloomey guy is FUNNY!)
Al GoreThe Day After Tomorrow is the movie that will save the world, see it, and skip the tiger game, they suck anway
Bushhey, let's leave this guy alone. we could hold a vote and see how the "ketchup" vote goes. or ship him off to the yankeeeees, hahahahdon't forget to vote for me in november or i'll steal the election again... heheheheh boys open your pockets four more year of steal'n from the worken man. (and they still vote 4 me, hahahaha)
Brad Cardinalepenis
Kirt GibsonThe above comments are not true
KingWho Cares!
honestly, every time i go to a game, i look forward to seeing charley AND hearing him. it's entertaining and when i don't see him, i'm a little let down. relax people, live a little and enjoy yourselves.
LaLaKeep singing as loud as you can....I think the real villains at the ballpark are those jerks who yell obscenities at the players and whoever they want to...CONSTANTLY. They are loud and they yell more and more and more-no one ever does anything about them. They are the ones who should be told to shut it.
Shaquilleya whatever... f'ing D, think lakers in 4.
Guy who yells at playersDearest LaLa - YOU SUCK!
Smoochie M.woof woof woof bark bark bark,,,, he sucks.
DanI agree with LaLa, What's the difference?
DanI mean, those obscenity yelling people get on my nerves and distract me too, I just don't let it bother me.
Guy who gets drunk in front of your kids and usesI agree with Guy who yells at players.
Jeff Moss (DSR)I'm gay... is Charlie available?
Beer VendorThe more you eat, the more you can drink. Charley - shut up and sell!
vote is wrongi have voted to get rid of this hotdog ,the results are inaccurate....he wears his cap like RALPH KRAMDEN A.K.A bus driver...go cry somewhere else ..go get yourself a shine box, boy..you are a disgrace to us suburbs....give the job to a family man...you fans are starving for an attraction....here..i will shove 2 hotdogs up my ass and i will sing......
Beer DrinkerYea, I agree with the Beer Vender Guy.
Another drunkCharley has cost me plenty of enjoyable innings at the old (new) ballpark. If it's not being annoyed and distracted by him, it's leaving early to not have to listen to him. God bless the casinos being close enough to walk to after the game. and god bless them for keeping me from spending time with my family. NEVR GET MARRIED. It's a trap. Babies get ugly by four or five and your wife gets fat after the honeymoon.
PudgeCharley - Dios! Vas a callarte?
Bus DriverMy hat is on staight, think what would happen without us. we bus drivers are the life line for people like the "hot dog singer" Go HDM
Beer VendorAnother Drunk, you are an inspiration to us all. Call ADAM.
Bus DriverMy hat is on staight, think what would happen without us. we bus drivers are the life line for people like the "hot dog singer" Go HDM
Back 2 workIs Scott Peterson Guilty? My boss is looking over my shoulders I have to go. But, I've had alot of fun today thanks Beer Guys, Royal Oakland, Bush , Al, Jeff, Jim, and all you other Hot Dogs. Go home shakkkk
daPenguinThere are much worse things going on in the world. Having Charlie sing and making 99% of the people happy... you do the math. Typical Tiger management decision, only hear the bad and react instead of getting the facts and making the educated decision. According the poll, people who like Charlie are 8 to 1 to those who don't. hmmm.
Like to Fight GuySinging hot dog guy isn't so bad....Instead of Singing hot dog man we could have drunk usher man or stoned beer man or insane cotton candy guy...
RandyI like when Charley sings. He entertains me when the game is boring (almost everytime i go its boring) let the man sing
EinsteindaPenguin - This Charley poll is not scientific. Not to mention, you are an idiot (there I mentioned it). You've just been served.
JimThe poll is biased. This site attracts mostly supporters. I may be in the minority (I hate Chuck) but this is one instance I'm glad reason and not common vote won out.
Likes to Fight GuyEinstein and Jim, leave daPenguin alone or I will take you down. I like to fight.
EinsteinMy bad
Hey Charley - now that you're retired, you can go pick up fat chicks with Bobby Higginson at Hockeytown.
Likes to Fight GuyThat's what I thought.
BobbyCharlie Rocks! He has the best hot dogs in the world and his singing is great!
JimI am sorry I am so childish and that 75% of my vocabulary is profanity.
Jimmy Z and the Timmy Tim TimI hate Charlie and his hot dogs.
Brian Mark RobertHi Charley. Maybe you and my girlfriend can start a hot dog vending business out of the back of my 1993 Corvette.
BlimeyCharley, Do you throw the dogs? Maybe the Tigers could put you in the starting rotation.
Gabeim listening to the game now ( hey Jim and Dan where is Charlie we cant hear him any more?) lol
JakeShow your support for Charley -- [url]www.cafepress.com/savecharley[/url]
Gabedam bonderman 3 runs already! maybe bonderman can sing?
you yankees suck
Gabewhat ever you say flat lander go flirt with your sister
Candy GirlMet you at a fund-raiser at Norup Middle School in Oak Park. I heard your singing and thought it was fantastic. I hope you get to continue your tradition at the ball park for years to come. good luck!
Ben WallaceThere is nothing wrong with ketchup on hot dogs. If you have a problem with it, then quit. I will always eat dogs with ketchup.
Tootsie PopHey Candy Girl, I've got something for you to suck on right here. I'm sweet (no pun intended).
Michael JacksonI like hot dogs served with a bun only!
Gabethe world according to Ben Wallace!ketchup,ketchup,ketchup,drama,drama,drama! theirs like a millon vendors and stands up top walk your behind over and get some! :)
major faneveryone needs to pull the stick from the backside! relax and have fun that is why we are all there and Charley is just having fun making it different.
Gabe100% behind ya on that major fan
SteveHe is a noise maker, I am glad they shut him up, the act was funny for one game and then it has become a very big disturbance. Please keep his trap shut.
IngeYou gave me a head ache during my catching
Gabeinge is behind the plate right now dork
DavidLET CHARLEY SING or i will never go to a tigers game again
Gabecharlie walks arround the park and sings so what! what about the drunk sob sitting 2 seats over yelling about each batter in the box and yelling,cursing for three hours about nothing.
Gabe Boberhere is a deal for you all!!!
Mike Phil and JeffThis guy's a pain. Beyond his obnoxious braying, he's a pest. The Tiger's have had their share of characters over the years, Gus the hot dog guy is center field, Herbie Redmond, but this guy's not a character. There's nothing "cute" about him. At a game last year, we ordered three hot dogs, a seemingly appropriate number for the three of us. Charley was in our face instead telling us to order six. If we'd wanted six, we'd have ordered six. Yes, it's time for silence Charley, and time to listen to your customers.
Gabeif you want fire charlie! only if you can stop selling beer so we dont have to listen to some putz talk trash about Trammel's mama for a whole dam game! I HATE HECKLERS
Gabewhat about the vendor's that go arround yelling last call for an hour and a half?ok who's that stupid? "WHOO MAN ITS LIKE STILL LAST CALL QUICK GET ANOTHER"
CorkyGabe and I are twins.
TERESAWhat is this world coming to????? I say let Charley sing if he wantes to . Everyone needs to loosen up . We listen to yelling of all kinds of things out there why can't we listen to him sing . And be glad that someone would sing to us !!!!
GortOh, thank goodness! Another social injustice has been corrected! Whiners.
NewmanIt was me, I complained. If you want to hear this guy sing, every day, every inning, then I suggest you hire him to work your softball games. Better yet have him come to your work and chant that annoying hot dog slogan. It was fun at first, we don't need to hear it all of the time. I might even be willing to say that we could dedicate a certain time of the game to allow this fellow to spout from his blow hole. I know that Pudge has got to be going crazy.
A2 FanGlad to hear that at least a few others think he's rude and obnoxious. I can't stand the guy. Was at a game a few weeks ago and we went up top to concourse to get hot dogs rather than get them from Charley. Big question for Charley is whether he'd make more money if he shut up.
GriotHey Charley, they are hiring at Wal-Mart.
Kwame M. KilpatrickCharley has made my dates go REAL well with all that fancy whiteboy singing. Without Charley-----I wound not have gotten my hotdog in so many buns! LONG LIVE CHARLEY......KMK
Gabehe is working now! just with a zipper, i wonder what his sales will be? his rude attitude will not go far with out the hhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooottttttttt ddddddddooooooooggggggssss!!!
Gabetoo bad there's not a hot dog union lmao
Tigers FANGABE this is a COMMENT BOARD IN SUPPORT OF CHARLEY! not a message board! go to www.detroitigers.com... there is a message board there. and to everyone else, if you're not in support of charley...why are you here? this doesn't concern you. go find something postive to do with your time.
Gabewhat in the hell will the world come to with out a singing hot dog vendor? QUICK someone call Bush
Gabetigers fan dont miss understand me i realy like him and i believe his singing is great and as i said earler it makes us feel like we are at the park while we listen on the raidio like im doing now. even our beloved Mr. Harwell liked him. at the last game i attended i dook a video of him singing so i could show all my friends who dont make the drive tho the park. my support for charlie is what brought me here i voted in favor of him and also wrote a letter to wxyt and fox sports in favor of charlie! ive done my part but the fact remains he is supposed to be a business man and he is rude to us i am able to laugh it off but a large number off people despise him for that! if he was a pollite singing vendor i have a $100 bill that says he would be singing now in todays game (sory about my spelling im in a hurry)
PeaceNquietI'm happy he isn't singing. He is cocky and should shut up and do as the customers want and give them the ketchup and sell them as many as they ask for and not more and leave the fans who choose not to have a hot dog alone. I wonder how Mr. I would feel about him telling people not to eat pizza at the baseball games. Even now that he's not singing he is still as loud as ever. It's very annoying and I can't stand him being around me at the games. I just can't believe how cocky he is considering he is a 22 year old loser and as cool as he thinks he is at the baseball games at the end of the day he is still just a hot dog man.
It's About TimeCharley...Sorry but your singing is not missed and your not very good either. If you have such a desire to sing, join the theater and leave the vending to the pros. Play ball!!!!
Gabecome on tigers fan no profanity hey we scored its 6 to 9 now
ChuckI make it a point to not buy from Charley. He is obnoxious.
I attend many ball games during the season and find Charlie part of the fun of the game and ballpark. I was there on Monday, May 31 and told my guests they would enjoy Carlie.But, alas, NO CHARLIE! Come on its fun, he is not hurting nor offending anyone. Maybe even brining a smile to someone who needs one.
Charley Sucks III like how the moron who made this site spelled Orioles up in the paragraph above.
Coleman YoungI wish I were still around to listen to Charley sweetly sing about wieners.
To Mr. AnonymousHe offends people. Don't speak for anyone, but yourself.
Gabesee tigers fan do some reading 50% of us like charlie but a lot of people are turned of buy his attitude. like chuck, so i say "charlie we love you and your singing but quit picking on people about not wanting to give back change, or ketchup, or the number of dogs we buy. sing smile be happy! make $$$$"
JD of SCSKeep Charley singing. In fact add more food/bevearge hawkers so that I never have to get up from my seat and stand in line for 30 minutes waiting for a G.D. nachos. In fact, start sending around piss boys with stainless steel buckets for me to relieve myself in. And make them all yell and sing for me until they are blue in the face.
Gabethats my final awnser ive been hear too long
Bart SimpsonBobby picks up fat chicks at Hockey Town?
Booo CharleyCharley's loud mouth antics may be entertaining if you just go to a game here and there, but I have season tickets behind the plate and it's very annoying when you have to hear that on a regular basis. My question is why don't they rotate him around the stadium from game to game? or stick him somewhere far from the field so it doesn't bother the players anymore and it doesn't bother the people like me that pay $120 a game to see baseball and not him. Thank God his singing is over, at least for the time being.
Teri JoI think the broadcasters should be able to figure out a way to filter out Charlie's voice, if need be. And, I think it should be up to the people in the stands as to whether or not Charlie's singing is welcome at the games. Personally, I think it's fun, and in the spirit of an outdoor baseball game. Also, although I am a ketchup-aholic, I can handle a "mustard only" dog at the park.
tortured fanif he's sooo good at sales, why is the only thing he can sell a hot dog? At least I can leave me ear plugs at home now.
BenA compromise>>>Sing once or twice between innings, not during telecasts. Make mine with ketchup and mustard please.
~STortured, He sells suits as well elsewhere, so yes he can sell more than just hot dogs.
donkeypuncherThe man is making a living, and you just shelled out eighty bucks to get those seats, if you don't want to be inconvenienced go sit in the outfield bleachers and quit your complaining
Champ SummersLet the kid sing. If you can't deal with it, go home and listen to the game on mute. Attending baseball games isn't supposed to be like a visit to the morgue. Lord knows we haven't had a vibrant personality around the ballpark since The Brow.
daPenguinThis is sad. This website is more than likely being visited by people all over this country now because of the news. There are so many immature and vulgar comments being made that this makes the "metro" Detroit area look bad. If you want to make a positive or negative comment, make it in an adult way and then get on with your life. Those of you returning time after time to just slam on others is just childish. Grow up!!!
ChuckI am from Pittsburgh and I love the Tigers AND hot dogs. I want mine with Hienz Ketchup
Ned FlandersThat Charley guy is ruining the sanctity of baseball with his caterwauling. Gosh darn it, I take my sons to the ballpark to have a good time and say a prayer or two, but it's so hard to enjoy ourselves when there is so much ruckus. There shouldn't be any noise coming from the stands at a baseball game. Baseball is the American pasttime and I'll be darned if some guy who probably isn't a true christian is going to ruin it. Darn tootin'.
judyThe singing is not needed. I'm a season ticket holder behind home plate and find it very annoying at the game and when watching the game on t.v. If he enjoys singing so much go to a kareoke club.
Let him sing!Last I checked, Comerica Park is a baseball stadium and not a funeral home (the funeral was last season, this season is the Resurrection!). The singing is fine with most people. Charley was only silenced because of a couple hoity-toitys who complained that the noise was interfering with their cell phone conversations. Then they complained that the seats were too hard, the beer was too cold, and the weather was too outdoorsy. Don't let the bastards beat you down, Charley. Sing!
No fun allowedHey Tigers, can you do something to make going to a ballgame even LESS FUN?
Timwell i think charley is great.he has a tremendous talent and i will miss him greatly if he doesnt come back.u cant keep a whole ballpark full of people quiet just so one person can watch the game peacefully.thats part of being a true fan is rooting your team on and being loud and proud.he is just doing his job and he has done his job quite well.
JGabe you are gay and wrong
Rudeness did him inCharley is HORIBBLY rude to customers. He chides you and embarasses you for not buying a hot dog for your child or friend and sometimes won't give in until you buy one. He is also rude if you tell him you want ketchup. I think if they had Charley put a lid on his rudeness he could sing to his heart's content and nobody would mind. Let him sing - its better than being rudely insulted.
SatanLittle red guy with horns and a pitch fork somewhere down there says, "Let him sing and put dirty, dirty, filthy thoughts into your 'proclaimed' chrisitian minds!"
PatrickI think what they are doing is another example of the game moving to pure commercialism. I have been to many parks coast to coast and isnt anyone seeing a trend? The game isnt about the game, fans, smiles. Its about MONEY. To say the man is ruining telecasts is an excellent example of this. Last time i checked.. I couldn't watch a game because we didnt have any pitching or hitting. Im not sure if they noticed, but we lost 119 games last year, and if our focus is on this man and his singing or his style of selling of hotdogs. We should actually put him in uniform. At least he gives 110% everytime he comes to the ballpark. Every stadium used to have a "uniqueness" now all we have are over priced players with HIGH ERA's.
wolverineThis guy Charley should be allowed to continue his singing throughout the Comerica. It has become tradition for a ball park that hasn't really had a decent product to show case. I mean whats next? Maybe we can get rid of PAWS because he may obstruct a fans view. Bring the Kid back and be thankful that when we view a tiger game from anywhere in this country that it still has some recognizable traditions!!
Rudeness?!For all of you who say charlie is rude you are retarded. HE IS A SALESMAN!! It is his job to sell hot dogs to his customers. So if he is wanting you to buy one or more wouldnt it make sense from him to try to get you to buy more? It is simply his job so LET HIM SING!
Two drama majorsTheatre may not pay the bills, and admittedly, vending probably doesn't do all that well, either. Charley, if you ever read this, know that there will always be critics who don't like you, your style, your talent, whatever. Pursue your dreams and if this little controversy gets you 15+ minutes of fame, hurrah! We eagerly anticipate hearing your arias again on voice-overs and sound bites. We wish you all the best.
james plohgco-merica wont seem the same without charleys wonderful voice.
Lions FanI went to a Tiger game recently for the first time since 2002. The first thing I noticed was no singing hot dog man. A unusual as it is, it kinda grows on you. The Tigers should hire Charley and let him roam the whole stadium so more people can enjoy the performance and the people who don't like it won't have to hear it so much.
TimmyI love it when i used to go to a tigers game and hear Charley singing we bought more with his singing... Hope They bring it back
SandraI want sex with him he is sooooooooooooo hot be mine Charly!!!
JoeyHey Charlie! You have great hotdogd! Tigers suck anyway goto the Wings xD
Give it upHe was not only annoying at the game, he was also annoying in the background of TV broadcasts. And he's rude, too, to people who ask him to sing but don't buy from him.
Like HimI like him - just not constantly, i can agree. Maybe only he should sing in certain innings, or areas. I've even heard him during tv broadcasts. To the Haters: stay at home and you can turn the sound off on the tv.
Its hard to believe that people can be so uptight. Lighten up and let the man sing.
It's not you, so why do you care?On the way to school this morning, I heard him on the radio. He may not sing the type of music that I like and what not, but he likes it, and people enjoy his singing. I say let the man sing. It's a free country, or that's what we have learnd our whole lives.
Cry Some MoreSeriously, this is so ridiculous, someone should stuff a hotdog with extra ketchup straight down Charlie's throat! Maybe if your lazy ass would walk AROUND the ballpark and away from the TV mics in the booth, you would be able to continue screaming "HHHHOOOOTTTTT DDDDOOOOGGGSSSS" But since you complain so much and always have to be right behind the backstop, well then, you get what you deserve. Quit complaining, you sell hot dogs for a living, get a real job! How about this......SHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTT UUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!
Ben M. of DetroitWell I dont really know him but his singing IS atrocious, but if that is something he likes to do then let him do it. People nowadays are always trying to put restrictions on everything! OMG people calm down, let him sing, and get on with your lives!
FloydfanLet the guy sing baseball is for fun he is having fun people around him are having fun if you are not having fun your too damn uptight and serious go home and watch the game and be serious
Jackie SherPersonally, I'm surprised that this has gotten so out of hand. Can someone honestly ge so annoyed at the loud singing of another person? If so, do they get annoyed at the loud music, booming broadcasting system, and occasional cheers that accompany a baseball game? It's the same sort of basic concept. As for Charley himself, why, he's become a part of Tiger baseball. I remember attending games that he didn't and coming away disappointed when denied his song. It's comparative to going to a game and not seeing Paws. And Paws also gets in fans's faces; he even drags fans up to dance on the dugouts! As for the mustard issue... it never happened to me, but come on, can't you stand a little teasing? If you're a Tigers fan, you should be well used to needling by now. Charley himself (though I haven't met him) seems to be a very decent man. Once, he was at a golf tournament sponsored by my high school. I had decided to skip the event, but someone there knew I adored Charley, and asked him to call me. He could have easily declined, but instead, I woke up to find a message on my answering machine with Charley's signature singing! It completely made my day, and if that isn't friendliness, I don't know what is.
emikenote to mr. illitch: fire this loser and get it over with.
Johnny BallgameMy family and I have always enjoyed Charlie's unique way of selling Hot Dogs!!! I even have a fond memory of taking a friend to a game and having Charlie serve us a couple of dogs. He had never heard him before and we talk about how cool it was to this day!!! Let Charlie sing!!! P.S. For that don't like it, Get off of your butts and goto the concourse to buy your dogs and let the rest of us enjoy Charlie and our beloved Tigers!!!
DKI like the idea of putting him in a different area.....bleachers? I find the singing annoying and can't wait for his 15 minutes of fame to end. Go Tigers!!
Tigers fanOK. here's the solution, let him sing, but have him rotate through sections. Why can't he be mobile?? If he continued to sing, over and over again in the one section, or sections, that I was seated in, I would be upset also. So, if he moved throughout the stadium, and everyone got an opportunity to hear him, but not repeatedly then we all could be happy.
*Diamond*omg omg i totally have like the biggest crush on him! like omg! he should seriously be a model! like for real! no joke! he's like the hottest thing in sports entertainment....totally! like yea! well anyways i like have to go bleach my hair so..... smooches! p.s Ricky i cant believe you left me for my sister! how could you dump me? i loved you, you were my fuzzywuzzy! you like hurt me like soooOOO0000 bad! im so getting my daddy on you! yea thats right, my daddy! so yea! *~*xoxo DiAmond*~*
Rickyi left you for my sister
Josh/DetroitLet him sing! You're at a friggin baseball game, what would you expect. It's not like he is messing up the Tigers play, they do that on their own!
Jack MehoffThis dude sucks, that is all I have to say.
raqueli think he should not still sing because he is really annoing and he starts singing when the Tigers are up to bat. he should get FIRED!!!!!!!!
LEAVE HIM ALONE!It's BASEBALL. people who hate noise should GO HOME. he loves the tigers, he loves to sing, and he works hard at his SEVERAL jobs. if you have a problem with any of that, LEAVE. who says you have to listen? if you care more about trying to fire charley than cheering on the tigers, you don't belong there! i'm SO SICK of all the uptight bastards of the world RUINING everything fun and unique! LET HIM SING!
Tazzy # 1We thoroughly enjoy Charlie, the singing, the friendly barbs with fans, and his general attitude. He is funny, intelligent, witty and just a bundle of laughs. We purchased a lot of tickets in his area last year because we knew he would be there. One time we went with our camera. We took his picture at that game and he gladly autographed it at the next game we went to. We did not have to buy a hotdog and he did not chide us about not buying one. He was genuinely please that we asked him to sign the back of the picture. Charlie is a funny, witty salesman. Oh, yeah, when he chides someone, he is usually smiling and laughing as he does it. It is all in fun and he probably sells a lot more hotdogs than the others. It is a baseball game. It is supposed to be fun. The Tigers are doing so well, compared to recent years. Let's have some fun down here at the CO-PA! We miss you Charlie! This year we have seasons tickets out in left field. Come on out here and sing your HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT-DOOOOOOOOOGGGG!!! I promise to reply . . . RIIIIIIIIIGHT-HHEEEEEERREEEEE! With mustard please. Don't give up the fight Charley! You are one of the reasons we have such a good time here and we miss you! Tazz #1 and Buggsy
JerryWhat happened to the first ammendment?
dncAnnoying? Yes. Worth all of this controversy? No. A man is simply using one of his talents to make his job more enjoyable. Why didn't this controversy begin a few years ago? The Tigers were consistently in last place, or at least competing for it. A singing hot dog vendor was a great way to dull the pain brought on by watching the Tigers. Now that the Tigers are playing .500 baseball, some fans say that they have no need for any other type of entertainment. The fact is that the Tigers are still not a team that is truly worth watching. They have acquired some key offensive players, but they still lack pitching. If you combine this with the fact that baseball is not necessarily an action-packed sport anyway, it becomes necessary to have some other type of entertainment available to the fans. In conclusion, I do find the singing to be annoying, but sometimes it is necessary. He can make a losing team more bearable, as well as entertain fans when nothing is happening on the field. While I do sometimes find the singing to be annoying, I do not believe that it should be silenced.
Dennis HacklnaggerI am known by the nomenclature Dennis Hacklnagger, and over the course of my days I have frequented many a ball park indeed. Dennis Hacklnagger visiteth not the ball park for the loquatious and hackneyed performance of a young gentleman who specializes in the distribution of frankfurters. Elanore Hacklnagger maketh me listen to the 3 tenors on a compact disk as we approach the ball field while navigating in our automobile. The last thing that Dennis Hacklnagger wants is to hear more dreadful singing once he enters the field of ball. ~Dennis Hacklnagger
JS84TYou can have prayers blasted out loud speakers 5 times a day and that's OK, but a guy selling dogs in a ballpark has a schtick to sell more wieners and they tell him to shut up!?!?!It's all going to hell in a handbasket ladies and gents.
GramI can't believe all the fuss about Charley's singing. He didn't just start this year. How come all of a sudden it's so bad? Let him sing. It's unique!
ServittoIm one of the autograph collectors down at the stadium and am at pretty much every game, i feel mixed about it, sometimes its like EHHHHHHH other times i dig it, cant wait for the yankees.
EBNot letting Charlie sing robs fans of something that makes going to the park unique, and deprives Charlie of his fun. I suspect it may even be a violation of his first amendment rights!! I say, let the man sing! If someone does not like it, they can stay home!
your mommai agree with the person who was talking about him roaming th stadium then you would hear him a few times but it wouldnt be repetative-let the goofy mother sing and shut heck up
BrianHey management, if we let you get rid of Paws will you give up Charley back?
nerbcharlie has been singing for like, six years. Just because the Tigers are finally decent this year, and actually have a fan or two, now there is hype about him. And to the fact that he is ruining broadcasts - WHAT broadcasts. The Tigers have severly limited the nubmer of televised games this year. Props to Brian - What the hell is the deal with Paws. I take Charley anyday over that god-for-saken tiger who runs around and dances.
BradLet me get this straight.....arabs in Hamtramck can blst a bunch of mumbo jumbo noise out of the loudspeaker of a so called Mosque but a man cant sing at a baseball game while doing his job.....should rename the joint Berlin Park........bunch of nazis
Charleylvrlet the dude sing!! he's half the reason i go to the games!
Brad, did you ever pass the fourth grade?
RichThe bottom line is that this guy has no concept of what is going on in the game. I bet he couldnt even name 10 Tigers and hes been at every game. He sings at the wrong times and pissed off the wrong people. I am surprised they didnt do this earlier. If it means that much to you guys how about he sings "Hot Dog" once before every game so that everyone's happy. I think a major problem is this guys ego. Do you realize that there are other hot dog guys that bleed just like him and he thinks he is God's gift to baseball games because he can sing well enough to be taken off american idol after the preliminary round? There is a lot that goes into this than "freedom of speech" and I hope all of you can realize I am not the only one enjoying the games more without the excessive distractions.
ReasonThe tigers don't force Charlie to sell hot dogs. Charlie does it on his own. If he doesn't like the rules of his employer, then he should find a different job. If any one of us walked around our jobs all day singing at the top of our lungs, the boss would tell us to stop, so don't give me any of this 1st ammendment crap.
Charlie is a homoCharlie is a homo
Charlie is gayFIRE CHARLIE
FIRE CHARLIELeave Charlie alone, he is mildly retarded.
Tricia PelioneSinging is uplifting and free spirited, let him sing!!!
TAZZY #1Charlie sells hotdogs! He does not work in an office, he does not work on an assembly line, he is not a nuclear physicist! Let the guy have some fun and sell some hot dogs. Charlie, come on down to left field and you will find a whole different crowd. We all laugh at each other's comments, and just chill while watching some pretty good (compared to recent years) baseball. You can sing all you want to. We'll probably sing right back to you. Taz
joeI think i will give away my left field seats now.
TAZZY #1joe - that was actually pretty funny! Taz
AlanAre you sure Charlie isn't a nuclear physicist?
ShawnThe Tigers front office is completely clueless and classless. It doesn't have a clue as to what makes the fans happy, because the front office staff sits in its far away suites and behind windows like a bunch of corporate schmucks with their heads up their ass*s. They won't let fans move down close to the field when it's raining and there are empty seats everywhere. I witnessed this myself. One of the security people made 3 teenage girls leave the homeplate area when it had been raining and about half the fans had already gone. What crap. And one of the security guys used to dance atop the Tigers dugout, having fun and making fans laugh, and they put a kybosh to that. And now Charlie can't sing. Why don't they stop the "What's Up" guy from chanting his trademark chant? Why don't they stop all other vendors from selling their goods by chanting their unique sales pitches? It makes about as much sense. If you ever go to Comerica Park more than once a year, you will see that each vendor has her/his own unique marketing approach, and that's what makes it more fun to go to a Tigers game. I get a chuckle out of listening and watching each one. Hey Tigers, if you are going to silence Charley, why not silence everyone, including fans?
Why did you * the "e" in asses?
AlanIf the Tigers start silencing fans, I suggest starting with Shawn
ToddCharlie serenades are just as much a tiger tradition as Herbie the groundskeeper was at the old Tiger Stadium. To those who would whine. You can't tell me that a little singing can't be half as annoying as that organ that plays for nine innings. Or having Harry Belafonte belting out "Day-Oh" Every twenty minutes or so.
AlanI am all for a little singing, but Charlie's singing happens way too often, to the point that it does get annoying.
Dick from DPLI agree with the commenters who suggested that he be allowed to sing but should also be rotated throughout the ballpark. I think he adds some color to the environment, but he'd drive me nuts if he sang in my section for all 21 games I have tix to.
ShawnFor those who think Charley is bullying people with his trademark taglines, get a clue! It's obviously a joke and a sales pitch to get you to laugh and give in to buying his hot dogs. He's just trying to have fun and get the fans to have fun. I enjoy hearing what he says to fans. I enjoy seeing him throw mustard at people. If you can't have a laugh over the things Charley says and does to get you to buy his dogs, then you need to take yoga or take up Zen Buddhism or something to clear your minds and loosen up, becuase you are WAY too uptight! Get the cobs out of your asses! Charley has his own tactics just like the other vendors have their own tactics. They are unique to Charley, and that's what makes Charley Charley. My favorite vendors are Charley and the "What's Up" man. Are they going to shut him up, too?
CorkyI gave my good kidney to Charlie, my sweet, sweet brother.
ShawnAlan, you must be an Ilitch lover.
MaceI say let him singword-Mace
Shawnanother hostile idiot...
AlanWhat's wrong with liking Illitch. Have you ever heard of the Red Wings? They are this little hockey team from Detroit. They play in the NHL. Are you familiar with any of this?
MARYGO charlie GO charlie!
DoojoHot dogs are my life
GO away charlie GO away charlie!
The hot dogs Charlie and the other vendors aren't even that good.
ShawnOh, jeez, I guess I have heard of the Red Wings. Don't they play that one sport in an ice rink? Ilitch may have done the Red Wings some good, but he has done nothing but shit on the Tigers for years, just as the previous pizza freak did. Get your head out of your ass, Alan.
Angel in the OutfieldGee, methinks you need to check out the comments... a few are a tad crass.Anyway, this is still America and as far as I know, we are still allowed to sing, annoying or not. Besides, he was the only reason I ever bought a hot dog at the park.
KimIf they want to silence a fixture at our ballpark, then they should silence the guy who beats the drum at the Cleveland games. That is annoying to those of us that have to watch the games on T.V. when the Tigers play the Indians. I agree with the people that say if we have to listen to religious prays being played over loud speakers then people can stand to listen to the singing hotdog man at the home games.
SteveDear Detroit Tigers, problem solved. Give the guy his own section, and this way if people want to sit there, they will know he is going to sing! if they dont want to hear his singing, go sit somewhere else.....problem solved, everyone wins!
PatrickThis is about the Tigers trying to cover up their empty ball park... at Red Wings games they spotlight these guys.. you have the man in the orange hat.. you have the curley shuffle.. you have knitting lady.. at the Joe, which is full, they love their local oddities. If Copa was packed and you couldn't hear Charley clear as a bell on the Broadcasts (which I'm sure is Beckman's problem) then the Tigers wouldn't have a problem with it. INSTEAD of silencing Charley, they should embrace him... feature him twice a game between innings on the Jumbo Tron and then ask him to dial it down 30 decibles during the inning. Its such a simple fix. You know, like building your team around solid starting pitching... of hell, no wonder they're screwing this up...
ShawnIllitch has spent some huge money on this team... You can stay that Illitch has made some personal mistakes by hiring Randy Smith -- and by being loyal to him for too long. But you can't say he had done nothing for the Tigers. He got a new stadium built (I love Tiger Stadium... but it was time to go), He brought in the BEST General Manager on the Market.. he brought back Alan Trammell.. and the team is coming back.
PeteyFor all the negitve people GET A LIFE enjoy the game and Charlie.
Channel 4 thinks decision will be made on June 8, 2004
joHere's the deal, from knowing Charley, I know he's a really sweet individual who likes to express himself in unique ways. What's wrong with that? Also you know how many people buy hotdogs from him? It's probably a lot more than any of the other hotdog vendors. Also, no offense, but during a Tigers game, there typically isn't that much excitement and by having Charley there he keeps the fans happy.
TAZZY #1joe - that was actually pretty funny! Taz
Cloned Hot DogsSince the man has told Charley to keep quiet- The tigers have only won one home game...coincidence I think not.
TAZZY #1Charlie sells hotdogs! He does not work in an office, he does not work on an assembly line, he is not a nuclear physicist! Let the guy have some fun and sell some hot dogs. Charlie, come on down to left field and you will find a whole different crowd. We all laugh at each other's comments, and just chill while watching some pretty good (compared to recent years) baseball. You can sing all you want to. We'll probably sing right back to you. Taz
Tazzy # 1We thoroughly enjoy Charlie, the singing, the friendly barbs with fans, and his general attitude. He is funny, intelligent, witty and just a bundle of laughs. We purchased a lot of tickets in his area last year because we knew he would be there. One time we went with our camera. We took his picture at that game and he gladly autographed it at the next game we went to. We did not have to buy a hotdog and he did not chide us about not buying one. He was genuinely please that we asked him to sign the back of the picture. Charlie is a funny, witty salesman. Oh, yeah, when he chides someone, he is usually smiling and laughing as he does it. It is all in fun and he probably sells a lot more hotdogs than the others. It is a baseball game. It is supposed to be fun. The Tigers are doing so well, compared to recent years. Let's have some fun down here at the CO-PA! We miss you Charlie! This year we have seasons tickets out in left field. Come on out here and sing your HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT-DOOOOOOOOOGGGG!!! I promise to reply . . . RIIIIIIIIIGHT-HHEEEEEERREEEEE! With mustard please. Don't give up the fight Charley! You are one of the reasons we have such a good time here and we miss you! Tazz #1 and Buggsy
David LailAs the count stands now 12.5% of the people who have voted don't want Charley to sing. Upper managements decision to not let him sing shows what direction the country is going in. This is a Demorcratic society, majority rules let Charley sing.
Tazzy #1Sorry folks: I must have clicked on something by mistake....did not mean to post those messages twice...My bad . . . I still like Charley (Charley) though . . . all the best to all! Taz
EddieCharley, i don't know who you are, but you will be immortalized for future generations to worship as a sex god. You will not die a forgotten man.
DukeI think Mr. Ilich needs all the help he can get to put fans in the seats. If Charlie helps to bring fans to the ballpark then why not let the man sing!
JDubbsLet Charley sing. What the hell. He's singing. Outside. I hear him out in the bleachers all the time so maybe that's why I don't think he's annoying. If people hate him who are sitting over in his section, let them tell him to shut up. I'm all for that. I think I would if I had season tickets over there. But screw the management saying something. Nothing I hate more than the guys in suits sticking their noses in the hotdog guy's business.
Charley's AngelI've been to Cubs games. A guy like Charley would be welcomed by some of the best baseball fans around - the Chicagoans. I've been to the Giants games. The San Franciscans are open-minded and fun-loving people. I've been to Tigers games. And Charley brings a unique character to Comerca Park that Detroit so desperately needs. Give the guy a break. He's not hurting anyone. He's just selling hotdogs. Sending peace vibes to my Detroiters ...
25 year season ticket holder, Section 131, Row 18,Charley has gotta return to singing ways.
BobIn the typical fashion of the direction our country's people are going... a few people complain and spoil it for the rest of us. Charlie...keep on singing.
Cranky JakeWhy would management want to muffle one of the zany attractions that bring us to the ballpark? Charley's singing only enhances the ambience of Comerica. Was there ever anything so breath taking as walking down the ramp and catching your first glimpse of the field at Brigs stadium?
BobTiger management has nothing better to do than to take action against someone who brings a little bit of class to Comerica Park. They need to be ashamed of themselves and spend more time and energy on getting the sorriest team in the league to produce results for those who are paying so much to see so little talent on the field wearing the old english "D".
SteveBaseball, more than any other of our major professional sports, is tied and embedded in our national celebration of the American spirit of individualism and uniqueness. So many baseball stories have had a landscape, setting, and interesting characters that have held our dramatic attention beyond the summation of the athletic contest itself. Baseball has a Gestalt quality to it. So much so, that even a singing hot dog vendor becomes an integral part of the whole fabric of the ballpark experience and scene. He's integral because he's unique. Just like Herbie was a unique groundskeeper. Every ballpark has it's own unique dimensions and quirks. Flagpoles in the outfield. Hills to climb before the wall. Green Monsters even. That's why the MasterCard Ad featured people who want to travel to every ballpark. Each place has a unique setting, flavor, and characters. Variety is the spice of life. God help us if we let the inertia toward a monolithic culture fully destroy the soul of baseball. Every city like every other city. The same stores. The same restaurants. The same media. Identical teams. Identical towns. One flavor fits all. Or does it? Silencing Charley leaves a bland taste in my mouth.
Tiger Fan OnlySeason Ticket holder for 2 decades because I am very much into the game of baseball.... I don't go there for operatic serenading (I detest operas). A year of two of the off key noise was enough. He can still sell hot dogs is his own style --- BUT enough with the annoying singing...... my tickets are in his section and I'll be darned if I have to give up my seats just to get away from his egomaniac singing.
Charlies a fagI make more money in a day than this pail of waste, let him rot in his job.
Mee Tooo!!!Sing Charley Sing!!! (Kind of like Run Forest Run!)
taxxy is an idiot for saying charley is intelligent. Why is he a hot dog man if he's so smart? And he isn't usually laughing and smiling, that's part of the problem. He doesn't know when to drop it and he has a dirty look on his ugly mug.
**Meant tazzy #1, not taxxy
Loyal Tiger FanAfter suffering through last year's brutal season, I can say that Charley was one of the highlights. Many people (fans, players, coaches, etc...) at Comerica Park could learn a lesson or two from Charley, who is clearly one of the most consistent and inspired players in the ballpark every single game.
shut him upPeople will still go to the games whether or not charley sings and they will still buy hot dogs. And if you don't believe me then how'd the organization survive a hundred years without him? But people will stop coming when they are annoyed with that jackass. I don't sit behind the plate anymore because he is so annyoing. Charley cost Mr. I $60 a game just from me. If 1 person complains that should be enough to stop Charley. No one is miserable because he doesn't sing, but people are miserable because he does sing.
SaulOne time I was eating a Kosher hot dog and Charley got on me for not buying one of his hot dogs. When I told him I am keeping kosher (for religious purposes) he started making fun of me and jewish people in general. Charley is anti-semetic. I would have complained then, but I didn't want him fired, just to shut up. Now that he is in some hot water I'm considering letting my story out so we no longer have to deal with Charley Hitler singing his antisemite hot dog song.
barboomI'm with Kim... if Hamtramak has to listen to religious wailing and chanting over loud speakers five times a day why can't Charley belt out his tunes in Comerica Park?
JACKIm glad they shut him up. i didnt pay all that money for season tickets to hear that dufus sing opera and give me a hot dog and tell me not to put ketchup on it, i hope that he starts singing again and they fire him or move him to cleaning bathrooms with that mop that he has on his head and maybe he can sing opera about his life cleaning pee and poop up.
DavidLet him sing! The Tigers should concentrate on building a winning team; not silencing Charley. The Sports Services and the Tigers should be happy that Charley helps bring people to Comerica Park to see a lousy baseball team. This is stupid on Sports Services behalf because I'm sure Charley is one of their best vendors. Charley, we're pulling for you. Keep on singing!
Michigan ManTax Payer funded 'Comerica Park'. Tax payer funded 'Joe Louis Arena'. Ilitch rolling in the 'dough' from his cheap pizzas. Suburbia blowing 50 bucks a head to see lousy teams, then getting out of Detroit as fast as they can. Singing? One should be more concerned about the gunfire.
ToddCharlie serenades are just as much a tiger tradition as Herbie the groundskeeper was at the old Tiger Stadium. To those who would whine. You can't tell me that a little singing can't be half as annoying as that organ that plays for nine innings. Or having Harry Belafonte belting out "Day-Oh" Every twenty minutes or so.