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Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter
"A Newsletter to Embrace Life and to Encourage both singles and couples Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally to be Active which brings Good Health"
Volume: 8 Issue: 33 January 3, 2011
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" A joyful heart is good medicine"
Proverbs 17:22

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Here We Go Again!!!

Getting Back To Normal
This will be the first full work week of 2011 and some are glad to get the hollidays behind!
What do you think?
Conecting to the world

Getting back to Normal Sites:

  1. Click here for: Good advice for not only this year, but the future.
  2. Click here to find out about Healthy Habits
  3. click here
  4. Don't Feel Left Out Some good advice about "cracking cliques"

 Greetings from Dr. James Dobson  

Photo of Dr. Dobson
Dear Friends,
It’s Christmas time again, and to help us get into the spirit of the season, I want to share something that will warm your heart. It has been my tradition for many years to send a carefully chosen story to all our friends and supporters, and this year’s selection is one of the best. It can be found in Joe Wheeler’s wonderful anthology, Christmas in My Heart: Volume 2. It is titled “Delayed Delivery,” and was written by Cathy Miller. I think you will love it.
There had never been a winter like this. Stella watched from the haven of her armchair as gusts of snow whipped themselves into a frenzy. She feared to stand close to the window, unreasonably afraid that somehow the blizzard might be able to reach her there, sucking her, breathless, out into the chaos. The houses across the street were all but obliterated by the fury of wind- borne flakes. Absently, the elderly woman straightened the slipcovers on the arms of her chair, her eyes glued to the spectacle beyond the glass.
Dragging her gaze away from the window, she forced herself up out of her chair and waited a moment for balance to reassert itself. Straightening her back against the pain that threatened to keep her stooped, she set out determinedly for the kitchen.
In the doorway to the next room she paused, her mind blank, wondering what purpose had propelled her there. From the vent above the stove the scream of the wind threatened to funnel the afternoon storm directly down into the tiny house. Stella focused brown eyes on the stovetop clock. The three-fifteen time reminded her that she had headed in there to take something out of the freezer for her supper. Another lonely meal that she didn't feel like preparing, much less eating.
Suddenly, she grabbed the handle of the refrigerator and leaned her forehead against the cold, white surface of the door as a wave of self-pity threatened to drown her. It was too much to bear, losing her beloved Dave this summer! How was she to endure the pain, the daily nothingness? She felt the familiar ache in her throat and squeezed her eyes tightly shut to hold the tears at bay.
Stella drew herself upright and shook her head in silent chastisement. She reiterated her litany of thanks. She had her health, her tiny home, an income that should suffice for the remainder of her days. She had her books, her television programs, her needlework. There were the pleasures of her garden in the spring and summer, walks through the wilderness park at the end of her street, and the winter birds that brightened the feeders outside her kitchen picture window. Not today though, she thought ruefully, as the blizzard hurled itself against the eastern wall of the kitchen.
"Ah, Dave, I miss you so! I never minded storms when you were here." The sound of her own voice echoed hollowly in the room. She turned on the radio that stood on the counter next to a neatly descending row of wooden canisters. A sudden joyful chorus of Christmas music filled the room, but it only served to deepen her loneliness.
Stella had been prepared for her husband's death. Since the doctor's pronouncement of terminal cancer, they had both faced the inevitable, striving to make the most of their remaining time together. Dave's financial affairs had always been in order. There were no new burdens in her widowed state. It was just the awful aloneness...the lack of purpose to her days.
They had been a childless couple. It had been their choice. Their lives had been full and rich. They had been content with busy careers, and with each other.
They had many friends. Had. That was the operative word these days. It was bad enough losing the one person you loved with all your heart. But over the past few years, she and Dave repeatedly had to cope with the deaths of their friends and relations. They were all of an age – the age when human bodies began giving up. Dying. Face it – they were old!
And now, on this first Christmas without Dave, Stella would be on her own. Mable and Jim had invited her to spend the holiday with them in Florida, but somehow that had seemed worse than staying home alone. Not only would she miss her husband, but she would miss the snow, and the winter, and the familiarity of her home.
With shaky fingers, she lowered the volume of the radio so that the music became a muted background. She glanced toward the fridge briefly, then decided that a hot bowl of soup would be more comforting fare this evening.
To her surprise, she saw that the mail had come. She hadn't even heard the creak of the levered mail slot in the front door. Poor mailman, out in this weather! "Neither hail, nor sleet...." With the inevitable wince of pain, she bent to retrieve the damp, white envelopes from the floor. Moving into the living room, she sat on the piano bench to open them. They were mostly Christmas cards, and her sad eyes smiled at the familiarity of the traditional scenes and at the loving messages inside. Carefully, her arthritic fingers arranged them among the others clustered on the piano top. In her entire house, they were the only seasonal decoration. The holiday was less than a week away, but she just did not have the heart to put up a silly tree, or even set up the stable that Dave had built with his own hands.
Suddenly engulfed by the loneliness of it all, Stella buried her lined face in her hands, lowering her elbows to the piano keys in a harsh, abrasive discord, and let the tears come. How would she possibly get through Christmas and the winter beyond it? She longed to climb into bed and bury herself in a cocoon of blankets, not emerging until her friends and spring returned.
The ring of the doorbell echoed the high-pitched, discordant piano notes and was so unexpected that Stella had to stifle a small scream of surprise. Now who could possibly be calling on her on a day like today? Wiping her eyes, she noticed for the first time how dark the room had become. The doorbell sounded a second time.
Using the piano for leverage, she raised herself upright and headed for the front hall, switching on the living room light as she passed. She opened the wooden door and stared through the screened window of the storm door in consternation. On her front porch, buffeted by waves of wind and snow, stood a strange young man, whose hatless head was barely visible above the large carton in his arms. She peered beyond him to the driveway, but there was nothing about the small car to give clue to his identity.
Returning her gaze to him, she saw that his hands were bare and his eyebrows had lifted in an expression of hopeful appeal that was fast disappearing behind the frost forming on the glass. Summoning courage, the elderly lady opened the door slightly and he stepped sideways to speak into the space.
"Mrs. Thornhope?
She nodded affirmation, her extended arm beginning to tremble with cold and the strain of holding the door against the wind. He continued, predictably, "I have a package for you."
Curiosity drove warning thoughts from her mind. She pushed the door far enough to enable the stranger to shoulder it and stepped back into the foyer to make room for him. He entered, bringing with him the frozen breath of the storm. Smiling, he placed his burden carefully on the floor and stood to retrieve an envelope that protruded from his pocket. As he handed it to her, a sound came from the box. Stella actually jumped. The man laughed in apology and bent to straighten up the cardboard flaps, holding them open in an invitation for her to peek inside. She advanced cautiously, then turned her gaze downward.
It was a dog! To be more exact, a golden Labrador retriever puppy. As the gentleman lifted its squirming body up into his arms, he explained, "This is for you, ma'am. He's 6 weeks old and completely housebroken." The young pup wiggled in happiness at being released from captivity and thrust ecstatic, wet kisses in the direction of his benefactor's chin. "We were supposed to deliver him on Christmas Eve," he continued with some difficulty, as he strove to rescue his chin from the wet little tongue, "but the staff at the kennels start their holidays tomorrow. Hope you don't mind an early present."
Shock had stolen her ability to think clearly. Unable to form coherent sentences, she stammered, "But...I don't...I mean...who...?"
The young fellow set the animal down on the doormat between them and then reached out a finger to tap the envelope she was still holding.
"There's a letter in there that explains everything, pretty much. The dog was bought last July while her mother was still pregnant. It was meant to be a Christmas gift. If you'll just wait a moment, there are some things in the car I'll get for you."
Before she could protest, he was gone, returning a moment later with a huge box of dog food, a leash, and a book titled Caring for a Labrador Retriever. All this time the puppy had sat quietly at her feet, panting happily as his brown eyes watched her.
Unbelievably, the stranger was turning to go. Desperation forced the words from her lips. "But who...who bought it?"
Pausing in the open doorway, his words almost snatched away by the wind that tousled his hair, he replied, "Your husband, ma'am." And then he was gone.
It was all in the letter. Forgetting the puppy entirely at this sight of the familiar handwriting, Stella had walked like a somnambulist to her chair by the window. Unaware that the little dog had followed her, she forced tear-filled eyes to read her husband's words. He had written it three weeks before his death and had left it with the kennel owners to be delivered along with the puppy as his last Christmas gift to her. It was full of love and encouragement and admonishments to be strong. He vowed that he was waiting for the day when she would join him. And he had sent her this young animal to keep her company until then.
Remembering the little creature for the first time, she was surprised to find him quietly looking up at her, his small panting mouth resembling a comic smile. Stella put the pages aside and reached down for the bundle of golden fur. She thought that he would be heavier, but he was only the size and weight of a sofa pillow. And so soft and warm. She cradled him in her arms and he licked her jawbone, then cuddled up into the hollow of her neck. The tears began anew at this exchange of affection and the dog endured her crying without moving.
Finally, Stella lowered him to her lap, where he regarded her solemnly. She wiped vaguely at her wet cheeks, then somehow mustered a smile.
"Well, little guy, I guess it's you and me." His pink tongue panted in agreement. Stella's smile strengthened and her gaze shifted sideways to the window. Dusk had fallen, and the storm seemed to have spent the worst of its fury. Through fluffy flakes that were now drifting down at a gentler pace, she saw the cheery Christmas lights that edged the roof lines of her neighbors' homes. The strains of "Joy to the World" wafted in from the kitchen.
Suddenly Stella felt the most amazing sensation of peace and benediction washing over her. It was like being enfolded in a loving embrace. Her heart beat painfully, but it was with joy and wonder, not grief or loneliness. She need never feel alone again. Returning her attention to the dog, she spoke to him, "You know, fella, I have a box in the basement that I think you'd like. There's a tree in it and some decorations and lights that will impress you like crazy! And I think I can find that old stable down there, too. What d'ya say we go hunt it up?" The puppy barked happily in agreement, as if he understood every word.
This story reminds me vividly of my mother who lost her beloved husband, and I lost my father, on December 4th, 1977. On that Sunday afternoon, my mom and dad attended a birthday party for his sister. He held a baby briefly and then was asked to pray for the meal. Those were his last words, as he leaned gently into my mother’s arms and onto the floor. Though this godly man never breathed again, my cousin said that after about five minutes of CPR, my dad smiled a broad grin and was gone. What did he see on that afternoon? Who was there to meet him? I’m confident that he was greeted by the Lord Jesus Christ, whose birthday we are celebrating during this Christmas season. My dad had served Him with a willing heart since yielding to a call to preach 42 years earlier. It was a lifelong commitment.
As for my mother, she suffered the same loneliness that we read about in the story I have shared. She came to see us in California that Christmas, and we all grieved together. The empty chair at the dinner table was almost unbearable, especially for the lady whose love for her husband was profound.
But in keeping with our story, my father left a gift for my mother. It was given not after his death, but before. He had left a little toy terrier named Benji, who became her companion and source of comfort during the stark winter months in Olathe, Kansas. This cute little dog shared the sorrow of my dad’s absence with my mom. He would stand at the top of the stairs with his ears erect as the sun was going down each afternoon. He was looking down at the garage door, hoping it would open and his master would return. Benji and my mother grieved together and found solace in each other’s company.
Several months later, I went to Olathe to help pack my dad’s clothes and dispose of his belongings. Some of them brought tears to my eyes, including a shotgun he used when we hunted quail together. I put a suitcase on  the bed and began arranging folded coats and sweaters in it. Then I realized I was being watched intently by a concerned little dog. Benji jumped up on the bed and walked slowly over to the case. He stepped into it and sniffed each item of clothing, and then he curled down on top of them.
I said, “I know, Benji. I miss him too.”
Eleven years later, my mother slipped out of this life and into the next, where she was also met by her Savior. I believe she is with my dad now, and they will celebrate together for eternity.
I thank God again at this Christmastime for the tiny baby who was born in Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago. Because of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection, those of us who have given our hearts to Him and received His forgiveness for sins will never be separated from godly loved ones again. There will be no more tears, sadness, sickness, sorrow or death. This promise is what we are celebrating this Yuletide season.
For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, And the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace... (Isaiah 9:6 NIV)
It is my prayer that you and your family know this Prince of Peace and anticipate His return. We also hope you are having a warm and meaningful holiday season together. So from all of us at Family Talk, we say in one voice, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.”
James C. Dobson, Ph.D. President and Founder

P.S. To those who are able, please remember to help this ministry financially here at the end of the year. We have struggled to begin this work during an economic downturn, but many of you have been generous to us and we thank you so much. You can reach us by logging onto our newly redesigned website at, or by calling us at 877.732.6825. Our mailing address is:Springs, Family Drive, Suite 201, Colorado  CO 80907.Talk, 540 Elkton

This letter may be reproduced without change and in its entirety for non-commercial and no-political purposes without prior permission from Family Talk. Copyright © 2010 Family Talk. All Rights Reserved.
International Copyright Secured. Printed in the U.S.A.

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" Words satisfy the soul as food satisfies the stomach; the right words on a person's lips bring satisfaction. "
Proverbs 18:20

MON. Jan. 3 Events

Weekly Dance
Monday Night Dancers

MON 2011-01-03
Singles and Couples Dance Lessons 6:30, Dance Party 7:30-10:30. No dance partner needed. Lessons $5, Dance Party $6. Snacks included. Big Band, Latin, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Polka. Contact 313-295-1134
Starts at 7:30 PM. Price is $7. Location: Father Patrick O'Kelley K of C. 23663 Park St., Dearborn, MI.
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" And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven will also forgive you your wrongdoing"
Mark 11:25


TUE. Jan. 4 Events

Success Institute

An evening of powerful revelation and transformation, as we share God's word for your success Teaching by the well known motivational speakers Doug Firebaugh and his wife Jodi. Starts at 7:00 PM.

Location: Troy Community Center 3179 Livernois Troy, MI 248-524-3181
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Beginning Again
Bethany East

TUE 2011-01-04
This is a small gathering for support for those who are hurting due to separation or divorce or are getting over a relationship.
Starts at 6:30 PM. Member Price is No cost and guest price is . Location: Call for directions. Call for directions.
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This organization has a page on the PJSN blog which is here
All Bethany Events can be seen by clicking here

Relaxing Jazz Music
Music, Classical and Jazz Music

TUE 2011-01-04
Join us Every Tuesday at 5 O'clock for relaxing jazz music. While others struggle in rush hour traffic, dealing with jammed streets and frazzled nerves, you can stop in and enjoy exceptional performances from local and national jazz artists in our historic venue. We begin at 5 p.m. with gathering and refreshments. All are welcome! Lots of secure parking All of the details are here
Starts at 5:00 PM. Price is Free. Location: Metropolitan United Methodist Church. 8000 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI. 48202 313-875-7407
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WED. Jan. 5 Events

Great jazz and soul food
Music, Classical and Jazz Music

WED 2011-01-05
Spencer Barfield on keyboards, David McMurray on bass, Dave Young on Guitar and Djallo Djakte on drums.
Starts at 7:00 PM .. Location: Dirty Dog Jazz Café. 97 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI. .
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EAT OUT at Kavan's
Bethany East

WED 2011-01-05
Join other singles for dinner, dessert or coffee for socializing.
Starts at 6:30 PM. Member Price is Cost on your own and guest price is . Location: Kavan's. 29870 Hayes, Roseville, MI. (586) 776-3500 South of 12 Mile Road on the east side.
Get a Map/Print This organization has a page on the PJSN blog which is here
All Bethany Events can be seen by clicking here

West Coast Wednesdays
Various Dances

WED 2011-01-05
7:30 PM Beginning WCS . 8:15 PM Intermediate WCS Featuring dance instruction by Tim Johnson & Becky Larson 9 PM - Midnight - dance party featuring Tim 'DJ TJ' Johnson. Singles, couples, college students and dancers of all levels are welcome
Starts at 7:30 PM.. Location: Amber House. 7012 9 Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48091 586 754-3434 web Email .
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Weekly Meeting
Royal Oak Computer Club

WED 2011-01-05
Presentatation followed by a question and answer session. Feel free to bring your laptop.
Starts at 12:30 PM. Price is 1. Location: Leo Mahany/Harold Meininger Senior Commu. 3500 Marais, Royal Oak, MI (248)246-3900 North of 13 Mile Rd.
Get a Map/Print More

Sailing, Pure and Sometimes Simple
Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association

WED 2011-01-05
"Sailing, Pure and Sometimes Simple" is a potpourri look at the joys of sailing from three different viewpoints by people who are living their dreams. Our first seminar of the 2011 series will feature three speakers relating their unique sailing experiences: Jim Hiller, owner and builder of a Contessa 32 (the smallest boat to survive the fabled and devastating 1979 Fastnet Race) will discuss his building and design adventure.

Peggy Walsh-Sarnecki from the Detroit Free Press who has written regularly about Michigan sailing will discuss how she combined her vocation and her avocation; and Jim Rapelje will discuss his first Trans-Atlantic crossing in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers on a 44 foot catamaran. We are all sailors and experience is what it is all about! The restaurant will be open ahead of time, accepting credit cards only. Beverage service will be available. The formal dress code will be waived
From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Price is Free. Location: Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. 788 Lake Shore Road, Grosse Pointe Shores, MI. 48236 (313) 884-2500 web
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" You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. -"
Christopher Robin to Pooh

THU. Jan. 6 Events

Meet N' Greet- Kruse & Muer
Somerset Singles Social, Ski & Golf Club

THU 2011-01-06
Pints of Labatts $2.00,Pints of Blue Moon $3.00,All Domestic Beer $2.00 House Wines $4.00 1/2 off Martini's $5.00 food specials Bar only (5-8pm) Contact: Pam 313-719-0501 Bonnie 248-842-3546
Starts at 5:00 PM. Price is Cash Bar. Location: Kruse & Muer. 911 Wilshire Dr., Troy, MI. 48083 248-362-2700 North of Big Beaver Can be accessed off of either Big Beaver or Crooks Rd. for further information go to
Get a Map/Print Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Ballroom Dancing
Fairlane Ballroom Dance Club

THU 2011-01-06
Ballroom Dancing to live bands on one of the only hardwood dance floors in the area. We sit at round tables of eight so we can socialize as well as dance. We serve snack during the dance with coffee and tea. We break at 9:00pm for coffee, tea and a variety of desserts.For info call Jean 734-516-0500 or Augusta 734-425-5737.
Starts at 7:30 PM. Member Price is $7 and guest price is $8. Location: Monsignor Hunt Knights of Columbus Hall. 7080 Garling Street, Dearborn Heights, MI. 48127 734-516-0500 Take Warren to south on Garling (first traffic light east of Outer Drive)
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Jean M. Orleans

Weekly Dance
Five Star Connection

THU 2011-01-06
Dance lessons 8-8:30pm,open dance immediately following. Appetizers 2nd and 4th Thursdays.Dressy attire please. Ages 45+. Members $5, guests $9. More information at, a family organization
Starts at 8:00 pm. Member Price is $5 and guest price is $9. Location: Rivercrest Hall. 900 W Avon Road, Rochester MI. Avon Rd. between Rochester & Livernois.
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FRI. Jan. 7 Events

Tri County Singles Dance
Various Dances

FRI 2011-01-07
Every Friday Night Join The Tri County Singles Club at Crome Ultra Lounge in Barnstormer Entertainment Complex located at 9411 East M36 Whitmore Lake, MI 48189 6pm til 8pm complimentary snacks will be provided in our lounge and the Singles Dance will begin at 8pm. Cover Charge is $5 per person.
Starts at 6:00 PM . Price is . Location: Barnstormer. 9411 East M36, Whitmore Lake , MI . 48189 734-449-0040
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First Fridays at the DIA
Detroit Institute of Arts

FRI 2011-01-07
First Fridays Music from a variety of cultures in the World Music series, artist demonstrations, drawing in the galleries for all ages, museum tours and drop in workshops.
Starts at 7:00 PM.. Location: Detroit Institute of Arts. 5200 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI. 313.833.7900 More here
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Monthly Ballroom Dancing
Waterford Oaks Ballroom Dancers

FRI 2011-01-07
Singles and Couples. Ballroom Dancing. Ballroom Attire. Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Tango, Samba, Mambo, Polka, Viennese. Ballroom lighting. Caberet Setting. Coffee, Tea, Sweets, Door Prizes. Music from the 1940\'s to the present time. Starts
Starts at 8:00 PM . Price is $9. Location: Waterford Oaks Activity Center. 2800 Watkins Lake Road, Waterford , MI . 49238
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Tony Szabunia

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" ?Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."
William Shakespeare

SAT. Jan. 8 Events

ski/snowboard the Aspen area
Thunderbird Ski Club

weekend of 2011-01-08
Join the Thunderbirds to ski/snowboard the Aspen area and have a blast! Stay at the Tamarack Townhouses across from the Snowmass Village Mall and the slopes. Detroit/Denver flight, ground transfers to Snowmass Village, 5 day 4 area lift ticket, wine and cheese party and a full agenda of activities all included for $1,389. For further info contact Shirley at 313-300-2583 or For Application go to:
. Member Price is $1,389 and guest price is . Location: Snowmass Resort. , Aspen , CO .
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Evelyn Fitzgerald Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Click here for more

Bethany Suburban West Monthly Dance
Bethany Suburban West

SAT 2011-01-08
Saturday, January 8th 2011- Monthly Dance at St Robert Bellarmine 27201 W. Chicago, on the corner of West Chicago and Inkster Rd's, in Redford 48239. Dance admission $10.00 which includes refreshments and a free dance lesson TBD from 7:15pm to 8:15pm sharp with paid admission. D.J. will be Dick Gerathy. Time is 8 PM till 12 MIDNIGHT. Doors open at 7:00 PM., Call Diane K. for information (734) 261-5716.
Starts at 7:30 PM . Price is $10.00 . Location: St Robert Bellarmine.27201 W. Chicago, Redford, MI.
Get a Map/Print This organization has a page on the PJSN blog which is here
All Bethany Events can be seen by clicking here

Celebrations A Dance for Singles
Successfully Single Social Club

SAT 2011-01-08
Celebrations A dance for Singles Meet, Mingle, & Dance the night away to Top 40 Music by Professional DJ Pam Hornbeck. Experience the ultimate Lock & Key Icebreaker from 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Open Dancing from 9:00 pm-midnight. Hors d'oeuvre buffet served from 9:00 pm -10 pm. Pay at the door. Dressy casual attire. No jeans or sneakers, please. For more information, visit or call 248-289-6406.
From 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Member Price is 11.00 and guest price is 14.00. Location: San Marino Club. 1685 E. Big Beaver, Troy, MI. 48084 .
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Janet Blair This organization has a page on the PJSN blog which is here Their Web Site

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" A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference. "
Winnie the Pooh

SUN. Jan. 9 Events

Ballroom Dancing
All Star Dance Parties

SUN 2011-01-09
All Star Dance Parties: Every Sunday. The very best in ballroom dancing. Music by D.J. Dr. Bob
Starts with a 1 hour dance lesson by Mike Barta. First time visitors only $5.00 for both the lesson and 3 hours of open dancing. Prices after the first visit are as follows: Lesson, $8.00 and open dance, $10. Both lesson and open dance only $12.00. Contact Us at: or phone 248-778-6261. Singles and couples welcomed. No partner needed.
Starts at 3: PM . Price is 12.00 . Location: American Polish Cultural Center. 2975 East Maple, Troy, , MI . 48083 248-778-6261
Get a Map/Print Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Bethany East Bowling League
Bethany East

SUN 2011-01-09
come and watch or sub (all levels are always welcome). Contact: bob (586) 468-0223 or Pat (586) 739-0885
Starts at 6:30 PM. Member Price is $12.00 and guest price is $9.00 subs. Location: Shore Lanes. 31100 harper ave., st. clair shores, MI. (586) 293-0880 south of 13 mile road on the east side of harper.
Get a Map/Print This organization has a page on the PJSN blog which is here
All Bethany Events can be seen by clicking here

Argentine Dance on Sunday
Milonga Del Domingo

SUN 2011-01-09
Argentine Tango Lesson available 6-7PM $5.00.Milongas Vals, (argentine style waltzes), Argentine Tango Singles and couples welcome.
Starts at 7:00 PM. Price is $8. Location: Dance Scene. 25333 Van Dyke, Centerline, MI. 48015 586-757-6300 .
Get a Map/Print More Info. here.

Brunch With Bach
GM Ski Club

SUN 2011-01-09
SIX Spots Still Available. As the first event of the GMSC Cultural Series of offerings in the 2011 Calendar year. Treat your senses to an unforgettable cultural and culinary feast Sunday, Jan. 9 as you join GM Ski Club members at the Detroit Institute of Arts for Brunch with Bach. This event is now sold out at the box office. However, the club has purchased 16 spots ahead of time. Only six of these are still available. To join the fun , let us know by return email if you plan to attend, then secure your spot by sending in a check. We'll meet at he DIA at 12:30 p.m. to gather for music and dining at the one o'clock seating in the elegant ambiance of the beautiful Kresge Court. You'll soon understand why the Brunch with Bach series has been delighting audiences for years. Listen to acclaimed Solo Pianist May Phang. who has received rave reviews for performances of music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Erwin Schulhoff and George Rochberg. Come hungry: brunch features smoked salmon quiche on wilted spinach with roasted Portobello muchrooms, red pepper and caramelized onions --- along with fresh fruit, breakfeast breads, coffee tea and juice. Vegetarian meals must be ordered when purchasing tickets. After the concert, we'll visit some of the treasured gems of the DIA (Museum admission is included.) and perhaps meet somewhere local for an afterglow. Suggestions will be welcome. Tickets are $35 for GM Club members and $38 for non-members. Don't wait: email Janice Saur at now, then mail your check, payable to the GM Ski Club, to Janice Saur, 34097 Lotties Dr., Chesterfield, MI 48047.
Starts at 12:30 PM.. Location: Detroit Institute Of Arts. 3800 Woodward, Detroit, MI
Get a Map/Print Click here for more

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Future Events:

Note:only events that require advance notice or a great deal of planning are listed here. Listing all of the future events would require a great amount of space in this newsletter. Look for next weeks events in the next issue.

Royal Oak Woman's Club Meets
Royal Oak Woman's Club

Reserve by 2011-01-06 for MON 2011-01-10
The Royal Oak Woman's Club will meet with lunch at noon followed by the program and a short business meeting. They will start the new year learning how to begin genealogy research with a presentation by Carol Ring, formerly President of the Oakland County Genealogical Society. She will present a program called "Discovering Your Roots". This program will touch on various resources available today. So if you've always wanted to learn more about your family and didn't know where to look, this program will be a great start.

The Royal Oak Woman's Club is a service organization, which supports many local charities and provides scholarships to Royal Oak high school seniors pursuing an education in the medical field. Membership is open to all women regardless of residency. For further information about membership please contact Mary Ann at 248-585-1801 or visit the club's website at For more information about this meeting or to make a reservation to attend it, please contact Carole, before January 6, at 248-288-0756.

The Royal Oak Woman's Club is a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, which is a unifying force, bringing together local women's clubs, with members dedicated to strengthening their communities and enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. With 100,000 members in affiliated clubs in every state and more than a dozen countries, GFWC members are community leaders who work locally to create global change by supporting the arts, preserving natural resources, advancing education, promoting healthy lifestyles, encouraging civic involvement, and working toward world peace and understanding.

From: Dee Graeber

Starts at 12:00 PM . Price is . Location: Royal Oak Woman's Club Clubhouse. 404 S. Pleasant Street, Royal Oak , MI . 48067
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Dee Graeber Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Membership Meeting/Dance
Somerset Singles Social, Ski & Golf Club

TUE 2011-01-11
Join us to meet new people and catch up with old friends after the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Contact: Rosalie 586-783-3299
From 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM. Member Price is $6.00 Cash Bar and guest price is $9.00 Cash Bar. Location: American Polish Cultural Center. 2975 E.Maple Road, Troy, MI. 48083 248-689-3636 15 Mile & Dequindre Come and join us to start the year with a short informational meeting, and dance to the music of Dick Gerathy. Come and socialize to get out of the cold.
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Dating - Get it Right Jackie and Jane Seminar/Mixer
Successfully Single Social Club

THU 2011-01-13
Dating - Get it Right Jackie and Jane! Join us for an exciting and informative dating seminar & mixer by authors of the book, Dating - Get it Right Jackie and Jane, Angela Grammatico and Susan Scheuer. Featuring a complimentary selection of Joe Bologna's favorite dishes. Cash bar. Reservations required at or by calling 248-289-6406.
From 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Member Price is 15.00 and guest price is 18.00. Location: Joe Bologna Trattoria,. 2135 17 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI. 48084 (NE corner of 17 Mile & Dequindre).
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Janet Blair This organization has a page on the PJSN blog which is here Their Web Site

Snookers Pool & Pub
Somerset Singles Social, Ski & Golf Club

Reserve by 2011-01-10 for TUE 2011-01-18
Price includes Pizza,Salad & Billiards (drinks on your own) Come & enjoy an evening of socializing with friends
From 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Member Price is $10.00 Cash Bar and guest price is $15.00 Cash Bar. Location: Snookers Pool & Pub. 45100 Northpointe, Utica, MI 48036 586-726-0510 On Hall Road East of Van Dyke Expressway on the North Side For further information go to
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Doctor Zhivago Night in Winter Wonderland
Successfully Single Social Club

SAT 2011-01-22
The love and romance of "Doctor Zhivago" comes to life at the elegant Cherry Creek Golf Club! Featuring a romantic sleigh ride, live entertainment with dancing by Steve Floyd and Strolling Food Stations. Dinner includes Carved Roast Sirloin of Beef, Mashed Potato Bar, Salad Bar, Warm Cookies & Hot Cocoa Station. Cash Bar. Reservations required at or (248) 289-6406. Dressy casual attire with warm coat, hat & gloves. Everyone welcome - singles and & married couples!
From 7:30 PM to 12:00 AM. Price is 45.00. Location: Cherry Creek Golf Club. 52000 Cherry Creek Drive, Shelby Twp, MI. Between Van Dyke and Schoenherr, north of 23 Mile Rd.
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Janet Blair This organization has a page on the PJSN blog which is here Their Web Site

Schuss Mountain-Wednesday - Friday
Somerset Singles Social, Ski & Golf Club

Reserve by 2010-10-30 for Week end of 2011-01-26
Includes 2 nights lodging,2 breakfasts,wine & cheese party. Call for pricing Contact: Chris Luhrs 586-949-2531
. Member Price is $135.00 and guest price is $135.00 . Location: Schuss Mountain. 5820 Shanty Creek Rd, Bellaire, MI. 49615 800-678-4111 go to for further information.
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Schuss/ Shanty Creek Instructional Weekend
Somerset Singles Social, Ski & Golf Club

Reserve by 2010-10-30 for Week end of 2011-01-28
Includes 2 nights lodging,2 breakfasts,Saturday night Banquet. Friday night welcome reception, Wine & Cheese party. Up to 8 hours of instruction All levels welcomeContact: Chris Luhrs 586-949-2531
. Price is $269.00 per person. Location: Schuss Mountain. 5820 Shanty Creek Rd, Bellaire, MI. 49615 800-678-4111 go to for further information Instructional weekend.
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Euchre Tournament for Skilled Players
Successfully Single Social Club

FRI 2011-01-28
Euchre Tournament for Skilled Players Door prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners. Complimentary pizza, salad & snacks served. Cash Bar. Reservations required & limited to 48 players. Don't wait! This event sold out early last time! Register online at or by calling 248-289-6406. Note: Please be on time as we will have to give your spot to an alternate if you have not checked in by 7:45 p.m
From 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM. Member Price is 15.00 and guest price is 18.00. Location: Rochester Elks Lodge. 1002 N. Main Street, Rochester, MI. (North of University on the east side of Main St.).
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Janet Blair This organization has a page on the PJSN blog which is here Their Web Site

G M Ski Club North Lake Tahoe Trip
GM Ski Club

Reserve by 2010-11-22 for weekend of 2011-01-29
Round trip air to Reno & ground connections. Seven nights lodging in the Silver Legacy Resort Casino in the heart of the downtown casino district. Five days of lift tickets: 1 at Alpine Meadows, 1 at Mt. Rose, 1 at North Star and 2 at Squaw Valley. Cost: $1125 for GM Members or MDSC affiliated club members. $50 more for non-members. Non Skiing option also available. Contact Dave Duvali at 586-754-8151 or email at Make checks payable to G M Ski Club and mail to 27216 Dover, Warren, MI 48088.
. Member Price is 1125.00 and guest price is 1175.00 . Location: Reno Nevada. , , MI .
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Boyne Highlands Ski Outing
Somerset Singles Social, Ski & Golf Club

Reserve by 2010-10-30 for This event spans the period from 2011-02-09 to 2011-02-12
2 Nights lodging,2 Breakfasts,1 Dinner, Wine Cheese Party. Price without lift ticket is $218.00 for members and $258.00 for non members.Contact: Chris- 586-949-2531
. Member Price is $242.00 and guest price is $$282.00. Location: Boyne Highlands Resort. 600 Highland Drive, Harbor Springs, MI. 49740 231-526-3000 For further info go to The Lodge is Ski In and Ski Out with outdoor heated pool and hot tubs.
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Lake Tahoe Ski Trip
Schussmeisters Ski Club of Flint

Reserve by 2010-09-10 for weekend of 2011-02-26
Lake Tahoe viewed from the snow covered slopes of Heavenly is one of the most beautiful sites you may ever see. Even the pictures of this stunning landscape are breath taking but of course don't do the actual scene justice. We all have a limited number of winters to look forward to, don't miss out on a single one of them. Make this winter one that you will never forget. Visit and find out how you can join 59 other local ski/snowboard riders on a wonderful vacation.
. Price is 1,345.00. Location: Schussmeister Ski & Snowboard Club. Flint, MI. 810-691-7106 web Email .
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Al Gillespie

MDSC Spring Carnival Trip
Somerset Singles Social, Ski & Golf Club

Reserve by 2010-10-30 for Week end of 2011-03-04
2 Nights Lodging (Friday-Saturday) 2 Breakfasts,Saturday Dinner,Weekend Super Ticket,2 drinks and participation in Carnival GamesContact: Chris 586-949-2531
From 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Price is $243.00 per double. Location: Schuss Shanty Creek. Bellaire, MI. 49615 800-678-4111 for further info got ot www.sssgc.netTravel north on Interstate 75 to Grayling Exit onto M-72 westbound toward Kalkaska turn North take US 131 to Mancelona,M-8 to Shanty Creek.
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