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Coming Events January 17, 2005

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Yuck its January Party Fri Jan 21

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Joy of Sailing Seminar at Detroit Yacht Club Wed 1/19/2005

Somerset and Kirk at Bistro Bourdeau Wed 1/19/2005

Shoes of the Fisherman

Sailing Singles Dinner of the Month Thu 1/20/2005

Sailing Singles' Commodore guest of GPSC

Afterglow at Good Night Gracie'sThu 1/20/2005

Winter Wonderland Weekend

Pippen Wed 1/19/2005


Yuck its January Party Fri Jan 21

Somerset Singles Ski and Golf Club will be hosted by Kat Schatz and Bobby Z at the Avon Chateau Club House located at 2600 Auburn Road in Rochester Hills between Crooks and Adamas.

Kat can be reached at 586-739-8077 or on her cell at 248-909-7714 or at If you are planning to attend- contact her.

Activites will include cards and board games. If you have a favorite game, bring it. Snacks and beverages will be provided but Bring your own Booze.

The party will start at 7:30 pm

Directions:M59 to Crooks, TURN LEFT, Crooks to Auburn, turn right on Auburn, 1/4 mile on right. From I75/ to Crooks exit, turn right on crooks, to Auburn, turn Left, 1/4 mile on right. parking across from club house. Handicap parking at side of club house.

  • What can we do to make this newsletter more useful to you?
  • This is our third week, and possibly the last, presenting this survey and we are gaining some insight into your wishes. Keep the surveys comming.

    We have been publishing this newsletter every Monday since Memorial Day of 2004. and we have recieved many suggestions and submissions which have.

    Since this is the new year we want to encourage more people to sound off.

    Therfore, survey participants will be eligble for a drawing for a $10.00 Gift certificate to McCormick and Schmick's.This weeks winners were: Stan Freevile, Dorit Deneke, and Pam Busenhart and last week they were; Mary Ann Garback, Helene Padgett and Debbie Wojcik. All respondents will remain in the pool for next weeks drawing so you do not have submit another survey form.

    If you just want to make a suggestion, you can skip the identification information.

    Here is the survey...
  • Joy of Sailing Seminar at Detroit Yacht Club Wed 1/19/2005
  • Seminar #1: You Just Bought a Sailboat, What Can You Do With It?

    Sailing enthusiast Dr. David Coleman and his sailing friends will present a light-hearted potpourri of topics aimed at new sailboat ownership such as pleasure cruising, racing, and boat restoration. Each speaker will provide you with some interesting ideas on how you can get the most out of your new hobby and investment.

    Topics include:

    1. Small Boat Sailing as a Critical Training Component -
    2. Cruising Your Boat - Bob and Linda Cowles
    3. InterClub Racing - Jeff DeSandre (and the Firewater
    4. Local Racing - Paul Knietsch
    5. Career Racing - Ed Bayer
    6. Living on Your Boat - Margie Schnieder & Chuck
    7. Maintaining Your Boat - Paul Lee
    8. So, Sailing's not Your Thing, Committee Work - Al
    9. Restoring Your Vintage but Sexy Boat - Dave
    Dave and his crew will present these topics in an upbeat manner, allowing plenty of time for room discussion and questions. Note: Individual topics and speakers are subject to change.

    Seminar Date: Wednesday, January 19 Seminar Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Location: Detroit Yacht Club One RiverBank Road Belle Isle, MI 48207 (313) 824-1200 Costs: Free of Charge Attire: Please dress in typical business attire

    About Dr. David Coleman Dr. David Coleman is a Past Commodore (2003) of the Detroit Yacht Club, as well as the Detroit Boat Club and the Priem's Yachting Society. He learned to sail 26 years ago as part of the DYC Flying Scot program. He has subsequently chaired that program where he has served as an instructor for many years. Most of his boating time these days involves the restoration and occasional racing of his John Alden-designed Q- Boat HOPE. This 50' mahogany sloop was launched in 1929 and was overall winner of the Chicago-Macinac races in 1936 and 1938. While he has raced as crew in several Port Huron Macs, he is hoping to race HOPE in 2006 in a potential special historic class start. Professionally, Dave is Associate Chairman of the Wayne State University Chemistry Department and Director of the Scientific Instrumentation Facility. He is married to Patsy, has 3 children, and lives in Detroit's Indian Village.

    The Detroit Yacht Club The DYC is located on Belle Isle. Cross the Belle Isle bridge and follow Central Avenue through the middle of the island to Lakeside Dr. Lakeside Dr. will turn into Riverbank Road near the Yacht Club. Telephone: 313-824-1200.

    Note: The DYC will be offering refreshments for purchase at this seminar. Please observe the DYC's dress policy by wearing business casual to this seminar.

    The Next scheduled for Wednesday, January 26 at the Bayview Yacht Club. Join them for the seminar titled, "The Ins and Outs of Crewing", and learn how to become your race team's MVP. .

    Whether you are a seasoned sailor, a new sailboat owner, or just wondering what sailing is all about, the DRYA seminar series will be a fun and rewarding way to spend your winter Wednesday evenings. Plan on attending our next seminar and don't forget to bring your family and friends

    About the DRYA!

    The Detroit Regional Yacht-Racing Association (DRYA) was established in 1912 as the Detroit River Yachting Association by the Commodores of the Detroit Boat Club and the Detroit Yacht Club, Commodore Harry Austin and Commodore Harry Kendall, respectively. Originally founded to be a clearing board to assist local clubs in resolving conflicts with their individual summer regatta calendars, the DRYA is now a Michigan Corporation and a registered Non-profit organization.!

    Membership in the DRYA and one of its member clubs is a general requirement to sail your own boat in DRYA sanctioned races. Membership is not required to crew aboard racing vessels, although we recommend membership to stay informed of upcoming races and regattas. A temporary 'provisional membership' in the DRYA (valid for up to 12 months and non-renewable) will also allow you to compete in these races for one year. The intention behind this type of membership is that it allows you time to look at the various clubs and to make a reasoned decision as to which club best fits your needs. !

    The DRYA is hosting ten seminars, developed with the novice sailor in mind, between January 2005 and March 2005. These seminars are open to the public and are free of charge. Visit our website at for more information!


  • Somerset and Kirk at Bistro Bourdeau Wed 1/19/2005
  • Somerset Singles Ski and Golf Club and Kirk Singles will be meeting at Bistro Bourdeau Squirrel and Auburn Road in Auburn Hills (248-852-3410) on Wednesday Jan 19, 2005.

    Meet and Greet! Combat those long winter blues! Meet-and-Greet in the roomy lounge area, appetizers provided. Somerset Singles will be co-mingling.

  • Shoes of the Fisherman
  • The Story of the Sandals: When Dr. Kathleen Farrell* (President of Shoes of The Fisherman, Inc.) was in college, she was abducted by a stranger. During her captivity, without thinking about what she was saying, she repeated the 23rd Psalm out loud. Praise The Lord, she was released. How important were the words of the Psalm? Kathleen believes they saved her life and perhaps saved the soul of her abductor.

    "After my horrible experience, I thought about ways to spread the Good News. Then the idea came to me to cut out letters from an inner tube and glue them backwards to the bottom of sandals," Kathleen says. "When I walked from wet grass onto a wooden deck and the sandals left the words JESUS LOVES YOU all over, it was awesome. I knew God was directing a wonderful new way to proclaim His Love."

    Diabetic Charitable Services: The Shoes of The Fisherman sandals led the way to establishment of Diabetic Charitable Services. "The message of the sandals fired my imagination," says Jack Oberding, President of Diabetic Charitable Services (Shoes of The Fisherman's Vice President).

    Jack dreamed of seeing high school students wearing the sandals in locker rooms and college students wearing them in dorms, protecting their feet and proclaiming their faith. "I had a vision of all these college students taking their sandals with them on spring break to the beach. JESUS LOVES YOU was seen from sea to shining sea."

    In addition to this soul-saving message, and in keeping with our first mission of caring for those who made the sandals, Jack wanted the proceeds to help save lives, as well.

    About the sandals: "As I was thinking of more ways to reinforce goodness, God instructed me to cut out an old inner tube and glue the letters SUSEJ SEVOL UOY backwards onto the bottoms of sandals. When I was finished, it was raining. I walked outside and up onto a dry wooden deck and left JESUS LOVES YOU all over the deck. It was awesome, and I knew this was a wonderful new way to spread the good news."

    Make a difference... when someone needs it the most, he or she will see the footprints and know that they, too, may know the love of Jesus.

    We, a tiny St. Petersburg Florida company, are praying that our Shoes of The Fisherman® sandals will be one of the new ways Christians find to declare their love for Jesus.

    * Kathleen L. Farrell, Ph.D. has been a guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network.

  • Sailing Singles Dinner of the Month Thu 1/20/2005
  • Benedetto's Italiano Ristorante 15505 Fifteen Mile Road 586-790-1010

    January Dinner of the Month live entertainment (band/dancing) four people to a table one bill per table gratuity already added to bill


  • Sailing Singles' Commodore guest of GPSC
  • From left to right: John Chesney of Sailing Singles,Commodore Evie Douglas of Sailing Singles, Commodore Glory Schappe of Grosse Pointe Sail Club, Bob Schappe of Grosse Pointe Sail Club, and Peggy Jo.

    The Grosse Pointe Sail Club conducted their Commodore's Ball at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial on Saturday January 14, 2005. The GPSC is noted for sponsoring the Tuesday night races on lower Lake St. Clair all summer long.

  • Afterglow at Good Night Gracie'sThu 1/20/2005
  • For you go-getters, it's time to start planning ahead for next year with the first AfterGlow of 2005! The upcoming AfterGlow will be hosted Thursday, January 20th at Goodnite Gracie, in downtown Royal Oak, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Goodnite Gracie is located inside Washington Square Plaza at 222 S. Sherman St. in Royal Oak.

    This jazz and martini bar situated in downtown Royal Oak offers the perfect relaxed, dimly-lit atmosphere for business networking. Overstuffed couches, unique pub tables, and illuminated cigar humidors add to the bar's swanky decor.

    The Detroit AfterGlow is a local organization built to promote business growth in the Detroit area by bringing like-minded entrepreneurs and business professionals together in relaxed, upscale environments.

    Bolstered by a relaxed atmosphere in some of Detroit's coolest settings, AfterGlow is quickly becoming one of the most successful after-hours business networking events. The people at these events include company CEOs, presidents and other top decision makers, providing the perfect opportunity for you to meet your next client or even strike your next deal!

    Register here
  • Winter Wonderland Weekend
  • Snow, sliding skis,sleigh ride, sdipping, shopping, snoozing

    You must know where we're going-To the Terrace Inn, by Petoskey for Ski on a Shoestring Weekend. Set aside the last weekend in February for a winter weekend getaway at a bargain price.

    In all, 15 rooms have been reserved for Feb. 25, 26 and morning of 27th, eight of which have twin beds, others have one queen-size bed.

    Downhill skiers can go to nearby Boyne Mountain, Boyne Highlands or Nub's Nob. Cross country skiers have several options including Petoskey State Park. Shoppers have several options in Petoskey, Charlevoix, and Harbor Springs. Relaxers can just relax.

    If you are interested in going please contact Onita Fitz at 248-852-0698 to let her knowso we can track whether we meet the discount quota. The rooms have been set aside in the name of Pat Setter

    Evie Douglas.

    Total Weekend Price
    Standard Rooms $130 per person
    Deluxe Rooms $152 per person
    Not included Transportation and downhill lift tickets.

  • Pippen Wed 1/19/2005
  • The Mardi Gras type party scheduled for Wednesday January 19, 2005 will go on as planned but the Sailing Singles block of tickets were sold out on Friday. You can still contact the Baldwin theater for tickets.