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Coming Events January 30, 2006

in this issue

Gary Jobson At Bayview Wed Feb 8

Metropolitan Single Professionals Mon Jan 30

Thunderbirds Ski Club Mon Jan 30

Do a favor for your friend

Sailing Singles TUE January 31

"ROCK MY SOUL" Tue Jan 31

Navigating Your Way out of Trouble Wed Feb 1

Avalanche Ski Team THU January 25

GM Ski Club THU February 02

Arts & Scraps Fri Feb 03

Bethany Suburban West SAT February 04

Somerset Ski & Golf Club SUN February 05

Charity Event SUN February 05

Kirk Singles SUN Feb 05

Suite Dreams and Junior League of Birmingham Wed Feb 15

I love You, You're Perfect, Now Change Feb 3-5

Campus Martius Park in the Winter


Gary Jobson At Bayview Wed Feb 8

In the America’s Cup and sailing, no voice is better known that of Gary Jobson. A champion sailor and Cup-winning tactician, Gary is better known world- wide as the warmly admired television commentator for six Cup matches carried by ESPN, beginning in 1987 at Perth. In his commentaries, he meets the demands both of racing sailors and of landlubbers alike, giving sailors an insightful (and often controversial) view of what is happening on the race course while at the same time conveying the excitement and romance of the sport.

Gary caught the America’s Cup bug as a boy when he became mesmerized by two photographs of J Class Cup boats that were on display at his yacht club in Beachwood New Jersey. After college (where he was twice named College Sailor of the Year), he coached sailing at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and U.S. Naval Academy. He was tactician for Ted Turner on Courageous during the team's successful defense of the Cup in 1977 and also during the 1980 defender trials. In 1983, he was founder and tactician of the Courageous/Defender syndicate.

Gary became ESPN's sailing commentator in 1985. While covering the Cup and producing as many as 30 shows a year, he also has covered Olympic sailing for NBC, winning an Emmy Award for his work in Korea in 1988. He will again be covering sailing at the Athens Games in 2004. Author of 13 books on sailing, Gary is Editor-at-Large of Sailing World and Cruising World magazines. Over the past 25 years Jobson has delivered over 1,900 lectures around the world.

In 1999 the United States Sailing Association awarded Gary its most prestigious award, the Nathaniel G. Herreshoff Trophy, for his contributions to the sport of sailing. Here, we can give him our most prestigious award for his invaluable contribution to the America’s Cup.

This seminar will be held at Bayview Yacht Club 100 Clairpointe, Detroit , Mi 48215. there phone number is 313-822-1853

The Seminars are developed with the novice and recreational sailor in mind. These weekly seminars are designed to introduce the sport of sailing to non- sailors and to broaden the knowledge of newer sailors. They are free and open to the public. One need not belong to a club or the DRYA to attend. All Seminars start at 7:00 PM

Editors note: Even though the seminars are aimed at novices, many experienced sailors show up just to talk about sailing on a winter night at a nautical site..

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This newsletter is sent out each Monday morning and covers events of interest to active people . It attempts to publicize worthwhile events that do not receive adequate media attention.


Our Super Bowl Volunteers

In the photo from left to right wearing their "Superbowl XL Uniforms" are Elaine Garvin, Pat Elliott, Peggy Jo and Jim Willoughby.

Sailing Singles members, Pat Elliott, Elaine Garvin and Jim Willoughby show off their Super Bowl volunteer jackets to Peggy Jo at a recent happy hour. Elaine will be a goodwill ambassador in Oakland County and, if you look quickly, you may see her rushing the field during the Rolling Stones halftime show. Pat is also part of Super Bowl hospitality ambassadors team while Jim will help with the games during the Winter Blast.

Information about all of the events can be found here

You can reach an interactive map here

Marlene Solomon back in the hospital
Solomon. Past Commodore of Sailing Singles, is back in Troy Beaumont. Her room number is 4912 if you would like to send a card.


Cooking Safely in the Microwave Oven Microwave ovens can play an important role at mealtime, but special care must be taken when cooking or reheating meat, poultry, fish, and eggs to make sure they are prepared safely. Microwave ovens can cook unevenly and leave "cold spots," where harmful bacteria can survive. For this reason, it is important to use the following safe microwaving tips to prevent foodborne illness.

Microwave Oven Cooking
* Arrange food items evenly in a covered dish and add some liquid if needed. Cover the dish with a lid or plastic wrap; loosen or vent the lid or wrap to let steam escape. The moist heat that is created will help destroy harmful bacteria and ensure uniform cooking. Cooking bags also provide safe, even cooking.

* Do not cook large cuts of meat on high power (100%). Large cuts of meat should be cooked on medium power (50%) for longer periods. This allows heat to reach the center without overcooking outer areas.

* Stir or rotate food midway through the microwaving time to eliminate cold spots where harmful bacteria can survive, and for more even cooking.

* When partially cooking food in the microwave oven to finish cooking on the grill or in a conventional oven, it is important to transfer the microwaved food to the other heat source immediately. Never partially cook food and store it for later use.

* Use a food thermometer or the oven’s temperature probe to verify the food has reached a safe temperature. Place the thermometer in the thickest area of the meat or poultry—not near fat or bone— and in the innermost part of the thigh of whole poultry. Cooking times may vary because ovens vary in power and efficiency. Check in several places to be sure red meat is 160 °F, whole poultry is 180 °F, and egg casseroles are 160 ° F. Fish should flake with a fork. Always allow standing time, which completes the cooking, before checking the internal temperature with a food thermometer.

* Cooking whole, stuffed poultry in a microwave oven is not recommended. The stuffing might not reach the temperature needed to destroy harmful bacteria.

Microwave Defrosting * Remove food from packaging before defrosting. Do not use foam trays and plastic wraps because they are not heat stable at high temperatures. Melting or warping may cause harmful chemicals to migrate into food.

* Cook meat, poultry, egg casseroles, and fish immediately after defrosting in the microwave oven because some areas of the frozen food may begin to cook during the defrosting time. Do not hold partially cooked food to use later.

* Cover foods with a lid or a microwave-safe plastic wrap to hold in moisture and provide safe, even heating.

* Heat ready-to-eat foods such as hot dogs, luncheon meats, fully cooked ham, and leftovers until steaming hot.

* After reheating foods in the microwave oven, allow standing time. Then, use a clean food thermometer to check that food has reached 165 °F.

Containers & Wraps

* Only use cookware that is specially manufactured for use in the microwave oven. Glass, ceramic containers, and all plastics should be labeled for microwave oven use.

* Plastic storage containers such as margarine tubs, take-out containers, whipped topping bowls, and other one-time use containers should not be used in microwave ovens. These containers can warp or melt, possibly causing harmful chemicals to migrate into the food.

* Microwave plastic wraps, wax paper, cooking bags, parchment paper, and white microwave-safe paper towels should be safe to use. Do not let plastic wrap touch foods during microwaving.

* Never use thin plastic storage bags, brown paper or plastic grocery bags, newspapers, or aluminum foil in the microwave oven.

Sailing Singles Commodore at the DYC Commodore's Ball

Lyn King the Commodore of Sailing Singles pictured here with Larry Breskin, the Commodore of The Detroit Regional Yacht-Racing Association (DRYA), and Peggy Jo were at the Detroit Yacht Club's Officers Ball held at the DYC on Saturday January 28, 2006. Their Ball is one of the largest and lavish events that encompasses the entire club. It features many traditional events like a Grand March with a color guard.

Sailing Singles Flying Scot Program On Track
Onita Fitz, past commodore of Sailing Singles, says that the rumors of the Flying Scot program is defunct are not true. The committee is working on several plans.

  • Metropolitan Single Professionals Mon Jan 30
  • Everyone is welcome to join them for Cards. They have reserved the Main Lounge of Drakeshire Lanes 35000 Grand River Ave Farmington Hills , MI from 06:30 PM Member price $5 Guest Price $6

  • Thunderbirds Ski Club Mon Jan 30
  • The Thunderbird Ski / Snowboard Instructors offer Ski and Snowboard lessons at Mt. Brighton on Monday's starting at 6:00 P.M.:, January 8th through March, weather permitting. Discounted lift tickets for the evening and equipment rental is available on site. The instructor's host social gathering during the instructional season, so checkout the Thunderbird Ski Club's "Towline" for details, which are available at the club's meetings or visit their website. Mt. Brighton Ski Area , from 06:00 PM

  • Do a favor for your friend
  • A friend asks you how to perform some kind of computer task. You agree to show them how and they say "let me write this down" and they proceed to record each click of the mouse and each keystroke on pad of paper. When finished they are grateful.

    Some time later you ask them how they are doing and they say "I followed the directions, that we wrote, exactly and it did not work. I tried two or three times and I just became so frustrated the I shut the computer down and I have not been on it for the past week."

    Do that person a favor and let them know about the Basic Computer Usage Class covered later in this newsletter.

    You can get a copy of the Sign Up sheet here, print it out and they can mail it in or they can go to the sign up site at ml to get it for themselves. They can also enroll online at this site.

  • Sailing Singles TUE January 31
  • Sailing singles will conduct their Dinner of the Month at Peabody's Restaurant Birmingham, MI Starting at 6:30 Contact Bonnie Miller 313-538-7222

  • "ROCK MY SOUL" Tue Jan 31
  • A very special, high-energy production, "ROCK MY SOUL," will be presented here in Detroit during Super Bowl Week The venue is the DIA's Film Theater, and tickets are just $15 ( -- one performance only, 7:30 pm Tuesday, January 31. ROCK MY SOUL is a collaboration of The Arts League of Michigan and Mosaic Youth Theater -- supported by the National Football League to kick-off Black History Month. The production chronicles nine influential periods in the development and evolution of African American music -- including African drumming, gospel, rock and Hip Hop -- a production that bridges history and generations.

  • Navigating Your Way out of Trouble Wed Feb 1
  • From the DRYA:
    Navigating, whether while pleasure cruising or racing, is a must. You never know when your electronics will burn up, leaving you stranded in unfamiliar waters. Learn how to read your charts quickly and confidently and "dead reckon" your way into a new harbor.

    This seminar is hosted by the Grosse Pointe Sail Club and will be held at the Tompkins Center located in Windmill Pointe Park in Grosse Pointe Park starting at 7:00 PM

  • Avalanche Ski Team THU January 25
  • An organization of professional alpine ski coaches and alpine guides. Contact : Paul Garrison 517-861-9646 Mt. Brighton Ski Area , Meet in the Lounge after 09:00 PM

  • GM Ski Club THU February 02
  • The GM Ski Club will hold their Monthly Meeting at Warrilow's Bar 2140 Hilton Rd Ferndale, MI 248-545- 5861 The meeting area is a Smoke Free Environment. Please refrain from smoking 07:00 PM to

  • Arts & Scraps Fri Feb 03
  • Super Bowl VIP Family Workshop: Rock 'n Roll Contact : Cari, 313-640-4411

    Arts & Scraps recycles industrial scraps into affordable creative and learning materials. You're invited to join Super Bowl VIPs from around the country at this family workshop. You never know who you will meet! Create 3 projects using rhythm, music and movement. Play with the results immediately! They then visit our center and stuff a bag with recycled scraps, choosing from over 300 items. Ages 2 and up with an adult. Adults can join the workshop and play or watch.

    Arts & Scraps 16135 Harper Detroit, MI 313-640- 4411 email address is web site is Exit I-94 at Cadieux (#223); turn south. Immediately turn right on Harper. Go a few miles. Look for the wrought iron fence on the right

    from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM price $8.00

  • Bethany Suburban West SAT February 04
  • Monthly Dance at St Robert Bellarmine Parish Hall, 2701 W. Chicago Rd. Redford starting at 08:00 PM Member price $10.00 Guest Price $10.00

  • Somerset Ski & Golf Club SUN February 05
  • Superbowl Party bring a dish to pass, and whatever you want to drink (mandatory) Coffee, soft drinks and ice will be supplied. bring a folding chair (there will be some chairs there). We will also be selling squares. Contact : Rosalie Walsh 586-783

  • Charity Event SUN February 05
  • Super Bowl Party Fundraiser & Texas Hold'Em Tournament to Support Kiwanis Charities & Miracle Network The $20 admission charge includes Food, Beer & TV Raffle Ticket. There is a $50 charge to play in the Texas Hold'em Tournament

    For information and Game rules contact Vito Marches 586-877-7090 For tickets & reservations contact DeCarlo's Sales Office 586-759-6500 The first prize in the Texas Hold'em Tournament is $500

    DeCarlo's Banquet & convention Center 6015 E. 10 Mile Warren, MI

  • Kirk Singles SUN Feb 05
  • Join us for our annual Superbowl Hoopla! Spacious private room with seven TV's reserved. H'ors d'oeuvres buffet & pizza included. Card playing optional. Canned and dry goods for donation to the Food Bank are welcome. Contact : Stan 248-698-2300

    Bo's Brewery 51 N. Saginaw St. Pontiac, MI 248-338- 6200 Corner of Huron and Saginaw

    from 04:00 PM to 10:00 PM price $13 prepay/$15 door

  • Suite Dreams and Junior League of Birmingham Wed Feb 15
  • Suite Dreams and Junior League of Birmingham. Suite Dreams aims to help families with children that have terminal diseases and improve their quality of life. Junior League of Birmingham, Michigan, Inc. (JLB) is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

    This project is an Xtreme Home Make-over for a family that the mother has MS and one of their daughters has Cystic Fibrosis. The father has been overwhelmed for a long time trying not only to work full time, but also care for his two daughters and ill wife.

    We are anticipating beginning the project the week of February 6. It may change slightly a day or two.

    This project will have 3 phases: -Clearing the house out: removing all contents of the house, tear down wall paper, rip up carpet etc. -Prep house: electrical work, plumbing, heating & cooling, lay flooring/carpet, paint etc -Install: place furniture, accessories and decor

    How to get involved: -Volunteer your time working at the house: tearing down wall paper, ripping up carpet, cleaning & organizing, assembling furniture, painting, running errands to pick up supplies etc.

    -Shop Purchase an item: the family has registered at Target. Any item can be purchased at Target store or online at all items are necessities for the kitchen, bathrooms and bedding essentials. When trying to access the registry you will need the following:
    Bride's Name: SUITE DREAMS
    Bride's last Name: TROY PROJECT
    Event Date: FEBRUARY 15
    State: MI

    -Solicit In Kind Donations: We will be getting a list of items or professional services that we need to find at a discounted rate or donated. If you know somebody who could help or you're willing to solicit businesses for the items or services. A few examples are Dumpsters/ removal service, appliances, electronics, lumber, toilets, furniture, bedding essentials, lamps, electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc.

    Any questions can be directed to:
    Kim Zimmerman 248-705-2308

  • I love You, You're Perfect, Now Change Feb 3-5
  • Showtimes Thur, Fri and Sat 8:00 PM Sunday 2:00 PM
    The Baldwin Theater 415 S. Lafayette Ave Royal Oak, MI 248-541-6430

    It's all about that crazy little thing called LOVE! This witty, romantic musical explores, with a satirical eye, the journey from dating and waiting to love and marriage. Six actors take on the lives of multiple characters as they discover the truths and myths of dealing with the opposite sex. The show delves into dating, romance, infidelity, husbands, wives and the in-laws.This show will have you laughing and singing even after you leave the theatre!Mature themes. Language.

  • Campus Martius Park in the Winter
  • The Rink at Campus Martius Park (313) 963-9393 RINK HOURS: (Please note Rink hours will change January 2)
    Monday - Thursday 11am - 10pm
    Friday 11am - Midnight
    Saturday 10am - Midnight
    Sunday 12pm - 8pm

    Adults 13 Years to 49 Years $7
    Children 12 Years and younger $6
    Seniors 50 Years and Older $6
    Skate Rental $3
    Shoe Check available for people with their own skates $2
    Skate Sharpening $5

  • Basic Computer Usage Class (Anti-Frustration)
  • Basic Computer Usage

    28600 Southfield Suite 103
    Lathrup Village, Mi 48076
    February 7, 14, 21 2006

    If you are an experienced computer user, pass this on to someone who is struggling.

    This course is directed to the beginner and also those who have been using their computer with frustration because they have leap-frogged the basics. The less one knows the better! It will be conducted in a question and answer mode after some basic terminology and concepts are explained. Students will work online with computers connected to the Internet. Students will be invited to bring their laptops if they are equipped with wireless access otherwise they will use a computer on site.

    We will teach you how to use your computer to do what you want to do. We will expose you to the power of the Internet but we will not overwhelm you with information you do not need to know to perform your tasks.

    The course will start by explaining some of the terms used in the information technology field and will answer individual student’s questions about these terms

    The various browsers and their similarities will be demonstrated. We will even teach you what a browser is! The different email programs will be discussed with the students using their own programs

    Students will learn how to send and receive email, add attachments, add photos and organize their mail and their contacts

    They will also learn how to browse the web, select favorites or bookmarks.

    Ebay and other auction sites will be explored and the questions that the students ask will drive the content of the course.

    The class will be conducted in the computer laboratory of Global Information Technology located at 28600 Southfield Road, in Lathrup Village just south of 12 mile road on the east side of Southfield.

    The class will meet on Tuesday February 7, from 2:00 PM til 4:00 PM, Tuesday February 14 from 2:00 PM til 4:00 PM and on Tuesday February 21 from 2:00 PM till 4:00 PM the cost for the three sessions is $60.00

    Enroll here

  • Florida Home on a Canal for rent
  • Many people have looked at the house which is listed on GrayBay, unfortunately it was marked as closed. She has re-listed the rental and if you are interested go to the auction site and let her know.

    Newly refurbished home, granite counters and new appliances in kitchen. 2 Bedroom, 2 bath with a dock on a 25 foot deep canal in New Port Richey, Florida.. 45 minutes North of Tampa, and 1 hour 45 minutes to DisneyWorld. Rent is $1500 a month December, January February. See it here