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Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter
"A Newsletter to Embrace Life and to Encourage both singles and couples Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally to be Active which brings Good Health"
Issue # 232 March 10, 2008

" He mocks those who mock, but gives favor to the humble."
Proverbs 3:34

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Let the St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Begin!!!

Duggans In The photo above are (from left to right) Royal Oak City Commisioner, Michael Andrzejak, Peggy Jo, Rebecca Theriault, Christine Gloss and Marty O'Neill.

The photo was taken at Duggan's on Woodward during the Royal Oak - Ferndale fundraising challenge to support the Oakland County St. Patrick's Day parade. Mike Andrzejak represented Royal Oak in the Challenge and Marty O'Neill. represented Ferndale.

Oakland County Parade

The Parade is returning to Royal Oak and will start at 11:00 AM on Saturday March 15, 2008. It will begin on Washington at The Royal Oak Middle School (the old Dondero High School) and will proceed south on Washington to Seventh Street .

Bring your chairs, blankets and ice fishing shanties to watch the pipers and other marchers strut down the avenue. This is great for kids of all ages.


50th Anniversary St. Patricks Day Parade

Everyone is Welcome! Please come down to Michigan Avenue and Celebrate!

Sponsored by the United Irish Societies in metro Detroit for fifty years, the Parade always convSt' Patricks Parade 2008enes the Sunday prior to March 17th and promptly steps off at 2:00 P.M. sharp.

The Parade route is along Michigan Avenue in the area known as "Corktown", so designated for its history as home to many early arriving immigrants from Ireland and specifically, County Cork. The Parade covers a dozen or so blocks and passes historic Tiger Stadium and the Gaelic League/Irish American Club.

Persons, Groups, Societies, Bands, Marching Groups, Novelty Groups, or others who may be interested in participating should feel free to contact the United Irish Societies for details as to the application process, fees, rules, and regulations.

The United Irish Societies determine the numbers of participants and the composition of the Parade.

University of California Study:Daylight Saving Time actually raises utility bills

It's official: Daylight Saving Time is a bust. Designed (and recently extended) as a measure to save energy in a period of inflated electricity prices, an in-depth University of California study has now shown that DST doesn't save anyone any money at all. In fact, it's costing consumers extra, to the tune of $3.19 in extra utility bills per year.
The study was made possible because of the peculiarities of the state of Indiana, which was only partially on DST until 2006. When the whole state finally went DST (to sync with the national business day), some comparisons vs. the prior method were made apparent. The study calculated that the shift costs Indiana residents an extra $8.6 million in electricity bills in total.
Why? Shouldn't they be, well, saving daylight -- and burning fewer light bulbs?
They are, said the study. But while lighting bills were reduced, air-conditioning units had to run more often, because people were home on hot afternoons when they'd otherwise be still at the office. Heaters had to be run on cool mornings, too, when people got up and it was still dark outside.
Professor Matthew Kotchen, who pioneered the study, noted, "I've never had a paper with such a clear and unambiguous finding as this."
This isn't the first time the energy-saving rationale of Daylight Saving Time has been attacked. The first was in 1976, when the National Bureau of Standards found that there was no significant energy savings after the switch. The recent expansion of DST to a few extra weeks was also revealed to have saved no energy during its run. And yet here we are...
In related news, it was also revealed that Daylight Saving Time actually creates no additional daylight.

Click here for interesting information

From the Detroit Free Press
New schedule does bring important energy saving

This morning, we practiced the annual rite of spring -- moving our clocks ahead one hour in observance of daylight saving time. It may seem a little early to spring forward, but today marks the second year of observing an additional month of DST. (We used to spring forward the first Sunday in April and fall back the last Sunday in October. Now we spring forward on the second Sunday in March and fall back on the first Sunday in November.)
In 2005, as Congress was preparing a comprehensive energy package, we took a close look at a number of pragmatic approaches to conserve energy -- one of which was extending daylight saving time.
Following the 1973 Arab oil embargo, Congress extended DST for two years in hopes of saving additional energy. The U.S. Department of Transportation closely studied the results of this extension. Based on consumption figures for 1974 and 1975, the department reported that extending daylight time in March and April saved the equivalent of 100,000 barrels of oil each day, or approximately 1% of the nation's energy consumption.
In 2005, I authored the four-week extension of daylight saving time with my colleague Ed Markey, D-Mass., that was ultimately included in the energy package that President George W. Bush signed into law that summer. We based the extension on sound science -- closely examining the Department of the Navy's sun tables to determine that a four-week extension would maximize our nation's energy savings.
Today, you cannot log on to the Internet, pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV without seeing a story about energy conservation. But daylight saving time's conservation roots can be traced back to the colonial days of Benjamin Franklin, when it was first proposed to conserve candles.
Fast forward to today. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy estimates that the cumulative benefit of the four-week extension through 2020 will be a saving of approximately $4.4 billion and a reduction of carbon emissions by 10.8 million metric tons, cutting harmful greenhouse gases.
How does extending DST conserve energy? For one, extended daylight during the evening hours will help keep heating costs down. As a nation, the more daylight we have at our disposal during the waking hours, the less electricity we use.
Not only is extending daylight saving time an issue of conservation, it is also one of safety. Studies by a leading auto safety group have shown that extending daylight saving will save dozens of lives on our nation's roads each year. Most accidents occur at dusk, but with the extended DST, our kids will have returned home from school and many folks will have completed their evening commute by sundown.
Throughout Michigan, we have felt the wrath of Old Man Winter for what has seemed like an eternity. But now, with daylight saving time upon us, in addition to the benefits of energy savings, less crime, fewer traffic fatalities, more recreation time and increased economic activity, the days will soon be a little brighter with the spring thaw right around the corner.
U.S. REP. FRED UPTON, R-St. Joseph, represents Michigan's 6th Congressional District, which covers the southwest corner of the Lower Peninsula.

From The Detroit Free Press:

Extended daylight saving time should be reset -- it doesn't save energy

March 9, 2008
A little groggier than usual this morning? Feel like you lost something overnight?
You did. An hour. Welcome back to daylight saving time -- and if it feels as if it just ended, well, it did, last November. We have just cycled through our first year with DST in effect for eight months in yet another government policy intended to save energy, which it doesn't.
What it will do, for the next month or so, is keep sending kids out in the dark to wait for the school bus, make them less alert for the first hour of class and, as evening daylight keeps getting longer, less inclined to come inside to do homework or study.
Farmers don't like it much, nor do early morning exercisers and all those people who never seem to really wake up until daylight is coming in through the windows. The later switch in the fall also means little trick-or-treaters miss the fun of setting out on Halloween in the dark.
However, backers of the extended DST will tell you that even if it doesn't conserve energy, it's still a plus for the economy, because more people are out doing more things -- and spending money -- when daylight lasts longer into the evening. The law of unintended consequences: A plan to save energy and money does neither, but could be good for the economy. It probably helps coffee sales.
The idea behind DST goes back to one of America's great idea guys, Benjamin Franklin. The writer, politician and inventor of bifocals, the Franklin stove and the flexible urinary catheter advanced in 1784 the idea of changing the time to make more use of daylight and save on candles. The United States tried it off and on a few times before making daylight saving time -- "spring forward, fall back" -- the law of the land in 1966, with DST in effect for the six warmer months and standard time for the other half of the year. DST was imposed year-round during the Arab oil embargo of the early 1970s, and its start date was moved permanently to early April in 1986.
In 2006, Congress put the country on the current schedule, springing forward on the second weekend in March and back on the first weekend in November. The limited research to date shows more energy use as a result. Lights may be on less, but heat and air-conditioning, which cost more than illumination, are used more.
Two researchers from the University of California-Santa Barbara reviewed 7 million electric bills covering three years in southern Indiana counties that did not go on DST until 2006. They found a 1% to 4% increase in electricity use, and a concurrent increase in pollution from electric plants.
"We find that the longstanding rationale for DST is questionable, and that, if anything, the policy seems to have the opposite of its intended effect," says the report from Matthew Kotchen and Laura Grant. But the researchers also say a full evaluation of DST has to include the benefits of recreational opportunities, public safety and economic growth that come with longer evening daylight. You can read their preliminary report at Unfortunately, while Congress requires a study of the impact of extended DST, the law stretching it did not build a "sunset" into the change. So America is stuck with it indefinitely. It's public policy that will not work as intended and has potentially bad consequences. Two years ought to be time enough to see that and return the country to a half-year of DST and a half-year of standard time.
If not, then let's change DST to what it has become, standard time, and call the November-through-February period what it now is: daylight shortened time.

The days to change time

Time change dates and effect for 2008





Saturday, March 8

6:55 a.m.

6:31 p.m

11 hrs, 35 mins.

Sunday, March 9

7:54 a.m.

7:32 p.m.

11 hrs, 38 mins.

Saturday, Nov. 1

8:06 a.m.

6:25 p.m.

10 hrs. 18 mins.

Sunday, Nov. 2

7:08 a.m.

5:24 p.m.

10 hrs. 16 mins.



From our readers:

Hi Peggy Jo..

Congratulations, and thanks, to all of you for your help in pushing the Children's Hospital of Detroit over the top by 34.96% to 33.15% for second place Houston. 
Also, the additional good news is that all Hospitals included in the vote get a Children's Fun center, with the Detroit winner receiving two.  Kudos' to Colgate and you voters!!!

Bill Wood

Editors Note: The above is in regard to the voting for Children's hospital in order for them to get a play center

Repeat publication of this email:

Dear Peggy Jo,

I had sent you an email about the jazz fund raiser for mosquito bed nets for the Congo. 

 I'm a grad student, and this project grew out of my work with UNA-DRC (United Nations Assoc. of Dem Rep of Congo).  UNAs are different from UN orgs in that they are associations of people, not government officials.

I've been working relentlessly on the bed net project since December. 

All concert proceeds would go for the nets - no middle management fees. (UNA-DRC is funded by donations - it's not a government organization.)  So, I'm unable to advertise this event without the help of agencies like yours.

If you would look at the website and do some reading, and then had questions, I would be pleased to answer them.

I'm pretty much pleading for some help to get the jazz event advertised.  All the musicians are donating their time.  (Cliff Monear, Barbara Ware, George Benson, Nick Calandro, Sean Dobbins, and Nicole New.)

Thank you,

Diane Western

This is an old email that we are publishing to get some answers.

Peggy Jo,
I have a Son and Daughter in their early to mid 30’s. Both are single.
They are attractive professionals and are  grounded emotionally. My Son is a computer center IT  Professional and my daughter has degrees in InteriorDesign from WSU-Detroit.   They are both keeping busy with their careers. Most of their peers are married and raising a family. I’m sure they are very aware of this.

You provide an excellent resource for people their parent’s age.  I’m curious, where do people their age go to meet single professionals
like themselves?  Are their ‘singles organizations’ for their age group like there are for their parent   

Their proud Father
Ps Hoping to be a Grandfather one day


Let us know know which places and what activities interest your 30 year olds !!

Peggy Jo

Peggy Jo:
I used to be officer/director with the Thunderbird Ski Club -  a great organization.
No longer a member but occasionally attend a gathering here and there.
This Club is run by wonderful and generous people.
I enjoy your circulation,
Kind regards

Dear Tracy,

Who should we contact in the Thunderbirds Ski Club to get more information?

Peggy Jo

Mon. Mar. 10 Events

If you are an IT Professional and are interested in organizing a UML study group call 248-514-1937

Metropolitan Single Professionals

MON 2008-03-10
Social euchre. No smoking on Mondays. Come anytime from 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm. $6 non members, $5 members .
Starts at 6:30 PM..Location: Drakeshire Lanes Lounge . 35000 Grand River, Farmington Hills, MI. 48335 .
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Bethany East

MON 2008-03-10
Walking:Meet at the benches near Kohl's in the mall. Contact: Eileen (586) 777-0530. .
Starts at 6:30 PM..Location: Macomb Mall. 32233 Gratiot Ave, Roseville, MI. .

Bethany East

MON 2008-03-10
VOLLEYBALL: White sole tennis shoes only. No smoking or eating on the premises, including the parking lot. If anyone is caught smoking, they will terminate the use of the gym. Contact: Rick (586) 784-5348. .
Starts at 8:30 PM..Location: Eppler Junior High. 45461 Brownell, Utica, MI.

Monday Night Dancers

MON 2008-03-10
Singles & Couples Dance Lessons: Beginners 5:30, Intermediate 6:30, Dance Party 7:30-10:30. No dance partner needed. Lessons $5, Dance Party $6. Snacks included. Big Band, Latin, Swing, Fox trot, Waltz, Polka. Contact 313-295-1134
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Father Patrick O'Kelley K of C. 23663 Park St., Dearborn, MI.

" Your heart just breaks, that's all. But you can't judge, or point fingers. You just have to be lucky enough to find someone who appreciates you.\”
Audrey Hepburn

Tue. Mar. 11 Events

Success Institute

An evening of powerful revelation and transformation, as we share God's word for your success
Teaching by the well known motivational speakers Doug Firebaugh and his wife Jode.
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Troy Community Center 3179 Livernois Troy, MI 248-524-3181
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Make a difference this year--- Send an unexpected card every day! Send Out Cards (click here)

Metropolitan Single Professionals

TUE 2008-03-11
VOLLEYBALL DROP-IN EVERY TUESDAY . New players welcome. Nets will be Designated: Upper Intermediate in the Gym and Competitive in the Field house. .
Starts at 6:45 PM. Price is $6.Location: Bloomfield Hills Middle School. 4200 Quarton Rd. (16 Mile), Bloomfield , MI. Just West of Telegraph .
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Century Dancers

TUE 2008-03-11
Live Band Ballroom Dancing. (This is not the Polish American Cultural Center which is nearby)
Starts at 7:00 PM. Price is $8.00.Location: American-Polish Century Club. Just north of Fourteen Mile on the east side of Maple Lane, across from Maple Lane Golf Course. Maple Lane Road becomes an extension of Hoover at Fourteen Mile Road. Polish-American Century Club, just north of Fourteen Mile.

Somerset Ski & Golf Club

TUE 2008-03-11
General Meeting. Dancing to a DJ after the Meeting. Come early for Spaghetti or Dinner in the Elk's Club Dining Room. Wear Green for St. Patrick's Day.
Starts at 7:30 PM. Member Price is $4 and guest price is $6.Location: Troy Elks Club. 1451 East Big Beaver, Troy, MI, between Rochester Road and John R. on the north side of the street.

Wed. Mar. 12 Events

Hugh NcLean Add

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You're invited to Stage 3 Productions

WED 2008-03-12
We have a new TV show that will begin broadcasting on My TV20, every Friday night at 1am, starting March 14th. This is exciting! Other than the local news, this is the first locally produced TV show in the Detroit market since Kelly & Company! We will host vintage B horror and sci-fi movies every week on Wolfman Mac's Nightmare SINema. There's no scare, just schlock. Wolfman Mac and his creepy cast, perform corny vignettes during the showing of such classics as, The house on Haunted Hill, The Night of The Living Dead, etc... This type of no-budget entertainment hasn't been seen since the days of The Ghoul, Sir Graves, and Count Scary. This is an opportunity to come out and meet our professional cast and crew out of costume, see our newly built sets, and even do a little bit of networking with local business owners, agencies, film makers, animators, etc...We're going to make this fun! Before we go to air, we really want the public to see that this is a real TV show, with professional sound and lighting, a team of writers and actors, taped in a professional studio instead of a dark basement. Please take a moment to let us know how many people you are going to bring. We want to make sure we have enough refreshments on hand for all. Call with any questions.
From 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM..Location: Stage 3 Productions. 27500 Donald, Warren, MI. 48092
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Christian Dior Fashion Show

WED 2008-03-12
Fashion Show. Proceeds Benefit The Lighthouse. Christian Dior & 98.7 Smoth Style Beauty Bash .
From 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Price is $45.Location: Sheraton Novi. 21111 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI. 48375 .

Metropolitan Single Professionals

WED 2008-03-12
VOLLEYBALL - EVERY WEDNESDAY. LEAGUES & LESSONS -Sign-Up Today, We welcome new players. .
Starts at 6:45 PM. Price is $6.Location: Bloomfield Hills Middle School. 4200 Quarton Rd. (16 Mile), Bloomfield , MI. Just West of Telegraph .

Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association

WED 2008-03-12
Dark Secrets of the Race Committee (Sailing Instructions & The Rest of the Rule Book) True, the first time you see a sailboat race, you may think it's too complicated and chaotic (it can be both). Here again, the organization and running of a sailboat race follows a strict formula that all racers – skippers and crew – need to understand. Join us for an evening with Jim Rodgers, from whose wealth of experience we will learn about the other side of racing – the Race Committee’s – with its list of officials and rules that make it all happen. On Wednesday, March 12 at 7:00 pm join us at the Ford Yacht Club (FYC). The Ford Yacht Club is located at 29500 South Pointe Road, Grosse Ile, Michigan. The office telephone is (734) 676-8422. Also, members of the DRYA clubs will be on hand to discuss their club membership and their racing and sailing instruction programs.
The DRYA seminars are developed with the novice and recreational sailor in mind. These weekly Wednesday night seminars are designed to introduce the sport of sailing to non-sailors and to broaden the knowledge of newer sailors. They are FREE and open to the public. One need not belong to a club or the DRYA to attend. All seminars start at 7:00pm. These seminars are an excellent way to meet boat owners, crew members, and other people interested in sailing & racing
Starts at 7:00 PM. Price is No Charge.Location: Ford Yacht Club 29500 South Pointe Road Grosse Ile, Michigan 734-676-8422

Classical and Jazz Music Event

WED 2008-03-12
Spencer Barefield & Friends with Don Mayberry (bass) and Djallo Djakate (drums)Great jazz and soul food. Special guests each week. .
Starts at 8:00 PM..Location: Baker's Keyboard Lounge. 20510 Livernois Detroit, Detroit, MI. 48221 Web site is .

The Scarab Club

WED 2008-03-12
BROWN BAG LUNCH Join us for an informal, bring-your-own luncheon of conversation and fun in the second floor lounge.
Starts at 12:00 PM..Location: The Scarab Club. 217 Farnsworth, Detroit, MI. 313-831-1250

Royal Oak Computer Club

WED 2008-03-12
Weekly Meeting
Starts at 12:30 PM. Price is $1.Location: Leo Mahany/Harold Meininger Senior Community Center. 3500 Marais , Royal Oak, MI. (248)246-3900 . North of 13 Mile Rd, just south of Lexington Blvd, east of Crooks Rd

" Getting wisdom is the most important thing you can do! And whatever else you do, get good judgment."
Proverbs 4:7

Thu. Mar. 13 Events

If you are an IT Professional and are interested in organizing a UML study group call 248-514-1937

Inforum- A Professional Women's Alliance

THU 2008-03-13
Dr Barbara FisherWe often let sleep take a low position in our list of priorities. Many women suffer from sleep disorders and never seek a professional's care when the treatments available are simple and usually require no medication at all.

Find out how you can beat these odds and snooze better so you don't lose at work or home during a mini-sleep workshop presented by medically acclaimed Dr. Barbara Fisher, neuropsychologist. (Registration includes hors d'oeuvre s and wine.)

This event is presented in partnership with The Community House "Influential Women Series."

Twelve million people have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, heart problems and sleep deprivation. An estimated 40 to 50% of those individuals diagnosed with congestive heart failure suffer from a sleep disordered breathing problem; effective treatment is estimated to negate 12,600 vascular events in men per year in the United States.

Dr. Fisher will teach you how to wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed without medication.

Barbara Fisher, Ph.D., is the author of numerous books and articles and speaks extensively throughout the U.S. on sleep disorders and other disorders. She is the founder and managing director of the United Psychological Services, a multidisciplinary clinic that provides testing and diagnosis and support for individusals with a number of neuropshchological distorders.
For more information, click here
From 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM..Location: Birmingham Community House. 380 South Bates Street, Birmingham, MI. 48009 Web site is
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

The Institute Of Empowerment

THU 2008-03-13
Presented by Scott Harris and Barbara Jean Harris

Learn why people all across the globe have plugged in to Life Coaching! Experience what Professional Life Coaching is and how you can use it to transform your life. You will meet your future self, get a peak at your personal Wheel Of Life and observe a live mini-coaching session as well as engaging in other insightful activities. There will also be a question and answer segment. See you there-- bring a friend!

OTHER TOPICS: Who is Scott Harris and Barbara Jean Harris, "Compulsive No More" class and Workbook, How Life Coaching can help you overcome addictions, future day long workshops, and sign up for a free 30 minute "Sample Session".

Beverages and snacks will be provided
From 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Price is Free.Location: 1000 Town Center. Southfield , MI. 48075 The main training room located on the 2nd floor. Meeting room provided by 5/3rd Bank and Lance Petway .

Bethany Rochester

THU 2008-03-13
Divorce Revovery Workshop to register call Mike 248-652-3860 .
Starts at 7:30 PM..Location: St Ireneaus Catholic Church. 771 Old Perch Road, Rochester Hills, MI. 48309 .

Single Place

THU 2008-03-13
Thursday Night Programs offer a variety of speakers, panels and entertainment. Social time is 7:30pm to 7:45 pm. Opening is 7:45pm to 8:00pm and program is 8:00PM to 9:00PM.
Starts at 7:30 PM. Price is $5.Location: First Presbyterian Church. 200 East Main Street, Northville, MI. 248-349-0911.

Ann Arbor Ski Club

THU 2008-03-13
Club Meeting. Need not be a member. Informational meeting. Refreshments and DJ after. .
Starts at 8:00 PM..Location: Cobblestone Farm Center. 2781 Packard, Ann Arbor, MI. 48108 .

Windsor Ski Club

THU 2008-03-13
Monthly Club Meeting.New members are welcome. Just ring the buzzer and come on in. Dom's Kitchen is running specials so arrive early and feed your hunger prior to the meeting. .
Starts at 8:00 PM..Location: Royal Canadian Legion Col.E.S.Wigle Riverside Br.255. 5645 Wyandotte St. E., Windsor, On. N8S 1M4 .

Selective Singles Social Club

THU 2008-03-13
Begin your day with good friends and good food . Non-members welcome. Bring a friend. Rosemary at 313.881.3934 .
Starts at 9:00 AM. Order off menu .Location: Cracker Barrel. 30750 Little Mack Ave, Roseville, Mi. 48066

PWP- Rochester

THU 2008-03-13
Weekly Dance. Our very own TJ the DJ plays TOP 40 and Your requests.
Starts at 7:00 PM. Member Price is $4 and guest price is $8.Location: Rivercrest,Avon Rd. between Rochester & Livernois.

Fri. Mar. 14 Events

Make a difference this year--- Send an unexpected card every day! Send Out Cards (click here)

Pi Day 2008 Party Starts at 1:59 -- Archimedes of Syracuse
¶ = 3.14159

PWP- Rochester

FRI 2008-03-14
Dinner and a play at Ridgedale .Call Dan Platz at (248) 882-7700 or Sal (248) 280-0244.
From 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM..Location: Kim's Palace. Long Lake Rd. east of Livernois.
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Glass City Singles

FRI 2008-03-14
Glass City Singles offer, two great events on March 14th. First it is our Stars Speak night with Janet Amid. Packed into the same night it will be singles dance green night, as we celebrate St Patrick’s Day. All Ladies Wearing Total Green will be admitted for $6.00 until 9:00 p.m. along with other surprise. Your evening Start with dance instruction in line at 6:30 p.m. with Betty and social dance instruction with Raymond and Betty at 7:30 p.m. and the singles dance at 8:30 p.m. until 12:00 a.m.
From 6:30 PM to 12:00 AM..Location: Glass City Boardwalk. 27820 East Broadway, East Toledo, OH. (it’s only 3 miles off I-75 on 795 get off at Exit 6 and turn left on Broadway go down about three blocks it’s located on the east or left hand side of the road with a lighted sign in front).

Bethany Rochester

FRI 2008-03-14
Co-ed Volleyball C.K. Diggs after. Contact Michelle 248-625-7431 .
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: St. Andrew Gym. 1234 Inglewood, Rochester , MI. 48307 2 blocks East of Rochester Rd between Parkdale and Tienken located behind Baumgarten Parish Center .

Detroit Institute of Arts Friday Night Programs

FRI 2008-03-14
Fine Arts Fridays (Second Friday): Classical music, an “Insiders View” with DIA curators providing art insight, and drop-in workshops.
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Detroit Institute of Arts 5200 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 313.833.7900 More here

Bethany South

FRI 2008-03-14
General Meeting .Learn a couple of line dances or watch and/or play games. Contact Judy at 313-389-4730 or Linda at 734/934-9426. PLEASE BRING A NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEM FOR ST. PAT'S FOOD PANTRY .
Starts at 7:30 PM. Price is $3.Location: St. Patrick's Church (Daughherty Hall). 140 Superior, Wyandotte, MI. Between 1st and 2nd.

Motor City Theater Organ Society

WE. 2008-03-14
Bullitt (Rated PG) Organ Concert prior to movie.
Starts at 7:30 PM. Member Price is $4 and guest price is .Location: Redford Theatre. 17360 Lahser Rd, Detroit, MI. 48219 At Grand River Two blocks North of McNichols .

Sailing Singles --New Location

FRI 2008-03-14
General Meeting. Meeting 8:00 pm doors open at 7:30. In addition to our meeting we have a Happy Hour, a Dinner of the month, Parties, Moonlight Sails, and Rendezvous all summer. What ia a Rendezvous? You will get all the details at the meeting.
Starts at 8:00 PM. Member Price is $5 and guest price is $8.Location: Royal Oak Elks Club 2401 East Fourth St. Royal Oak, MI. 48067

Classical and Jazz Music Event

FRI 2008-03-14
Spring Concert by the Royal Oak symphony Orchestra Call 248-988-6991 for ticket information.Winter Concert by the Royal Oak symphony Orchestra Call 248-988-6991 for ticket information

Doug Biancch, guest Conductor
Overture to La clemenza di Tito- W.A. Mozart
Summer Night on the River- Frederick Delius
L'Arlesienne Suite No. 1- George Bizet
Symphony No. 8= Antonin Dvorak
Starts at 8:00 PM. Member Price is $10 and guest price is .Location: Royal Oak Middle School Auditorium. 700 N. Washington, Royal Oak, MI. Web site is 1/4 Mile North of 11 Mile Road. (The old Dondero High School).

Toledo Ballroom Dancers

FRI 2008-03-14
Ford Ballroom Dance Club Dance. For more information please call 313-805-8044 Mon-Fri only 9am-5pm. Email .
From 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM..Location: Mayflower Meeting House Grand Ballroom. Plymouth, MI.

Folk Music & Dancing

FRI 2008-03-14
International Folk Dancing may be for you!
Admission is $7.00 per person; Singles and couples are welcome. No age limit.

> Light refreshments (non alcoholic) are available at no additional cost. Casual clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended. (Ladies, NO STILLETTO HEELS, Please!)
Starts at 8:30 PM. Price is $7.Location: St James Catholic Church. 200 Hazelhurst, Ferndale, MI. 48202. Woodward And Hazelhurst.

Bethany East

FRI 2008-03-14
Morning Brunch .
Starts at 10:00 AM..Location: Roseanne's Kitchen. 21400 Little Mack, Clinton Township, MI.

Metropolitan Single Professionals

Fri 2008-03-14
Single Mingle Top 40 DJ, Cash Bar, Hors d'oeuvres (8:00-9:00)Dressy Casual (No jeans or Tennis Shoes) Non-Smoking
From 8:00 pm to 1:00 am. Member Price is $5.00 and guest price is .Location: Club Venetion Banquet Center 29310 John R North of 12 mile. for directions only 248-399-6788

"TRemember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm, as you get older, remember you have another hand: The first is to help yourself, the second is to help others"
Audrey Hepburn

Sat. Mar. 15 Events

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Bethany South

SAT 2008-03-15
Dinner and a movie dinner @ 5:30pm @ TV Diner, 2441 Fort St., Trenton. Linda (734/934-9426).
Starts at 5:30 PM. Price is $3.Location: TV Diner. 2441 Fort St., Trenton, MI.
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

St. Patrick's Victory Party

SAT 2008-03-15
St. Patrick's Day Celebration. Supporting American Cancer Society's Relay For Life: details here

The Victory Party / Dance is for adults over 21. Tickets for the party are now available for only $25 and are tax-deductible as a contribution to the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Brighton event. We sold out early last year and many missed out on the fun. . . don't let that happen to you this year. Why not make a night of it, and stay at nearby Best Western-Whitmore Lake? Special rate of $79.99 per room, includes continental breakfast, indoor pool, sauna, in-room refrigerators, etc. Call 734-449-2058 and mention discount code "ACS."

Three ways to get your tickets:
1. Purchase your tickets on-line by following this link (instructions are on that page): here
2. Bring your check (payable to the American Cancer Society) to any of these locations:
1. Ann Arbor Insurance Center
2621 Carpenter Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
2. Michigan Group Realtors
5589 M-36 (at Chilson Rd.), Pinckney, MI
3. Reflections Salon & Day Spa
523 W. Grand River, Brighton, MI

3. Or you can mail a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your check to: American Cancer Society
PO Box 158
Hamburg, MI 48139

For more information, to purchase tickets, or to provide sponsorship, please phone: Joe Knopp at 810-923-1567 or Rick Beaudin at 810-533-4343 or Joe Fusco at 734-878-0214. .
From 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM..Location: Barnstormer Banquet Center. 9411 East M 36 (9 Mile Rd), Whitmore Lake , MI. 48189 (½ mile west of US-23 exit 54B 9 Mile Road / M-36) .

Toledo Ballroom Dancers

SAT 2008-03-15
Oh 7:30pm lesson (night club & foxtrot) 8:30-11:30 pm open dancing, $13.00 Matt Miller 419-475-3055..
From 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM..Location: D.C.Ranch. 25740 N. Rte 25, Perrysburg, OH.

Phil's Fun Single Dances, LLC

SAT 2008-03-15
Join Your Friends For Dancing & Socializing Cash St. Patrick's Day Dance$1.50 Beer Bar/Snacks/Smoke Free/Veggie Tray @ 8:30pm/Dressy casual. Severe Snow Dance Day ONLY, after 6:00pm, Call Info Line @ 248-941-0120 to Check if Dance is Canceled
Starts at 8:00 PM. Price is $10.Location: Troy/Clawson Elks Club. 1451 East Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI. 48083 North side of Big Beaver between Rochester Road and John R.

Palmer Woods Homes

SAT 2008-03-15
New York violinist Jannina Barefield, who grew up in Palmer Woods, returns to Detroit for an intimate classical concert with pianist Michelle Cooker in a celebration of spring in a Palmer Woods home. Barefield has soloed with the Detroit Symphony and performed at Carnegie Hall with Stella Trio and the Sphinx Chamber Orchestra. Pianist Michelle Cooker will complete the duo and elegant food will top it off! For more information and to hear some music: Jannina will be returning to Detroit in January as a semi-finalist in the Sphinx Competition.
Palmer Woods, known as a treasure of residential architecture and exquisite design in Detroit, will present a six-concert series of jazz, classical and world music in five magnificent Palmer Woods homes and the Detroit Golf Club. Internationally-recognized, legendary, Detroit-based musicians will perform to help preserve, protect and improve Detroit's Palmer Woods neighborhood, support the artists and enrich the cultural environment in our community.
Tickets are $25 per concert or $100 for the series of five home concerts, and $55 for the Dinner Dance Concert at the Detroit Golf Club (tickets for the supervised party for children at the Detroit Golf Club are $15). Tickets will be available for purchase online at or by calling 313-920-4864.
Historically one of the premier communities in Detroit, Palmer Woods is an enclave that nurtures families and friendships, values diversity, and protects the beauty of its homes, woods and natural habitat. The Palmer Woods Association (PWA) works diligently in our neighborhood to meet the challenges facing us as an urban community.
PWA presents this series of concerts, Music in Homes, to strengthen our neighborhood and Detroit’s image, showcase Palmer Woods as a wonderful place to live and visit, and enrich the quality of life and cultural environment in our city. We hope you will join us!
Palmer Woods Concerts in Homes is produced by the Creative Arts Collective, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, with the support of Be Well Medical Center in Berkley, Mich., B&D Garden Design in Detroit, Grosse Pointe Collection in Grosse Pointe Woods, Goodwill Printing in Ferndale and WDET 109.1F.
Starts at 8:00 PM. Price is $25.Location: Palmer Woods Home. MI. .


SAT 2008-03-15
Ballroom Dancing to a live band singles, couples, All Welcome. Dress Code: Ladies- Date Style clothes, Gentlemen- Jackets and ties. Music by Wally Duda. .
Starts at 8:30 PM. Member Price is $5.00 and guest price is $6.00.Location: Livonia Civic Center. 15218 Farmington Rd., Livonia, MI. South of File Mile Road. contact Joe 248-955-5197.

Bethany Suburban West

SAT 2008-03-15
Monthly Breakfast Meeting All separated, divorced and singles welcome; for details please feel free to contact, Kathy M. (734) 513 9479.
Starts at 9:00 AM. Order off menu .Location: Leon’s Family Dining 30149 Ford Road Garden City, MI south side (next to Tim Horton’s)

Detroit Polo Club

WE. 2008-03-15
If you can ride (even a beginner) you can play polo! Try a new sporting challenge!! Your choice of 4 weekend clinics: March 15 & 16
March 29 & 30
April 26 & 27

ADULTS - Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am till 2:00 pm each day----$195.
JUNIORS - Saturday only 2:00 pm till 6:00 ------$65.
Your class fees INCLUDE student membership in the USPA - The United States Polo Association !
Clinics include classroom and polo riding training (safety, tacking, rules, strategy, riding & hitting skills, etc.) are all taught by a certified Polo Instructor. Mallets, saddles, bridles and solid, safe polo horses are all provided. Just bring your boots & helmet (if you have them).

You will be riding & hitting the ball well by the end of your clinic! Further inexpensive lessons will be available which can lead into the DPC summer outdoor polo season!

Feel the unbeatable sensation & exhillaration of galloping down the field, part of the friendly competition and camaradie that is POLO ! You, too, can be a part of the same social world as Prince Charles, William & Harry and polo-playing stars & celebrities such as Tommy Lee Jones (Oscar Nominee).

Starts at 10:00 AM..Location: Cedar Ridge Equestrian Center. 5425 W. Waters Rd, Ann Arbor, MI. .

Oakland County St. Patrick's Parade

SAT 2008-03-15
The parade of step dancers, bagpipers, floats and clans leaves Royal Oak Middle School at 11 a.m. March 15 and will head south on Washington Avenue to Seventh Street. .
Starts at 11:00 AM..Location: Washington Avenue. Royal Oak, MI. .

Bethany Rochester

SAT 2008-03-15
St. Patrick's Dance Admission: $10.00 Music by VS Productions (VIC) Larger Dance Floor and Seating Area Apropriate Casual Attire 50/50 Raffle Snacks Provided - Cash Bar Contact: Marcia (248) 652-3213 .
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Rivercrest. 900 Avon Rd., Rochester Hills, MI.

" Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do."
Proverbs 4:23

Sun. Mar. 16 Events

If you are an IT Professional and are interested in organizing a UML study group call 248-514-1937

Palm Sunday

Classical and Jazz Music Event

SUN 2008-03-16
Get the information here
Starts at 6:00 PM..Location: First Baptist Church 300 Willis Birmingham, MI one block north of Maple Road (15 Mile Road), between Old Woodward Avenue and Southfield Road in downtown Birmingham, at the corner of Willits and Bates Streets.
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Bethany East

SUN 2008-03-16
This is a fun-loving, every-other-Sunday league. Subs may be needed. Contacts: Bob (586) 468-0223 or Larry (586) 778-2974. .
Starts at 6:30 PM..Location: Shore Lanes. MI. 13 Mile and Harper.


SUN 2008-03-16
Everyone is invited to meet the artistic team behind our all-new production of La Sonnambula! Renata Scotto, Richard Bonynge and David DiChiera will engage in a lively Talk Back Session about this premiere, and bel canto singing.

Beverages and light refreshments
* FREE PARKING in the DOH surface lot
* Cash bar

TO ATTEND, PLEASE RSVP TO 313.237.3254 or e-mail by Thursday March 13, 2008
Starts at 6:30 PM..Location: Detroit Opera House. 1526 Broadway, Detroit, MI. 48226 (Use Madison Avenue Entrance).

Other Events

SUN 2008-03-16
Detroit's hottest BLUES JAM Session. Music starts at 7 pm and goes till 10 pm. The dance floor is open and the music is FANTASTIC .
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Pier 500. 507 Biddle, Wyandotte, MI. 48192

Bethany Rochester

SUN 2008-03-16
Mass and then Eat out after at Seros .
Starts at 9:00 AM..Location: St. Andrews Church. 1400 Inglewood, Rochester, MI. 48307 Web site is

GM Ski Club

SUN 2008-03-16
Meet at Anton's Island Grille for breakfast. Anton's is where life is about the THRILL O' THE GRILL. For a great breakfast and fun with friends, c'mon out and join us and be sure and bring a friend.
Starts at 10:00 AM..Location: Antons Island Grille , Northwest corner of Big Beaver (16 Mile Rd) and Dequindre

Bus Ride To St. Patricks Parade

SUN 2008-03-16
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Hall
Doors open at 10:00 a.m.
***Free Admission***

Food for Purchase - Cash Bar - Raffles
Dancers - Irish Music
Jim Buckingham & His Band

Why stress yourself trying to get to the parade route, looking for a parking spot and paying for parking? A bus will be available at the Friendly Sons Club to take you to and from the parade. All you can drink Beer on Board. The bus leaves the club for the parade at 12:00 and will return one hour after the parade.

The Cost to board the bus is $15 per person - $10 for members -- 18 & under are free.

For all Club Events, You Must Be a Member of the Friendly Sons to be served food or alcohol. Non-members must purchase a One-Day Membership Card at a cost of $1.00
Starts at 10:00 AM..Location: Friendly Son's of St. Patrick Hall . 8269 E. Eight Mile Road, Warren, MI. 48089 586-758-7602 .

Michigan Swing Dance Association

SUN 2008-03-16
The MSDA dances are attended by couples and singles alike. For the most part, our members are single and we are always happy to see new members join.
Starts at 2:00 PM. Member Price is $7.00 and guest price is $9.00.Location: Rhythm and Shoes Dance Studio 2172 Franklin Road, Bloomfield Hills, Mi 48302

Future Events

Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association

WED 2008-03-19
Special Guest Speaker: Gary Jobson! The DRYA and Mount Gay Rum will sponsor a special event featuring world-renowned sailor Gary Jobson. In the American sailing world, probably no voice is better known that of Gary Jobson. Gary Jobson is a world-class sailor, television commentator and author based in Annapolis, Maryland. He has won many championships in one-design classes, the America's Cup with Ted Turner in 1977, the infamous Fastnet Race and many of the world's ocean races. In college he was an All American sailor three times and was twice named College Sailor of the Year (1972, 1973). In October 2003 Gary was inducted into the America's Cup Hall of Fame by the Herreshoff Marine Museum. In 1999 Gary won the Nathaniel G. Herreshoff Trophy, US Sailing’s most prestigious award. This trophy is awarded annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the sport of sailing in the United States. Gary has been ESPN's sailing commentator since 1985. In 1988 Gary won an Emmy for his coverage of yachting at the Olympic Games in South Korea. He has authored 15 sailing books and is Editor at Large of Sailing World and Cruising World magazines. This special event will be Wednesday, March 19 at 7:00 pm at the Detroit Yacht Club. Immediately following the presentation, Mount Gay Rum will host a cocktail reception. Admission to the lecture and reception is $12.00 ($10.00 for DRYA members). The Detroit Yacht Club is located at 1 Riverbank Road, Detroit, Michigan on Belle Isle. The office telephone is (313) 824-1200. Contact the DRYA at: DRYA@DRYA.COM or 586-778-1000 for reservations by March 12th. No one under the age of 21 will be served alcoholic beverages. The Sponsors and the Detroit Yacht Club remind all participants of the need to drink responsibly.
The DRYA seminars are developed with the novice and recreational sailor in mind. These weekly Wednesday night seminars are designed to introduce the sport of sailing to non-sailors and to broaden the knowledge of newer sailors. They are FREE and open to the public. One need not belong to a club or the DRYA to attend. All seminars start at 7:00pm. These seminars are an excellent way to meet boat owners, crew members, and other people interested in sailing & racing
Starts at 7:00 PM. Price is $12.Location: Detroit Yacht Club 1 Riverbank Road Detroit 313-824-1200
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter


THU 2008-03-20
"Decorating The Throne" Stagecrafters will dive deeply into a fundraising event that will bowl you over. Decorating the Throne will have guests up out of their seats as they peruse and bid on one-of-a-kind artful toilet seats in Clawson's lifestyle destination store, Leon and Lulu.

What is Urinetown-The Musical about anyway? Book by Greg Kotis Lyrics by Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann Music by Mark Hollmann This darkly hilarious musical satire uses an absurd premise a devastating drought has put control of all toilets into the hands of a corrupt corporation to spoof Broadway plots and conventions. The evil CEO of Urine Good Company, Inc., has the police and the politicians in his pocket, but they won't be able to stop our idealistic young hero and heroine as they lead the poorest citizens in a revolution against the anarchy of pay toilets. Hailed as one of the most original musicals to hit the scene in decades, you have never experienced anything like the Tony Award-winning Urinetown -- The Musical. In keeping with Urinetown's comical theme, we have flushed away all tones of seriousness for this event and expect to receive more than 20 unique toilet seats (some functional, some decorative only) for an auction people will be talking about for years. All proceeds from these chic commode toppers will benefit Stagecrafters - your community theatre.

Starts at 6:00 PM. Price is $20.Location: Leon & Lulu. 96 W. 14 Mile Rd., Clawson, MI. 48017. Just west of Livernois.

Kirk Singles

FRI 2008-03-21
Attend the award-winning play "Into the Woods". Curtain time 8:00 PM, optional dinner at nearby Peabody's Restaurant at 6:00 PM. Reserve your place at Peabody's with Cheryl, get theatre tickets at Village Players' box office. . Contact : Cher
From 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Price is $15.Location: Village Players. 34660 S. Woodward, Birmingham, MI. 48009 Two blocks south of Maple Rd., east side of the street.

SaxAppeal provides Good Music at Peabody's

FRI 2008-03-28
Sax Appeal will be at Peabody's restaurant In Birmingham on March 28th, 2008 from 8:00 p.m. To 12 midnight.They are one of Somerset Singles Ski and Golf Club and Sailing Singles favorite groups. Come support them. No need to register but if you think you are coming and would like to let us know click here
Starts at 8:00 PM. Price is cash Bar/menu.Location: Peabody's Restaurant. 34965 Woodward, Birmingham , MI. 48009.

PWP- Rochester

SAT 2008-03-29
Mystery Dinner Call Terry at (248) 650-3739 .
From 7:00 PM to 7:00 PM..Location: Rochester Community House. MI.

Jazz Benefit The Congo Cause Mosquito Bed Nets

SUN 2008-03-30
Cliff Monear & Friends perform a Jazz Benefit for Mosquito Bed Nets to prevent malaria near the eastern border of Congo.
Detroit’s finest jazz artists will perform at a benefit jazz concert hosted by the Birmingham Community House, under the direction of

Tickets are $25 and include the concert and hors d'oeuvres. A cash bar will be available and a silent auction will be held.

The Performers Include:
Cliff Monear - Piano
Nick Calandro - Bass
Sean Dobbins - Drums
Barbara Ware - Vocals
Nicole New - Vocals
George Benson - Saxophones

Up to the minute jazz concert details are available at:

All concert proceeds will go towards mosquito bed nets to be distributed for free near the eastern border area of Congo where over 600,000 people are internally displaced due to rebel conflicts. Journalists are describing eastern Congo as being 20 times worse than Darfur -- and the worse genocide since World War II.

Special Guest From Congo: Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe director of the United Nations Association of the Dem. Rep. of Congo (UNA-DRC) will be attending the Jazz Concert Benefit and share briefly about the Congo. Dr. Cissa was twice jailed as a prisoner of conscience under previous governments in Congo. He was freed through efforts of UN organizations. Dr. Cissa has enjoyed freedom since 2000 and works relentlessly for human rights, peace, health, and freedom in the Congo. The Congo had its first democratic election in 2006. Please join us to meet and talk with Dr. Cissa, and surround him with our support and Detroit generosity!

On the website: you can find video clips and articles about the eastern border of Congo when Ann Curry, NBC News, visited mid-February, and from Anderson Cooper (CNN/CBS 60 Minutes) who visited in January. This concert is a local grass roots effort. We are honored to have such an awesome collection of jazz artists. Please join us for this memorable event in support of this great need!!!
Starts at 2:00 PM..Location: Birmingham Community House. 380 South Bates Street, Birmingham , MI. 48009 Web site is .

Kirk Singles

WED 2008-04-02
Divorce Recovery Workshop, open to anyone seeking a safe, faithful, and supportive atmosphere for healing from the trauma of divorce. . Contact : Sue Crenshaw, 248-626-2515, ext. 326.
Click here for details
From 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Price is $30.Location: Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church. 1340 W. Long Lake Rd., Bloomfield Hills, MI. 48302 On the north side of Long Lake Rd., west of Telegraph Road., Room Abbey A-26.

Sailing Singles Commodore's Ball

SAT 2008-04-19
Commodore's Ball
From 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM..Location: Grosse Pointe Yacht Club 788 Lakeshore Grosse Pointe Shores, MI

Butterfly Ball

SAT 2008-04-19
Crawford-Armstrong Handicapped Association Butterfly Ball Black Tie Suggested Profits Support Fun Day in the Sun Picnic contact Mary 586-939-3393 Robert 248-549-6257, Suzana 248-585-1854 Pat 313-886-1834 .
Starts at 6:30 PM..Location: Detroit Yacht Club. One Riverbank Road Belle, Detroit, MI. 48207 Web site is

Elk Fest

SAT 2008-05-03
Elkfest benefit for Muscular Dystrophy Association 8 live bands no cover charge donations accepted
From 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Price is Free Will Offering.Location: Mt.Clemens Elks 179 S. Main St Mt Clemens, MI

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