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Coming Events May 28, 2007

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Peggy Jo

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Peggy Jo

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"No love of the natural heart is safe unless the human heart has been satisfied by God first"

Oswald Chambers

"A fool gives full vent to anger, but a wise person quietly holds back."

Proverbs 29-11

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"You simpletons!" she cries. "How long will you go on being simpleminded? How long will you mockers relish your mocking? How long will you fools fight the facts?
Proverbs 1:22

Memorial Day Reflections

Remembering and honoring those who have put their lives on the line to protect our nation
Let there be peace on earth,
and let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on Earth,
the peace that was meant to be.

With God as our Father,
brothers all are we,
Let me walk with my brother,
in perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me,
let this be the moment now.
With every step I take,
let this be my solemn vow,

To take each moment and live each moment
in peace, eternally.
Let there be Peace on Earth,
and let it begin with me.
Words and Music
by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller, Circa 1955

Stretch your gas dollars

Gas prices are rising, but you don't have to feel the pain. » 9 tips
Here are the tips:
1. Find a bargain.
If you're taking a summer road trip, plan out your route before you go. Identify gas stations along the way that have the lowest prices Go to<
You can usually find the best prices on Tuesday.
2. Keep your tires fully inflated. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the average driver can improve mileage by 3.3 percent simply by inflating their vehicle's tires regularly. In fact, according to the AAA, under-inflated tires are the No. 1 way we waste gas. One out of every four cars and one out of every three pickups, vans, and SUVs have at least one extremely low tire. So pick up a tire gauge at your local auto parts store and check your tire pressure whenever you pull into a service station for gas. Your car's owner's manual will tell you the recommended PSI -- pounds per square inch -- rating. It is also printed on the tire but hard to read.
3. Get a tune-up. A vehicle in need of servicing is wasting gas in more ways than one. According to the Department of Energy, replacing a clogged air filter can improve your gas mileage by 10 percent, while fixing a faulty oxygen sensor can improve gas mileage by an unbelievable 40 percent. So kick off your summer by getting that tune-up you've been putting off. Check your owner's manual, or download a free service and maintenance schedule at
4. Fill 'er up with regular unleaded if possible. If premium gas isn't absolutely required by your car's manufacturer, then opt for regular unleaded. According to AAA, one out of five gallons of gas pumped in the U.S. is premium -- yet only 10 percent of vehicles require this higher octane fuel.

The truth is that you may not even notice the difference when you drive your car with regular gas instead of premium, and the cost difference can be as much as 40 cents per gallon. If your car doesn't require premium unleaded, you're wasting your money -- premium doesn't improve performance.
5. Adjust your driving habits. Speeding, excessive accelerating, and sudden braking all waste gas. A more relaxed driving style not only improves safety, it also improves gas mileage by 33 percent for highway driving. Idling your engine for long periods can also waste up to a gallon of gas per hour. Also, think twice before blasting the air conditioning. According to the Department of Energy, operating your car's air conditioner on its maximum setting can reduce your miles per gallon by 5 to 25 percent compared to not using it at all.
6. Clean out your trunk. Unnecessary cargo weighs your car down. A hundred extra pounds can reduce your miles per gallon by 2 percent.

Going on vacation? Try to avoid storing luggage on your roof. The increased wind resistance will reduce your mileage as well.

7. Carpool. You'll literally save thousands of dollars a year in fuel costs if you share a ride to work. Here's an example: If you commute to work 40 miles per day round trip, work full-time, drive a vehicle that gets 24 mpg, and pay the national average for gas, your estimated yearly cost to commute is $5,124. But if you carpool with one other person, you'll save an estimated $2,562 a year. Carpool with three other people and you'll save an estimated $3,843 a year.

Plug your own commuting numbers into the CommuteSmart cost calculator to see what you can save by carpooling. Then find a rideshare buddy in your area by visiting

8. If you're buying a new car, make fuel efficiency a priority.
There's so much to consider when purchasing a new car that fuel efficiency can get lost in the shuffle. By law, however, the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) fuel efficiency rating for new cars is posted in large black numbers on a sticker in the window.

Due to the way vehicles (including hybrids) are tested, those EPA ratings didn't used to reflect real-life conditions. But according to a recent Consumer Reports article, the EPA is using a more accurate method for determining fuel efficiency for all 2008 vehicles. So whether you're shopping at a dealer or comparing EPA estimates online, some quick calculations will help you find a fuel efficient car that's right for you.

9. Buy a hybrid, get a tax break. Driving a hybrid, which runs on a combination of gas and electric power, will significantly increase your miles per gallon. Hybrid cars are becoming more affordable, too. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, in the past it took up to 15 years for the cost savings on gas to offset hybrids' higher sticker prices. But now buyers are seeing a significantly shorter length of time to recoup their investment -- for some models, the break-even period is less than a year. The government is even offering tax incentives when you purchase certain hybrid vehicles. To find out the details, visit the IRS web site. To read more about hybrid cars, visit Yahoo! Autos. The Right Mindset

The Right Mindset

Four dollars a gallon sounds scary to Americans. But the fact that demand continues to increase along with price says it all: We complain about high gas costs, but in reality they don't deter our driving. Fuel prices won't really go down until our dependency on gasoline does. I tend to agree with the experts who say that we could possibly see gas prices reach double-digits before anything truly changes. Adopting a gas-conserving mindset is a step in the right direction. So think before you pump, and enjoy your summer. Most important, drive safely!

We now pay $8.00 per gallon for bottled water and if you use an ink jet printer you are paying $8,000.00 per gallon for ink cartridges.

Sailing trip to Turkey

There are three openings on a sailing trip to Turkey. See the Left hand column for details.

Letters From our Readers

Dear Peggy Jo,
I love your newsletter and I think it is a perfect place for this story because we are in the middle of High School Prom season.

Some time ago, my friend was saddened when the doctors told he that her newborn son downs syndrome and that she should take steps to find an institution for him. Instead she spent the next 15 years working with him and the wonderful special education teachers. He develelped enough that he was "main streamed" when he got to be high school age. George came home from school one day, and told his mother that he would like to go to the Prom. She asked him "Who would you take to the prom?" He answered. " I would like to ask Grandma? Rather than dismissing the idea as being ridiculous, my friend told her mother about George's idea and "grandma" thought it was a good idea, she wanted to see what the kids of today were wearing and she also wanted to get all dressed up

On the night of the prom, grandma picked up George and they went to the prom all dressed up. About midnight my friend got a cell phone call from Grandma. She said she was dead-tired but George was having such a good time she felt she had to stay. Every one of the girls at the prom asked George to dance.

I think this is a wonderful story and I hope you agree.
Response: It is a very lovely and inspiring story. I applaud everyone involved. The Grandmother showed a lot of understanding and compassion. How many grandmothers would go to a prom with their grandson. i also congratulate all the young ladies that made George feel welcome. Of course the mother who nurtured and encouraged her son to do the best that he could. Peggy Jo.

For they are simpletons who turn away from me ? to death. They are fools, and their own complacency will destroy them.
Proverbs 1:32

  • Events for Monday 28
  • Memorial Day

    Somerset Ski & Golf Club

    (Monday) Location: Golden Hawk Golf Course , I94 to 26 Mile Rd, Right to County Line Rd. left to Meisner Rd. Turn right to course. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to tee time.

    Call Bev by 8pm Wed. for Sun. golf and 3 days prior for weekday golf. Leave name and number. You will be called if there is a problem. Call asap to cancel. Foursomes will be selected by a draw. Friendly course. Contact : Bev Essary 586-573-715 starts at 11:00 AM Price is $46.00

    Dinner on your own at Ed's Eatery in the Clubhouse.

    Memorial Day Barbeque

    (Monday) Location: Gayle Shields House 2129 Tall Oaks Troy, MI 48098 Memorial Day Barbque Party

    No matter what the weather is like Bring a dish to pass ( don't bring glass) , your own drinks and $5.00 to cover the cost.location Rain, Snow, Sleet or Shine starts at 03:00 PM

    There is a map here.

    Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.
    Helen Keller

  • Events for Tuesday May 29
  • Success Institute

    A spiritual time you won't forget. Location: Troy Community Center 3179 Livernois Troy, MI 248-524-3181

    Motivational and Spiritual teaching by Doug and Jodi Firebaugh

    An evening of powerful revelation and transformation, as we share God's word for your success starts at 07:00 PM

    From 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM

    Selective Singles Social Club

    (Tuesday) Location: Country Chef 33145 Dequindre Troy, MI North of 14 Mile Rd.

    Join friends for friendly, relaxed breakfast every Tuesday. Contact : Jim at 248-545-2084 starts at 09:00 AM

    Selective Singles Social Club

    (Tuesday) Location: American-Polish Century Club, just north of Fourteen Mile on the east side of Maple Lane, across from Maple Lane Golf Course. Maple Lane Road becomes an extension of Hoover at Fourteen Mile Road. Polish-American Century Club, just north of Fourteen Mile

    Live Band Ballroom Dancing (This is not the Polish American Cultural Center which is nearby) Call Jan at 586-726-2528 or Rosemary at 313-881-3934 starts at 07:00 PM Price is $8.00

    Latin & Argentine Tango Club of Detroit

    (Tuesday) Location: O'Kelly Banquet Hall 23663 Park Dearborn, MI

    Milonga de los Motor City Milongueros Argentine tango lesson at 7:00pm, beginners welcome, no partner required. After the lesson dance tango, milonga, and vals to the best recorded music of Buenos Aires. starts at 07:00 PM Member Price is $10 and guest price is $15

    Century Dancers

    (Tuesday) Location: American-Polish Century Club, just north of Fourteen Mile on the east side of Maple Lane, across from Maple Lane Golf Course. Maple Lane Road becomes an extension of Hoover at Fourteen Mile Road. Polish-American Century Club, just north of Fourteen Mile

    Live Band Ballroom Dancing (This is not the Polish American Cultural Center which is nearby) starts at 07:00 PM Price is $8.00

    Classical and Jazz Music Event

    (Tuesday) Location: Andiamo Celebrity Showroom 7096 East Fourteen Mile Road Warren, MI Inside Andiamo Italia

    A return to P-Jazz The Johnny Trudell Big Band Jazz Cash Bar Light Dinner Menu call 586-268-3200 starts at 07:30 PM Price is $5

    Charity Event

    (Tuesday) Location: The Big Rock 245 S. Eaton Birmingham, Mi 248-249-1184

    An evening fine wine & great food. Let's celebrate & proceeds to benefit my dear friend, Paula Tutman's 'The Toothfairy Children's Foundation!'$10 Minumin donation at the door Print Invitation HOST: & Tempus Networking starts at 05:30 PM Price is $20

    media data is You are cordially invited to an evening fine wine & great food. Let's celebrate & proceeds to benefit my dear friend, Paula Tutman's 'The Toothfairy Children's Foundation!'$10 Minumin donation at the door Print Invitation HOST: & Tempus Networking WHEN: T Add to Outlook LOCATION: The Big Rock Upstairs at 'GOT ROCKS!"

  • Events for Wednesday May 23
  • Events for Wednesday 30

    Great Lakes Swing Dance Club

    (Wednesday) Location: Rollhaven of Flushing 3464 Ann Drive Flushing, MI 810-743-6234 off Pierson Road, west of I-75 and just east of Elms Road.

    Weekly Lessons (6-7) and Dance (7-10) Contact : starts at 7:00 PM

    Bethany North Oakland County

    (Wednesday) Location: Deer Lake Athletic Club Back Court Lounge 6167 White Lake Clarkston, MI 248-625-8686

    Meet and Mix Contact John for more info 248-625-0569 Music from 6:00-9:00 PM starts at 06:00 PM Price is Cash Bar and menu

    A1 Singles

    (Wednesday) Location: American Polish Cultural Center 2975 E.Maple Road Troy, MI Northwest corner of 15 mile and Dequindre. This is not the American Polish Century Club.

    Lessons by Ron & Linda Hiveley and Micheal Beresh. Lessons 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Dance 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Couples and Singles welcome. Cost lesson only $10.00,lesson and dance $12.00, dance only $8.00. Information (313)521-6564 starts at 07:00 PM

    Royal Oak Computer Club

    (Wednesday) Location: Leo Mahany/Harold Meininger Senior Community Center 3500 Marais Royal Oak, MI (248)246-3900 North of 13 Mile Rd, just south of Lexington Blvd, East of Crooks Rd

    Weekly Meeting starts at 12:30 PM Price is $1

    Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.
    Helen Keller

  • Events for Thursday May 31
  • PWP- Rochester

    (Thursday) Location: Rivercrest , Avon Rd. between Rochester & Livernois

    Weekly Dance Our very own Tj the DJ plays TOP 40 and Your requests. starts at 7:00 PM Member Price is $4 and guest price is $8

    Downriver Swing Club

    (Thursday) Location: Pier 500 507 Biddle Wyandotte, MI email address is

    Cool West Coat Patterns for social Dancing! $5.00 for lessson starts at 8:15 till 9:00 Dancing till 1:00 AM starts at 08:15 PM Price is $5

    Spencer Barefield Productions

    (Thursday) Location: The Java Cafe 736 Lothrop Detroit, MI One street north of W. Grand Boulevard between 2nd and 3rd Avenues near the Fisher Theater Enjoy gourmet coffee, beverages and food

    A. Spencer Barefield Trio A. Spencer Barefield (guitar) Takashi Iio (bass)Djallo Djakate Keita (drums) Tickets: 313=875-5282 From 06:30 PM to 09:30 PM Price is $10

    Single Place

    (Thursday) Location: First Presbyterian Church 200 East Main Street Northville, MI 248-349-0911

    Thursday Night Programs offer a variety of speakers, panels and entertainment.Social time is 7:30pm to 7:45 pm. Opening is 7:45pm to 8:00pm and Program is 8:00pm to 9:00pm. starts at 07:30 PM Price is $5

    Metropolitan Single Professionals

    (Thursday) Location: Wine Tasting Event! with Dinner After at the Mezza Mediterranean Grille ($$) (248) 349-7770

    Everyone is Welcome to Join US Fun & Fine Dining! We will meet in the lounge Anytime between 6:00 and 7:30pm for socializing with dinner afterwards.From 8:00 pm to 1:00 am Order off menu

  • Events for Friday June 01
  • Sailing Singles

    (Friday) Location: Jefferson Beach Marina St. Clair Shores, MI

    Moonlight Sail starts at 06:00 PM with a bring a dish to pass cocktail party.

    Selective Singles Social Club

    (Friday) Location: Mutt & Jeff's 50870 North Avenue Macomb Township, MI 586-949-3040 Just 1/2 block south of 23 Mile Road on the east side of North Ave.

    Come and enjoy a morning of fun with a lively group of friends If you would like more information please call Peggy at 586-725-3152 or Kathy at 586-716-1902 starts at 09:00 AM Order off menu

    Lexington Music Theater

    (Friday) Location: Lexington Music Theater 7318 Huron Ave Lexington, MI 877-4LEXMTC 65 miles north of Detroit and just twenty minutes north of the Port Huron/Sarnia area on the pristine shores of Lake Huron

    Glenn Miller Orchestra Greatest Big Band Of All Time Glen Miller Orchestra site Performances at 6:00pm & 8:30pm starts at 06:00 PM

    Bethany East

    (Friday) Location: Cracker Barrel Little Mack and Masonic , Next to Meijers

    Brunch contact Eileen: 596-777-8538 starts at 10:00 AM

    Waterford Oaks Ballroom Dancers

    (Friday) Location: Waterford Oaks Activity Center, 2800 Watkins Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48238. Automatic Information Line: 248-988-7169

    Singles and Couples.Ballroom Dancing. Ballroom attire. Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Tango, Samba, Mambo,Polka, Viennese.Ballroom Lighting. Cabaret Setting. Coffe,Tea, Sweets, Door Prizes.Music from the 1940's to the present time. starts at 08:00 PM Price is $8.00

    Thunderbirds Ski Club

    (Friday) Location: Whispering Willows 20500 Newburgh Road Livonia, MI (248) 476-4493

    drop in golf league Tee Time 5:00 PM every Friday night Rotates Whispering Willows, Idyl Wylde and Fox Creek starts at 04:30 PM

    I do not want the peace which passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace.
    Helen Keller

  • Events for Saturday June 02
  • Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association

    (Saturday) Location: Grosse Isle Yacht Club

    Commodore's Ball starts at 5:00 PM

    Windsor/Detroit Jazz Club

    (Saturday) Location: Shield's of Southfield 25101 Telegraph Rd Southfield, MI 248-356-2720 (North of 10 Mile Rd.)

    Come and enjoy the Detroit area's finest traditional jazz musicians. Featuring Kerry PriceFrom 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM Price is Bar/Menu

    Bethany Suburban West

    (Saturday) Location: Don Hubert V.F.W Hall, 27345 Schoolcraft Road Redford, MI (This is the I-96 service drive east of Inkster and on the south side of Schoolcraft).

    Cost is $10.00. Refreshments included. Time is 8 PM till 12 MIDNIGHT. Doors open at 7:30 PM. DJ is Dick Gerathy. Call Diane K. for information (734) 261-5716. starts at 08:00 PM Price is $10.00

    Kirk Singles

    (Saturday) Location: Lincoln Hills Golf Course 2666 West Fourteen Mile Road Birmingham, MI Rain questions call Lincoln Hills at 248-647-4468

    Golf when temperature above 55 . Non-leisure pass holder - $19 for nine holes, $7.50 P/P for golf cart. To buy a leisure pass, Birmingham residents or in-town workers call 248-645-0731.Questions:Call Rita Morisette, 248-258-9027 starts at 10:00 AM

  • Events for Sunday June 03
  • U of M Ballroom Dance Club

    (Sunday) Location: Michigan Union S. State & S. University Ann Arbor, MI

    Dance lessons 5-6pm Fox Trot 6-7pm Rhumba 7-8pm Waltz 8-10 Open Dance. Members-only , we welcome newcomers to try us on for size $3 one evening $25 semester $50 per year More information on web site. starts at 7:00 PM

    All Star Singles

    (Sunday) Location: Renaissance Unity Social Hall 11200 E. Eleven Mile Warren, MI Formerly Church of TodayEast bound I 696 Service Drive ( Between Van Dyke and Hoover)

    Dance Lesson 4-5 Dance Party 5-8 both for $12 starts at 04:00 PM Price is $12

    Amber House

    (Sunday) Location: Amber House 7012 E 9 Mile Rd Warren, MI 586-754-3434 2 blocks west of Van Dyke

    1st Sunday of the Month Dance Singles And Couples Swing, Hustle, Ballroom, Latin 3:00 Cha Cha Lesson with Bill Scheff 4:00 - 8:00 Dance starts at 03:00 PM Price is $8

    Somerset Ski & Golf Club

    (Sunday) Location: Cracklewood Golf Course , 24 Mile Rd., east, just past Romeo Plank Road. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to tee time.

    Call Bev by 8pm Wed. for Sun. golf and 3 days prior for weekday golf. Leave name and number. You will be called if there is a problem. Call asap to cancel. Foursomes will be selected by a draw. Friendly course. Contact : Bev Essary 586-573-715 starts at 11:00 AM Price is $45.00

    media data is

    The Scarab Club

    (Sunday) Location: The Scarab Club 217 Farnsworth Detroit, MI 313-831-1250

    Two to Four Dearing Concert Duo: singer Abha Dearing and guitarist Steven Dearing Music for Four Stringed Instruments by Charles Loeffler starts at 07:00 PM

    media data is Selections presented by the popular Dearing Concert Duo: singer Abha Dearing and guitarist Steven Dearing Suite en couleur for harp and harpsichord by Joachim Havard de la Montagne Lynne Aspnes, harp Bethany Cencer, harpsichord Music for Four Stringed Instruments by Charles Loeffler François Devienne's work for bassoon and string trio with bassoonist Marcus Schoon

    GM Ski Club

    (Sunday) Location: Jefferson Beach St. Clair Shores, MI

    Sunday Volleyball co-ed for fun and socialization.Great way to enjoy the outdoors and get rid of those extra winter pounds. No charge. Just play for the fun of it. Contact Les Skrzycki by e-mail or by phone at 248-693-1794 starts at 12:00pm

    GM Ski Club

    (Sunday) Location: Antons Island Grille , Northwest corner of Big Beaver (16 Mile Rd) and Dequindre

    Meet at Anton's Island Grille for breakfast. Anton's is where life is about the THRILL O' THE GRILL. For a great breakfast and fun with friends, c'mon out and join us and be sure and bring a friend. starts at 10:00 AM

    A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.
    Proverbs 11:25

  • Events for Monday June 04
  • Bethany East

    (Monday) Location: Whispering Woods, on 21 Mile Road between Van Dyke and Schoenherr.

    Volleyball is moving OUTSIDE this month. Contact: Colleen (586) 263-6776. starts at 07:00 PM

    Monday Night Dancers

    (Monday) Location: Father Patrick O'Kelley K of C 23663 Park St. Dearborn, MI

    Singles & Couples Dance Lessons: Beginners 5:30 Intermediate 6:30 Dance Party 7:30- 10:30. No dance partner needed. Lessons $5 Dance Party $6 Snacks included . Big Band, Latin, Swing, Fox trot, Waltz, Polka contact 313-295-1134 starts at 7:00 PM

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