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Coming Events June 26, 2006

in this issue

Recurring Weekly Events

Fireworks And Parades Coming up

Somerset Ski and Golf Wed June 28

Liberation Thu June 29

Kirk Singles Wed June 21

Sailing Singles And Somerset Singles Friday June 30

Bethany Suburban West SAT July 01

Singles Coalition Dance Fri June 30

Somerset Ski & Golf Club SUN July 02

Carol Durand's Party Sat July 1

Sailing Singles Sat. July 1

Gayle Shield's Tue July 4

New Sailing Single Member Carol Durand's Party Tues July 4


Recurring Weekly Events

Monday Night Dancers Monday

Singles & Couples. Dance lessons: Beginner 5:30- 6:30 PM, Intermediate 6:30-7:30 PM. Dance party 7:30-10:30 PM. No dance partner needed. Lessons $5.00, Dance party 6.00. Snacks included. Big Band's, Latin, Swing, Fox Trot, Waltz, Polka. 313-295- 1134.

Father Patrick O'Kelley K of C Hall, 23663 Park St.,Dearborn from 07:30 PM to 10:00 PM Price $5.00

Sailing Singles Flying Scot Class Monday

Flying Scot Class if interested call Onita at 248-852- 9698 Some of the class will be at the Bayview Barge Reataurant after class (about 8:30)
North Star Sail Club 32041 South River Rd. Harrison Township, MI from 06:00

Metropolitan Single Professionals Tuesday

VolleyBall every Tuesday. Nets will be designated Social, Intermediate and Competitive. Everyone is welcome to come and play or just socialize.

Heritage Park Farmington Hills, MI Farmington Rd between 10 & 11 Mile Rd from 06:30 PM to Member price $2 Guest Price $2

Sailing Singles Flying Scot Class Tuesday

Flying Scot Class if interested call Onita at 248-852- 9698 Some of the class will be at the Bayview Barge Reataurant after class (about 8:30)
North Star Sail Club 32041 South River Rd. Harrison Township, MI from 06:00

Century Dancers Tuesday

Live Band Ballroom Dancing (This is not the Polish American Cultural Center which is nearby)

American-Polish Century Club, just north of Fourteen Mile on the east side of Maple Lane, across from Maple Lane Golf Course. Maple Lane Road becomes an extension of Hoover at Fourteen Mile Road. Polish- American Century Club, just north of Fourteen Mile Starting at 07:00 PM Member price $8.00 Guest Price $8.00

Ballrom Dancing at Rollhaven in Flushing

group lessons 6:00 PM, with open dancing 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. East & West Coast Swing, Hustle, with a bit of ChaCha, Nightclub Two Step and a few feature dances tossed in for good measure. Rollhaven of Flushing 3464 Ann Drive Flushing, MI off Pierson Road, west of I-75 and just east of Elms Road. from 06:30 PM to Member price Guest Price

Kirk Singles Concert Wednesday

Join us for the weekly free concerts in beautiful downtown Birmingham. Program changes from week to week. For a pre-concert walk, meet at the statue in the center of Shain Park at 6:00 P.M. Bring a folding chair or blanket. Contact : Carole Johnson, 2

West Coast Swing at Amber House Wednesday

Singles And Couples Are Welcome! Dance Instruction • Dance Fanatics Pro Audio System • 2400 Square foot wood dance floor! • 7:30 PM Beginning *:15 Intermediat West Coast Swing 9:00 pm Dance party until Midnight!• Cash bar Amber House 7012 E. Nine Mile Warren, MI from 7:00 PM to

A1 Singles Wednesday

Dance lessons 7:00pm - 8:00pm Dance party 8:00pm - 11:00pm $7.00 Both for $12.00 Contact :Bob 800-255-4487 Sterling Chateau Hall 38500 Ryan Rd. Sterling heights, MI Holy Ghost Church Hall on Ryan Between 16 and 17 Mile Road from 08:00 PM

Metropolitan Single Professionals Thursday

VolleyBall Nets will be designated Social, Intermediate and Competitive. Everyone is welcome to come and play or just socialize.
Harding Park Ferndale , MI ust south of I-696 use Exit 17, Take Hilton (South) to Mapledale - turn Right (West)
from 06:30 PM to dusk Member price $2 Guest Price $2

Sailing Singles Flying Scot Class Thursday

Flying Scot Class if interested call Onita at 248-852- 9698 Some of the class will be at the Bayview Barge Reataurant after class (about 8:30)
North Star Sail Club 32041 South River Rd. Harrison Township, MI from 06:00

Downriver Swing Club Thursday

Cool West Coat Patterns for social Dancing! $5.00 for lessson starts at 8:15 till 9:00 Dancing till 1:00 AM Pier 500 507 Biddle Wyandotte, MI email address is from 08:15 PM to Member price $5 Guest Price $5

PWP- Rochester Thursday

Weekly Dance Our very own Tj the DJ plays TOP 40 and Your requests. Rivercrest , Avon Rd. between Rochester & Livernois from 7:00 PM to Member price $4 Guest Price $7

Selective Singles Social Club Thursday

Weekly breakfast with good friends and good food. All welcome. Contact : Rosemary 313-881-3934
Cracker Barrel Roseville, MI S off 13 Mile on Mack from 09:00 AM Order from the nenu Come and enjoy a morning of fun with a lively group of friends If you would like more information please call Peggy at 586-725-3152 or Kathy at 586-716- 1902

Selective Singles Social Club Friday

Mutt & Jeff's 50870 North Avenue Macomb Township, MI 586-949-3040 Just 1/2 block south of 23 Mile Road on the east side of North Ave. from 09:00 AM to Order from the nenu

Miracle League of Michigan SAT

Miracle League Game 11:00 AM and 1:00 pm WallMart Field 26000 Evergreen Road Southfield, MI Just south of 11 in the Southfield Municipal Complex behind the volley Ball courts. from 11:00 AM

GM Ski Club Sunday

Every Sunday at 10:00 am, GMSki Club members and friends meet at for breakfast. Anton's is where life is about the THRILL O' THE GRILL. For a great breakfast and fun with friends, c'mon out and join us and be sure and bring a friend Anton's Family Restaurant . , Northwest corner of Big Beaver (16 Mile Rd) and Dequindre. from 10:00 AM to Order from the menu

All Star Singles Sunday

Dance lessons 4:00pm - 5:00pm. Dance party 5:00pm - 8:00pm. $7.00 Both for only $12.00 Contact : Bob 313-521-6564 Renaissance Unity Social Hall 11200 E. 11 Mile Rd. Warren, MI formerly Church of Today on the 696 sevice drive between Van Dyke and Hoover from 05:00 PM

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The park bench was deserted as I sat down to read
Beneath the long, straggly branches of an old willow tree
Disillusioned by life with good reason to frown For the world was
intent on dragging me down

And if that weren't enough to ruin my day
A young boy out of breath approached me, all tired from play He stood
right before me with his head tilted down And said with great
excitement, "Look what I found "

In his hand was a flower, and what a pitiful sight
With its petals all worn - not enough rain, or too little light
Wanting him to take his dead flower and go off to play I faked a small
smile and then shifted away
But instead of retreating he sat next to my side
And placed the flower to his nose
And declared with overacted surprise
"It sure smells pretty and it's beautiful, too"
"That's why I picked it; here, it's for you"

The weed before me was dying& nbsp;or dead
Not vibrant of colors: orange, yellow or red
But I knew I must take it, or he might never leave
So I reached for the flower, and replied, "Just what I need"

But instead of him placing the flower in my hand
He held it mid-air without reason or plan
It was then that I noticed for the very first time
That weed-toting boy could not see: he was blind

I heard my voice quiver; tears shone in the sun
As I thanked him for picking the very best one
"You're welcome," he smiled, and then ran off to play
Unaware of the impact he'd had on my day.

I sat there and wondered how he managed to see
A self-pitying woman beneath an old willow tree
How did he know of my self-indulged plight
Perhaps from his heart, he'd been blessed with true sight
Through the eyes of a blind child, at last I could see
The problem was not with the world; the problem was me
And for all of those times I myself had been blind
I v owed to see the beauty in life
And appreciate every second that's mine

And then I held that wilted flower up to my nose
And breathed in the fragrance of a beautiful rose
And smiled as I watched that young boy
Another weed in his hand
About to change the life of an unsuspecting old man
-- Author Unknown Trust in the LORD with all your heart. And lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5.

Chesney and Foy at Troy Library

John Chesney and Larry Foy, members of Sailing Singles, are Exhibiting at the Troy Library (Livernois and Big Beaver) during regular Library hours from now until June 30.

Larry's exhibit is acrylic paintings demonstrating the use of black backgroundss as an example of infinite depth and John is showing some of his beutiful photography.

Dog Philosophy

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.

Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.
-Ann Landers

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
-Will Rogers

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
-Ben Williams

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
-Josh Billings

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The Guys' Rules



These are our rules! Please note... these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE!
1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down.
1. Sunday sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be.
1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.
1. Crying is blackmail.
1. Ask for what you want.Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!
1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.
1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.
1. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.
1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days.
1. If you won't dress like the Victoria's Secret girls, don't expect us to act like soap opera guys.
1. If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't ask us.
1. If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.
1. You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done. Not both. If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself.
1. Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.
1. Christopher Columbus did not need directions and neither do we.
1. ALL men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a f ruit, not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have no idea what mauve is.
1. If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.
1. If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing,"we will act like nothing's wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle.
1. If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, expect an answer you don't want to hear.
1. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine....Really.
1. Don't ask us what we're thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as baseball, the shotgun formation, or monster trucks.
1. You have enough clothes.
1. You have too many shoes.
1. I am in shape. Round is a shape.
1. Thank you for reading this. Yes, I know, I have to sleep on the couch tonight; but did you know men really don't mind that? It’s like camping.

Dancers help Celebration

Happy Birthday Florine. I had a great time at your wonderful disco Birthday Party.

Bill Fields, who heads up the Downriver Dancers , Tonia Deliz, Mike Deroudourian and Richard Girod were there to demonstrate and to encourage the guests to join them on the dance floor.

Peter and Florine Ministrelli are well known philanthropists.

  • Fireworks And Parades Coming up
  • Fireworks

    Center Line Celebration Tuesday June 27, 2006 at dusk City Park, Lawrence at Engleman Admission: Free Picnic at 6pm. Phone: 586-757-1610

    International Freedom Festival Wednesday June 28, 2006 10:06PM Rain Date: Thursday June 29, 2006 10:06PM Detroit River Admission: Free Phone: 313-923-8259>

    Oak Park Funfest Wednesday June 28, 2006 at dusk 14200 Oak Park Blvd Admission: Free Festivities begin at 8:00pm Phone: 248-691-7555

    Southfield Star Spangled Fireworks Wednesday June 28, 2006 10:10PM Front lawn of Civic Center; 26000 Evergreen Road Admission: Free Festivities begin at 7pm Phone: (248) 796-4620

    Wayne Fireworks Display Wednesday June 28, 2006 at dusk Attwood Park Admission: Free Festivities start at 6pm. Entertainment, food vendors, and a kids area! Phone: 734-721-7400

    Rochester Hills, MI 2006 Festival of the Hills Thursday June 29, 2006 10:00PM Borden Park Admission: Free Free music from 6 - 10pm Phone: 248-656-4663

    Wixom Music In The Park Thursday June 29, 2006 at dusk Gilbert Willis Memorial Park off Loon Lake Road Admission: Free Fireworks after concert. Phone: 248-624-2850

    Greenfield Village Annual Salute to America Friday June 30, 2006 through at dusk Greenfield Village Admission: see website Games, contests, Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert Phone: (313) 982-6001

    Mt. Clemens Friday June 30, 2006 at dusk at the Riverfront Admission: Free Phone: (586) 469-4168

    St. Clair Shores Friday June 30, 2006 at dusk Rain Date: Sunday July 30, 2006 at dusk Veterans Memorial Park on Jefferson at Masonic Admission: Free Live entertainment, food, and a lot of fun! http://www.stclairshores

    Woodhaven 4th of July Celebration Friday June 30, 2006 at dusk Rain Date: Saturday July 01, 2006 at dusk Civic Center Park on Hall Road Admission: Free Festivities begin at 7pm. Live music, food, and more! Phone: 734-675-4926

    Wyandotte Independence Day Fireworks Friday June 30, 2006 10:00PM Bishop and BASF Parks Admission: Free Phone: 734-324-7297

    Addison Oaks Park Saturday July 01, 2006 at dusk Over beach; West Romeo Road north of Rochester, near Oxford Admission: $5 after 5pm; free with vehicle permit Phone: 248-693-2432

    Algonac Fourth of July Saturday July 01, 2006 10:00PM Rain Date: Sunday July 02, 2006 10:00PM Downtown Riverfront Park Admission: Free

    Grosse Pointe Farms Saturday July 01, 2006 10:00PM Lake Shore Drive waterfront; near Moross on Harbor Hill Admission: Free Phone: 313-343-2405

    Camp Dearborn Beach Bash Saturday July 01, 2006 at dusk Camp Dearborn Admission: Regular admission price

    Lake Orion Sunday July 02, 2006 at dusk Rain Date: Saturday July 08, 2006 at dusk Fireworks at Green's Park on M-24, right next to Lake Orion. Admission: Free Phone: 248-693-8391

    Groveland Oaks Park - Oakland County Sunday July 02, 2006 at dusk Groveland Oaks Park Admission: $5 before 5pm; $5 after 5pm Over the beach area; Dixie Highway east of Grange Hall, near Holly Phone: 248-634-9811

    Stony Creek Metropark Sunday July 02, 2006 at dusk near Utica/Rochester Admission: Vehicle permit Phone: 586-781-4242< br>
    Beverly Hills Monday July 03, 2006 at dusk Lincoln Hills Golf Course - 14 mile just west of Evergreen Admission: Free

    Birmingham Monday July 03, 2006 at dusk Rain Date: Wednesday July 05, 2006 at dusk Lincoln Hills Golf Course Admission: Free Lincoln and Cranbrook Phone: 248-644-1800

    Hazel Park Raceway Monday July 03, 2006 at dusk Rain Date: Tuesday July 04, 2006 at dusk Dequindre at 10 Mile Admission: Regular admission price Fireworks start after the last race Phone: 248-398-1000

    Plum Hollow Country Club Monday July 03, 2006 at dusk Rain Date: Wednesday July 05, 2006 at dusk At the club Admission: Free Private show; may be viewable outside the club

    Oakland County Boat Club Fireworks Monday July 03, 2006 at dusk Rain Date: Wednesday July 05, 2006 at dusk Over Sylvan Lake Admission: Free

    Clawson 4th of July Tuesday July 04, 2006 at dusk Clawson Park, Main - North of 14 Mile Admission: Free Phone: 248-589-0334

    Fenton, MI 16th Annual Freedom Festival Tuesday July 04, 2006 at dusk over Fenton High School Admission: Free Part of the Fenton Freedom Festival - ski show, pancake breakfast, parade and more. Phone: (810) 629-5447

    Gibraltar 4th of July Festivities
    Tuesday July 04, 2006 10:00PM Behind Parsons elementary school at Middle Gibraltar and Fryer. Admission: Free Parade at 11:00am that will start on Munro in front of City Hall; activities will include kiddie rides, food, beer tent, hot dog stand, pony rides, entertainment, and arts & crafts, with bingo and dinners inside the Community Center.

    Grosse Pointe Shores Fireworks Tuesday July 04, 2006 at dusk Shores Park Admission: Free

    Harrison Township Tuesday July 04, 2006 at dusk Belle Maer Harbor/Mac Ray Harbor Fireworks Admission: unknown

    Howell, MI Taylors Beach Campground Fireworks Tuesday July 04, 2006 at dusk Taylors Beach Campground Admission: Regular admission und/

    Huntington Woods Fireworks over Rackham Tuesday July 04, 2006 10:05PM Rackham Golf Course; Scotia and I-696 Admission: Free Restricted parking - please walk or bring your bicycle. Phone: 248-541-4300

    Sterling Heights Tuesday July 04, 2006 at dusk Freedom Hill Amphitheater Admission: Free What's the fourth of July without fireworks and a picnic? Come enjoy children's games, concessions and our wonderful park. See the best fireworks in town at dusk! Free admission. Parking, TBD. Phone: 586-268-7820

    Westland Summer Festival Tuesday July 04, 2006 10:00PM Central City Park - behind Westland City Hall Admission: Free The 35th annual Westland Summer Festival opens with the city parade on June 29 and ends with a spectacular fireworks display on the 4th of July. The festival is family oriented with various children and adult events throughout the six day festival. Carnival rides and games for all ages everyday and a petting farm for all to enjoy. A large arts and crafts show, various food concessions and entertainment nightly. New for 2006, the Traveling Viet Nam Memorial Wall will be on display for the six day festival.


    Dearborn Memorial Day Parade Time: 10am Route: The parade takes place in the city's east side, along Michigan Avenue from Greenfield to Schaefer, ending with a remembrance service held at the Dearborn War Memorial in front of City Hall.

    Madison Heights Memorial Day Parade Time: 10am Route: The parade starts at 12 Mile Road and travels north along John R to 13 Mile, concluding in front of City Hall.

    Northville Memorial Day Parade Time: 10 am Route: The parade runs right up Main Street, in the heart of downtown Northville.

  • Somerset Ski and Golf Wed June 28
  • Call, Beverly 3 days prior to golf. Leave your name & number. Arrive 30 minutes prior to tee time. Foursomes will be selected by a drawing. Call to cancel. This is a challenging course. (See golf schedule) Contact : Beverly Essary 586-573- 5171
    Pine Knob 248-625-4430 , 75 N to exit 89, over expressway to Waldon, left over to St. George
    from 11:00 AM Member price $35.00 Guest Price $35.00

  • Liberation Thu June 29
  • Congregation Shaarey Zedek presents "Liberation," a grand communal and inter-faith event that features a cantata to commemorate and celebrate hope and freedom around the world. The concert will feature the 150-member Vanguard Grand Chorus from Dearborn, as well as guest violin soloist Ittai Shapira and several vocal soloists, including Shaarey Zedek Cantor Meir Finkelstein. Many metro Detroit religious leaders will participate in dramatic readings, which will introduce various movements of the work.

    Leading the orchestra will be Yoel Levi, chief conductor of the Flemish Radio Orchestra and principal guest conductor of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. "Liberation" was composed by Shaarey Zedek Cantor Meir Finkelstein in 1995 to commemorate the liberation of the Nazi death camps. The inspiring and moving work was recently updated to memorialize Holocaust victims and those suffering genocide to the present day all over the world. Celebrating the heroes forged along the way, the work moves from the Holocaust to Hurricane Katrina, and then to the challenges the lie ahead.

    The picture depicts M.C. Escher's work, "Liberation." The Dutch artist created the work in 1955.

    The concert takes place on Thursday, June 29 at 8 p.m. at Orchestra Hall in The Max M. Fisher Music Center. At $300 each, Benefactor tickets include VIP seating, afterglow and name in the concert program. Patron tickets are also available for $180 each and include preferred seating, afterglow and name in the program. Funds will support of the educational and cultural programs of Congregation Shaarey Zedek.

    To order benefactor and patron tickets, call Congregation Shaarey Zedek at (248) 357-5544 during business hours. Tickets for the concert only range from $24 to $49, and are available at (313) 576-5111. For Max information, visit

  • Sailing Singles And Somerset Singles Friday June 30
  • We will meet for dinner and or drinks at the Post Bar at 408 W. Congress in Mt Clemens and then walk over to watch the annual Mt. Clemens spectacular fireworks. Contact : Greg 810-225-3647 from 05:00 PM to 00

  • Bethany Suburban West SAT July 01
  • Monthly Dance at St Robert Bellarmine Parish Hall, 2701 W. Chicago Rd. Redford from 08:00 PM Member price $10.00 Guest Price $10.00

  • Singles Coalition Dance Fri June 30
  • Anytime 8:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. Many singles & singles groups will join together to dance, socialize, form new friendships and have FUN! - All Singles Welcome in the Elegant Main Ballroom at PINEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB WALLED LAKE / WEST BLOOMFIELD 8600 PGA Dr Admission is $15
    Hors d’oeuvres ( 8:00 - 9:00 PM )
    Top 40 DJ, Cash Bar ( 8 PM - 1 AM )
    Door Prizes Attire: Red, White & Blue or Nice Summer Casual
    Directions From I-696/275/96 Take M-5 (North) to Pontiac Trail, turn Right (East) to Haggerty Rd, turn Left (North) to Oakley Park Dr, turn Left (West) to Martin Rd, turn Left (South). go to the End Look for PGA Dr on the Right For DIRECTIONS ONLY CALL (248) 669-9800

  • Somerset Ski & Golf Club SUN July 02
  • Call by 8 pm Wed. Leave name & number. Arrive 30 min. prior to tee time. Foursomes will be selected by a drawing. Call to cancel. Course is friendly. (see golf schedule) Contact : Beverly Essary 586-573- 5171
    Bruce Hills. Directions: Van Dyke N to 34 Mile, left to Campground ,right to Taft. $25 (Sp rate) . Price Same for member and non-member. from 11:00 AM

  • Carol Durand's Party Sat July 1
  • Carol, a brand new member of Sailing Singles, is having a party in Fair Haven on the water. There is a small amount of dockage available, although it is shallow at the seawall. Call Carol if you are thinking about coming by boat
    BYOB and a dish to pass. {arty starts at 1:00 pm. 7800 Swan River Across from Terrys Marina
    Carole Durand
    248 852-9792
    cell 810 333-6699

  • Sailing Singles Sat. July 1
  • You are invited to Ed Grace's annual Party Saturday, July 1st Starts at 3pm BYOB & a quality dish to pass Bring your bathing suit & towel, a chair or blanket Boat well # A76 at the Shore Club
    21600 Jefferson at 9 Mile Please RSVP = Ed Grace 248.624.1747 email =
    Ed has to leave your name at the guardhouse Everyone is invited

  • Gayle Shield's Tue July 4
  • Gayle Shield's "Wear Red White and Blue" party scheduled for Monday July 4, 2005 starting at 2:00 pm. Bring a dish to pass and $6.00 Hot dogs will be furnished. Gayle lives at 2129 Tall Oaks in Troy Her number is 248.641.0287 for more information call Frank Shier at 248-524-0572

  • GrayBay Shopping and Selling
  • More courses offered by Gray and White Computing and Global Information Technology.

    Check out the Course Catalogue

    The first 100 registered users will never have to pay any fees so register before it is too late. We now have 55 registered users. Due to our affiliation with BidFind we are getting a lot of viewers.

    This is a great training site to learn about online auctions. Register and try selling something. Clean out the garage or basement. If you have any problems contact the webmaster via email.

    One can use GrayBay to simply list something for sale or rent by just setting the starting price to the desired amount.

    GrayBay has a new Vacation Site for rent and you can see it here ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Duplex in quaint and historical Harbor Springs, Michigan.

    Upstairs: 2 bedroom 2 bathroom plus loft overlooking park with public beach. King bedroom and bath, built- in Captain's Bed (double), plus loft with two twins. All amenities.

    Downstairs: 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms plus queen sleep sofa in living area. Queen brass bed with wicker bedroom and bath; Two twins in second bedroom bath on opposite side of the living area. Laundry room off kitchen. Large deck with grill overlooks park. All amenities.

    Each unit can accommodate up to six people. The whole house can accommodate up to twelve people.

    Each unit rents for $1300/week in the summer.

    Auction Site Here

  • Original Watercolor by Peggy Jo
  • Peggy Jo has a print of one of her original watercolors on the GrayBay auction site.

    See it here

  • The Barque Picton Castle
  • The Barque Picton Castle, famous for her year-long voyages around the world as a sail training vessel, will visit the Great Lakes this summer as part of the ASTA 2006 Tall Ships Challenge This is an excellent opportunity for young men and women age 15+ to experience being a sail trainee on a Class "A" square rigged ship. We hope this opportunity will excite some of your young people.

    The Poster is here

    Peggy Jo Studio | PO Box 1404 | Royal Oak | MI | 48068