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Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter
"A Newsletter to Embrace Life and to Encourage both singles and couples Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally to be Active which brings Good Health"
Volume: 4 Issue: 41 July 14, 2008

" Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD is the one who goes before you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor forsake you."
Deuteronomy 31: 8


What is melanoma?    

From Health Wise:                         

Melanoma is a kind of skin cancer. It is not as common as other types of skin cancer, but it is the most serious.

Melanoma can affect your skin only, or it may spread to your organs and bones. Luckily, it can be cured if it’s found and treated early.

What causes melanoma?

You can get melanoma by spending too much time in the sun. This causes normal skin cells to become abnormal. These abnormal cells quickly grow out of control and attack the tissues around them.
Melanoma tends to run in families. Other things in your family background can increase your chances of getting the disease. For example, you may have abnormal, or atypical, moles. Atypical moles may fade into the skin and have a flat part that is level with the skin. They may be smooth or slightly scaly, or they may look rough and “pebbly.” These moles don't cause cancer by themselves. But having many of them is a sign that melanoma may run in your family.

What are the symptoms?

The main sign of melanoma is a change in a mole or other skin growth, such as a birthmark. Any change in the shape, size, or color of a mole may be a sign of melanoma.
Melanoma may grow in a mole or birthmark that you already have. But melanomas usually grow in unmarked skin. They can be found anywhere on your body. Most of the time, they are on the upper back in men and women and on the legs of women.
Melanoma looks like a flat, brown or black mole that has uneven edges. Melanomas usually have an irregular or asymmetrical shape. This means that one half of the mole doesn't match the other half. Melanoma moles or marks can be 6 mm (0.2 in.) or larger.
Unlike a normal mole or mark, a melanoma can:

  • Change color.
  • Be lumpy or rounded.
  • Become crusty, ooze, or bleed.

How is melanoma diagnosed?

Your doctor will check your skin to look for melanoma. If your doctor thinks you have melanoma, he or she will remove a sample of tissue from the area around the melanoma (biopsy). Another doctor, called a pathologist, will look at the tissue to check for cancer cells.
If your biopsy shows melanoma, you may need to have more tests to find out if it has spread to your lymph nodes.

How is it treated?

The most common treatment is surgery to remove the melanoma. That is all the treatment that you may need for early-stage melanomas that have not spread to other parts of your body.
Depending on where the melanoma is on your body, and how thick it is, the surgery to remove it may leave a scar. You might need another surgery to repair this scar.
After surgery, your doctor will want to see you every 3 to 6 months for the next 5 years. During these visits, your doctor will check to see if the cancer has returned and if you have any new melanomas.
If your melanoma is very deep or has spread to your lymph nodes, you may need medicine called interferon to fight the cancer cells.

Can you prevent melanoma?

The best way to prevent all kinds of skin cancer, including melanoma, is to protect yourself whenever you are out in the sun. It’s important to avoid exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

  • Try to stay out of the sun during the middle of the day (from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.).
  • Wear protective clothes when you are outside, such as a hat that shades your face, a long-sleeved shirt, and long pants.
  • Get in the habit of using sunscreen every day. Your sunscreen should have an SPF of least 15. Look for a sunscreen that protects against both types of UV radiation in the sun's rays—UVA and UVB.
  • Use a higher SPF when you are at higher elevations.
  • Avoid sunbathing and tanning salons.

Check your skin every month for odd marks, moles, or sores that will not heal. Pay extra attention to areas that get a lot of sun, such as your hands, arms, and back. Ask your doctor to check your skin during regular physical exams or at least once a year. Even though the biggest cause of melanoma is spending too much time in the sun, it can be found on parts of your body that never see the sun.

Got Mustard Campaign

Got Mustard Campaign

Chris is our fourth volunteer (don't worry, we’re not going to go through all of them) for the "Got Mustard ???" campaign that features famous people that you might know. They might not have been famous until they appeared on the internet in this campaign. There is a slideshow on my website that shows all of the 144 volunteers.(At pubilication time, we still have photos that have not been processed) Take some time to view the show and if you see someone you know, call them and tell them that they are famous. You can view that show at or you can try clicking here. If that doesn’t work, try a right click and select "open in a separate tab" from the drop down list. If all else fails enter the address in your browser address box. The slide show changes from day to day as we add new people to the list. The show has sound, so keep your speakers turned on!

In the next issue we will feature one of the other volunteers. If you would like to join the fun, send your electronic photo to (.jpg is preferred. ) We will supply the mustard.

Hand Washing.

According to the Nemours Foundation, good hand washing is the first line of defense against spreading many illnesses. The common cold, meningitis, bronchiolitis, the flu, hepatitis A, and infectious diarrhea, can be stopped by simply washing your hands.

How long should we wash our hands?
Long enough to sing "Happy Birthday" twice!

We Have Mustard !!!

Book Beat

After only three weeks, Charley's Ballpark Mustard is now appearing in over 27 stores throughout Southeastern Michigan. The complete list is here If the link does not work the address is

In the photo is Cary Loren from the Book Beat



E-Mails from our Readers

Hello Peggy Jo,

I received a lot of response from this letter. Please post again It is a great event.

------Here is the home page of AMUUSE---people can go on line to and pick up the page for the August camp---always lots of fun-----all singles---maybe if they need additional questions answered they can call me!!!???  313 510 1089

Thanks,    John Faitel


" People with integrity have firm footing, but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall."
Proverbs 10:9

Mon. Jul. 14 Events

Lady looking for a residence in Southern Oakland County. Is willing to share an apartment or house. Non-Smoker. contact

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Volleyball In The Park - Ann Arbor Ski Club

MON 2008-07-14
This is social volleyball, and everyone is welcome. Instruction is available on request if you would like to learn more about the game. Come and enjoy the sunny weather. Questions? Call Jeff and Linda Schroeder (734-973-2136)
Starts at ..Location: Burns Park. Ann Arbor, MI .
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Thunderbird Ski Club

MON 2008-07-14
Sponsored by the "Bikers And Bladers"
Starts at 6:00 PM..Location: Deadwood Bar and Grille. 18730 Northville Rd, Northville, MI. 48168 Email address is Web site is In Northville between Six and Seven Mile on Northville Road .
Submitted by: Jim Michon

Walking - Bethany East

MON 2008-07-14
Contact Eileen 586-777-0530
Starts at 6:00 PM..Location: City Hall Parking Lot. 795 Lakeshore, Grosse Pointe Shores, MI
Submitted by: Barbara Millitello

Metropolitan Single Professionals

MON 2008-07-14
Social euchre. No smoking on Mondays. Come anytime from 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm. $6 non members, $5 members .
Starts at 6:30 PM..Location: Drakeshire Lanes Lounge . 35000 Grand River, Farmington Hills, MI. 48335 .

Bethany East

MON 2008-07-14
VOLLEYBALL . Contact : Terry (586) 727-4191.
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Whispering Woods. 21 Mile Road, Shelby Township, MI. Outside. Between Van Dyke and Schoenherr..
Submitted by: Barbara Millitello

Monday Night Dancers

MON 2008-07-14
Singles & Couples Dance Lessons: Beginners 5:30, Intermediate 6:30, Dance Party 7:30-10:30. No dance partner needed. Lessons $5, Dance Party $6. Snacks included. Big Band, Latin, Swing, Fox trot, Waltz, Polka. Contact 313-295-1134
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Father Patrick O'Kelley K of C. 23663 Park St., Dearborn, MI.

" People who wink at wrong cause trouble, (but babbling fools fall flat on their faces) but bold reproof promotes peace."
Proverbs 10:10

Tue. Jul. 15 Events

Success Institute

An evening of powerful revelation and transformation, as we share God's word for your success
Teaching by the well known motivational speakers Doug Firebaugh and his wife Jodi.
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Troy Community Center 3179 Livernois Troy, MI 248-524-3181
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

spread the word

Cottage for rent. Additional information hereYou can get there on one tank of gas or less.

Bethany South

TUE 2008-07-15
Dinner with Friends - Contact Amy for more info (313-291-6733).
Starts at 6:00 PM..Location: Ram's Horn Allen Park. 15544 Southfield, Allen Park, MI.
Submitted by: Melanie Parott Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Volleyball In The Park - Metropolitan Single Professionals

TUE 2008-07-15
Nets will be designated Social, Intermediate and Competitive. Everyone is welcome to come and play or just socialize. Meet Anytime after 6:30 PM. No alcohol or pets allowed in the park.
Starts at 6:30 PM. Price is $2.Location: Heritage Park. Farmington Hills, MI Between 10 & 11 Mile.

Century Dancers

TUE 2008-07-15
Live Band Ballroom Dancing. (This is not the Polish American Cultural Center which is nearby)
Starts at 7:00 PM. Price is $8.00.Location: American-Polish Century Club. Just north of Fourteen Mile on the east side of Maple Lane, across from Maple Lane Golf Course. Maple Lane Road becomes an extension of Hoover at Fourteen Mile Road. Polish-American Century Club, just north of Fourteen Mile.

Latin & Argentine Tango Club of Detroit

TUE 2008-07-15
Milonga de los Motor City Milongueros Argentine tango lesson at 7:00pm, beginners welcome, no partner required. After the lesson, dance tango, milonga, and vals to the best recorded music of Buenos Aires.
Starts at 7:00 PM. Member Price is $10 and guest price is $15.Location: O'Kelly Banquet Hall. 23663 Park, Dearborn, MI.

Divorce Recovery - Bethany South Oakland County

TUE 2008-07-15
Divorce Recovery Tuesday Night Drop-in Contact Carol 248-390-7771
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: St Columban's Church. 1775 Melton, Birmingham, MI 48009 .
Submitted by: Carol Spellman

Line Dancing - Music, Country/Western

TUE 2008-07-15
Learn a new line dance every week Call Carol 586-201-1119
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Bourbon Jake's Pub and Grill. 1711 E. Auburn Rd., Rochester Hills, MI 48307 (248) 293-9000 .

Wed. Jul. 16 Events

Does your club have an upcoming event that should be listed in this newsletter? click here if yes

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The Ann Arbor Art Fairs - Festivals and Community Events

Week end of 2008-07-16
Four award-winning, juried art fairs transform the community into a fantastic outdoor art gallery, showcasing the best in fine art and fine crafts. Downtown Ann Arbor.
Starts at ..Location: Ann Arbor.
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Thunderbird Ski Club

WED 2008-07-16
Come watch the sunset at the BAYSIDE SPORTS GRILLE July 16, 2008 at 6PM Located at 142 E. Walled Lake Drive North side of the lake just E. of Pontiac Trail Your Host for the Evening is Bert Carty For more information call 248.624.2654
Starts at 6:00 PM..Location: Bayside Sports Grille. 142 E. Walled Lake Drive, Walled Lake, MI. 48390 Email address is Web site is North side of the lake just E. of Pontiac Trail.
Submitted by: Jim Michon

Bethany East

WED 2008-07-16
. Contact : Kevin (586) 777-0530.
Starts at 6:30 PM..Location: The Cutting Board. 28655 Schoenherr, Warren, MI. South of 12 Mile Rd..
Submitted by: Barbara Millitello

Music, Classical and Jazz Music

WED 2008-07-16
Spencer Barefield & Friends with Don Mayberry (bass) and Djallo Djakate (drums)Great jazz and soul food. Special guests each week. .
Starts at 8:00 PM..Location: Baker's Keyboard Lounge. 20510 Livernois Detroit, Detroit, MI. 48221 Web site is .

Somerset Ski & Golf Club

WED 2008-07-16
Call Carole for reservation 8pm Wed for Sun golf and 3 days prior to weekday golf.Leave info. You will be called if problem. CAll ASAP to cancel.Arrive 30 min. prior to tee time. Foursomes will be selected by a draw. . Contact : Carole 586-412-3430.
Starts at 10:30 AM. Price is $29.Location: Pine Knob. MI. I-75 N. to Sashabaw. Exit89, left on Sashabaw, left onto Waldon (5580 Waldon) course on left side. Challenging course.
Submitted by: Judy Benn

Royal Oak Computer Club

WED 2008-07-16
Weekly Meeting
Starts at 12:30 PM. Price is $1.Location: Leo Mahany/Harold Meininger Senior Community Center. 3500 Marais , Royal Oak, MI. (248)246-3900 . North of 13 Mile Rd, just south of Lexington Blvd, east of Crooks Rd

Festivals and Community Events

Week of 2008-07-16
Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. The 49th annual event is the original of the four award-winning Ann Arbor Art Fairs. 175 hand-picked artists presenting demonstrations, guided tours, workshops, new media programs and performances, hands on activities and more. For more information, call 734-994-5260 or visit
Start time not applicable..Location: Ann Arbor. MI. .

"People with integrity have firm footing, but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall."
Proverbs 10:9

Concert of Colors - Festivals and Community Events

Week end of 2008-07-17
Metro Detroit's 16th Annual Diversity Festival brings communities and ethnic groups together through music from more than 20 different countries. The partnership between ACCESS and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra happens.
Starts at ..Location: Max M. Fisher Music Center. 3711 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI (313) 576-5111
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Meet N' Greet - Somerset Ski & Golf Club

THU 2008-07-17
Meet N' Greet-- Invite all of your friends. Good way to meet new friends and see old friends. Held in the upstairs Deck. Appetizers will be served Contact : Judy 586-530-0255 / Sharon 248-763-6303.
Starts at 5:00 PM. Price is Cash Bar.Location: Woody's Diner. 208 5th St. , Royal Oak, MI. Parking structure on Lafayette, across Sangria Rest. Walk out structure. Cross Lafayette, go along wide sidewalk. Cross Washingtion and you will almost at front door of Woodys. No access from Main St. .
Submitted by: Judy Benn

Bethany East

THU 2008-07-17
Drop In Golf Contact Kevin 586-777-0530 .
Starts at 5:30 PM..Location: Warfield Greens Golf Course. 34255 Utica Road, Fraser, MI. 48026 (Between 14 and 15 Mile Road).
Submitted by: Barbara Millitello

American Singles Golf Association-SE Michigan

THU 2008-07-17
Cocktails at 6pm, short meeting at 7pm, then mingling continues after the meeting. Any questions contact Diane Taylor, at (248) 347-0379.
Starts at 6:00 PM..Location: The Maples Club 31260 Wakefield Dr. Novi, MI 48377
Submitted by: Ron Nomura

Volleyball In The Park - Metropolitan Single Professionals

THU 2008-07-17
Nets will be designated Social, Intermediate and Competitive. Everyone is welcome to come and play or just socialize. Meet Anytime after 6:30 PM. Nets in the back of the park. No alcohol allowed in the park.
Starts at 6:30 PM. Price is $2.Location: Harding Park. Ferndale, MI Take Hilton (South)from I-696 to Mapledale - turn Right (West).

Dancing - Commonwealth Club

THU 2008-07-17
7-8 PM FREE Lessons. James Savage leads basic dance instructions (Waltz, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Line Dances, Sequences, etc.). 8-10 pm dance to the live keyboard and singing of Jim Lauri on wood parque floor. Cash bar.
Starts at 7:00 PM. Price is $5.Location: Commonwealth Club. 30088 Dequindre Road, Warren, MI 248-689-7259 between 12 and 13 mile roads.

Single Place

THU 2008-07-17
Thursday Night Programs offer a variety of speakers, panels and entertainment. Social time is 7:30pm to 7:45 pm. Opening is 7:45pm to 8:00pm and program is 8:00PM to 9:00PM.
Starts at 7:30 PM. Price is $5.Location: First Presbyterian Church. 200 East Main Street, Northville, MI. 248-349-0911.

Selective Singles Social Club

THU 2008-07-17
Begin your day with good friends and good food . Non-members welcome. Bring a friend. Rosemary at 313.881.3934 .
Starts at 9:00 AM. Order off menu .Location: Cracker Barrel. 30750 Little Mack Ave, Roseville, Mi. 48066

Club Meeting - Skiwi Ski Club

THU 2008-07-17
General Meeting.Theme for July is Nautical -Captain, sailor or pirate? Pull out the navy & white and show off your boat attire! Price includes pizza, keg beer, pop, water and munchies. All are welcome to attend .
Starts at 6:00 PM. Member Price is $4 and guest price is $6.Location: Madison Heights Civic Center Park. Off 13 Mile Road Between John R and I-75.
Submitted by: Valerie Miller

PWP- Rochester

THU 2008-07-17
Weekly Dance. Our very own TJ the DJ plays TOP 40 and Your requests.
Starts at 7:00 PM. Member Price is $5 and guest price is $9.Location: Rivercrest,Avon Rd. between Rochester & Livernois.

Fri. Jul. 18 Events

McLean Advertisement <

Full Moon

Quake on the Lake - Festivals and Community Events

Week end of 2008-07-18
Fast boats and big fun. Family friendly event hosts more than 80 inboard hydroplane boats from across the country, water skiing and skateboarding championships. Proceeds benefit childen with life-threatening and terminal illnesses.
Starts at ..Location: Pontiac Lake Recreation Area.
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Pool Party

FRi 2008-07-18
Pool party. Bring a dish to pass, your own beverages and $3.00. Leave no one behind. .
Starts at 4:00 PM..Location: Gayle Shields. 2129 Tall Oaks, Troy, MI. 48098 .248-641-0287.

Friday Night Golf - Thunderbird Ski Club

FRI 2008-07-18
Friday Evening Golf Schedule contact Richard Gatza 313-271-0842.
Starts at 5:00 PM..Location: Idyl Wyld Golf Course. 35780 Five Mile Road., Livonia, MI .
Submitted by: Jim Michon

Moonlight Sailing - GM Ski Club

FRI 2008-07-18
We'll board our boats on Lake St. Clair for a romantic evening on the water. Here, you will experience the magic as we watch the sunset transform to a rising full moon!
Contact Michael Bourke,, 586-776-7685.
Starts at 6:00 PM. Member Price is $15 and guest price is $25.Location: Jefferson Beach Marina.

Moonlight Sail - Sailing Singles

FRI 2008-07-18
Dinner of the Month and Moonlight Sail. Meet for dinner and make arrangement with the skippers for the sail.
From 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Price is Menu/Cash Bar.Location: Beach Grill. 24420 Jefferson Ave, St.Clair Shores, MI 48080 (586) 771-4455 web

Friday Night Volleyball - Bethany Rochester

FRI 2008-07-18
Volleyball Dinner at 9:10 PM or immediately following Volleyball-For those of you who do not play Volleyball, we will have dinner at CK Diggs 2010 W. Auburn Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Starts at 7:00 PM. Member Price is Order from Menu and guest price is Order from menu.Location: St Andrews Catholic Church. 1400 Inglewood Ave, Rochester, MI 48307 248-651-7486
Submitted by: Audrey DeMarois

Detroit Institute of Arts

FRI 2008-07-18
Jazz Fridays (Third Friday): The best in classic and contemporary jazz, drawing in the galleries for all ages, museum tours and drop-in workshops.
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Detroit Institute of Arts 5200 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 313.833.7900
More here

Music, Folk Music & Dancing

FRI 2008-07-18
International Folk Dancing may be for you!
Admission is $7.00 per person; Singles and couples are welcome. No age limit.

Light refreshments (non alcoholic) are available at no additional cost. Casual clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended. (Ladies, NO STILLETTO HEELS, Please!)
Starts at 8:30 PM. Price is $7.Location: St James Catholic Church. 200 Hazelhurst, Ferndale, MI. 48202. Woodward And Hazelhurst.

Bethany South

FRI 2008-07-18
Karaoke Contact Betty 734-692-8271
Starts at 9:00 PM..Location: Best Western Hotel. 21700 West Rd., Woodhaven, MI .

American Singles Golf Association-SE Michigan

FRI 2008-07-18
Friday Nite Golf League Contact: Denny O'Neill, 248-375-2440, .
Starts at 5:30 PM. Member Price is $19 and guest price is .Location: Farmington Hills Golf Course. 37777 11 Mile, Farmington Hills, MI. Web site is
Submitted by: Ron Nomura

" We all have happy memories of the godly, but the name of a wicked person rots away."
Proverbs 10:7

Sat. Jul. 19 Events

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33rd Annual Antique and Garage Sale - Festivals and Community Events

Week end of 2008-07-19
Thirty thousand people will visit the sale of the year in Downtown Royal Oak's and the World's Second Largest Garage and Sidewalk Sale: the 33nd Annual Antique and Garage Sale, at its fabulous new home, the stately newer parking structure on Lafayette between Fifth and Sixth Streets. The Garage Sale is the largest annual fundraiser for the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce, and takes place over two days, Saturday, July 19 from 9:30am-6pm and Sunday, July 20 from 9:30am-5pm.
Starts at ..Location: Lafayette & Sixth St. Parking Structure. Royal Oak, MI 48067
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Michigan-Ontario District Flying Scot Races - Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association

SAT 2008-07-19
Flying Scot Round Robin Race hosted by Detroit Yacht Club.
Starts at ..Location: Detroit Yacht Club. Detroit, MI 48207 (313) 824-1200 web

Pizza and Movie - Bethany South

SAT 2008-07-19
Pizza and a Movie contact Mark 734-284-7595
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Our Lady of the Woods. 21830 Gudith Road, Woodhaven, MI

River Dance Singles Party

SAT 2008-07-19
Doors open at 7 p.m. Food served at 8 p.m. and will include SNACKS, SALAD, PIZZA and DESSERT, plus a BUDGET BAR. DJ Randy will provide music for dancing, and prizes (bigger prizes this year) will be awarded for various fun, but senseless, activities. Tickets are only $15 per person. Outdoor deck with beautiful river view; casual dress. C’mon down. See old friends. Meet new and gently used party-goers from all over Michigan, Ohio and Canada.

Since space is limited, advance tickets are STRONGLY recommended. Send check or money order, plus a SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE, TO:
MaryAnn Witte . 44 James Dr. Carleton, MI 48117 (734) 654-0115 or (734) 625-8744
Or for reservations, call Denise: (734) 246-9331 or (734) 277-0222
Starts at 7:30 PM..Location: Seaway Boat Club. 6 Perry Place, Wyandotte, MI 48192 At the Detroit River.


SAT 2008-07-19
Ballroom Dancing to a live band singles, couples, All Welcome. Dress Code: Ladies- Date Style clothes, Gentlemen- Jackets and ties. Mike Wolverton.Dance instructions from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. every Saturday. June and July are Samba lessons. Cost $6.00
Starts at 8:30 PM. Member Price is $5.00 and guest price is $6.00.Location: Livonia Civic Center. 15218 Farmington Rd., Livonia, MI. South of File Mile Road. contact Joe 248-968-5197.

Bethany Suburban West

SAT 2008-07-19
Monthly Breakfast Meeting All separated, divorced and singles welcome; for details please feel free to contact, Kathy M. (734) 513 9479.
Starts at 9:00 AM. Order off menu .Location: Leon’s Family Dining 30149 Ford Road Garden City, MI south side (next to Tim Horton’s)

Annual Garage Sale - Royal Oak Woman's Club

SAT 2008-07-19
Annual Garage Sale on the lawn of their clubhouse. If you would like to contribute any of your cast offs to the club for this sale, please bring them to the clubhouse the day before the sale, Friday, July 18, from 7 am to 9 pm. No clothing, please, but all other household items are gladly accepted. Please call Sandy at 248-894-6441 with any questions or for pick-up of your donated items
From 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM..Location: Royal Oak Woman's Club. 404 S. Pleasant Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067
Submitted by: Dee Graeber

Cantina Ride - Skiwi Ski Club

SAT 2008-07-19
Ride at 11:00 AM. 15-20 mile round trip bike ride on Paint Creek Trail. Bring lunch money for Sagebrush Cantina. Check out our website: and click on Cantina Rides for more information and contacts.
Starts at 10:30 AM..Location: Parking Lot of Rochester Municipal Park on Ludlow-South of Woodward. Rochester, MI .
Submitted by: Valerie Miller

Saturday Golf - Kirk Singles

SAT 2008-07-19
Join old friends and make new friends with nine holes of Saturday morning golf. No golf if temperature less than 55 degrees. Rain, call club by 9:30 A.M.
Starts at 10:30 AM. Price is Usual fees.Location: Springdale (248-644-0480) is located at the east end of Strathmoor Rd., one block north of Big Beaver, east side
Submitted by: John Rhinehart

Somerset Ski & Golf Club

SAT 2008-07-19
Canoe/Kayaking Afternoon. Includes canoe/kayak (2 people per). Very mild current. Destination provides swimming area. Bring lunch & beverages (alcohol allowed). Bottle water and snack will be provided. submitted by : Judy Benn. Contact : Carole 58
From 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Member Price is $15.00 and guest price is $18.00.Location: Village Canoe Rental. 1216 Garden Road, Milford, MI. .
Submitted by: Judy Benn

Vintage Vehicles at the Village

SAT 2008-07-19
Classic Makes and Models Free food, refreshments and prizes. Come have some fun and cruise the campus to show off your ride. call 313-531-6874 or 313-378-8080
From 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM..Location: Village of Redford Senior Living Community. 25330 W. 6 Mile, Redford Township, MI .

Golf Outing - American Singles Golf Association-SE Michigan

SAT 2008-07-19
American Singles Golf Association (ASGA) Golf Outing @ The Jackal @ Mt Brighton First tee time is 1PM. Includes golf,cart,prizes,& dinner. Send Check to Gary Tarolowicz (, 1617 Electric, Wyandotte, MI 48192
Starts at 12:30 PM. Member Price is $52 and guest price is $57.Location: The Jackal @ Mt. Brighton. 4141 Bauer Road, Brighton, MI 48116 810-229-9581 .
Submitted by: Ron Nomura

Festivals and Community Events

Week of 2008-07-19
St. Joseph Summer Fun Festival – Sunset 5K Run at 7:00pm. The St Joseph Summer Fun Festival will be going on all weekend, and features great food, drink, live entertainment, dessert, games and more. The 5k is a race around the hilly neighborhoods of Dexter, MI. For more information, contact Kathy Jackson at 734-645-3905 or check their website for an application to the race at
Start time not applicable..Location: St Joseph. 6805 Mast Road, Dexter, MI. .

Jean Dance - Phil's Fun Single Dances, LLC

SAT 2008-07-19
" Jean Dance "
Meet New Friends & Join Old Friends For Dancing & Socializing. Cash Bar/Great DJ/Smoke Free/Snacks @ 8:30 pm Summer Dressy Casual and/or Jeans OK~$ 1.50 Beers
More Information Phone : 248-941-0120
From 8:00 pm to 12:00 AM. Price is $10.Location: Troy/Clawson Elks Club. 1451 East Big Beaver Roa, Troy, MI 48083 248.689.2500 North side of Big Beaver between Rochester Road and John R.
Submitted by: Phil Gural

" Should you not walk in the fear of our God in order to avoid being mocked by enemy nations?" Nehemiah 5 : 9

Sun. Jul. 20 Events

Microsoft Excel Basic Class. Global Information Technology call 248-557-2480

Bike Riding - Bethany East

SUN 2008-07-20
Bike towards Metro. Beach and back. All levels of bikers welcome Dinner at Rivercrest on Harper just north of 16 at about 5:00 PM. Contact Judith 586-307-3117
Starts at 3:00 PM..Location: McDonalds. Metropolitan Parkway at Crocker.
Submitted by: Barbara Millitello Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Kirk Singles

SUN 2008-07-20
A Very British High Tea potluck. Bring relevant items such as, little finger sandwiches, scones, small deserts, etc. Beverages provided. RSVP to Fabiola and to coordinate menu choice. .
Click here for details

Detailed directions: Go north on Squirrel Rd. to Tienken, right or east one block to "Heritage in the Hills" on the left, enter, then right on Riverside, follow to right fork, Camden Court, fourth house on left., #3609. Things to bring could also include fresh fruit. Ladies consider wearing a summer hat and gloves. Very British!
Starts at 4:00 PM. Price is Potluck.Location: Fabiola's House. Auburn Hills, MI. 48326 Call Fabiola for more directions. (248-659-2207)
Submitted by: John Rhinehart

Motor City Theater Organ Society

SUN 2008-07-20
Somewhere In Time Radio Program Theatre Organ Show Hosted by Tom Wilson and Heather Novak. - Phil Kelsall at the Tower Ballroom Wurlitzer
Starts at 6:00 PM. Price is $4.Location: Radio Simulcast. WMUZ (103.5 FM) - Simulcast at WRDT (560 AM) - Simulcast at

Bethany South

SUN 2008-07-20
Bowling with OLOW $8 - 2 games, hot dogs and pop. Contact Betty @ 734/692-8271.
Starts at 6:00 PM..Location: Woodhaven Lanes. 2000 Van Horn, Woodhaven, MI
Submitted by: Melanie Parott

Somerset Ski & Golf Club

SUN 2008-07-20
Call Carole for reservation 8pm Wed for Sun golf and 3 days prior to weekday golf.Leave info. You will be called if problem. CAll ASAP to cancel.Arrive 30 min. prior to tee time. Foursomes will be selected by a draw. . Contact : Carole 586-412-3430.
Starts at 10:30 AM. Member Price is $35 w/cart and guest price is $35.00 w/cart.Location: Pine Valley. MI. Make M-59 east to Van Dyke Freeway, north to 31 Mile, turn right, corner of Romeo Plank Rd. Friendly course.
Submitted by: Judy Benn

Southeastern High School Big Picnic

SUN 2008-07-20
SOUTHEASTERN PICNIC FOR CLASSES 1950 TO 1955 Classes of 1950 to 1955 Please circle that date on your calendar. It promises to be the best picnic you've had in years. Two to be exact.

We need to know how many are coming, therefore send a check for $10.00 per person to Betty Bradley. Her address is 21209 Yale St Clair Shores, Mi. 48081. Phone 586-776-2461 if you would like to call for particulars. Remember a passing dish of one of your favorites is most welcome. We've had some real goodies in the past.

Bring yourself and old whatsher/hisname. Look for the purple and white signs to the pavilion. We have ordered perfect weather.

Please RSVP Betty early so we'll be able to have plenty of Tess's great Greek Coney Island Hotdogs, Chili, Burgers, Beer, Pop and Wine for everyone--- Oh yes bring a healthy appetite.

Thanks your SE Picnic Committee
From 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM..Location: VFW Bruce Post. 28404 E. Jefferson, St. Clair Shores, MI 48081-2570 web North of 11 Mile.
Submitted by: Betty Bradley

Michigan Swing Dance Association

SUN 2008-07-20
Michigan Swing Dance Association or 248-390-0515
The MSDA dances are attended by couples and singles alike. For the most part, our members are single and we are always happy to see new people attend. Event Promoter Phil Dorroll travels from Tampa to teach and DJ for us.

2PM: Intermediate West Coast Swing lesson with Phil Dorroll. $10.
3PM: MSDA offers two levels of WCS lessons. Members ~ free. Non-members ~ $4.
4PM to 8PM. Open dance. Member Price is $9.00 and guest price is $11.00.
Snacks, cake and soft drinks are provided. BYOB and food if you like.

Starts at 2:00 PM..Location: Rhythm and Shoes Dance Studio 2172 Franklin Road, Bloomfield Hills, Mi 48302

Future Events:

Note:only events that require advance notice or a great deal of planning are listed here. Listing all of the future events would require a great amount of space in this newsletter. Look for next weeks events in the next issue.

Kirk Singles

FRI 2008-07-25
Join us for our monthly first class dinner in a first class restaurant, fine food, good company, lots of brilliant conversation. Please let Sue (248-705-4112) know you are coming.
Starts at 7:30 PM. Order off menu .Location: 220 Restaurant. 220 Merrill Street, Birmingham, MI. West of Old Woodward, one block south of Maple Rd. First two hours of parking free in nearby Birmingham City parking structures. .
Submitted by: John Rhinehart Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Sophisticated Singles

SAT 2008-07-26
Presenting a Singles dance which includes a free professional one hour swing dance lesson by Terry Bee. DJ is Randy Malecki, Host is Wayne Worosz. Lesson begins at 7:30PM.
Starts at 7:00 PM. Price is $9 adv $12 Door.Location: Burton Manor & Conference Center. 27777 Schoolcraft, Livonia, MI 734-427-9110

American Singles Golf Association-SE Michigan

SAT 2008-07-26
ASGA Golf @ IRONWOOD GOLF CLUB. 10 am Shot gun start. Price Includes 18 holes w/cart Hot dog, Chips & Soda at turn Burgers, Potato Salad & Beans after round.
Challenge Prizes
Starts at 10:00 AM. Member Price is $44 and guest price is $49.Location: Ironwood Golf Club. 6902 E. Highland Road, Howell, MI 48843 (517) 546-3211 .
Submitted by: Ron Nomura

Kirk Singles

SUN 2008-07-27
For a delightful summer event, join Kirk Singles for their annual old-fashioned summer picnic at Stan Freville's home at 9645 Steep Hollow Dr. in White Lake. Lotsa picnic-type food provided, but please bring your own beverages. Stan will give the adventurous rides on his pontoon boat! A folding chair would be helpful, an RSVP to Stan (248-698-2300) would be appreciated. Pray for sunny skies.
Starts at 3:00 PM. Price is $10.Location: Stan's house. 9645 Steep Hollow, White Lake, MI. South of M-59, west of Williams Lake Rd. Call Stan (248-698-2300) for directions or use .
Submitted by: John Rhinehart

Michigan Senior Olympics-Golf

Week of 2008-07-28
Michigan Senior Summer Olympics For Men and Women 50 Years of Age and 1-248-608-0250
Start time not applicable..Location: Various Venues. web .

Concours d'Elegance - Festivals and Community Events

Week of 2008-07-31
If you love things that move on wheels, these are the times and the place to be. Events throughout the week, culminating in the 30th competition Sunday Aug. 3.
Start time not applicable..Location: Meadow Brook Hall. Rochester Hills, MI 48309 (248) 370-3140 web

Clinton River Watershed Council

THU 2008-07-31
Tickets: $50 per person $45 for CRWC members Reserve your berth: 248-601-0606 for credit card purchase or Board at 5:30pm, return by 9:00pmBuffet dinner, cash bar. Please R.S.V.P.

Guest Speaker: Captain Luke Clyburn from the Pride of Michigan, Sea Cadets Program You are invited to hear the tales of the Great Lakes from Captain Clyburn and enjoy a summer evening cruise down the Clinton River and out to Lake St. Clair. Each season, a produce a professional documentary science film and their award winning films have achieved recognition in the film industry winning both Telly and Communicator Awards.

Starts at ..Location: Clinton Friendship. 152 N. River Road, Mount Clemens, MI 48043 586-468-0212 web Email .
Submitted by: Jill Hollowell

Ed Grace's Annual Pig Roast

SAT 2008-08-02
$22 includes beer,pop,set-ups,roasted pig, and corn. BYOB, and a quality dish to pass. Send check to Ed Grace, 1787 Marella Lane, Walled Lake Mi. 48390 248-343-8747.
Starts at 3:00 PM. Price is $22.Location: Markley Marina Gazebo. 31300 North River Road, Harrison Township, MI

4th Annual Bicycling Event - Mind over Matter

SAT 2008-08-02
4th Annual Bicycling Even. For More Details & Info:Kristine Korpal Ph. # (586) 876-0827

All proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Association. For more info about the Alzheimer's Association: Ph. # (248) 351-0280.

3 Ride Distances:
7:30am. (SAME DAY REGISTRATION-late fee additional $10.00) *(Panera Bread Bagels for Breakfast)
8am. 40 Mile Ride ($ 50.00) (Adult)
9am. 25 Mile Ride ($ 50.00) (Adult)
10:30am. 5 Mile Ride ($15.00) (Adult)
**SPECIALS for Kids, & Senior Discount!!!
*18 years & under: $5.00 for any ride distance. *Senior Discount (62 years & older): $15.00 for any ride distance.

T-Shirts will be "Guaranteed" with Pre-Registration. *Food Tickets "included" to each bicycler in their packets. (Breakfast: Panera Bread Bagels, Lunch: JJ Pita Jack's, and Ice Cream).

*Bike Raffle for Day of the Event (only). Must be present to win! Bike Raffle Tickets at the WEST GROVE SHELTER: $1.00 each or 6 tickets for $5.00.

Just Pay & Ride!!!
No Pledges Required!
Donations are welcomed!
*Pre-Registration recommended.

Starts at 8:00 AM..Location: Metropolitan Beach. (586) 463-4581 W BIG BEAVER RD becomes 16 MILE RD / METRO PKWY. take it to the End at Metro Beach Metropark:Coming east or west on I94 get off at Metro Parkway exit 236. Take Metro Parkway east to the end. WEST GROVE SHELTER.

Michigan Senior Olympics

Week of 2008-08-09
Michigan Senior Summer Olympics For Men and Women 50 Years of Age and 1-248-608-0250
Start time not applicable..Location: Various Venues. web .

Schussmeisters Ski Club of Flint

SUN 2008-08-24
Schussmeisters Ski Club's Scotch Ball Golf Outing. Win a 2008 Ford Focus with a hole in one. Lots of door prizes with Famous Dave's Rib & Roasted Chicken for dinner. Longest Drive & Closest to the Pin 50/50 prize for women and men. Visit our Web Site for details and Registration Form. Full refund if canceled for weather.
Starts at 7:00 PM. Price is $32.00.Location: Genesee Valley Meadows. 5499, Swartz Creek, MI. 48473 Email address is (Copy and paste this link for mapquest directions) .
Submitted by: Al Gillespie

Bethany East

WED 2008-09-03
Call for further information
Starts at 5:15 PM. Price is $25.00.Location: Comerica Park. Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI. Private mini bus.
Submitted by: Barbara Millitello

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