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Coming EventsJuly 25, 2005

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Extended Rendezvous Excursion 8/4 thru 8/9

What were we thinking?

Charley's Recommendation

Shain Park Wed July 27

The Whitney Thur. July 28

Charity For Children with Autism to Host Thur July 28

All you can eat King Crab Thur July 28

Backyard Party on Anchor Bay Sat July 30

Bethany Together Dance Sat July 30

Mariner's Boat Club and Bumpers Sat July 30

Bruce Hills Sun July 31

Pool Party Sun July 31


Extended Rendezvous Excursion 8/4 thru 8/9

From the Sailing Singles Anchorline:
Extended Excursion Aug. 4-9 (Thur. through Tues)
We are looking for members to "carpool" to each rendezvous location as well as "crew" on boats. YOU need to make YOUR travel arrangements and log them with a committee member. The committee is divided into each location to be visited for overnight stays.
Algonac: Dennis Young & Vince Butera, (Afternoon of 08/04 to late morning 08/05)
Samia Bay Marinia: Marilyn Mcllrath & Marlene Solomon, (Afternoon of 08/05 to morning of 08/07)
Bayfield: Diane Worth & Suzanne Mueller. (Afternoon of 08/07 to morning of 08/09)
Phone numbers are: Vince Butera (248) 628-1478
Marilyn Mclirath (313) 937-2047
Suzanne Mueller (586) 781 -6939
Marlene Solomon (586) 790-7115
Diane Worth (248) 737-5131
Dennis Young (586) 725-0457
Jim Steigelman (248) 745-3876
• We have had favorable comments from a number of skippers and are in anticipation of having a good turnout. Fuel cost will be a big factor this year. The more people there are on a boat the smaller the amount of individual expense. We believe the best way to proceed with the event from a cost perspective is to have each boat tend to their own costs and meals aboard. Each person will be expected to pay for their own meals and lodging ashore. We did not make an effort to establish "group menus or lodging". For those who will "car pool" or join the flotilla at each over night "port of call" there will be a scheduled restaurant meal where we can order from the menu.
The following activities are tentatively planned: Algonac: Happy hour 5:30 p.m., dinner at 6:30 p.m.. Euchre tournament ($5.00 entry fee) 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Breakfast at 8:00 a.m. Leave for Samia by 9:00 a.m.
Sarnia Bay Marina: Arrive 2:00 P.M. Shuttle to casino 6:00 p.m. Next day activities shuttles available to town & casinos. 6:00 p.m. scheduled dinner. Leave for Bayfield 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning
Bayfield: Arrive by 2:00 p.m. Dinner to be arranged for 6:00 p.m. Lovely little town with shops and lots of tourist attractions. Leave Bayfield 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning to home port by end of the day Tuesday.
Any suggestions you have to make the excursion as much fun for everyone as possible are welcomed. Please do not hesitate to contact one of us or the fleet captain, (Jim Steigelman). Hope you can join us.
Thanks, The committee.

Get all the details here and you can even sign up.

Keep checking the new Somerset Slide Show , Sailing Singles Slide Show , and Peggy Jo's Slide Show photos will be added from time to time.

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  • What were we thinking?
  • Some old timer sent this to me,
    Peggy Jo

    Sure do miss the good old days!!
    My Mom used to cut chicken, chop eggs and spread mayo on the same Cutting board with the same knife and no bleach, but we didn't seem to get food poisoning.

    My Mom used to defrost hamburger on the counter AND I used to eat it raw sometimes too.

    Our school sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper in a brown paper bag not in ice pack coolers, but I can't remember getting e coli?

    Almost all of us would have rather gone swimming in the lake instead of A pristine pool (talk about boring), no beach closures then.

    The term cell phone would have conjured up a phone in a jail cell, and a Pager was the school PA system.

    We all took gym, not PE ... and risked permanent injury with a pair of high top Ked's (only worn in gym) instead of having cross-training athletic shoes with air cushion soles and built in light reflectors. I can't recall any injuries but they must have happened because they tell us how much safer we are now.

    Flunking gym was not an option...even for stupid kids! I guess PE must Be much harder than gym.

    Every year, someone taught the whole school a lesson [and provided comic relief] by running in the halls with leather soles on linoleum tile and hitting the wet spot. How much better off would we be today if we only knew we could have sued the school system.

    Speaking of school, we all said prayers and sang the national anthem and staying in detention after school caught all sorts of negative attention. We must have had horribly damaged psyches. I can't understand it.

    Schools didn't offer 14 year olds an abortion or condoms (we wouldn't have known what either was anyway), but they did give us a couple of baby aspirin and cough syrup if we started getting the sniffles. What an archaic health system we had then. Remember school nurses? Ours wore a hat and everything.

    I thought that I was supposed to accomplish something before I was allowed to be proud of myself.

    I just can't recall how bored we were without computers, Play Station, Nintendo, X-box or 270 digital TV cable stations.

    I must be repressing that memory as I try to rationalize through the denial of the dangers could have befallen us as we trekked off each day about a mile down the road to some guy's vacant lot, built forts out of branches and pieces of plywood, made trails, and fought over who going to be the Lone Ranger. What was that property owner thinking, letting us play on that lot? He should have been locked up for not putting up a fence around the property, complete with a self-closing gate and an infrared intruder alarm.

    Oh yeah...and where was the Benadryl and sterilization kit when I got that bee sting? I could have been killed!

    We played king of the hill on piles of gravel left on vacant construction sites and when we got hurt, Mom pulled out the 48 cent bottle of Mercurochrome (kids liked it better because it didn't sting like iodine did) and then we got our butt spanked. Now it's a trip to the emergency room, followed by a 10-day dose of a $49 bottle of antibiotics and then Mom calls the attorney to sue the contractor for leaving a horribly vicious pile of gravel where it was such a threat.

    We didn't act up at the neighbor's house either because if we did, we got our butt spanked (physical abuse) here too, and then we got butt spanked again when we got home.

    Mom invited the door to door salesman inside for coffee, kids choked down the dust from the gravel driveway while playing with Tonka trucks (Remember why Tonka trucks were made wasn't so that they could take the rough Berber in the family room), and Dad drove a car with leaded gas.

    Our music had to be left inside when we went out to play and I am sure that I nearly exhausted my imagination a couple of times when we went on two week vacations. I should probably sue the folks now for the danger they put us in when we all slept in campgrounds in the family tent.

    Summers were spent behind the push lawn mower and I didn't even know that mowers came with motors until I was 13 and we got one without an automatic blade-stop or an auto-drive.

    How sick were my parents? Of course my parents weren't the only psychos. I recall Donny Reynolds from next door coming over and doing his tricks on the front stoop just before he fell off. Little did his Mom know that she could have owned our house. Instead she picked him up and swatted him for being such a goof. It was a neighborhood run amuck.

    To top it off, not a single person I knew had ever been told that they were from a dysfunctional family. How could we possibly have known that? We needed to get into group therapy and anger management classes?

    We were obviously so duped by so many societal ills, that we didn't even notice that the entire country wasn't taking Prozac! How did we ever survive?

  • Charley's Recommendation
  • Small Plates at 1521 Broadway in Downtown Detroit is the best place to share a small meal. You can order multiple plates and share a variety.

    From: Wed July 13 Detroit Free Press
    New ears give operatic vendor thumbs up Forget the fancy stadium and the all-stars on the field.
    Some out-of-state fans were more intrigued by the operatic calls of "HoOoOoOT DoOoOoOGs" from renowned vendor Charley Marcuse.
    Marcuse patrolled his usual area between third base and home plate, and said that while there was "no official change" to the restrictions on when he could sing (which is limited per game): "When Brian Williams demands you perform, you have to perform," he said, referring to the NBC newsman.
    Artemis Joukowsky, 43, a Boston Red Sox season ticket holder, said the singing vendor gave him a whole new take on Detroit.
    "I love it. It was great. We need to have more fun like that at games."

    News about Charley's pet project

    Here is an article from a Fort Worth Texas paper which describes their Miracle League.
    You can see these kids play at the Wal-Mart Field in Southfield located in the Southfield civic center area on Evergreen and Civi Center Drive. on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm, On Saturday at 11:00 am and again ot 1:00 pm and again on Sundays at 4:00 pm.
    Here is their schedule

  • Shain Park Wed July 27
  • A Scot's festival, complete with pipers & dancers & joyous music. Meet Kirkers at statue between 6:30 and 7:00 PM, bring a folding chair or a blanket. Questions to Elaine (248-332-8462) of Paula (248- 643-6842) from 06:30 PM to 09:00 PM

  • The Whitney Thur. July 28
  • The Metropolitan Detroit Single Professionals are hosting a Garden Party at The Whitney.

    Everyone is Welcome to Join the Fun & Fine Dining! They will meet in the lounge Anytime between 6:00 and 7:30pm for socializing with dinner afterwards. Whitney Garden Party (313) 832-5700 4421 Woodward Ave - from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am

  • Charity For Children with Autism to Host Thur July 28
  • Sophia, daughter of Mike & Liz and pictured above, is a 6 year old child with autism. She is the motivation and drive behind the opening of the center. "We wanted to help Sophia along with other children who have limited choices on where to get services in this area. " said Christy Pratt
    Sophia's Friends, a center for children with autism and other disabilities, is hosting a wine tasting fundraiser, Thursday, July 28 in the banquet hall at the Assumption Cultural Center (21800 Marter Rd.) in St. Clair Shores from 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.

    Cost for the event is $35 and includes cold hors d'oeuvres, a pasta bar, an open bar and a wide of array wines from all over the world. Proceeds go toward the development of a scholarship fund for children with autism and developmental challenges.

    Through personalized care and individual attention, the rehabilitation center focuses on making a difference in the life of both the child and parents. Classes and therapy offered at the center include: physical, occupational, speech, music and massage therapy, social work services, play-based interventions and chiropractic care.

    To register for the wine tasting fundraiser, please call 586-228-5345 or e-mail Registration ends July 18. For more information on Sophia's Friends or to inquire about making a donation, please click here . "Parents of children with autism do not normally receive insurance reimbursement or support for their child's condition, which makes therapy a great expense," said Sophia's Friends Co-Owner and Director Christy Pratt. "This scholarship fund will allow children to receive the much needed services that their parents cannot afford."

    Sophia's Friends is named after the six-year-old daughter of Liz Stong, the other owner and director. The Clinton Township-based charity caters to children with autism and other developmental challenges and provides them the chance to grow in this world. This family-owned-and-operated rehabilitation facility also offers parents the opportunity to attend classes with others involved in the same situation while watching their child grow in an encouraging environment.

    More information about Sophia's Friends
  • All you can eat King Crab Thur July 28
  • All you can eat King Crab Thursday July 28 at Chatters in Westland (just North of the Westland shopping center) and is located at 7640 Wayne Road.. 6:00 pm. $23.95 Please call in your reservation to Phil Malkovich 248-214-4422 before Wed. July 27.

  • Backyard Party on Anchor Bay Sat July 30
  • Date: Saturday July 30, 2005
    Time: 2:00 p.m. - 'til ???
    Place: Pam Green's House

    46882 Jans Drive - Chesterfield
    Off Jefferson, 1 blk N. of 21 Mile Rd.

    RSVP: (586) 598-1661 Please bring your own beverages and a dish to pass.
    Get all the details here

  • Bethany Together Dance Sat July 30
  • Bethany Together Dance limited to the first 450 people

    Divine Providence Church Hall 25355 W. Nine Mile Rd. Southfield, Michigan from 7:00 PM to
    Member price $10.00 Guest Price $10.00

  • Mariner's Boat Club and Bumpers Sat July 30
  • Mariner's Boat Club Open House Two great party spots are now one… Bumpers and Mariner Boat Club have merged! Everyone is welcome! Spend a great day on the Clinton River with Tiki Bars, BBQ and live music (band starts at 5:00 p.m.) Mariner's Boat Club North River Road Harrison Twp, MI from 02:00 PM to 10:00 PM

  • Bruce Hills Sun July 31
  • Day of golf with the Somerset Singles Ski and Golf Club contact Bev Essary 586-573-7151 or bessary@sbcglobal,net for reservations. call 3 days before by 8pm. Arrive 30 min prior to start time. call to cancel. Bruce Hills 586-752-7244 Van Dyke N to 34 Mile turn left to Taft Road from 11:00 AM to Member price $35 Guest Price $35

  • Pool Party Sun July 31
  • Gayle Shield's pool party at 2129 Tall Oaks in Troy starting at 2:00 pm. Bring a dish to pass and $4.Her number, if lost, is 248-641-0287 for more information call Frank Shier at 248-524-0572 Leave no friend behind

    Because of the construction on Coolidge road, the recomended route to Gayle house is to take Beach Rd. North from W. Long Lake Road, which is west of Coolidge. Proceed north on Beach Road to Fox Chase Rd where a right turn will take you into the subdivision. Proceed on Fox Chase Rd. to Oak Ridge Dr. where you will turn right. Proceed on Oak Ridge Dr. to Clearview Dr. where you will turn left. Proceed on Clearview Dr to Tall Oaks Dr where you will turn right . Gayle lives on the Southeast corner of Tall Oaks Drive and Woodland Dr. A link to a mapquest map is here

  • Prints of Original Paintings from Peggy Jo Studio

  • 911 Angel Watercolor Print
    10 X 14 1/2 Matted to 16 X 20 printed on watercolor paper sealed in plastic.An original water color painting by Peggy Jo Wise Marcuse
    Our price: $250.00
    10 in Stock
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