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Coming EventsAugust 29, 2005

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Belle River Rendezvous Sept 3,5

Let's not forget

Charley's Recommendation

Is Chocolate a health food?

Shain Park Wed August 31

Boulder Pointe Wed Aug 31

Fraser Lions Club Fri Sept 2

St Robert Bellarmine Parish Hall Sat Sept 3

Pool Party Sun Sept 4

Somerset Ski & Golf Club SUN Sept 4

Showdown at Sundown Tue Sept 6

Dancing With the Stars Wed Sept 14


Belle River Rendezvous Sept 3,5

From the Sailing Singles Anchor Line:
Happy Birthday to Us
Belle River Rendezvous September 3-5, 2005 Drive or come by boat to join Sailing Singles in celebrating our 25th anniversary. Our destination is the beautiful harbor in the small Ontario town of Belle River. Let's make this anniversary party a special one by getting everyone to participate in the festivities.
If you drive you may book overnight accommodations at local bed and breakfasts. Bring food for the pot luck supper on Saturday and the pot luck breakfast on Sunday. If the weather permits we will be dancing Saturday evening so bring all those wonderful CDs. And lest I forget, a little "cancel-any-rain" dance by each of us before we leave wouldn't hurt either.

The dinner on Sunday night will be at The Big Easy which has a nice selection of Cajun as well as American dishes. The name of the restaurant has inspired us to have a Mardi Gras theme for the weekend. There will be a shuttle to transport everyone from the dock to the restaurant and back. We may also have separate checks so you may pick whatever you wish from the menu. Credit cards and cash are accepted. There will be a cash bar.

After crossing the Ambassador Bridge, turn slight left onto Provincial Route 3S. (Huron Church Road) 2.4 miles. Take the EC Row EXPWY east ramp 0.2 miles. Merge onto EC ROW EXPWY. 7.2 miles. EC ROW EXPWY becomes Provincial Route 2E/CR-22E 4.9miles. Continue east to the town - Belle River Exit. Cross over Belle River Bridge to First traffic light. Turn left (north) to the Marina.

There is a registration fee of $5.00
Skipper's Navigation info: LAT 42 18 12 LNG 82 42 52
Please make your $5.00 check out to Sailing Singles and mail to; Sailing Singles, 1581 Dover Hill N., Walled Lake, MI 48390 248.926.6238

Keep checking the new Somerset Slide Show , Sailing Singles Slide Show , and Peggy Jo's Slide Show photos will be added from time to time.

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  • Let's not forget
  • Karin Weber a member of Sailing Singles was, last year, diagnosed as having breast cancer. She has been waging a fight to overcome this affliction. She will be seing her oncologist on Thursday and her daughter Jill will be be updating us after that visit.

    In the meantime she does enjoy receiving cards, emails and phone calls but does not want any visitors at this time. her email address is Her address is 212 Walper, Clawson Mi 48017 and her phone number is 248-585- 0193. Say a prayer for her recovery and let her know.

    Peggy Jo






  • Charley's Recommendation
  • Attend a Miracle League Game at Wall-Mart field in Southfield. Evergreen and Civic Center Drive on Wednesday at 7:00 pm, Saturday At 11:00 am and 1:00 pm and Sunday at 4:00 pm.

    The regular summers season ended and The Miracle League is starting their Fall Ball season that will last untill the end of September and will consist of games on Saturday at 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm.

    We will be announcing a fund raising event for the Miracle League soon.

  • Is Chocolate a health food?

    Chocolate's not a health food
    But the latest cocoa research holds promise

    The truth is bittersweet: Something in cocoa beans may be good for your heart, but that's still no reason to load up on chocolate bars or brownies.

    The health potential is real. Cocoa beans have natural compounds called flavonols, and a growing pile of scientific research suggests they do good things to blood vessels.

    Dolly Sullivan, 60, is a believer. She eats two or three squares of Dove dark chocolate daily and talked her mother into switching from coffee to cocoa.

    "I'm a chocoholic. I can't walk by a chocolate store," said Sullivan, who lives in Warwick, R.I. "I've always enjoyed chocolate, but now I have a reason to eat it."

    Customers at Neuhaus, a Belgian chocolate shop in Washington's Union Station, like thinking the dark stuff might be healthy, said manager Clementine Loeman.

    "That way, they don't feel guilty," Loeman said, adding that chocolate was sometimes considered medicinal when the company began as a pharmacy 148 years ago.

    Despite the enthusiasm, flavonols are missing from much of the chocolate on store shelves today. They make chocolate and cocoa taste bitter, and confectioners have spent years trying to perfect ways to remove the pungent flavor.

    "Most chocolate, in fact, isn't flavonol-rich," said Norm Hollenberg, a radiology professor and flavonol expert at Harvard Medical School. "But all chocolate is rich in fat and calories. Chocolate is a delight. It can and should be part of a prudent diet. That means you limit what you take."

    Flavonols are found in other foods, such as red wine, grapes, apples and green tea, although, cocoa beans are a particularly rich source.

    Flavonols are so tiny, they cannot be seen, even under a microscope.

    Mars Inc. developed the technology to visualize flavonols on a computer screen. Says Harold Schmitz, the company's chief science officer: "Now we understand cocoa well enough to start to do new things with it."

    The company is starting with CocoaVia granola bars, made with a special cocoa powder that retains most of the flavonols. The bars also have plant sterols, which have been shown to help lower cholesterol.

    For now, the 80-calorie, 23-gram snack bars are sold only on the Internet. The bars have a satisfyingly rich chocolate flavor, along with a slight but distinct bitter taste.

    Mars says its Dove dark chocolates - a 1.3 ounce bar is 200 calories - also contain flavonols.

    Researchers are excited by the potential of flavonols to ward off vascular disease, which can cause heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, dementia and hypertension. Vascular diseases are linked to the artery's inability to make a simple but fundamental chemical called nitric oxide. Flavonols appear to reverse that problem.

    "The pharmaceutical industry has spent tens, probably hundreds of millions of dollars in search of a chemical that would reverse that abnormality," Hollenberg said. "And God gave us flavonol-rich cocoa, which does that. So the excitement is real."

    Hollenberg studied Central America's Kuna Indians, island dwellers near Panama who make their own locally grown, flavonol-rich cocoa.

    The Kuna drink a lot of cocoa, and they don't have high blood pressure.

    Testing the link between flavonols and improved blood flow, Hollenberg fed cocoa with and without flavonols to a study group in the United States and discovered that flavonols seemed to improve blood flow throughout the body.

    Another researcher, nutrition professor Carl Keen at the University of California, Davis, found that flavonols had an aspirin-like effect on blood.

    Mars contributed to Hollenberg's and Keen's research and countless other projects.

    The company announced last month that its scientists figured out how to make synthetic flavonols and that major pharmaceutical companies are interested in developing the compounds for prescription drugs.

    The health possibilities have many chocolate makers playing up the amount of cocoa in their chocolates, which can also contain sugar, cocoa butter and soya lecithin, an emulsifier that helps the ingredients mix together smoothly.

    Next month, Hershey's will release a new Extra Dark chocolate bar containing 60 percent cocoa - more than its 34-year-old Special Dark bar.

  • Shain Park Wed August 31
  • "Michael King" , "Saginaw Drum Corp" and "Ben Cyllus"Meet Kirkers at the statue between 6:30 and 7:00 PM, bring a folding chair or a blanket. Questions to Elaine (248-332-8462) or Paula (248-643-6842)

  • Boulder Pointe Wed Aug 31
  • Day of golf contact Bev Essary 586-573-7151 or bessary@sbcglobal,net for reservations. call 3 days before by 8pm. Arrive 30 min prior to start time. call to cancel. Boulder Pointe 248-969-1500 Lapeer Rd 1/2 mile N of Oxford to Waterstone sub 10:00 am Member price $30 Guest Price $30

  • Fraser Lions Club Fri Sept 2
  • Monthly Dace Fraser Lions Club Utica Road Fraser, MI located on Utica Rd. south of 15 Mile. from 08:00 PM

  • St Robert Bellarmine Parish Hall Sat Sept 3
  • Monthly Dance St Robert Bellarmine Parish Hall, 2701 W. Chicago Rd. Redford from 08:00 PM to 12:00 PM Member price $10.00 Guest Price $10.00

  • Pool Party Sun Sept 4
  • Gayle Shield's pool party starting at 2:00 pm. Bring a dish to pass and $4 Number is 248.641.0287 for more information call Frank Shier at 248-524-0572 Leave no friend behind 2129 Tall Oaks in Troy from 02:00 PM

  • Somerset Ski & Golf Club SUN Sept 4
  • Day of golf contact Bev Essary 586-573-7151 or bessary@sbcglobal,net for reservations. call 3 days before by 8pm. Arrive 30 min prior to start time. call to cancel.

    Glen Oaks 248-851-8356 from 11:00 am Member price Res $37 Non $43 Guest Price Res $37 Non $43

  • Showdown at Sundown Tue Sept 6
  • Presented by Detroit Sail Club and Priems Yachting Society. Contact David Beard 313-516-5562. Race Starts and ends at Edison Boat Club Come down for dinner and watch the excitement. Edison Boat Club Foot of St. Jean Detroit, MI

  • Dancing With the Stars Wed Sept 14
  • On Wednesday Sept 14, at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial on East Jefferson in Grosse Pointe, MI there will be a FIRE DANCE - DANCING WITH THE STARS! modeled after the television show.

    The event is a benefit for Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Local Celebrities teamed with Professional Dance instructors will demonstrate their new steps. There plenty of time for open dance for your enjoyment as well! Call Kristen Wilkins at 313-579-2100, ext 153.

    The price is $35 per person.

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