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Coming EventsSeptember 19, 2005

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Music Man Thur-Sun Sept 22-25

Highlights from Dancing with the Stars

Let's not forget

Charley and the Miracle League

Showdown at Sundown Tue Sept 20

Sailing Singles at Jack's Wed Sept 21

Rochester PWP at Rivercrest Thu Sept 22

Old World Dancing Fri Sept 23

Bethany North Oakland County Sat Sept 24

Bluenose Regatta Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Sat Sept 24

Edison Boat Club Blues Night Sat Sept 24

Chili Cook-Off & Square Dance Sat Sept 24

Skippers Dinner Sat Oct 1


Music Man Thur-Sun Sept 22-25

[Editors' Note] Thursday's performance will also feature a special appearance by Peggy Jo in the production. She will appear in several scenes. Watch for her.

Must See. Stagecrafters are putting on wonderful performances of the Music Man.

Stagecrafters at the Baldwin Theater 415 S Lafayette Ave Royal Oak, MI 48067 On the Main Stage For tickets Call 248-541-6430

Price $16 and $18

Somerset Singles Ski and Golf Club will be attending as a group on Thursday night. Contact Joyce Esterberg at 586-775-0589 for tickets.

Keep checking the new Somerset Slide Show , Sailing Singles Slide Show , and Peggy Jo's Slide Show photos will be added from time to time.

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This newsletter is sent out each Monday morning and covers events of interest to active people no matter what their social status. It attempts to publicize worthwhile events that do not recieve adequate media attention.


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Flower power In three studies, women reported more positive feelings for up to two weeks after receiving flowers, and were friendlier to those around them when given blossoms instead of a more practical gift , say researchers at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Scientists suspect the flowers' scent causes the brain to fire off endorphins, lifting women's spirits.






  • Highlights from Dancing with the Stars
  • (L-R) in photo above is Kristie Kelley of Royal Oak, Elizabeth Jarosz of the Apprentice 2, Rachel Bianco of WDIV-TV, Peggy Jo, Karen Drew of WDIV-TV. The photo was taken at The Fire Dance held at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial on Wednesday Sept 14. Additonal photos are on a slideshow

    Bill Fields, a friend of the Michigan Swing Dance Association and the Capuchins, lost his furniture business to fire on June 20, 2005. We asked him if he would like us to hold a fundraiser dance to help him out. But Bill unselfishly decided that he would rather raise money for the truly needy people of Detroit who have lost everything to fires. Bill has worked with the Capuchin Soup Kitchen for many years to provide furniture for victims of fire In Detroit. Every month, the Capuchins spend $19,000 on furniture for Detroit fire victims.

  • Let's not forget
  • Let's continue to remember and pray for the people involved in the New Orleans and the Gulf Coast disaster. My Mom don't forget and I'd love if you would send her greeting cards (to decorate her room). Her address is:
    Mrs. Sunny Wise
    c/o 26406 York
    Huntington Woods, Michigan 48070

    Karin Weber who is waging a fight against cancer that is moving about her body would also enjoy your cards and visits Her Address is: Karin Weber
    212 Walper
    Clawson, Mi 48017

    At the time of this writing, Karin is back in her home but is extremely week. She cannot get up the stairs and has trouble getting out of a chair. Specially constructed sleeves that she is required to wear are designed to push the accumulated liquids that are causing her arms to swell back toward her lymphatic system. She will continue chemo therapy at the cancer center.

    While talking to her she asked that we relay a message of gratitude to the many people who have sent her cards and flowers and for the visits at the hospital.

    She is determined to make it to the "Skipper's Dinner" on 10/1. Let's help her by continuing the spiritual and active support.

    It's ok to send get well cards to people event if you don't know them personally.

    Peggy Jo

  • Charley and the Miracle League
  • Charley Marcuse The Singing Hotdog Man of Comerica Park has adopted The Miracle League of Michigan as his favorite charity. Below is an article written by Steve Peck the Executive Director.

    The Miracle League of Michigan Story

    In the movie “A League of Their Own,” it was said there’s no crying in baseball. That may be true on the silver screen or for the professionals, but for the members of The Miracle League, tears of joy are welcome.

    “Every time I’ve been to a Miracle League game I’ve ended up crying, because I see an individual do something for the first time,” says Patrick Shanks, manager at Store 1754 in Howell, Mich. “It’s surreal- and I’m telling you, it’s such a special experience to see these games take place.”

    The Miracle League of Michigan is a charitable organization that gives children with mental or physical disabilities the opportunity to play baseball on an organized team. Some of the children have cerebral palsy and can’t hold a bat, some are blind and have to rely on their sense of hearing, others are in wheelchairs and can’t run the bases and some have autism. No matter the circumstances, any child that is not able to play on a traditional league can be a part of The Miracle League.

    “Most of these kids have never had the opportunity to play any organized sport before. When they put a uniform on for the first time, it’s amazing to see how they feel,” says Stephen Peck, president of The Miracle League of Michigan.

    A Miracle League game consists of two 13-player teams, and in a game, everybody gets a chance to bat, score a run and play the field. Each player also has a “buddy” that can help them swing the bat, run the bases, catch the ball or do whatever else they may need a little help with. Because so many Wal– Mart and Sam’s Club associates go to the games and help out as buddies, Wednesday and Saturday are known as Wal–Mart Day.

    “The children really respond to you. They are so grateful that someone would take the time and actually want to be there to help them,” says Cyndy Albaugh, membership marketing development manager of Region 62 for Sam’s Club, and one of the dedicated buddies. “One time, a child kept hugging me and wouldn’t let go. He was so happy to be there.”

    The first Miracle League field was started in 1999 in Conyers, Ga., when a Little League coach saw a wheelchair-bound child watching every baseball game he could from behind the fence, wishing he could play. Just to see the child yearning to play knowing he couldn’t, ate the coach up inside, so he wondered if there might be other kids with handicaps that might also want to play. From there on out, the league was a success. But the success of The Miracle League of Michigan would not have been possible without the help of Wal–Mart.

    Stephen saw the The Miracle League featured on “Real Sports” on HBO, and noticed the impact it had on the children and families involved. Being a baseball fan, he checked to see if there was anything like it in the Michigan area-there wasn’t. So he did some research and found that the interest in the community to have a Miracle League was there. The league in Michigan was formed quickly, and they were then able to acquire the rights to call their league The Miracle League of Michigan.

    They had the name, but the next task was to find land that could be donated. “We went around and looked at different cities, and came across Southfield, Michigan. They had everything we could possibly want,” Stephen says. “They bought into the concept and wanted to give back to the community, so they donated close to $1 million worth of property for us to build this field.”

    Finally, the approval was there, but the group then faced the hurdle of trying to raise over $500,000 to actually build the field. They found contractors that would build it, but they couldn’t do it for free. So when the field opened up in June of 2004, more than a $200,000 debt was looming over the heads of the organization. It was then that Wal–Mart was made aware of what was going on and wanted to help.

    Wal–Mart’s help began when Patrick spread the word. He was looking for a charitable organization or cause for a district project, and through our Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club supplier partner, Bottle Crew President Joel Jacob, Patrick was introduced to The Miracle League. In the process, Patrick found out that Sam’s Club was also in the process of contributing to this charity. After viewing a presentation given by Stephen and watching one of the games, Patrick realized the league was full of miracles, but could use one more.

    Patrick applied for grants on the league’s behalf from the Wal–Mart Foundation and our bonus grant system, talked to other store managers in the area and got the ball rolling along with the help of Sam’s Club. Through the Wal–Mart Foundation and our bonus grant system, Wal–Mart has raised or contributed over $200,000, Patrick says. “What started out to be just our district project, turned into being a whole regional commitment and collaboration. It’s something very special.”

    Because Wal–Mart and Sam’s Club have been involved, the league is out of debt. “You just can’t express how much it means that these two great companies came together to help out this truly special league. In appreciation for all Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart have done for us, we decided to offer Wal– Mart naming rights to the field,” Stephen says noting the field is now known as Wal–Mart Field.

    During a game at Wal–Mart Field, the energy is unbelievable – the crowd roars, the players and buddies are focused, all in the name of fun. “The kids enjoy the cheers so much,” Stephen says. The field has an announcer, so over the loud speaker each child gets to hear their name called while the fans root them on when it’s their turn to bat. “You forget that some of these kids have challenges, when it’s game time, these kids are ball players.”

    At the end of each two-inning game, the two teams line up and acknowledge that the other team had a good game. “Everybody has a ton of fun,” says Stephen adding The Miracle League of Michigan currently has over 200 players signed up for games throughout each week.

    “It’s so rewarding, and so great to see these children interacting and playing,” Cyndy says. “If you go once and get involved, you’ll never want to leave.”

    The parents of the players have nothing but thanks and admiration to The Miracle League and to Wal– Mart. “The feedback from the families of the players is of utter gratitude,” Stephen says. “Our families are so grateful for what Wal–Mart and Sam’s Club have done. When someone gives you the opportunity to do something that you never thought was possible, you don’t know what that can mean to a family-it’s very emotional.”

    One of the success stories from the league that Stephen recalls is one of a blind girl who was down on life and essentially turned herself into a recluse. To help get her out of the house, her mother told her that she could try this new baseball league, but the girl had her reservations. Through a little convincing, her mother was able to get her to try the league out. At first, a buddy helped the girl swing the bat when the ball was coming towards her, and she got a few hits. She started feeling so good after hitting the ball she kept coming back. Now, the girl has a buddy tell her when to swing, and she actually hits the ball. Because of confidence the girl learned in The Miracle League, she now has a group of friends, and loves life, Stephen says. “It’s stories like this that make you realize all these kids need is a chance.”

    Another story comes from a player in a wheelchair. The boy gained so much confidence from the league that he started talking to other children on his own, and started getting invited to the birthday parties of kids that had looked down upon him in the past. “His mother came up to me crying, thanking me so much for what this league means to him and her family,” Stephen says.

    The Miracle League is a motivational tool for most of the children, and playing in the games gives them confidence to do other things. “If a kid with a disability grows up with the mentality that they can’t do something, then that’s going to be a problem later in life,” Stephen says. “But that’s the success of this league, the kids believe in themselves when they are playing, and it gives them confidence to do other things.”

    The enjoyment of the league doesn’t end after the last run is scored. Comerica Park –home of the Detroit Tigers– will host Wal–Mart Miracle League Nights. Wal–Mart associates and Miracle League players march out on the field before the game and throw out the opening pitch. “It’s a big opportunity to showcase children with disabilities to show the rest of the public what they can do, not what they can’t do,” Stephen says.

    In order to showcase The Miracle League even more, Pepsi and Wal–Mart came together for a unique promotion. They designed special displays of Pepsi and Aquafina products that have big graphics of The Miracle League players on them. “There are big banners at the front of every Wal–Mart store in the entire state of Michigan, promoting and supporting the Miracle League,” Steve says. Through these displays, people can donate and volunteer for the Miracle League. “It’s spectacular.”

    The field is also something quite spectacular. It’s made of synthetic rubber with the bases built into it making a completely flat surface. Children with walkers or wheelchairs can easily move about the field. The field is an added illustration of how important each of the children is, and how they love to play.

    The Miracle League is currently expanding its age range to include adults with disabilities and senior citizens in assisted living or nursing homes. “We have individuals anywhere from five years old up to 85 years old playing at the field right now,” Patrick says.

    Miracles do come true, and they happen everyday in Southfield, Michigan with the help of Wal–Mart, its associates and the Michigan community. The Miracle League is truly in a league of its own.

    If you would like to learn more about the Miracle League, see more photos or donate to the cause, go to

  • Showdown at Sundown Tue Sept 20
  • Showdown at Sundown Presented by Detroit Sail Club and Priems Yachting Society. Contact David Beard 313-516-5562. Race Starts and ends at Edison Boat Club Come down for dinner and watch the excitement. Edison Boat Club Foot of St. Jean Detroit, MI from 06:30 PM to Member price Guest Price

  • Sailing Singles at Jack's Wed Sept 21
  • September Dinner of the Month Meet at 6:00 pm Dinner at 7:00 separate checks. Bring a friend and they can break a record. They had over 50 people the last time they were at Jack's

    Jack's Waterfront Restaurant 24214 Jefferson St. Clair Shores , MI 586-445-8080 Between 9 and 10 Mile roads. from 06:00 PM

  • Rochester PWP at Rivercrest Thu Sept 22
  • Weekly Dance with their very own Tj the DJ plays TOP 40 and Your requests. Rivercrest Avon Rd. between Rochester & Livernois from 08:00 PM to Member price $4.00 Guest Price $7.00

  • Old World Dancing Fri Sept 23
  • Non-partner group dances from the Balkans, Israel, Turkey, etc. as well as couple dances -- waltzes, polkas, schottisches, etc. All ages & all levels are welcome. We provide light refreshments and dance on a wood floor. Contact : 248-569-5242 St James Church Hall Woodward and Hazelhurst Ferndale, MI from 7:00 PM to

  • Bethany North Oakland County Sat Sept 24
  • Dance Contact Don 248-623-6771 St. Daniel's Cushing Center 7010 VALLEY PARK, CLARKSTON, MICH from 8:00 PM to Member price $10.00 Guest Price $10.00

  • Bluenose Regatta Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Sat Sept 24
  • Bluenose Regatta Awards Party After the Race. Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Lake Shore Drive Grosse Pointe, MI

    The awards will probably be awarded aroung 5:00 pm but get there early to participate in the post race party

    They usually have a shuttle service running from the High School parking lot an Vernior to the club.

  • Edison Boat Club Blues Night Sat Sept 24
  • Blues Nighr at the Edison Boat Club Featuring local artist from our area and beyond. Restaurant will be open for lunch from 1pm to 5pm Dinner at 5:pm Music begins at 8:00 pm Edison Boat Club 100 Lycaste at the river 313-235- 2975 All Sailing Singles Nembers Invited from 08:00 PM to 12:00 AM Member price $3 Guest Price $5

  • Chili Cook-Off & Square Dance Sat Sept 24
  • Chili Cook-Off, Square Dance and Hayride Bring your your own beverage, a chair or blanket. Space is limited first 40 people. Hotdogs and chips supplied Nancy and Gil Cyrulnik's Home 1419 White Hawk Oxford, MI from 03:00 PM to Member price $16 Guest Price $20

  • Skippers Dinner Sat Oct 1
  • Jefferson Yacht Club 24504 E. Jefferson Avenue St. Clair Shores (586) 773-0404
    6:00 to midnight,
    cash bar
    7:30 gourmet buffet
    8:00-11:30 entertainment and dancing to Brian Bosman
    9:00-9:30 Skippers awards Members $35, Non-members $40 No tickets;
    reservations can be made on line here or make a check to Sailing Singles and mail to:
    Larry Foy, 2819 Ranieri,
    Troy, MI 48085.

    This years Skippers Dinner has been organized and will be presented by an All Male Committee of Five (AMCOF):
    John Chesney, Jim Henderson, Dave Parks, Joe Flack and Larry Foy.

    Dream Crews
    As the cars rumble down Woodward last month, we have our own Dream Crews where skippers have the opportunity to pick their own seven member crew using historical or fictional characters, as well as Sailing Single members. Ballots have been sent to all skippers listed in the 2005 directory. An award for the most creative entry will be presented at the skipper's dinner, October 1. Joe Flack (AMCOF) will coordinate this mini event.
    Larry Foy

    Somerset Ski & Golf Club TUE October 04

    Buffet Dinner & Reserved Seating Other Clubs will be joining us Pre-Payment Needed on or before 9/20/05 details here

    Hazel Park Raceway 1650 East 10 Mile Hazel Park, MI At Dequindre Member price $17 Guest Price $20

  • Commission to hand paint a dress
  • Here are some pictures of a client's dress

    Perk up your wardrobe by having something new or old painted by Peggy Jo

    Forward email