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September 24, 2007


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We have made some changes.

We hope that you don't notice them too much. We have tried to preserve the "Look and Feel" of the newsletter but we have taken a new approach to its preparation so that event information is included correctly .

. Some of the changes we have made are:.

  1. Put a back to top link at the end of each day so that one can get back to daily event navigation section.
  2. Inserted an explanation of the internal link process. We know from testing the output on several email programs that the links do not always work. AOL does not handle them at all so if you are using AOL just scroll down the newsletter day by day. In some Email programs the link to a day works but the link back does not work so you will have to scroll back to the top.
  3. Added a feature called "Blue Box Special" (apologies to KMart) where people will be able to offer goods or services for sale or to solicit goods and services. All the details have not been resolved so we will give more information later.
  4. Even though the content of the newsletter is growing because more organizations are feeding us information, we hope that the new composition method will reduce the total size of the transmission which should reduce your download time.

Because we are sending this newsletter out via email we have to try to satisfy constraints of the many email programs that you readers use. Some years ago, most of the email programs only displayed text-No bold headings, no links, no pictures etc.So this type of