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Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter
"A Newsletter to Embrace Life and to Encourage both singles and couples Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally to be Active which brings Good Health"
Volume: 6 Issue: 26 November 24, 2008

" Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise; be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the Lord is good."
Psalm 100:4, 5a

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Time for the Winter Lights

The first snow should remind us to put up those winter lights and to keep them up all winter, not just for the holidays

Sorry Kelzie

We know you like being a girl--[We published Kelzie's picture in our Got Mustard Campaign and reffered to her as he] Happy Thanksgiving.

The First Thanksgiving


In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast which is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. This harvest meal has become a symbol of cooperation and interaction between English colonists and Native Americans. Although First Thanksgivingthis feast is considered by many to the very first Thanksgiving celebration, it was actually in keeping with a long tradition of celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for a successful bounty of crops. Native American groups throughout the Americas, including the Pueblo, Cherokee, Creek and many others organized harvest festivals, ceremonial dances, and other celebrations of thanks for centuries before the arrival of Europeans in North America.
Historians have also recorded other ceremonies of thanks among European settlers in North America, including British colonists in Berkeley Plantation, Virginia. At this site near the Charles River in December of 1619, a group of British settlers led by Captain John Woodlief knelt in prayer and pledged "Thanksgiving" to God for their healthy arrival after a long voyage across the Atlantic. This event has been acknowledged by some scholars and writers as the official first Thanksgiving among European settlers on record. Whether at Plymouth, Berkeley Plantation, or throughout the Americas, celebrations of thanks have held great meaning and importance over time. The legacy of thanks, and particularly of the feast, have survived the centuries as people throughout the United States gather family, friends, and enormous amounts of food for their yearly Thanksgiving meal.

What Was Actually on the Menu?

What foods topped the table at the first harvest feast? Historians aren't completely certain about the full bounty, but it's safe to say the pilgrims weren't gobbling up pumpkin pie or playing with their mashed potatoes. Following is a list of the foods that were available to the colonists at the time of the 1621 feast. However, the only two items that historians know for sure were on the menu are venison and wild fowl, which are mentioned in primary sources. The most detailed description of the "First Thanksgiving" comes from Edward Winslow from A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, in 1621:
"Our harvest being gotten in, our governor sent four men on fowling, that so we might after a special manner rejoice together after we had gathered the fruit of our labors. They four in one day killed as much fowl as, with a little help beside, served the company almost a week. At which time, among other recreations, we exercised our arms, many of the Indians coming amongst us, and among the rest their greatest king Massasoit, with some ninety men, whom for three days we entertained and feasted, and they went out and killed five deer, which they brought to the plantation and bestowed upon our governor, and upon the captain, and others. And although it be not always so plentiful as it was at this time with us, yet by the goodness of God, we are so far from want that we often wish you partakers of our plenty."
Did you know that lobster, seal and swans were on the Pilgrims' menu? Learn more...

Seventeenth Century Table Manners:

The pilgrims didn't use forks; they ate with spoons, knives, and their fingers. They wiped their hands on large cloth napkins which they also used to pick up hot morsels of food. Salt would have been on the table at the harvest feast, and people would have sprinkled it on their food. Pepper, however, was something that they used for cooking but wasn't available on the table.
In the seventeenth century, a person's social standing determined what he or she ate. The best food was placed next to the most important people. People didn't tend to sample everything that was on the table (as we do today), they just ate what was closest to them.
Serving in the seventeenth century was very different from serving today. People weren't served their meals individually. Foods were served onto the table and then people took the food from the table and ate it. All the servers had to do was move the food from the place where it was cooked onto the table.
Pilgrims didn't eat in courses as we do today. All of the different types of foods were placed on the table at the same time and people ate in any order they chose. Sometimes there were two courses, but each of them would contain both meat dishes, puddings, and sweets.

Low Gas Prices

This is a website that will find the best prices in your area.


Waterford, Michigan, is home to the very first The Christmas Castle store, which specializes in the famous DEPT 56 Christmas Village porcelain collectibles. Since the early 70’s, their popularity has grown worldwide. The Christmas Castle is a one of a kind seasonal store offering retired limited editions of Village items, such as The Original Snow Village, the Dickens Village Series, New England Village, Alpine Village, Christmas in The City, The Holy Land, North Pole, and many more. Also sold are the ever popular Snow Babies as well as later Village buildings such as a Coca Cola Bottling Plant, a McDonalds restaurant, a Harley Davidson store, a Hershey’s shop, and many many more. The Christmas Castle has built a fabulous village of their own for customers to enjoy and get ideas from.

The Christmas Castle also has a collection of fine art, offering elegant treasures, Christmas Castle Photosuch as Figurines by Giuseppe Armani, featuring beautiful women elegantly dressed with their pets. Limited edition sculptures by Rick Cain of wildlife, such as wolves and bears are displayed in different mediums and unusual shapes and images. His work is world famous and in many private collections. The store has a unique display of Chilmark Pewter sculptures by Don Polland, famous for Western Sculptures, such as Crazy Horse, Geronimo, and cowboys. Art spread over the walls of the store include original oil paintings by Marty Bell, well known artist for hearth and home.

The store also has vintage Christmas ornaments as displayed on the White House Christmas tree during the Ronald Reagan era and, as well , contemporary funky ornaments, such as the famous Times Square ornament from Christopher Radko. Other items for sale include bags of "snow", stocking stuffers, such as sports collectible miniatures, Lord Of The Rings lighted goblets, cars, toys, a dollar table of miscellaneous items, candy, gourmet coffee, and even The Tiger’s own singing hot dog vendor’s Charley’s Ballpark Mustard.

The Christmas Castle is marketing almost all of their inventory with a Blowout Sale of the above items at 40-50% off of list and Ebay prices. The store is located at 4396 Dixie Hwy. in Waterford, just west of Sashabaw Road on the north side of the street. Store hours are Tuesday - Friday 10 - 8, Saturday and Sunday from 10 - 5. For information, call 248-673-9660. It’s worth the trip just to see the elaborate décor.

This Week's Now Famous Person

SandySandy is now famous because he is appearing in the "Got Mustard Campaign" . Sandy is a talented business man who knows how to make things happen. He's a gourmet cook who says, "I love Charley's mustard, and I use it all the time!". So when you see or contact him be sure to tell him you've seen him in the "Got Mustard" campaign. You can see the other 550 plus people by clicking on the underlined words above.

So many people have volunteered to participate that we have found it necessary to change the way the slide show runs so that people can browse rather than wait to see their photo with the "digital mustard" on their upper lip. One can replace the phrase in the section box with their first name and deleting any other text in the box. Then only the slides that contain that name are displayed.

If you had your photo taken and can't find it in the slide show please send us an email. If you would like to send a photo to be included, send it to We will supply the "digital mustard".

Congratulations Sandy!

From Our Readers:

Dear Peggy Jo,

Please ask your readers go to this website and send a letter to your congressman in support of ther American Auto Industry. Ask them to forward the link to their friends and family througout the USA and Canada. Let's use the power of the Internet.


.Dear Peggy Jo and friends;
I recently met a young man around the age of our children, whose wife was killed this past July in a tragic car accident. She left behind five children under the ages of 11.
Weston-10, Taylor-8, Jacob-6, Aden-2 1/2 and Lilly-1.

I met Weston Sr., couple of weeks ago and
I'm reaching out to all of you to help this young man and his family during this Holiday Season.

Gently used clothing (your childrens or grandchildrens)
gloves, hats, mittens...
Gently used toys, books....
Or even a minimum donations for food etc....
I would gladly come to your
home and pick up any item you may want to give to these children.

Thank you. Hopefully you will reach into your heart to help this poor father who is struggling to support his children.
Thank you again,

Respond by sending an Email:to It will be forwarded to Jackie.

You can also donate by clicking on the button below.

Dear Peggy Jo,

I really enjoy getting your newsletter each week and I don't want to cause you any extra work but sometimes I would like to print the information for a particular event, as a reminder, without printing the entire newsletter. Is there a way to do that?

Roy C.

Dear Roy C.,

Our technical staff has come up with a solution. You will notice that for each event there is a new electronic button entitled Map/Print.Map/Print By clicking on this button you will be taken to another web page where the information about that particular event is displayed. If the person submitting the information provided an adequete address so that google could provide a map, the the map would also be displayed. In any case one could print the screen and your requirements will be met.

Peggy Jo

Dear Peggy Jo,


Your readers might Enjoy reading this on your Blog. It is a "Tounge in Cheek list of Thanksgiving thoughts.





Ralph L.

Hi Peggy Jo,
I noticed the letter about your “Send Out Cards" website last week and I gave it a try. It was easy to try and I enjoyed the experience. Let’s talk more about it soon.

Dear W.
Thanks for the note. I’m always glad to talk to people about Send Out Cards.
Peggy Jo



" There is one day that is ours. Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American."
O. Henry

Mon. Nov. 24 Events

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Monday Night Dancers

MON 2008-11-24
Singles & Couples Dance Lessons: Beginners 5:30, Intermediate 6:30, Dance Party 7:30-10:30. No dance partner needed. Lessons $5, Dance Party $6. Snacks included. Big Band, Latin, Swing, Fox trot, Waltz, Polka. Contact 313-295-1134
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Father Patrick O'Kelley K of C. 23663 Park St., Dearborn, MI.
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" Remember God's bounty in the year. String the pearls of His favor. Hide the dark parts, except so far as they are breaking out in light! Give this one day to thanks, to joy, to gratitude!\”
Henry Ward Beecher

Tue. Nov. 25 Events

Success Institute

An evening of powerful revelation and transformation, as we share God's word for your success
Teaching by the well known motivational speakers Doug Firebaugh and his wife Jodi.
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Troy Community Center 3179 Livernois Troy, MI 248-524-3181
Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Make a difference this year--- Send an unexpected greeting card by U.S. Mail every day! Send Out Cards (click here)

Divorce Recovery Bethany South Oakland County

TUE 2008-11-25
Divorce Recovery Tuesday Night Drop-in Contact Carol 248-390-7771
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: St Columban's Church. 1775 Melton, Birmingham, MI 48009 .
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Carol Spellman Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Wed. Nov. 26 Events

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Bethany North Oakland County

WED 2008-11-26
Meet N Greet Mixer. Order from the menu. Dancing- Cash Bar Contact John 248-464-0756 .
Starts at 6:00 PM..Location: Andiamo Mesquite Creek. 7228 N. Main , Clarkston, MI. 48346 New Location exit 91 (Ortonville rd M-15).
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American Singles Golf Association-SE Michigan

WED 2008-11-26
ASGA November Meet & Greet Come Join us for a Cocktail before the Big Turkey Day RSVP to Gaye Wanner or 810-599-0944 (We would like a tenative count so Doc's can staff appropriately)
Starts at 6:00 PM..Location: Doc's Sport Retreat. 19265 Victor Pkwy, Livonia, MI. 48152 734-542-8162 web http:/ .
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Ron Nomura

Hob Nobble Gobble®

WED 2008-11-26
Hob Nobble Gobble®, celebrating "Legends and Lollipops", is Detroit's premier family event held at the Michigan State Fairgrounds Wednesday, November 26 from 6:30 - 10:30 p.m. This spectacular black-tie celebration is an unforgettable night of enchantment and wonder for the entire family, with all proceeds benefiting America's Thanksgiving Parade® and The Parade Company. It is a spectacular evening featuring national caliber entertainment, fabulous food and a carnival midway of games and rides. More than 2,200 distinguished guests are expected and this event is certain to be a sell-out as “kids” of all ages enjoy a non-stop evening of whimsical holiday fun. A range of tickets are available, including: SuperStar Reservation, $1,000 each, giving guests access to a private meet and greet; Patron Reservation, $500 each; Benefit Reservation, $350 each; and Child Reservation (ages 6 & under), $200 each.
From 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM..Location: Michigan State Fair Grounds. 1120 W. State Fair, 48203 .
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Royal Oak Computer Club

WED 2008-11-26
Weekly Meeting
Starts at 12:30 PM. Price is $1.Location: Leo Mahany/Harold Meininger Senior Community Center. 3500 Marais , Royal Oak, MI. (248)246-3900 . North of 13 Mile Rd, just south of Lexington Blvd, east of Crooks Rd
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Metropolitan Single Professionals

WED 2008-11-26
Single Mingle Top 40 DJ, Cash Bar, Hors d'oeuvres (8:00-9:00)Dressy Casual (No jeans or Tennis Shoes) Non-Smoking
From 8:00 pm to 1:00 am. Member Price is $5.00 and guest price is .Location: Glen Oaks Country Club - Farmington Hills 13 Mile Rd east of Orchard Lake Rd 30500 W 13 Mile for directions only 249-626-2600
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" Some people complain because God put thorns on roses, while others praise Him for putting roses among thorns."

Thu. Nov. 27 Events

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America's Thankgiving Parade

THU 2008-11-27
If you can't make it downtown it will be televised on Channel 4
Starts at ..Location: Downtown Detroit. .
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Thanksgiving Day

Any events that are listed for this might not be taking place because of the holiday. Check with the organizer of the evnet before making your trip.

Weekly Dance PWP- Rochester

THU 2008-11-27
Weekly Dance. Our very own TJ the DJ plays TOP 40 and Your requests.
Starts at 7:00 PM. Member Price is $5 and guest price is $9.Location: Rivercrest Hall. 900 W Avon Road, Rochester MI. Avon Rd. between Rochester & Livernois.
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Fri. Nov. 28 Events

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FRI 2008-11-28
Rudoph Red Party
Starts at 6:00 PM..Location: Gayle Shields' House. 2129 Tall Oaks, Troy, MI 48098 748-641-0287
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Gobble Wobble

FRI 2008-11-28
Last year, more than 350 twenty-somethings turned out to attend the inaugural Gobble Wobble. Guests gathered to socialize, enjoy drinks, live music and a charity raffle, while celebrating the holidays and raising money for a Michigan-based children's charity. All proceeds of Gobble Wobble 2008 will benefit the Michigan branch of Childhelp, helping to prevent and treat child abuse. The Second Annual Gobble Wobble will be held the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 28 at 8 p.m. in the Grand Ball room at the Townsend Hotel. Help us raise money for a good cause and make this year's Gobble Wobble the best yet! For information please call 248-703-0247 or visit
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Townsend Hotel. 100 Townsend, Birmingham, MI (248) 642-7900
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Detroit Institute of Arts

FRI 2008-11-28
Family Fridays (Fourth Friday): Special family performances featuring everything from puppets to theater to music, storytelling, museum tours and drop-in workshops.
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Detroit Institute of Arts. 5200 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI. 313.833.7900 More here
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Metropolitan Single Professionals

FRI 2008-11-28
Single Mingle Top 40 DJ, Cash Bar, Hors d'oeuvres (8:00-9:00)Dressy Casual (No jeans or Tennis Shoes) Non-Smoking
From 8:00 pm to 1:00 am. Member Price is $5.00 and guest price is .Location: Sheraton Hotel Novi 21111 Haggerty Rd. North of 8 Mile Rd For directions only 248-349-4000
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" Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men, but be careful that you do not take the day and leave out the gratitude.\”
E.P. Powell

Sat. Nov. 29 Events

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Bethany Central Board

SAT 2008-11-29
Limited to the first 450 paid admissions only. Please Wear Proper Attire. Dancing will be from 8:00PM until Midnight. Admission fee will be $12.00. For more information, call Loretta from Bethany East at (586) 264-0284
Starts at ..Location: Don Hubert VFW. 27345 Schoolcraft Road, Redford, MI. this is the I-96 service drive . Just east of Inkster Road on the South side.
Get a Map/Print Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Carribean Cruise with the Detroit Tigers Cruise Partner of The Detroit Tigers

Reserve by 2008-08-30. Week of 2008-11-29
Come celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the 1968 World Champion Detroit Tigers on the New Holland America Eurodam. Cruise with Wille Hortin and Jim Price. Many special activities with the 1968 Tigers. Cruise starts in Ft.Lauderdale and ports are Grand Turks, St. Thomas, Tortola, Half Moon Cay. Pricing Starts at $699.00 per person- Air Extra. Call Cruise Holidays at 586-566-9890 or visit or for more information. Reserve by 8/30/2008.
Start time not applicable..Location: Carribean Cruise with the Detroit Tigers.
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Art Affinity Group Inforum- A Professional Women's Alliance

SAT 2008-11-29
Pre-gallery talk about the artists, tea & crumpets, tour of holiday gift show, featuring over 500 Michigan and national artists. Questions/RSVP by 11/14 to Joan Moore,, 248.349.9002.
Starts at 1:30 PM..Location: Ann Arbor Art Center. 117 W Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI. 48104 .
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"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever."
1Chronicles 16:34 -

Sun. Nov. 30 Events

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Theater Night PWP- Rochester

SUN 2008-11-30
Avon Players at 2:00 PM.The play is "A Christmas Story"ť. Dine at The Hills located at Rochester Rd and Tienken (NW corner) around 4:30 - 5:00 PM. (248) 280-0244 or his cell at (248) 821-6081.
Starts at 2:00 PM..Location: Avon Players.
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Twelfth Night Singers

SUN 2008-11-30
Holiday Concert by the Twelfth Night Singers"Good Cheer" a cappella voices in Renaissance attire. Free will offering.
Twelfth Night Singers

Starts at 3:00 PM..Location: Zion Lutheran Church. Southwest corner of Albany and Woodward, Ferndale, MI. 2 blocks south of 9 Mile. .
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U of M Ballroom Dance Club

SUN 2008-11-30
Dance lessons. 5-6pm Fox Trot, 6-7pm Rhumba, 7-8pm Waltz, 8-10 Open Dance. Members-only, we welcome newcomers to try us on for size $3 one evening $25 semester, $50 per year, More information on web site.
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Michigan Union. S. State & S. University Ann Arbor, MI
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Future Events:

Note:only events that require advance notice or a great deal of planning are listed here. Listing all of the future events would require a great amount of space in this newsletter. Look for next weeks events in the next issue.

Holiday Tea Royal Oak Woman's Club

MON 2008-12-01
On Monday, December 1, the Royal Oak Woman's Club (ROWC) will hold its annual Holiday Tea at its clubhouse The Tea honors Past Presidents of ROWC as well as current presidents of other local GFWC MI Womens Clubs. It will convene at 12:45 pm for a brief meeting, followed by a Christmas Sing Along, led by Jessica Gallup, granddaughter of President Ruth Stoel. Following the program the group will procede downstairs for the lovely Holiday Tea. The Royal Oak Woman's Club is a service club which welcomes women from all communities. For further information, please call Membership Chairman, Anita at 248-420-6616.
Starts at 12:45 PM..Location: Royal Oak Womans Club. 404 S. Pleasant Street, Royal Oak, MI. 48067 .
Get a Map/Print Please let them know that you saw the notice in the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Monday Night Dancers

MON 2008-12-01
Singles & Couples Dance Lessons: Beginners 5:30, Intermediate 6:30, Dance Party 7:30-10:30. No dance partner needed. Lessons $5, Dance Party $6. Snacks included. Big Band, Latin, Swing, Fox trot, Waltz, Polka. Contact 313-295-1134
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Father Patrick O'Kelley K of C. 23663 Park St., Dearborn, MI.
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Warren Miller Film Schussmeisters Ski Club of Flint

Reserve by 2008-12-03. THU 2008-12-04
Schussmeisters Ski Club is Hosting Warren Millers Feature Film "Children of Winter" Lots of door prizes including new skis, snowboard and lift passes. Visit our Web site
From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Price is $15.00.Location: Trillium NCG Cinema. 8220 Trillium Circle Ave., Grand Blanc, MI 48439 Holly Rd. just East of I-75 in Grand Blanc Mi.
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Al Gillespie

Spectacular Holiday Concert McCabe's Ladies-Detroits only all female band

FRI 2008-12-05
Maggie McCabe Group Spectacular Holiday Concert featuring Detroit's very own own Jill Jack, Thornetta Davis and Maggie McCabe.( in the photo left to right) This concert will feature traditional holiday classics mixed with a modern feel and don't be surprised if you also hear some of their own music mixed in. It will be an unforgettable evening.
- Doors open at 6:30 pm -
- Cash Bar -
Tickets are only $25.00 per person and can be purchased at all Ticketmaster outlets or at the Millennium Centre Box Office. (248) 796-5193
A great way to start the season!
Starts at 8:00 PM..Location: Millennium Centre. 15600 J.L. Hudson Drive, Southfield, MI 48075 (248) 796-5193 .
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Music And Tours Palmer Woods Homes

SAT 2008-12-06
Music And Tours All of the details are here
Starts at ..Location: Palmer Woods Home.
Get a Map/Print

Christmas Gala Sailing Singles

SAT 2008-12-06

Don't miss the elegant Christmas gala of the season.

All of the details are here

Time: 6:30 PM 7:30 Hors Devours
7:30 PM 8:30 Dinner (sit-down)
9:00 PM Midnight Music and Dancing

Music: Barbara Ware and the Cliff Monear Trio
Cost: $49.00 members
$54.00 non-members
Complimentary Valet Parking
Mail checks payable to Sailing Singles, to:
Sailing Singles
12326 Watkins Drive
Shelby Township, MI 48315

Starts at 6:30 PM..Location: Cherry Creek Golf & Banquet Center. 52000 Cherry Creek Drive, Shelby, MI. 48316 (24 Mile East of Van Dyke).
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New Members Party Schussmeisters Ski Club of Flint

SAT 2008-12-06
The Schussmeisters get together in the Lift Lounge for a night of snacks, drinks, dancing and fun. Our new members are the guests of honor for the evening. You can join the club, sign up for free lessons & trips.
Starts at 7:00 PM..Location: Mt Holly Ski Resort. Holly Mi., MI 810-691-7106 Its the big hill between Grange Hall Rd. and Baldwin Rd. on the Dixie Hwy.
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Al Gillespie

Twelfth Night Singers

SAT 2008-12-06
Holiday Concert by the Twelfth Night Singers a cappella voices in Renaissance attire. Free will offering.This Concert will be in conjunction with Noel Night in the Cultural Center.
Twelfth Night Singers

From 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM..Location: Cathedral Church of St Paul. 4800 Woodward, Detroit, MI. 48201
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Thunderbird Ski Club

Week of 2008-12-06
: Open your ski season with a full week at beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 7 nights accommodations at the "Ranch". 2 or 3 bedroom condos, with private baths, full kitchens, fireplace, cable TV. Heated pools, 3 hot tubs, door to door Ranch van transportation to the hill and restaurants from 7:30AM to midnight. NW Air departure at 8:50AM returning at 4:06PM Saturday. Chartered bus transportation to Steamboat Springs. Wine and cheese party and raffle for prizes. 5 day lift tickets.
Start time not applicable..Location: Steamboat Colorado. Steamboat Springs, CO. .
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Jim Michon

Third Annual Chanucah Carnival

SUN 2008-12-07
Chanukah is the festival of lights so this year bring your kids and light up your Chanukah with the third annual Aish Huntington Woods Chanukah Carnival The Chanukah carnival is a great way to celebrate Chanukah and kick off the winter break. Activities include: Chanukah Sand Art, build a Menorah, Challah Braiding, Chanukah Cards for Israeli soldiers, Paper flower making for seniors, Chanukah Picture frames, Draidel Derby, Latke Lovers Race, face painting, and much, much more.

Menu includes, latkes, hot dogs, hot pretzels, cotton candy, doughnuts… Tickets are $18. Sponsored by Aish Huntington Woods: or call (248) 948-9908
From 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM..Location: Burton Elementary School Gym. 26315 Scotia Road, Huntington Woods, MI. 48070 (248) 837-8600 .
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Roundtable Discussion Inforum- A Professional Women's Alliance

MON 2008-12-08
Enjoy a candid, intimate conversation with one of Michigan's most accomplished women at this evening reception. It's a unique networking event where women with leadership potential advance their careers in a small roundtable discussion with women who are being honored for their achievements. call Inforum at 313.578.3227
Starts at 5:30 PM..Location: Townsend Hotel. 100 Townsend, Birmingham, MI (248) 642-7900
Get a Map/Print

Warren Miller TBird Nite Thunderbird Ski Club

Reserve by 2008-11-14. SAT 2008-12-13
HOW ABOUT A GREAT WAY TO GET GEEKED FOR SKIING WITH THE TBIRDS!! ~What? Warren Miller's "Children of Winter", the largest action sports film on the planet, is Warren Miller Entertainment's 59th film! Presented in striking high-definition and narrated by skiing icon Jonny Moseley, Warren Miller's Children of Winter showcases incredible cinematography that will get you craving deep powder, first tracks, and great skiing! ~How Much? The $20 ticket [$25 non-member] will get you all of the thrills and soundtrack of the movie PLUS coupons for free lift tickets at Boyne Mt./Highlands, Pine Knob, Big Sky Resort. And, a coupon for $25 off any purchase of $100 or more @ Boyne Country Sports. Use any of those and the movie is FREE [or less]!! There will also be some giveaways..trinkets & goodies! ~Party? A “Wow, I can’t wait to ski!” get-together is also planned after the 2-1/2 hr film at Mr. B’s Pub, 215 S. Main, Royal Oak. Don’t miss out on this great evening. Link to flyer: Contact Jim Michon for tickets.
From 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM. Member Price is $20 and guest price is $25.Location: Royal Oak Music Theater. 318 W. 4th Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067 web .
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Jim Michon

Annual Christmas Party Somerset Ski & Golf Club

Reserve by 2008-12-08. SAT 2008-12-13
Open Bar, Excellent Buffet Dinner at 7:30pm, Dancing to the live music of Sax Appeal, Door Prizes, Dressy Holiday Attire, Black Tie Optional. Tickets can be purchased from any board member at Club meetings & other activities or mail a check, along with a self addressed stamped envelope payable to SSS&GC by Dec. 8th to: Linda Schiller, 1740 Black Maple Dr. Rochester Hills, MI 48309. TICKETS CANNOT BE PURCHASED AT THE DOOR.
From 6:30 PM to 12:30 AM. Price is $50.Location: The Vintage House. 31816 Utica Rd., Fraser, MI. 586-415-5678 West off Grosebeck Hwy, Between 13 & 14 Mile Roads.
Get a Map/Print Submitted by: Judy Benn

Christmas Benefit Five

Reserve by 2008-12-17. SAT 2008-12-20
Singles Christmas Benefit this year is for the Grace Center of Hope in Pontiac. Scrumptious buffet, dessert, coffee & tea provided, bring your own beverage. Dressy attire, formal wear optional. Reservations: Jay (248-761-0955)
From 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM. Price is $20 donation.Location: Private residence. Auburn Hills, MI 48626 .
Get a Map/Print -

New Years Eve Party Metropolitan Single Professionals

WED 2008-12-31
Doors open at 8:00 PM. Evening Includes.. Hot & Cold Hors d'oeuvre (8:30 PM), Deluxe Dinner Buffet (9:30 PM Till. Fresh Fruit & Sweet Dessert Table with a Chocolate Fountain, Midnight Champagne Toast, Late Night Breakfast (12:30am), Hats, Noise Makers, Party Favors, and Much More! There will be a Top 40 D.J., Cash Bar & Door Prizes. Attire is Holiday Dressy / Dressy Casual (No Blue Jeans, Blue Jean Skirts or Tennis Shoes). The Ballroom is Non-Smoking Admission is $40 in advance - Received by December 27 or $45 at the door - No Checks or Credit Cards at the Door. All of the details are here
From 8:00 PM to 1:30 AM..Location: Club Venetion Banquet Center. 29310 John R, Madison Heights, MI. 48071 248-399-6788 Just north of 12 Mile Rd.
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Schussmeisters Ski Club of Flint

Reserve by 2008-11-20. Week of 2009-03-07
Colorado Ski Vacation, Ski at Keystone--Breckenridge--Arapahoe Basin--Vail--Beaver Creek. Included; Five Day interchangeable Lift Tickets, Flight from Detroit Metro to Denver, Ground Transfer to Keystone, Stay at Keystone Evergreen Condos with(2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom). Free shuttles to Keystone, Breck and A-Basin. Fees for shuttles to Vail, Beaver Creek and Copper. Price as of 06/30/08 $1250.00 Flight rate increases expected, deposits hold price. Go to for details.
Start time not applicable. Price is $1,250.00.Location: Keystone Colorado. Keystone, Co. Email address is .
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