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Furniture Bank Charity Auction

For the second year in a row Charley was tapped to be the auctioneer at The Furniture Bank's annual charity auction held in Pontiac. The Furniture Bank collects, repairs and distributes furniture to needy people in the Pontiac area.

He was teamed with Pallas Hupe of UPN 50 News. She introduced the articles with a description and then Charley would conduct the auction urging buyers to bid in order to maximize the revenue for the charity. One board member commented that Charley has had more success than a professional auctioneer used in the past.

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As you probably have detected, I am extremely proud of my son Charley Marcuse, known as "The Singing Hot Dog Man". In this issue you will find out that even though his job at Comerica Park is a labor of love he does have things to do in the off season.

We are introducing two new products. one that has nothing to do with Art or T-shirts but will be the start of our "Mind, Body, Spirit" line of products. The second is a line of mosaic art objects created by Marilyne Petry a member of our sailing club

Ache-Away Product Line
We will begin marketing a new product called Ache- Away that is produced from the water found in the wells 1400 feet below Mount Clemens.

In the 20's and 30's Mount Clemens became a mecca for people with various aches and pains from all over the world.The water spawned many hotels that featured baths and massages. Babe Ruth and Mae west were among the patrons.

With the advent of steroids and other pain killing drugs the baths became less popular and eventually all of the hotels closed and the wells were sealed.

Now that people are looking for holistic natural ways to relieve pain, The Mount Clemens Mineral Water Company was formed to satisfy that need. They purchased one of the wells and found a way to eliminate the smell but preserve the healing powers.

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A Card for all seasons

After the terrible attack on September 11, I was inspired to design the Angel found on the home page. I had some cards printed and they along with envelopes are available for purchase in the Emporium.

I am hoping to use this same design to have pins, cuff links, earings, Christmas tree ornaments and whatever. There are also some T-shirts available with the Angel.

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Twelfth Night Singers Schedule Public Concert

On Sunday Nov. 30 at 3:00 p.m. at the Zion Lutheran Church in Ferndale just south of Nine Mile on Woodward the Twelfth Night singers will be presenting one of their rare public performances for the benefit of Zion Lutheran Church.

Make a day of it and meet the "old" Young adults for a Champagne Brunch at the New Parish Hall of Old St. Mary's near Greektown after the noon Mass and then make your way up to Ferndale.

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Mosaics by Marilyne

Marilyne has agreed to present some of her one of a kind mosaic creations on our Emporium and we welcome her and hope that you look at her offerings.

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