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Coming Events December 20, 2004

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Gayle Shields New Years Eve Party Fri 12/31/2004

Blessed Christmas 12/25/2004

An awesome message from Fran Pakizer

A Christmas Greeting that I want to share

Office Party Wed 12/22/2004

Rose Bowl Watching Sat 1/1/2005

SSS&GC Christmas Party Pictures

What's wrong with saying "Merry Christmas"?

Larry Chenault update

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Gayle Shields New Years Eve Party Fri 12/31/2004

Gayle Shields will be throwing A New Years Party at her house at 2129 Tall Oaks in Troy 248-641-0287 . It Will start at 7:00 pm. The dress will be casual. The cost will be $10.00 Which will include a pastry table. Attendees will bring a dish to pass and their own drinks. (No desserts- desserts will be provided) No reservations are required

  • Blessed Christmas 12/25/2004
  • Happy Holidays
    My friends-Here's my greeting card to you

    You can see what the card looks like here and the explanation is below.

    Last year my Flag-9-11 Angel brought the world to you in her hands. This year she brings you a heart with the following passages.

    He Will Take Away Our Hearts of Stone and Give Us Hearts of Flesh Ezekiel 11:19

    This passage taken from Ezekiel shows us that by going to God we can be transformed!

    Particularly during this season when many of us may find ourselves experiencing uncertainty, greed, selfishness, turmoil, loneliness, emptiness, anxiety and desperation, and/or that Big void within. We should try to take a step back, look up, and allow God to change our hearts.

    Then we will be able to focus on the real Reason for the Season - and Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and self control can flow into our new hearts of flesh.

    A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine Proverbs 17:22

    "Patch " Adams, Norman Cousins, and Bernard S. Siegel all advocated laughter to help the healing process of patients.

    In addition "Patch" Adams feels that this is just as essential for the professional and non-professional care givers to prevent their "burnout".

    In my many years in health care, I have wholeheartedly embraced this philosophy and have been immensely rewarded with favorable responses from patients, their loved ones and staff has encouraged me and prevented my "burnout". Actually my passion is continually rekindled and my desire to give and to serve increases by what I have received. Giving cheerfully has really been medicine for me.

    In addition working closely with a team of devoted people who loved to laugh and having a place which acted as an oasis for us as well as for patients, families and staff to come and hear the latest joke or pour out their hearts or to be touched by love, prayer and laughter in turn blessed all of us.

    Therfore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign, Behold a maiden shall conceive a son, and shall call his name Immanuel Isaiah 7:14

    I found this scripture to be very interesting as Isaiah foretold in the Tenach the name Immanuel (God with us or God is with us) to be given to the child of the almah (young woman virgin)

    The Birth of Christ Fulfilled many of the over 456 prophecies of the old Testament (the Tenach) pointing to Yeshua the Messiah

    Among the 14 million Jewish people there is a group of perhaps twenty or thirty thousand people, born Jews, who believe in the Torah and the rest of the Tenach and practice Jewish customs and religion. They also believe in Jesus.and oftentimes call Him by His Jewish name, Yeshua.

  • An awesome message from Fran Pakizer
  • Fran Pakizer submitted this message.

    Here is the message...
  • A Christmas Greeting that I want to share
  • This a wonderful message ent to me.

    Here is the message...
  • Office Party Wed 12/22/2004
  • The home office has determined that this years Office Party For People Who Do Not Have an Office will be held at Bastones on the corner of Main and Fifth in Royal Oak. There will be no name tags. Meet at the bar an assume everyone is there for the party.

    It is a cash bar and some will stay for dinner. No office talk allowed. The party will start after work (around 5:00pm for those who have forgotten).

    If you are wondering whether you are eligble to attend, you are.

  • Rose Bowl Watching Sat 1/1/2005
  • Sailing Singles will be meeting at Camp Ticonderoga starting at 4:00 pm to watch the Rose Bowl game.

    Camp Ticonderoga is located on Rochester Road north of Long Lake. It is at the Sylvan Glen Golf Course where they have cross country skiing when there is snow on the ground.

  • SSS&GC Christmas Party Pictures
  • Upper left Chuck Ciaramitaro and Sharon Feerer newly engaged; upper right "Frosty The Snowman" aka Bev Essary; lower right Lew Morency and Rosalie Walsh newly engaged and Lower Left from left to right Chuck Maxwell, Jim St. Miklosi, D.J. Stougton and Stan Freville.

    Other pictures...
  • What's wrong with saying "Merry Christmas"?
  • This is an interesting broadcast from "Focus on the Family"

    Here is the link ...
  • Larry Chenault update
  • It has been some time since I have written an update on Larry. Larry has taken a turn for the worse. He was moved from Beverly Hills Nursing home on Friday, December 17 to Farmington Hills Hospice home which is a facility of Hospice of Michigan. It is located at 25911 Middlebelt Rd., Farmington Hills MI 48336. The phone # there is (248) 426-4000. It is just south of 11 mile road. It is a beautiful, relatively new facility set in the countryside. Larry is very happy to be there and staff are looking after his needs with the care and love that can only come from people who really do care. Larry is still alert but very weak. Although he grows weaker each day, he still manages that great smile of his when I visit him.

    Marsha Miller has been coordinating people to visit Larry. The goal is to try to have someone with Larry most of the time during the day and early evening. If you are planning to visit Larry would you please call Marsha and let her know when you would be able to visit. This way each individual would be able to have some private time with Larry and others would not make a trip when someone would already be with him. Marsha's Phone numbers are: home (248) 449- 3449: cell phone (313) 580-0808. She has asked me to send this e-mail to everyone.
    Dick Gala

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