October 7, 2013

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  1. Question: Why Don't I get the newsletter every week?
    • From time to time your ISP (The name that follows @ in your email address. Internet Service Provider) changes it's delivery procedures and limits. For instance, if the size of the email is greater than some number that changes, the email will be routed to your bulk email Or if for some reason your ISP decides that the email could be spam, it will route it to your spam email box. The solution is to look in these boxes and take the actions that your ISP specifies to label the emails properly.Call your ISP customer service department and explain your problem. Let them know that you have received the newsletter in the past.
    • It is a good idea to put Peggy Jo's email address in your contact list. Her address is peggyjo@peggyjostudio.net. Note: her address has been changed from peggyjo@peggyjostudio.com.
    • You can see the most recent newsletter by going to the archives.
    • Your email address was moved to the "Do Not Mail Category" because:
      • You might have inadvertently labeled it as spam along with a bunch of of other emails.
      • You forwarded the newsletter to someone who decided they did not want to see the publication so they opted out and since your address was embedded in the forwarded message, you were opted out.
      • In any of these cases you are the only one who can get yourself back on the mailing list. See: Getting your email address back on the list below
  2. Question: When I click on what I think is a link, nothing happens. Please explain.

    • Usually when one sees some text that is colored and underlined, the expectation is that it is a hyperlink. However in some rare cases the underlining and colonization is just for emphasis. If you place the cursor over the text in question, look at the status bar at the bottom left of the window. If the text is a link, then you will see the address of the link in the status bar if not then the text is not a link. If it is a link and it takes you nowhere please let us know so that we can fix it.
    • If the text in question is a link and a simple click does not bring up the new page, then use your right mouse button to click. That should display a drop down menu with some options. Select the option "open in a new tab' or 'open in a new window'. If the link is not broken (does not point to a valid web page) it will be displayed.
  3. Question: How do I get back on the mailing list?
    • Go to the bottom left of this page.
    • Scroll down to the bottom left corner of the window.
    • Enter your email address and click on the submit screen button .
    • If your email address is found, which means that you are in the database, you will be presented with a screen asking you to confirm that you want to change your profile. Your profile includes any information that you wish to share, your interests and your status. Your status could be active or do not mail. Only you can change your status. Click the submit button and an email will be sent to you explaining how to change your profile and/or status. This is a security measure so that only you can change your status.
    • If your email address is not found you will be routed to a page with boxes for information about you and check boxes for your interests. Complete this form and click on the screen button 'submit'.
  4. Question: How do I make sure that my ISP does not put the newsletter into "Junk Mail" or "Bulk Mail"? The newsletter is actually mailed from peggyjo@peggyjostudio.ccsend.net. put this email address in your contact list.
  5. Question: How do I get the newsletter when I am on the Road? Some time in the afternoon of each Monday, the current newsletter is uploaded to the Archive that can be accessed herehere
  6. Question: How do I enter information about an event?
    Just click here
  7. Question: Why can't I print the coupons.
    Your browser or email program must allow pictures to be received. Check with your Internet Service Provider to find out how to alter your settings to allow pictures to be received. If this is not possible, click on the coupon and when the request form is presented, use a friends email address to send the coupon to someone who can print the coupon.
  8. What is a browser?
    • A browser is a program that interprets the code that is sent from a URL and presents the information in a readable manner.Some browser names are "Internet Explorer", Firefox, Netscape and Chrome. If you are using AOL your browser is probably Netscape. If you are using Yahoo, you are using their version of "Internet Explorer". Theoretically, all browsers should interpret the code in the same manner but because of some copyright and political reasons all browsers do not act the same.
    • Browsers are more robust in their presentation of web pages. They are much larger than the email readers (see below) and are only concerned with presentation.
  9. Question: What is an Email reader?
    Your ISP provides you with a program that accepts the coded email messages and presents them in a readable fashion. Some email readers will interpret HTML code similar to the browsers but not the extent that the browsers do. Yahoo, AOL, GMAIL, Hotmail etc all provide email readers. Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are powerful email HTML capable email readers that also integrate email with the other features of outlook and Outlook Express.
  10. How Does one Print one or two pages of the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter?
    The newsletter is designed to viewed on the web and is one file. However, one can use the print preview function that does paginate the file and then when the request to print is made, certain pages can be selected.
    If one went to the archived version of the newsletter the same technique could be used with the additional feature that the archived version has some built in functions to break pages more logically.

    Print preview is a function of your operating system. If you are using an email reader to read your email which is the usual case, you might have to use your browser to read the email.See below
  11. How can I use my browser to read an email ?
    If you are having trouble reading a particular email that was sent from the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter, there is a way to use your browser to view the newsletter. look at the very top line of the newsletter to find the words "would you like to get a better view ? Click here and click on the blue letters. This will open up a new page using the power of the browser to read the newsletter.
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