nolimit is no
maxdays = 30
Current day of month is 18
Computed month is 6
month is 6
Next month is 6

Photo Selection Display

This process is designed to work on a display device that is at least 10 inches wide.

If you want to see another month, add a suffix to the url ?month=xx where xx is the desired month.

This display includes photos from prior years in the same month as the current month and in the last week of the month, it will include past years banners from the next month. Photos with black borders were used in prior years issues. Photos with green borders were alternatives in prior years and orange borders indicate suggested photos.
If you pause over a photo, the url of the photo will be displayed. In most cases the format includes the date of the newsletter e.g. pjbanneryyyymmdd; where yyyy is the year, mm is the month and dd is the day of the month.

To display all photos, add ?nolimit=yes to the request line. e.g. processPhotos.php?nolimit=yes

  1. Click on the photo that you would like to use. The url of the photo will be placed in the form below.
  2. The information from your previous submission from the device you are using, is saved.
  3. Enter your name in the box below if it is not already there or you want to change the name that is there.
  4. Enter your email address associated with the device you are currently using if it is not already there.
  5. Click on the submit button. If you do not see the submit button on your mobile device, just tap the screen.
  6. The result message will appear in the message box and an email will be sent to the webmaster with your choice.
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